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This is a Private Role-Play only meant for AugustaBlaze and I, Just Sayin'. (:

1,214 readers have visited Penumbra since Just Sayin' created it.

Copyright: The creator of this roleplay has attributed some or all of its content to the following sources:




You just thought you knew everything. . .

Stated in the Description, this role-play is completely and utterly Private. That means, you may not portray any character/submit one. I'm terribly sorry! This is a "fandom" role-play based off the Twilight Saga's: Breaking Dawn. We are going off both the books and movies when it comes to characters and other things, along with switching a few things up. Most of the characters we do not "own," however, there are some characters we've created of our own. No comments in the OOC are necessary unless you'd like to say something pleasant and strike up conversation. :P I know there are many Twilight-Haters out there. . . And we really do not care. If you'r a fan of the series and really. . Really really want to portray a role in this role-play, toss me a PM. Augusta and I might consider letting you. O_o (You cannot make up your own character, however. Characters are listed below.)

It has been two months since Renesmee was born. Jacob Black did not imprint on her, however, convinced the Uley Pack not to kill the vampire/human hybrid due to his strong feelings towards Bella. He is still in a funk over her choosing Edward, being turned, and so on. His feelings are still there, to say the least. He stays around the Cullen household to watch over Bella and Nessie just in case the Uley pack decide to attack anyway, along with Leah and Seth Clearwater, Quil, and Embry. (Both Quil and Embry joined the "Black Pack" after Sam made peace with both Jacob and the Cullens) Irina, from the Denali Coven, has recently spotted Renesmee and ran to the Volturi.

The role-play starts six days after Irina has ran and told the Volturi of the Cullens creating an "immortal child." Alice has already had her vision of the Volturi coming for a "visit," and alerted the rest of her family of the matter, of their "doom." Carlisle, becoming worried of his family's safety, sends out letters to their friends, vampires in other covens, explaining the matter and admitting to needing their help. Jasper and Rosalie have taken separate leaves to go find other vampires who were not able to receive letters. Emmett, Rosalie's mate, was forced to stay behind to help protect the others just in case the Volturi decided to pay an early visit- or the Uley pack decided to attack. Of course, Em really didn't like the idea of letting her go alone, he grudgingly agreed to stay behind for his family's sake. Alice was also forced to stay back, providing insight for Carlisle and the others with her visions.

Covens have slowly started filing in to help the Cullens out, one of the first being the Irish Coven. They themselves have quite a huge secret of their own. . .That's about to be uncovered. Said secret puts the Cullens even more so on the radar and simply adds to Carlisle's, along the the others, stress.

The Volturi coming and the Irish Coven's secret is a tremendous amount to handle. . Why not add in a human? A house full of bloodthirsty vampires and an oblivious human. What could possibly go wrong? Add in a death within the coven and all you have is a large helping of chaos.

No matter. . .

Everything is about to change. . .
You scared?


The Covens | Black Pack | Uley Pack

Most of these, grant you, will be NPC characters. (;

The Denali Coven

  • Tanya
  • Eleazar
  • Kate
  • Carmen
  • Irina

The Amazon Coven

  • Zafrina
  • Senna
  • Kachiri (she does not come to help the Cullens)

The Irish Coven

  • Siobhan
  • Liam
  • Maggie
  • Desmond
  • Reilly
  • Kane
  • Ashlynn

The Egyptian Coven

  • Amun
  • Benjamin
  • Kebi
  • Tia

The Olympic Coven (The Cullens)

  • Carlisle
  • Esme
  • Bella
  • Edward
  • Alice
  • Jasper
  • Rosalie
  • Emmett
  • Renesmee

The Nomads

  • Garrett
  • Peter
  • Charlotte
  • Randall
  • Alistair
  • Mary

The Romanian Coven

  • Vladimir
  • Stefan


The Volturi

  • Aro
  • Caius
  • Marcus
  • Jane
  • Alec
  • Felix
  • Demitri
  • Heidi
  • Don't forget the many guards. . .


The Black Pack

  • Jacob Black
  • Seth Clearwater
  • Leah Clearwater
  • Quil
  • Embry

The Uley Pack

  • Sam
  • Jared
  • Paul
  • Brady
  • Collin


The Character Sheet::
Make the character sheet pretty, Augusta! ;P

Code: Select all
[right][img]Picture Here[/img][/right]
[b]Full Name:[/b]
[b]Short Appearance Description:[/b]
[b]Personality Traits:[/b]


Pffft! Since I know Augusta well and she knows me well. . Well, we know each other. :P We know the rules, the limits, blah-de-blah-de-bllaaahhh. . Therefore, I won't be putting anything for the rules. xD



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Jacob Black

There were two things Jacob Black could not stop thinking about. One, he was tired, so, so very tired. Two, he was hungry, extremely hungry. For a long time he had been on the couch in the Cullens living room pondering which one was worse, his hunger or the dire need he had for sleep. At the moment the call of a warm bed was stronger than his growling stomach which was odd; hunger usually always won the fight. It was easy to say that the last few nights for the newly made alpha had been hell. He was on patrol practically all night for the past three except for one patrol a night. That said, he was only able to get a couple hours of sleep a night. It was crazy and sometimes he wondered why he bothered with making sure the Cullens were safe.

What exactly had they done for him? Moved to Forks, caused him to start shifting, took the girl he is- was in love with, and turned her into a blood-sucking leech. Oh yeah. They deserved his "security" big time. What they really deserved was to be slaughtered. He groaned, leaning up into a sitting position. Previously, he'd been sprawled across the couch dramatically, one arm slung over his eyes, the other behind his head casually, drifting in and out of consciousness. However, a smell from the kitchen had got his attention. Jake turned his head in the direction of said smell, licking his lips absentmindedly. Esme must have been cooking.

"Do you always make funny faces when you are thinking, Uncle Jake?" A voice sounded from his right, coming from the arm chair. Jacob jerked around, chocolate brown eyes tripling in size. Nessie. When did she get in there? He never even heard come into the living room; definitely needed to start paying more attention to his surroundings. This "no sleep" thing was getting to him. Rubbing the back of his neck with his left hand, he chuckled uneasily, giving a lazy shrug.

"I never knew I made funny faces." he said in a teasing tone of voice, standing up as he grumbled softly, "And now I do. Great." Jacob stretched towards the ceiling, bending back a little, popping his back. Just add "watch your face when thinking" to the things to worry about. he thought, then his brows furrowed. Did he make a funny face? Jacob shook his head slightly, looking back at Nessie.

"You do but it's okay." Nessie pipped up, jumping from the chair with a tiny bounce, watching him with big, brown eyes. Jake's attention, however, had been drawn to something else. His stomach growled, reminding him of his hunger and the intoxicating smell wafting from the kitchen. His gaze was back that direction (towards the kitchen) as Esme appeared in the hall, a warm smile on her always welcoming face. She was one of the leeches Jake really did not despise.

"Jake, I have cooked some chicken, rolls and a few other things. Your pack is already-" As Esme spoke Seth poked his head out of the kitchen briefly and Nessie skipped past him. He had half a roll shoved in his mouth, visible, and big, goofy smile on his lips.

"You gotta try this stuff, Jake! It's great!" Seth interrupted as he ripped off a piece of the roll, pulling it from his mouth and chewing rather loud on the piece that had been lefted behind. Once he spoke he then disappeared back into the kitchen where clanking and banging was heard from Jake's noisy pack, which only consisted of four not counting Jacob himself, who had stormed in to raid the food; it sounded like they were in the cabinets. Esme only smiled as she listened to them go on, causing Jacob to arch an eyebrow in her direction and tilt his head to the side. She seemed to always be smiling no matter what.

Forcing a smile of his own, Jake cleared his throat, "Thanks. We really appreciate it." he said casually, stomach growling once more as if telling him to shut up and go eat already. Thinking about it, the alpha wondered if there would be any food left by the time he got in there. The thought made him narrow his eyes suspiciously.

"Of course, Jacob. We all appreciate what you and the others do for us. It really means a lot. Cooking is the very least I can do. " Esme replied, watching him as he moved towards the kitchen. Jake half-turned towards her as he moved, giving a weak smile before making it through the doorway into his favorite room in the house. The smell slapped him in the face and made his mouth practically water. Oh man.
Like he expected, his pack was crowded around the large dining-room table that was over-flowing with mounds of food. They each had a wide plate and each plate was crammed with said food to the point of overflowing. Seth was already sitting down, stuffing his face and so was Quil, looking at each other as if they were having some silent conversation. Embry was standing up, still loading his plate with ham, having a chicken leg between his teeth nawing on it. Leah had both her hands on the table, plate in front of her, staring at Embry with a look of pure disgust. However, around everyone she seemed to always have that look.

When Jake walked in they all paused briefly and looked at him, eyes skeptical as if they were awaiting some order to be barked at them. Did they forget he was not Sam? Jacob walked over and grabbed a plate. As he did commotion started once more. Seth reached forward for another roll and as he did Quil slapped at his hand wildly. "There's only three left!" he whined, causing Seth to snort, reaching for a roll once more. Leah finally had sat down, rolling her eyes at Embry and reaching for her food. She was almost as bad as the guys when it came to eating. No one would ever tell her that though. Embry seemed to be ignoring her, sitting down. Though, when she turned her attention away he glanced up, smirking in Leah's direction, like he won a secret battle. Jake watched with amusement as he almost greedily started hoarding food onto his own plate.

"So, I'm guessing everyones doing alright today?" he asked, poking at a piece of chicken and sitting down at the table heavily. There was muffled 'Yeahs' and a grunt or two seeing as they all were too busy eating to really talk. Jake gave a wolfish grin, shaking his head. They were something else.
Right as Jacob went to lift a piece of chicken to his mouth a loud knock on the front door caused him to stop moving altogether, chicken halfway to his lips. The knock echoed through the large house. A low growl sounded in Leah's chest uneasily. Jake glanced as his pack, standing up slowly. As he sat the chicken down on his plate he heard Carlisle at the front door, opening it and greeting whoever it was warmly. Curiosity took over. With one more swift look towards his pack, Jake moved towards the front of the house.

Peering around the corner, he quirked a dark brow, in view of the door. Carlisle was smiling and shaking the hand of a stout, red-haired woman. Jake's eyes narrowed. Esme was standing slightly behind Carlisle and Alice right beside her, holding Nessie's hand.

"That's the Irish coven. Alice said they'd be the first to get here." Bella's soft voice murmured beside him. She had appeared suddenly and silently, causing Jake to jump to the side just barely.

"Shit, Bella," he hissed, looking at her, then back at the door. Irish coven, huh? Seth and Embry had followed behind Jacob, of course. They looked over his shoulders with wide, brown eyes, heads inclined forward a bit. Yeah. They looked like complete guard dogs at the moment.

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Ignooorreeee thiiissss :P

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Ashlynn Anddddd Emmett

Ashlynn knew the safety she was feeling was going to be short lived, hell it was probably just an illusion due to the fact of where she was. The small red head was crouched on a lower limb of a large Sitka spruce which was covered in moss. The hybrid having discovered the moss not that long ago since she adorn a new cut on the inside of her right hand where she grabbed a branch but it had slid from her grip. Glancing down at her hand the cut was slowly healing, beginning to look like just a scratch. Above her the sky was very over cast, it was probably raining but with all the trees she didn’t feel it. The temperature was a bit low since it was nearing winter, but she was use to it since Ireland was usually cold. It was a long story of how the newest Ida had ended up perched in a tree in the middle of a forest in Forks, Washington.

It was early morning, two days ago, Ashlynn awoke to the sound of frantic, hushed voices. She got up quietly and went towards the door, pushing it open slightly causing the voices to come to an erupt stop. “Cad é atá tú ag caint faoi?” her small, groggy, sleep filled voice broke the silence. Both Desmond and Reilly took a step towards her, ”Ní dhéanfaidh aon ní, a ghrá. Cén fáth nach bhfuil tú ag dul ar ais a chodladh?” Desmond asked softly, giving her a small smile. Ashlynn wasn’t buying it, plus with Maggie’s power she could tell he was lying. ”Tá tú ag luí..” Ash snapped quietly, crossing her arms as her eyes were slowly turning silver with anger. ”Ná úsáid as mo chumhacht diabhal, Ashlynn!” Maggie hissed, taking a step forward causing Ash’s eyes to turn into a liquid silver as her fists clenched. Liam cleared his throat, placing a hand on Maggie as Siobhan began to speak. ”Maggie, níl aon ghá le teanga sin. Tá sé rud éigin ní gá duit a bheith ina chuid de. Beidh muid ag fágáil amárach le haghaidh na Stáit.”
After that it was made clear to Ashlynn she would not be accompanying Siobhan, Liam, Maggie, Desmond, and Reilly, so that left her at home being watched by Kane for the day. He was suppose to join them the next day, he just had to stay here and make sure Ashlynn was going to be good..After two hours of the lot being gone Ashlynn had broke Kane down into telling her where Siobhan was taking the others and what they were going to do in the States. He spoke of a human and vampire falling in love and they were married. Ashlynn was amazed by the story of how the human seemed to be “different”. She held her breath as Kane began to explain how Bella, the human, became pregnant. ”Chiallaíonn tá sí ina hibrideach...cosúil liomsa?” Ashlynn asked breathlessly from her spot on the floor. She was sitting criss-cross applesauce looking almost like a kid as Kane answered her question. ” bith, tá sí leath an duine, vampire leath..Tá tú níos mó duine ná mar atá sí.” He mumbled, frowning as Ashlynn’s face fell. The Coven had finally convinced the small hybrid that she was different, but it was okay. Ashlynn took being different very hard, her first few days of being a “vampire” had been a few dark days.
Convincing Kane into taking her with him was a different story. As many times as she asked the same answer was given. No. Ashlynn had almost given up with a huge smirk was clear on her face. Kane seemed rather reluctant at what was about to come out of the hybrid’s mouth.
[i]”Tá tú ag cur dom le leat.”

And that was that. You see, Ashlynn had remembered how Siobhan’s power was the ability to manipulate the outcome of a situation. The situation being Kane taking Ashlynn to Washington with him. It didn’t matter if he left her or not, it was going to happen. The situation would always end with Ashlynn arriving in Seattle on a plane with Kane.
Once they arrived though it was a different story. Kane threatened Ashlynn saying she had to go back, Siobhan would not be happy.
Once they were out of ear shot and out of the view of people was when things went a bit worse.
Kane asked a cab to drop them off just outside of Forks. Once they stepped out, Kane and Ashlynn began to argue about what was going to happen. Ashlynn agreed that she would leave, Kane seemed to have believed he had convinced her into leaving because the others would think of her as “different.” So, the small red head climbed back into the cab as Kane sprinted off into the forest to find the rest of the Coven and join up with them as they went to the Cullens. Little did he know after the cab was about a mile away she asked the man to stop, paid him, and then got out herself. Leaving her in the large forest of Forks. Where she was now having to follow Kane’s scent and also her families’.

Liquid silver filled Ashlynn’s eyes when she heard a rustle in the leaves below the limb she was on. Her now silver eyes flickered towards the source of the noise. It looked as if it was a small mouse, causing Ashlynn’s head to tilt in a rather curious manner as she watched the small mouse jump around. Before she knew it, she heard a low grumble and then a flash of tan fur as it pounced on the mouse below her. She gave a small gasp as she watched the cougar eat the small mouse. ”Luch mBocht..” Ashlynn mumbled as the cougar then turned it’s attention on her. Her mouth was slightly open as she bared her teeth, showing significantly longer canines than humans, and hissing softly. The cougar slowly backed away, that’s when both Ashlynn and the cougar heard voices.

”I am starving!” A voice grumbled getting a laugh from his companion. ”Shut up, Jasper, I took Bella hunting this morning and I didn’t get to feed!” Ashlynn recognized the name, “Bella”, as she watched the spot where the voices were coming from. She hadn’t seen who it was yet-
About that time she was tackled, it felt as if a large rock had hit her. She gave a small yelp as they fell followed by a loud hiss when she hit the ground. Ash’s silver eyes darted from one of the men to the other. The one who had tackled her had golden eyes, very unlike her silver ones, he had marble-like skin and bruise-like purple under his eyes as they slowly turned darker. He was lean and had blonde hair unlike the one standing nearby who had a head full of untidy bronze colored hair. That’s when she felt something odd as the dark headed one looked at her with a confused look, ”What are you getting?” The blonde asked as he yanked Ashlynn to her feet, keeping her arms behind her. Ash took a deep breath as she looked down at herself. She was now dirty. So, in conclusion she had a cut on the inside of her right hand, she felt one on her left cheek, and now her clothes were dirty. Her denim skinny jeans were covered in small pieces of dirt, parts of leaves, and very tiny pieces of bark. Her black tank top not seeming that bad since her favorite blue plaid had been covering it a bit, but it had came unbuttoned with the fall and luckily for her military olive green jacket had taken most of the damage since it had a few marks of mud on it.
”Nothing.” The dark headed one spoke, now glaring at Ashlynn. ”Who are you?” He asked harshly, that’s when Ashlynn realized what the weird feeling was. He was trying to read her mind! ”So you’re Edward.” Ashlynn spoke, her english soaked heavily with her accent as she couldn’t help but smirk at the looks she got from the two..sadly, she hadn’t made the best impression.

-Back at the Cullen’s-

Emmett was on top of the staircase staring blankly into space, as the Irish Coven was just arriving. It was just two days ago when the pup, Leah, had came up to him rather awkwardly which made him chuckle at her, but what she said made his face fall. Rose. His Rose was found being killed by three of the Volturi’s minions. He didn’t mean to snap at the pup, but he did. He yelled at her and blaming her for not stopping them. He regretted it, so he apologized yesterday.

Rose had been set out by Carlisle to go speak with a Coven in Canada to see if they would could and stand beside his family against the Volturi. He didn’t like the idea, at all. He kept asking to go instead, but Carlisle and Esme said it would best if he stayed behind to help Jake and his pack protect against any early attacks from the Volturi or Uley pack. He kept disagreeing though, saying Jake had control of the situation and that he could just go with his mate and seek more vampires. Finally he unenthusiasticly agreed to stay behind, with his sister Alice, brother Edward, his new wife Bella, and little Renesmee. Leah told him she ran up on three cloaked individuals throwing pieces of Rose into a fire..just the thought of it made Emmett’s body go ridged and his eyes go black with anger.

Both Esme and Carlisle had tried to console their adopted son with no prevail. Emmett hadn’t spoken to anyone in the past eighteen hours. Edward had been instructed by his adopted mother and father to read his brother’s mind...leaving Edward to tell Carlisle and Esme what he had heard. Emmett missed Rose and all that was on his mind was revenge.
His attention was directed towards the door as unlike before when the Irish Coven knocked, it was thrust open. He was a bit confused, so he made his way to the living room to see who it was.

The Irish Coven looked a bit on edge as Edward and Jasper had a girl with them. Jasper having her hands behind her back as her odd colored eyes darted around the room. Carlisle appeared and looked a bit in distress. ”Who is she?” He asked Edward, completely ignoring the girl. ”I don’t know!” Edward growled in frustration, which Emmett had heard before..whenever Edward first met Bella. He sounded so frustrated every day due to the concept that he couldn’t read her mind. Carlisle normally calm appearance changed as he turned to look at the girl, ”Who-”

”She’s with us.” Siobhan spoke, interrupting Carlisle, looking to be the angriest of them all. ”Kane Shíl mé a dúirt tú chuaigh sí abhaile..” She spoke, trying to hide the anger in her voice as she turned to the tall dark haired one of the group. ”Bhí sí! Cad é atá tú anseo?” He said quickly, his red eyes glaring at the girl who was still in Jasper’s grip. ”Táthar ag súil tú dom dul?” Ashlynn asked, even Emmett who didn’t know Irish could pick the smart-ass tone out of her voice. ”Ní féidir leat a bheith anseo!” The other girl screeched, who Emmett had learned name was Maggie. Maggie had the power to tell if someone was lying or not and with her screeching it had gotten the pups’ attentions again as they made their way to the opening of the kitchen again. ”Cén fáth nach?” Ashlynn asked, suddenly looking and seeming so innocent. ”Toisc go bhfuil tú éagsúla! Tá tú i gcoinne rialacha an Volturi, beidh tú a mharaítear chun cinnte agus mar sin beidh muid.” Maggie growled, her red eyes seeming to be most alarming eyes Emmett had ever seen. Looking over to see the reaction of the other girl, he felt a chill run down his back. Her eyes were a liquid silver color as she glared back. ”B'fhéidir gur le haghaidh an chuid is fearr.” Ash said simply as she jerked her arms out of Jasper’s grip and walked by the Irish Coven.

”Siobhan, I believe you have some explaining to do.” Carlisle growled, glaring at the Irish Coven as Bella appeared beside Edward holding Renessmee’s hand. ”I apologize, Carlisle, for the behavior of my coven.” Siobhan began, but one of the twins began to speak afterwards. ”Her name is Ashlynn, she’s a hybrid.” Desmond said as if he was speaking of the weather, but everyone else looked surprised. ”I found her about six months ago, instead of biting her...she drank my blood. I didn’t know it would have that effect on her-” He was stopped as Carlisle raised his hand for him to stop. ”She, too, is a hybrid?” Carlisle asked, getting a nod from all of them except Kane. ”Not like Renessmee though, Ashlynn is more human that she.” ”Why can’t I read her mind?” Edward asked, looking up from Bella who he was now holding hands with. ”She has a power..” Liam, Siobhan’s mate, finally spoke. ”Like mine?” Bella asked, getting a smirk from Reilly the other twin. ”If she wants it to be like yours. We’ve named her power Mimicry. She can mimic other vampires powers.” This caused Emmett to cross his arms, as he looked at his family.

Ashlynn crossed her arms tightly as she paced, easily hearing the others speaking about her. She was about to say something when she noticed tanner people standing in the kitchen. She froze slightly at their scents, slowly back towards her Coven, but she was ushered away by Kane. ”Fan i anseo.”
She tensed as she glanced back at them. Werewolves. Why weren’t the others freaking out?

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Jacob Black

Jacob's eyes had narrowed into a glare as he watched all the Irish coven file into the house. Six of them. The first thing he noticed was their eyes. Unlike the Cullens this so-called Irish coven did not have golden colored eyes. Their eyes were not black either, the color Jake learned meant they were thirsty. Instead, these new vampires had piercing red eyes, the color of warm blood. He remembered the Volturi and newborns having the same colored eyes; they drank human blood. Jake's lips pulled back instinctively, a low growl building in his throat.
A cool hand placed on his right fore-arm caused him to falter, said growl dying before it sounded. Jacob rigidly glanced over at Bella who was watching him, her eyes, amber and turning gold, calculating. He then received playful shoves from behind.

"Relax, Jake!" Embry's voice teased, a hand, which was Seth's, slapped down on his left shoulder.

"Yeah, Jake, just a few more pale-faced pretty boys." Seth joked, his comment centered towards two guys who were clearly twins. Jake chuckled at the comment, shrugging his shoulders stiffly.

"Yeah." he agreed, feeling foolish for the way he started to act. Jacob jerked his attention to the front door as it was thrust open. His mind immediately jumped to the worst case scenario. Sam decided to come and take matters into his own hands or the Volturi decided to make a surprise visit, as if they hadn't already. Jake shuddered as he remember Leah coming in that evening a few days ago. The expression on her face was. . So weird, one that would be permitly engraved into his memory. She looked as if she'd seen a ghost, like she'd been slapped in the face, and then she told him. . . Emmett's mate had been killed by the Volturi. Jake had made her tell the vampire herself, he remembered how mad Emmett got. Things were broke.
Speaking of said vampire, Jake watched as Emmett walked in, then drug his attention back to the door. In walked Edward and Jasper and with them they tugged in a red head. She-

Jacob Black's dark brown eyes widened, tripling in size. His knees suddenly buckled and he went to hit the floor when Embry and Seth both lunged forward in unison, grasping his arms quickly.

"Jake, man, you okay?" Embry asked, watching his alpha with concern.

"Jake?" Seth questioned, shaking his arm roughly.
Jacob could barely hear them. Their voices were like muffled background noise. He kept staring at the small, red-haired girl who Jasper held captive. The urge to move forward, to get closer to her was so strong.. It almost left him breathless. His knees went to buckle in under him once more, but the firm grip of his pack-mates held him up. No one else was in the room though, to Jake that is. His eyes searched the girl's odd silver ones, though she seemed to not be really looking at him at all. He moved forward slowly, to the bewilderment of both Embry and Seth who let go of his arms uneasily, eyes still on the girl.

"What's he doing?" Leah's harsh words cut through his hazy thoughts briefly. He blinked his chocolate brown eyes rapidly, glancing around then focusing back on the scene at hand. That alpha noticed he had moved considerably close to the new coven. No one seemed to notice though. Said coven was too busy bickering back and forth in Irish.

Bella, who was standing beside Edward now, holding Nessie's hand, was watching him, but Jake didn't care. That was weird. He... did not care. If she was in this room, a different state, a different country. It did not matter. That was not right but it was so true. He felt nothing towards her it seemed.. He felt- disconnected from her completely. Jake lifted his right hand, rubbing the back of his neck, eyes trailing back to the hybrid. Swallowing hard, he slowly start backing up only to stop swiftly a split second later, doubling over at the waist.
A sharp pain ripped at his insides, causing him to take a sharp in-take of air. Immediately, Seth and Embry were at his side.

"Jake, bro, what is up?" Embry muttered, grabbing his arm, pulling him up to his full length. Worry etched both his and Seth's face. Jacob bit back a wolf-ish whimper, squeezing his eyes shut, then opening them again.

"Nothing." he replied, voice harsher than he intended it to be. Alice appeared at his side, small and pixie-like.

"Jacob, is everything okay?" she asked, genuine concern apparent in her voice she had made a whisper, though there was no point in it; everyone could hear even a pen drop. Jake's eyes trailed past her to Edward who stood now behind Carlisle who was talking to the coven leader, holding Bella's hand. He was watching Jake and the wolf immediately knew his thoughts were being invaded. This isn't good. he thought lamely causing Edward to only smirk.

"Dude, Jake, you look sick!" Seth gaped and Embry started nodding.

"When doesn't he look sick?" Leah retorted icily, turning and retreating back towards the kitchen, towards the food. Quil, who was in the doorway between the kitchen and living room, turned and followed after her.

"I think you need to go lay on the couch." Alice said, grabbing at his left hand gently. Jake recoiled from her touch, wincing and looking back at the red haired girl with the strange, silver alluring eyes. Her coven was now talking to Carlisle, and Jake found that the girl's name was Ashlynn. She was a hybrid. "Please come lay down, you look like you are about to throw up." Alice said lightly, gold eyes watching him carefully, pleading.

"I'm fine." Jacob protested, voice void as he watched Ashlynn, swaying to the left, towards her. He was going to fall.. Fall flat on his face. However, Seth, though smaller, was quickly at his side, keeping him upright.

"Maybe the lee- vampire smell is getting to him." Seth mused.

"Probably, I know it's starting to bug me." Embry agreed, rubbing at his nose at the same time he spoke as if to prove a point. He then followed his alpha's gaze. "Jake, you keep staring at- Oh boy." Embry's voice faltered and his eyes got way too wide. He looked at Seth, Seth looked at him. Jacob did not look at either of them. He noticed the hybrid's eyes had found them now. She looked absolutely terrified. Jake immediately wanted to go to her, take her in his arms and tell her that no harm would come to her.. Not ever. He shook his head, shuddering, his own thoughts creeping him out and making him want to hide. Alice cleared her throat.

"I saw this." she murmured softly, looking down almost guilty. "Don't ask me how because I do not know. It shocked even me, because I cannot see the future for your kind. But.. But I did."
Jake, Embry and Seth all looked at her.

"You did?" they said in unison, causing uneasy, bell-like laughter to escape Alice's mouth.

"Yes and I also saw this.." She nodded towards the door. Jake had been far too distracted to notice and hear a car pulling up outside. It was then he noticed someone else was here and whoever they were, they did not smell like a vampire. It was a human. Everyone seemed to stop talking as yet another knock was heard at the front door. This knock seemed a little unsure. One knock.. Then another for good measure.

Jacob's gaze stayed on the door just a split moment before they slid back to Ashlynn; back to his imprint.


What am I doing?

Peering out the window of an old, brown taxi Leslie Baker watched it rain; where she was from (Arlington, Georgia) it rarely rained and when it did it never lasted long. Ever since she got to Forks, Washington (which was only about an hour and a half ago ) that's all in had been doing. This must have been some bad omen. She had been pondering why she even came here. She did not personally know the people she was going to. What was she even going to say?

"Hi, I'm Leslie Baker. I guess my dad kno- knew you guys. I found this letter from him and he told me to come here, so here I am! Surprise?"

Yeah. That sounds sane. Monroe shuddered, shaking the sleeves of her large, gray sweater to where they fell over her hands. It had been a little over two weeks since her father, Rodney Baker otherwise known as Dr. Baker in her little town, passed away due to a tragic car accident on the way home from a late night at work. He was the only family Leslie had left since her grandmother died the previous year from cancer. Hot tears pricked her icy, baby blue eyes when memories rushed back to her. She blinked rapidly, fighting them off in refusal to cry anymore; that's all she had done the past couple of weeks.

Okay, saying Monroe had no family left was a bit of a lie. When the call was made that Rodney had passed, his aunt Debra, Leslie's great aunt, immediately came from her home in Florida. Debra is one of those people who always has to be right. She is a pig-head, to be blunt. Her and Monroe never were on the same level. Debra thinks Leslie is "childish and sarcastic," and Leslie thinks she is a stuck-up, old snob.

At first Monroe was to move to Florida and live with Debra; both of them did not really want that. However, when cleaning out her dad's old work desk she found a letter, and within that letter was an address and "directions."

She remembered her dad speaking of a man named Carlisle Cullen. He spoke highly of him and the rest of his family. Carlisle, at one point, had taken Rodney under his wing and showed him some things; he helped her father become a better doctor. How bad could the guy be?
If this was true then why was her stomach in ten thousands different knots? Monroe squinted at her reflection in the slightly fogged-up taxi window. An ordinary, slight girl stared back at her. Her blonde hair was on top of her head in a messy bun, a few wispy strands around her face and beneath her pale, blue eyes were dark circles from barely any sleep. It was easy to see her appearance was not at the top of her list.

Looking at the taxi's rear-view mirror, Monroe noticed the taxi driver staring back at her. She quirked an eyebrow at him. This caused the short, balding man to cough a couple of times. "We're almost there." he said, voice raspy and gritty; he sounded like a chain smoker, to be quite honest. Uneasiness seemed to swallow Leslie Baker whole as she nodded slowly, fiddling with the strap of her worn, ratty messenger bag that lay in her lap. That and one suitcase in the trunk being the only things she brought.

On the inside Monroe was freaking out. In the letter her father had wrote he intended on her staying and living with Carlisle and his family if anything were to happen to him. He said Carlisle knew and agreed to this, but what if Dr. Cullen had forget all about it? Leslie softly bit her lower, light pink lip, something she done when she was either nervous or thinking. When the taxi turned off the main road and onto one much smaller she tensed slightly, sitting up straighter in her seat. Her blue eyes were wide as she looked out all the windows, looking a bit goofy as she tried doing so at the same time. The taxi driver was watching her again, she could sense it.

However, her attention was drawn to the large house ahead instead of the creepy pervert driving. She blinked burning, red tinged eyes (from crying) once.. twice, rubbing them a little. The house was huge.

Wow. No wonder my dad wanted me to become a doctor. Look at this! she thought as the taxi came to an easy stop. "And here we are, lovely." the driver cooed, causing Monroe's skin to crawl. She gripped her messenger bag, sliding across the seat as she opened the door in the same motion.

"Thanks." she said stiffly, voice soft due to her southern accent. The man's greasy smile widened. Reaching in her pocket she grabbed a small wad of money, which was all she had, thrusting it at him. "Here." she added, one leg already out the taxi. The taxi driver reached back, taking the money and purposely letting his fat hand rub against her's. She jerked her hand back, dropping the money in the seat before he could take it.

Once out the car she got her suitcase and hastily made her way towards the front door of the house, taking the stairs two at a time. Though, once she was in front of said door all the confidence she had built up swiftly vanished. She felt so small. I can't do this.. she thought taking a step back, looking back. The taxi still idled in the front and she saw the taxi driver leaning across the passenger seat, watching her with a lazy, yellow-teeth grin. She shuddered, moving toward the door, lifting her free hand that was balled into a fist.

She knocked once then thinking they might not hear it, knocked once more lightly. What if she got the wrong place? I hope no one is home. she silently prayed but knew someone was there. Careful footsteps were heard coming towards the door. Her heartbeat sped up and the grip on her suitcase was almost painful, causing her knuckles to turn white from the pressure.

Oh dad, what have you gotten me into?

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Ashlynn realized as she stood frozen that Alice, the vampire Kane told her about was helping one of the wolves. Wasn’t she afraid of them?! ”Cad é atá tú?” She asked the vampire, causing her to get a curious glance from Alice. Ash mentally face palmed, the girl didn’t understand Irish. How was she going to tell her to watch out without the wolves knowing? That’s when she caught Alice’s golden eyes flicker to Edward, her own silver eyes flickering in the same direction. Mind-reading! She tilted her head as she looked at Alice. ”Don’t worry, Ashlynn. The wolves are with us.” The thought made Ashlynn’s eyebrows shoot up, as Alice gave a small giggle.

”Jake, you keep staring at- Oh boy.” The one who had just rubbed his nose was speaking again. Ashlynn heard the falter in his change of voice and then she saw his eyes widen. Her own eyes widened when he looked towards the smaller boy. Her silver eyes darted from one to the other, then to the one Alice was with. She gave the vampire another pleading look. ”Ashlynn, calm down, they aren’t going to eat you.” Alice said, causing a blush to spread on the hybrid’s cheeks. ”Ní gá duit a fhios sin..” Ashlynn mumbled childishly as she crossed her arms and looked down at her muddy shoes.

Her now normal, well usual eye color was back, and flickered towards Alice as she cleared her throat. ”I saw this?” Ashlynn glanced around, as if she was looking for whatever Alice said she saw. Did she see a jumping mouse too? That’s when Ashlynn realized Alice was speaking of her ability. ”Don’t ask me how because I do not know. It shocked even me, because I cannot see the future for your kind. But..But I did.” Ash watched as all the wolves looked at Alice. ”Tá siad ag dul a ithe di..a fhios agam é! Bhain mé triail as ag insint di! Ní raibh sí ag éisteacht..” Ashlynn mumbled franticly to herself, as if it would calm or down or something, luckily none of the wolves were paying attention seeing that all had said, ”You did?” all at the same time. Unlike Alice’s uneasy laughter, Ashlynn laughed pretty hard which made them all look back at her and she put her hands up quickly. ”No offense!” She mumbled quickly, her english drowned in an Irish accent.

”Yes and I also saw this..” Alice continued, nodding towards the door. Ashlynn hadn’t been the only one distracted by what was going on. Like a little kid she slowly made her way to the doorway as she smelled a sweet smell, her eyes flooding with silver as her eyes flickered from Alice then back to the door. Curiosity getting the best of her.
”Siobhan, can you and your coven please move to another room?” Carlisle asked, nodding towards two particularly. The twins. ”You two will go to the other room with us.” Siobhan said lowly, pointing past the doorway in which Ashlynn was peaking out of. Liam pushed Maggie as Kane grabbed the back of the twins’ collars. ”Ash, we’ll be in the other room.” Kane grumbled, ”Why don’t you come with us?” Both Desmond and Reilly asked, but Ashlynn ignored them. Her attention back to the entryway of the house.
”Mommy, why do they have to leave?” Renessmee asked as Ash’s coven was leaving the room. ”Here..I’ll tell you upstairs.” Bella mumbled breathlessly as the amber color in her eyes began to take over the golden color. Edward followed after the two of them.
Carlisle went to open the door, but he stopped as his golden gaze flickered right towards Ashlynn. She froze as he looked at her, ”Esme, honey, can you take Ashlynn to the kitchen to see if she may be a bit hungry?” At his words Ashlynn’s eyes flickered towards a nearby mirror..her silver eyes widened as she saw herself. Her eyes were a deadly silver color now, her mouth was slightly open and her canines were showing clearly. She quickly straightened up and the silver in her eyes slowly began to drain. She gave a sheepish grin as Esme pointed towards the kitchen, ”Carlisle, I think she knows where the kitchen is.” Ashlynn turned to leave, but her curiosity took the best of her as she glanced over her shoulder to see who was at the door. It was a blonde headed girl, her hair was in a messy bun on top of her head and she had on a large, grey sweater. Ash was going to stay and see what was happening but the larger one of the Cullens Emmett stepped in her view.

Her attention back on the kitchen she froze as one of the wolves spoke to her. ”Do you eat human food?” The smaller one asked curiously, Ashlynn answered with a small shy nod. The one standing beside them small one chuckled,, ”Don’t eat us, though!” He teased causing a grin to spread on Ashlynn’s face. ”As long as you don’t eat me.” She mumbled softly, her gaze flickering to the other wolf who was beside Alice. Ashlynn was now curious at how these wolves were friendly..the stories Kane told, from when he was a nomad, about the werewolves he encountered.

”So you guys really aren’t going to go all..” Ashlynn didn’t know how to word it, so she held up her hands like they had claws and made a small growl, ”..on me, are ye?” sounding genuinely curious.


Emmett watched silently as the Irish Coven spoke of the one they called Ashlynn, his eyes flickering towards Jasper as he walked over. ”We checked the perimeter and didn’t find anything. We’ll have to go with Edward to feed soon..he’s not bed in a few days..” Jasper whispered almost silently to Emmett, causing Em’s golden eyes to flicker to his other brother, Edward. It was true, Edward’s normal golden gaze was slowly getting darker and darker. Emmett gave a single nod, ”We can go tonight. Jake said the Uley pack will be having a bonfire tonight and probably will be busy.” ”Good..” Jasper mumbled, he sounded like he was about to say something else and Emmett knew what it was going to be.

”I’m fine.” Mumbled, his voice a bit harsher than he meant it to be. Loosing Rose was hard for Emmett, but it happens. The more he thought about it the more it made him humans. Humans loose people they love everyday...he didn’t understand why he expected to live forever.. The whole vampire thing says you live forever, but it doesn’t mean you have to. His golden gaze flickered to see Jasper still looking at him. ”She didn’t like being a vampire anyway..” Emmett mumbled, his voice a bit strained as he looked down.
It was true. He was always having to cheer Rose up about her being a vampire. Carlislie spoke about before he was a vampire. Rose would get angry at little things and ask him why he turned her and not left her to die. He remembered clearly before Renessmee was born Rose spoke of how she didn’t really have a reason to live beside him. He took a deep un-needed breath. After Nessie though, Rose seemed to have changed..she was happy.

Emmett was pulled from his thoughts when he heard a car pull up, he could see it through the glass beside the door. At first he thought it had to be a vampire, because everyone else seemed to ignore it. Emmett found himself watching the old, brown taxi as he saw a blonde in the back seat of the car. His eyes narrowed slightly as he watched the older taxi driver seem to be very interested in the blonde. He quirked a brow as she watched her get out of the car and then get a suitcase.
That’s when he realized something..this girl wasn’t a vampire.
He became ridged as he his gaze flickered from Jasper, who still had trouble controlling himself sometimes, to Edward, who was thirsty at the moment, and finally to the Irish Coven and the little hybrid who seemed to have smelt the girl.
He took a step forward as a knock was heard. and Carlisle told the Irish Coven to find another room. He watched as Esme was told to take Ashlynn away, but the girl left herself. Carlisle took a step forward and opened the door.

Emmett took a deep breath, suddenly regretting it as the sweet scent teased his throat, making it burn. He cleared his throat slightly as he watched the blonde curiously. He noticed how her eyes had this red color to them, as if she’d been crying..which caused the blue to really pop. He found himself a bit lost in her eyes for a few moments. His gaze quickly flickered away, to a mirror in the hallway where he looked at himself, standing a bit straighter absentmindedly. That’s when it hit him..

Why did she have a suitcase? Did he miss something when he was being antisocial the pass two days?

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