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Jacob Black

0 · 878 views · located in Forks, Washington

a character in “Penumbra”, as played by Just Sayin'


"What was the point of me loving you?"

Full Name:
"Don't you already know?"
Jacob Black
"Just call me Jake."
Jacob is called Jake by most people, that being his pack, Bella and so on. However, some simply call him by his first name. Bella lately has been calling him "Chief Jacob" for her own amusement over his new Alpha status.
"Ahah, right. Wanting me to remove my jeans, huh?"
He's clearly a male.
Short Appearance Description:
Jake stands at the height of 6'3" and is thick, toned and muscular. At first glance he could be mistaken for one of those hard-core athletes; y'know, the kind that never leaves the gym? However, his height evenly proportions him, keeping him from looking overly muscled. Jake has broad shoulders, a "lion's chest," long arms and wide hands. He's altogether a strong looking fellow. For the longest time he kept his hair lengthy, brushing his sharply cut jawline. Alas, due to being a shape-shifter and having a troublesome thick pelt. . Cut it off short. Now, his said thick, black hair is cropped off, usually left in a messy fashion. Jake has deep-set chocolate brown eyes that seem to always challenge others. His skin is russet colored and some degree warmer than your average human. He has a fairly large nose due to his Native American heredity that is evened out by full lips. Said lips shield pearly white teeth that are usually revealed when he smiles boyishly and or grins wolfishly; it's always either one or the other.

In his wolf form, Jacob is about ten feet in length. His fur is a russet brown color, fairly thick yet also soft to the touch. He is the largest wolf in both packs and the strongest. His eyes are the only thing human about him in this form. They are a dark brown and intelligent. Though his demeanor is extremely wolf-like, his eyes always hold warmth. . Show that Jake is still in there.


Personality Traits:
"Try getting to know me; I promise I don't bite too hard."
  • Jacob is naturally very friendly, playful, carefree and caring towards the people around. He loves seeing people happy, smiling and laughing. It's his cheerful attitude that attracts most to him, something like a dog.
  • Much like a wolf, he is very protective and loyal; he would go to any extent to protect those he loves the most. That being his pack and, sadly, Bella.
  • Due to his wolfy nature, Jake also has a rather fiery temper. He can, at some points in time, be seen as somewhat sarcastic, obnoxious and a little childish.
  • Jacob, however, likes having a good time and goofing off with his pack-mates. He likes the brief seconds he can joke around and be himself. To be honest, he tries having those moments as much as he can.
  • With that being said, lately Jacob hasn't had the time for joking around. He's become serious, having embraced the responsibilities of an alpha.
  • He's cocky when it comes to strength and looks. Yes, he knows he's attractive and yes, he knows he is strong.
  • He is a competitive person. The thoughts of losing in any shape or form drives him crazy. Maybe that's why this whole Bella/Edward thing pisses him off so bad. He lost.
  • Jake puts everyone before himself. He can be pinned as surprisingly selfless.
Most revealed through-out the role-play. . . ;)
+ His Pack; they're his family and always there for him.
+ His Father
+ Having Control of a Situation ". .Not like I'm an alpha or anything."
+ Food; he's a growing boy for crying out loud! :P
+ His Wolf Form
+ Running | Exercise
+ Women "I'm a guy. Surprise?"
+ Animals
+ Jokes "Knock, knock. . . "
+ Feeling Important, Needed, Wanted "No, I'm not 'needy.'"
+ Playful Fighting
+ Etc, etc. .


- Most Leeches
- Unorder
- The Volturi "Never met them. .- They sound like assholes who need to get laid."
- Most Vegetables
- Being Challenged in Any Way
- Feeling Unwanted "Come back here and love me!"
- Someone Hurting His Pack/People He Cares Deeply For
- Edward Cullen; to be quite honest "Do I HAVE to say anything on this?"
- Leah; "Only when she's having a pity party. . "
- Newborns
- Etc, etc. .

Other?: I'll get back to you on this. .

So begins...

Jacob Black's Story