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Leslie Baker

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a character in “Penumbra”, as played by Just Sayin'



"Oh yeah, you see, what happened was. . I took the magic carpet here while following the White Rabbit. We stopped and asked Dumbo for directions but he got confused. Aladdin became completely turned around and we ended up at Beast's castle. Hercules was there having tea, so we stole Pegasus and here I am! Pff- Right. What kind of idiot do you think I am? Vampires? Werewolves? Get real."

| Full Name |
". . And the interview begins." At birth she was given the name Leslie Monroe Baker. Like many, she sometimes wishes her name was different- a little unique, y'know? Sadly, you can't pick your name; she blames her parents.
| Nickname |
Since there aren't many girls called Monroe out there, Leslie has went by her middle name from fifth grade on. She likes it; mostly because there was another girl in her same grade named Leslie. She detests being like everyone else. Being on the subject of "nicknames," I might as well tell you she is always calling people random, absurd things- random nicknames she feels like calling someone that moment. So, don't be alarmed, yeah? "You get whatcha' get and you don't pitch a fit, skipper."
| Gender |
"I guess I should be offended by this question, but I really don't feel the need." She's a female. "- clearly."
|Age |
"I'm not a baby, okay, tenderfoot?" Monroe has been seventeen for almost three months now. Like most teenagers she feels grown up, but let's face it. . She still has quite a bit to learn.


| Short Appearance Description |
"It's not all about looks!"
Leslie Baker is five foot four(5'4") in height but if anyone were to ask her she'd stretch the truth and say five foot five(5'5"). She's not what you'd call short, but certainly is not the tallest flower in the garden. With that in mind, Monroe has a rather slim, slight build; not one you'd pick out in a crowd. She doesn't have a "knock-out" body (to her disliking), but isn't exactly stick figure, board straight. Due to the fact that she's played softball since she was six, she is in shape, having a gently toned stomach and barely curved sides. As for skin tone, Monroe is always one for the outdoors. Her skin holds an even, light colored tan she keeps practically all year round, in the winter it becoming lighter, of course. Sprinkled along softly rounded shoulders, Leslie displays light freckles. Her hair is naturally blonde, a "dark golden" color. It is long and when down hangs to about the lower part of her back in smooth waves (unless she straightens and or curls it). However, she isn't all about looks like most teen-aged girls- well, girls in general. She feels it's not all about outer appearance. Personality counts, y'know? Don't get her wrong, she can dress up nice but that's only when she is actually feels the need. Lately, Monroe has kept her long hair slung back in a messy bun and or ponytail. Her father's passing has left her grief-stricken and just plain lazy and not caring about appearance.
Leslie's facial features are soft, a warm picture of innocence, if you will. She has a rounded, "button nose," a small smoothly curved chin and soft, pale pink lips(not too full but not thin either) that wear a silly smile on them practically all the time. Her cheeks seem to always have a light pink color to them; yep, she's a blusher. What usually draw peoples attention when first seeing Leslie is her wide doe-eyes- icy, crystal blue pools. Her left eye is more of a gray-ish color because, you see, she's partially blind in that eye due to a horseback-riding incident when she was nine. Said eyes are surrounded by long, thick black eyelashes that cast shadows upon her high cheekbones when she blinks. Due to having braces, she has straight, white teeth.
Against her father's will, about six months ago, Monroe ran off and got herself a tattoo. That tattoo is of a bird and rests just below her left collarbone. It symbolizes something(yes, besides defiance :P). No one knows she has the tattoo except a close friend of her's, surprisingly. Random fact: Leslie adores hats, hats of all kinds. She especially likes beanies and thinks they look adorable on guys. She loves wearing them and usually has one on when going out. Also, when reading she must wear a large, black-rimmed pair of reading glasses. In her last school a boy named Rodney would yell "Nerd Alert!" every time she pulled them out of her backpack.


| Personality Traits |
"Traits? Really? C'mon now, this is a boring question. Don't be a dorkimus."
  • Still a teenager and being sheltered by a very protective father all her life, Monroe is quite a naive girl. She believes there's at least one good thing in everyone and always trusts people a little too easily (with certain things). For goodness sake, she takes pinky promises seriously!
  • That being said, she also gets attached to people rather fast, and she usually always has her feelings hurt in the end. She's not what you'd call clingy but she does get use to people being there, and usually falls into dips of "depression" when they leave her.
  • Though young, Leslie is a smart girl. She's witty (to the point of sarcastic) and when it comes to arguments always has a smooth comeback to shoot down any snake-tongues with. That noted, she is more book-smart than she is street-smart. When faced with some life threatening she tends to shut down, if you'd call it that. She does not do well in tense situations.
  • Dorky. .Goofy- she is definitely a goofy goober. Well, maybe calling her random would be a slightly better term. She loves joking around and having a good time. Spewing off-the-wall statements, you never really know what will be spoken out of the girl's mouth. Tying in with that, she is always calling people by weird nicknames like "skipper," "tenderfoot," "slick," etc. You get the point, right?
  • When you first meet Monroe she tends to come off as shy and quiet. Of course, that's only when just meeting her. In all honesty, she is quite a feisty person. She has a temper. Push her over her limits and things can become physical quickly. For such a small girl she is not afraid to throw a punch.
  • Around close friends she is outgoing and what some may consider a dare-devil. She loves trying new things and would never shoot down a dare. Call her silly, but a challenge is a challenge, after all. You only live once, right? . . . Right??
  • Since her father passed two weeks ago Monroe has pushed herself "into the shadows." She hasn't as much as cracked a smile and when she speaks is blunt and almost "uncaring." She's still her, obviously, just going through a real rough patch in her life at the moment.
Calm your tits, more will be revealed during the role-play. ;P


| Likes |
"Lions and tigers and bears!"
+ Cooking; she cooked all the time with her grandmother, learned everything she knows from her.
+ Animals; "I pretty much grew up on a farm, y'know."
+ Fall; hoodie weather, 'nuff said.
+ Reading/Books; "Sometimes the depths of a good book is better than reality. ."
+ Hats; already been explained!! "Any guy looks cute in a beanie!"
+ Music; no need of explanation here
+ Jokes, Laughing, Having a Good Time
+ Disney Movies; "You're never too old for a Disney movie. ."
+ Old Westerns, Funny Movies
+ Sports
+ Old Cars
+ The Thought of Love; "See how it says the thought of love?Exactly. I heard somewhere that loves bites."
+ Rain; "Thunderstorms are cool. The lightening is really pretty, though the sounds I could live without, grant you."
+ Starry, Night time skies
+ Much, much more. . +

| Dislikes |
"Oh my!" >_> <_< "See what I did there?"
- Know-it-Alls
- Arrogant, Cocky guys; ". . This could apply to women, too."
- Bullies; "Karma's a bizzsnatch and I'm her cousin, Monroe." (;
- Scary Movies!! ; she wouldn't admit it to a soul. They do give her nightmares though. .
- Loud Noises
- Clowns; "Ever watched the movie 'It,' kid?"
- Death
- Uncomfortable Silence
- Carrots; "Guess that's why I have bad eyesight, huh? Heh."
- Bitches; "Word."
- Her Great Aunt Debra; "I refuse to live with that witch."
- Feeling Unwanted / Rejection
- Being Proved Wrong / Losing
- Not Knowing The Outcome of Something
- Much more, tootz. -


| Other? |
Check Back, yeah? :D
Might Do Some Editing Soon. . @__@

Monroe and her rabbit, Felix. :D

So begins...

Leslie Baker's Story