Alex Penterdon

"Perfection is just another means of control."

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Full Name: Alexander Vincent Penterdon Image

Nickname: "Alex is simple enough, eh? I mean it's better then Alexander.

Age: "Being perfect for a year, and not a zombie? Worth it." 17

Gender: Male "Don't let my feminine charms get you, I'm a guy."

Appearance: Alexander's appearance is fairly standard, he's on the tall side 5'11" and his body is also well toned defining his muscles as not an ounce of fat clings to him making him quite imposing on sight. His skin tone is fairly pale, but his skin is darker around his body. Alexander's facial features are rough to say the least, his lips curl outwards revealing blindingly white teeth, along with his elegant ski slope nose which perfectly fits his face, his cheekbones are also fairly pronounced giving him a certain gleam other then that his face is smooth, except for the rough 5 o'clock shadow which clings to his face. Alexander's hair is fluffy and is often described as uncontrollable, he has to normally brush it down several times a day, it's a dark auburn brown which splits often giving it, its own individual vibe. Alexander's eyes are a chilling blue which can easily enrapture people who gaze into them, they almost seem to glow, but is easily proven false if put into a pitch black room. Alexander's general demeanour is laid back allowing people to easily relax around him, however when angry he simply loses it and his previous demeanour is gone, replaced with a angry scowl which sits on his face which seems to be enough to intimidate most. Alexander's clothing style leans towards jackets and jeans, he is almost never seen in just a t-shirt he dons darker colours such as black, brown and grey. He is currently wearing a brown hoodie with a black leather jacket overcoat, his legs are clad with a pair of stone washed jeans, with a leather belt fastened around the waste, on his feet are a pair of running shoes.

Personality: "Since I'm not a happy zombie, I get to retain my individuality lucky me." Alexander is laid back and open minded, not really caring about others decisions unless the effect him directly. Thinking it as arrogant to just judge others he'll give people a fair trial, and even if they prove themselves to be a bad person he'll give them a chance to redeem themselves. Alexander's sarcasm is a form of relief and is often used to lighten his current situation, he may joke about what's happening but underneath he's scared deeply and putting on a charade to throw others off his true feelings. Alexander also holds moral terms in regard, such as loyalty and honour once someone has befriended him he'll stick with them, as he always says a friend is for life. However he'll disregard most of these traits in regard to survival, he'll do anything to survive the deadlier the situation the more his instincts kick in refusing to let him give up. Alexander is fairly impatient and cannot stand waiting, even for the most menial of things time begins to pass slowly when he thinks about it and this frustrates him to no ends. He is quiet and reserved when needs to be but his brash attitude will begin to shine through, and he'll begin chatting away. Alexander is naturally a charismatic ladies man, that shows no shame or embarrassment in any situation, as he always finds time to try and seduce the ladies, due to never being embarrassed he thinks this applies for everyone, and will insult people most of the time, because he is able to brush it off so easily he thinks insults don't effect people. Alexander's temper is mild, and he never gets properly riled but if angry he will begin to lose control of his common sense and other emotions will slip leaving his anger in wake, but as said to piss him off that bad you'd need to do something pretty bad. Alexander's education is fairly advanced as he has always tried to advance his intellect, he often concentrated on Science and is quite skilled in most divisions of it.

Power: "The act of moving something without touching it is a powerful ability." Telekinesis, Alexander can move thinks at will. He can lift a lot more heavier things with this ability, he can also bring telekinetic energy into reality, for example he can make a purple barrier which pulses but is actually there he can also create telekinetic bolts. When he preforms this ability his hands and the object he's moving will glow an unnatural purple.

"I like everything, okay I tell a lie."
~Dark Pulses

"Dislikes? Well that isn't very tough."

Fears: "Me scared? Ha! Good one."
~Being Betrayed

History: "History is meaningless I mean it's history." Alexander's family were the Artisan types who were professional painters, so Alexander's family instilled his unique outlook on life and the way he should perceive the world as he held them very dear to his heart. After going through his educational transition, he was planning to be some type of Physicist as he held a certain love for Science at the age of 16 during his perfection he chose Telekinesis as defying gravity held some sort of thrill in his mind, however after going through this for a short while he felt some emotional imbalances but that eventually passed and his emotional state returned to normal during 17 he began to notice things about people, how they acted with some sort of uncanny optimism and frankly it began to annoy him eventually the stress built up he began seeing the things wrong with the world, that actually he and everyone else wasn't perfect that this, was a façade of some sort he began researching into this, while trying to keep up with his studying, he however fell behind in studying and this became his obsession trying to find out why everyone was different, he noticed a few who were like him who felt what he considered 'normal emotions' but the majority of people were weird it was like all the dim aspects of their personality were almost non-existent. He eventually went to many Doctors with his findings which was of course disregarded as mad superstition, and of course a few days later he disappeared from existence, taken away and in a new unfamiliar place.

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Other: "That's just about every detail, enjoy!"

So begins...

Alex Penterdon's Story


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#, as written by TheFlag
Alexander Penterdon

Alex dreamt quietly, a smug smile of satisfaction broadened on his face. He was dreaming a rather unpleasant dream to most, but to him it positively made him gleam happily in his sleep. He turned against his bed facing the wall, the bed squeaking against the pressure he was exerting onto it. Inside his head he was tearing apart this thin illusion, rejecting the perfection that most had succumb to, finally coming to terms with the flaws of humanity and that it couldn't ever be perfect and that's what made everyone human unique, and not the lies we were now.

He looked up at the dark city which currently resided in his mind, it was dirty and dangerous but it had a certain pulse a life to it which made it beautiful. Emotions bounced everywhere, negative ones allowing him to actually feel the people around him they were dark emotions but at least they were real ones, rather then the false happiness most were given now days. His hand brushed down the wall, as he trailed off into a dark alley he felt pulses everywhere, people struggling to survive, death on such a scale and honestly he loved it, it gave him a certain rush that life could be gambled so easily. He looked up, seeing the physical flaws in each person: freckles, blemishes, scars and that's what made people beautiful in his eyes, the flaws gave the person more characterization to him everyone including himself was just a doll, painted to look pretty not reflecting what the person actually felt and was. People weren't happy in his little dream, no one was nature had dictated and everybody had fallen down to their most basic of instincts, survival people stepping on others just to get a head start, it was the way things were supposed to be. Nothing was perfect in his little world and to him that's what made it perfect in his view anyway.

Alexander's eyes refused to turn away from such a sight, and he yearned to watch this sight forever he wished the world resembled his image of perfection instead of the current version, which to him was flawed. The city slowly began collapsing causing a terrible weight to settle in Alex's gut, as it slowly began reshaping itself into the mess today calls perfection, people were the dolls he hated and everyone wore a smile, one that of course was a lie and that caused another weight to settle onto Alex, generating a indescribable amount of sorrow for the world currently lost and replaced with this mockery.

Alexander's eyes snapped open and he jolted backwards, towards the front of the bed he was now sitting on. His eyes began scanning the area, not sure where he was until his memory clicked into place, and he let out a loud moan which echoed his irritation at being in such a predicament. He pushed himself off, sitting on the side of the bed his eyes looking out at the window in his cell, he knew it wasn't real, it just didn't possess the same feeling as real sunlight, but still the artificial window always gave him comfort. He pushed himself up feeling the relief of his muscles working once again, a few seconds his room boomed "Good Morning it's time to get up!" and Alex systematically rolled his eyes, he hated those walls he knew they were watching, but he didn't need a constant reminder, and he always woke up before the damn thing could remind him and it always made him jump.

He walked over, still slightly drowsy from being woken up in such a fashion and headed over to the hole in his room, he thought for a while before speaking into it "Jeans and a black t-shirt..." he mumbled into it, and a few seconds later it returned with what he ordered. Alex thoughts fondly recalled times when he used to play pranks on the ones in Seaway, however this one was different, it only did simple things such as clothes. His hand went for the clothes, as he began automatically sliding them onto him they fit perfectly, after sliding onto the jeans, he regarded himself, with a unsatisfied smile, he remembered before the perfection, remembering his flaws, his shaggy hair that hadn't changed, but it echoed a more still, clean vibe now, his skin which held blemishes on his face, now gone. It held a certain sorrow to Alex, as he sat back onto his bed fully clothes.

The door to his cell slid open, fairly dramatically as a figure emerged his memory once again clicked into place, it was one of those days where they were given lectures, apparently today instead of sharing individual cells, they were all going to be placed into one big cell which seemed fairly stupid in his view, but he didn't really care. He looked up and a mocking smile emerged on his face, "Do you like my living establishment?" he said his voice fairly cutting, as the female figure elegantly walked in, while pushing him up against the wall, gently putting the electric cuffs around his wrists, she remained silent, as she slowly pushed him out of his cell "You know for a date, this isn't a way to a guys heart." he teased, as she gave him a shove forward.

He was led through a labyrinth of halls, which matched each other in complete synergy Alex non-nonchalantly yawned at this sight, purposely trying to ignore the person escorting him. The last hall he tried to drag out, walking slowly as possible while she occasionally pushed him trying to keep his speed up, they ended up at a dead end to which Alex replied "You're lost aren't you?" to which the woman pressed the wall, a small triangle illuminated itself, a button Alex guessed, as they two walls parted, revealing a white room inside to which the woman shoved him inside, as the doors shut the electronically generated voice said "Confirmed, Up or Down?" to which she replied calmly and fairly clearly, "Down." to which the elevator responded almost immanently , and began shooting its self down at a almost break neck speed.

As it suddenly stopped bluntly, Alex nearly fell having to lean on the elevator for support which was the only reason why he remained standing Alex felt disorientated and slightly sick, but regardless he was shoved out by the person escorting him, he looked down at another smooth perfect hallway, he was sure there were several rooms here, and was careful not to touch any of the walls, in case he trigger some sort of reaction. The woman escorting him stopped at the end, and pressed her hand print against the wall, "Confirmed, Welcome." the voice echoed as the doors slid open and he was once again given a shove, and he fell inside. The first thing he noticed was his cuffs, which dropped to the floor deactivated and virtually useless he heard a slamming sound which he assumed was the door shutting behind him.

After a few seconds had passed his eyes looked up, as he began to scan his surroundings the first thing he noticed was he wasn't alone, the second thing were six beds, three on each side and the last there was one hole, and a bathroom he sighed hesitantly not sure what to exactly do. There were three individuals two males and one female, he looked at them shifting uncomfortably not sure what to do. Were they like him? He wasn't sure, and he headed to the bed furthest to the wall avoiding eye contact, he wasn't afraid but he did feel a pang of caution in his gut. He reached his bed, and sat down uncomfortably, not sure on what to do.


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The familiar suction-cup sound of the wall sliding open dragged Camille back to the surface of her mind, causing her to lift her head. A man with silver eyes shoved a boy in the room and again, the door was closed. Blinking twice, Cami's aqua eyes hesitated on the door for a moment before turning to the boy. He was Perfected, meaning he was over sixteen, but by how much, she couldn't tell. His eyes met hers for a second when he looked at her, she she glanced away quickly, brushing her blonde hair from her eyes.

When she looked up again, he had made his way to the cot furthest from her and looked like he was going to try and sleep. Cami took the opportunity to look him over. The first thing she noticed about him was his navy colored hair. Most people couldn't swing unnatural colors, but some doctors pushed the rules more than others.

While she was looking him over, the door opened again and another boy was pushed into the room. This one hardly gave them a glance before choosing the cot farthest away from either of them and closest to the door. Cami lifted one slim eyebrow amused before the door opened again and another boy entered. She lifted her eyes to look at him and caught the confusion on his face when he'd seen the others. What was he thinking? She wondered to herself before watching him settle on a cot as well.

There was a pause, and the door didn't open again. Camille looked at the others. Was this it? Who were the other two cots for? Sighing, she ran her fingers through her smooth blonde hair, biting her lip at the awkwardness of the silence. "Three boys." She said, pointing out the obvious and lifting her eyes. She was normally the kind of person who didn't speak unless spoken to, but no one else seemed to be stepping up, and they might as well at least exchange names. "Changing in the morning should be awesome." She smirked, dropping her hand from her hair, back to the cot and looking up at the others. Sarcasim was her natural cushion. When she didn't know what to say, a sarcastic comment had always been where Camille went first. She hadn't seen anyone other than Complications employees for three years and her social skills were seriously lacking, but that didn't mean she couldn't try.

Silence is all that followed and she sighed deeply, noticing that the last two cots were the ones next to her. She laughed lightly, pushing her hair over her shoulder. "I don't bite you know." She said, standing and adjusting her shirt, tucking the edge into the hem of her shorts to keep them up. She bit her lip again and leaned against the wall. "I'm Camille Lewis, by the way." Her aqua eyes glanced back and forth between the tree of them, a little uncertain, hoping like hell that someone would take the role of talking off her shoulders.

Sorry this sucks like... really bad. Writers block.


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Nicolette was dragged into an elevator, the electronic voice spoke "Up or Down?" the man replied in a deep voice "Down". The computer later replied "Confirmed" before beeping a couple times and rapidly the elevator door shut as the elevator began moving down faster than the speed of light. Nicolette placed her hand by the handles that surrounding the square shaped elevator. She shut her eyes as the moved faster and faster down... almost faster than the speed of light. Then everything stopped, a needle pin could be dropped and you would hear the vibrating echo, it was so quite it was almost scary, not even a footstep a chuckle ,as if nothing on earth bared to produce sound.

She followed the man escorting her around. "So wonderful weather where having huh?" Nicolette said trying to make a conversation, minutes pasted by she knew he heard her.. but it seemed as if he didn't dare listen or he would become like her. Unexpectedly he answered in a rough, cracked voice "How on hell would you know?". He was a muscular man about 5'6, looked like some kind of prodigy model. Blonde hair, thin lips and green eyes. Typical. She followed him down a narrow, clean hallway her eyes observing everything around her. She dared not to touch the walls afraid the man might want to chop her fingers off, he was rather rude the last time they spoke and she had no intentions of bringing up a conversation.

They approached a small wall and the man placed his hand upon that wall. "Confirmed , Welcome". Nicolette looked at the wall memorized by the action the man just did. She pucked her lips as she entered a room, and the echo of the slamming door vibrated through her ears.

She looked around surprisingly she wasn't alone. There was another girl and three other male figures. She guessed that there was another one arriving since there were only 6 beds. She looked around her eyes observing, what they do best. She bit her lower lip, and ran her fingers through her hair. It seemed they were all quite boring, to her at least. No one even dared to say a word. She looked at the girl she seemed happy that there had been another female in here, she wondered about how awkward it would be changing in front of people especially males.

She looked around and yawned before making herself comfortable in a bed. She looked at the ceiling puzzled wondering one huge question. Why she was here. She looked at the confused,bored, nervous faces. She looked around first afraid to speak but then later said "Okay are we all gonna die in here of silence or what?". She looked around silence prevailed, she held her breat hand slowly said "My name is Nicolette sounds kind of like cigarette? Don't ya think?" She said shyly and smirking hoping they would enjoy a great joker much like herself.


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Ganymede Galen

At least it wasn’t darkness. At least he could see. At least…at least it wasn’t the horrible things he did to get where he is today. What sucked was what is was about. It made his skin itch, his eyes water, and his body crave for that forbidden ‘taboo’.

It wasn’t a nightmare, though Gan would have welcomed those so much more than what was happening in his dream. The sickly sweet touches, the whispered words of lies and the feel of human contact. Sweaty body against sweaty body joined together in ways some say they shouldn’t. Strong arms wrapped around him, bringing him all the closer to bliss.

And then…much like dreams do, it time skipped
And then he opened his eyes. And he screamed, and pleaded and begged for mercy. Hell he cried, and Gan never cried. Red shaggy hair, piercing green eyes, and a devilish smirk was his sight before him.

“I’m sorry! Please…please don’t do this…”

“I don’t bite you know.”

Girly. Not a boy. Clearly a girl. She broke it. Thank heavens. It never happened.

Bleary eyes, Gan opened his eyes and flung his hand down to blindly search for his glasses. While he wasn’t blind without them, everything had a foggy look to it.

“I’m Camille Lewis, by the way.”

With a yawn, Gan registered that it was the white haired, blue eyes girl he had seen when he first came in.

However there were two more boys in the room. One was a girly-ish looking male with auburn hair and the other with dark brown hair and eyes that were just slightly different.

Gan had a frown marring his face and was debating if he should actually speak or not when the ‘door’ opened again and spit up a brown haired girl with startling blue eyes.

"Okay are we all gonna die in here of silence or what? My name is Nicolette sounds kind of like cigarette? Don't ya think?"

No…no I don’t think that…why would I even…

I raised my hand in a polite gesture, “Why, I don’t believe that your name and cigarettes have anything to do with each other. One is beautiful, while the other kills you from the inside out,” I gave a polite smile and ran a hand through my hair, before fixing my glasses, “My formal name is Ganymede, yes that is indeed one of the moons on Jupiter, but you have the privilege to call me Gan.”

With that said and fell back into my cot and rested my eyes, no longer interested in the conversation.