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Caught in a realm precariously perched on the edge of dreams and reality, even more hangs in the balance than you could ever fathom.

1,546 readers have visited Periphery since Summer in the City created it.

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Stories such as these have no beginning and no end. Our worlds exist in symbiotic harmony. They breathe in tandem. Exhale. Inhale. Eternally balanced opposite the thin membrane of the human mind.

The realm of reality. It marches forward in strict time, disinterested almost in its inhabitants. It ticks in births and deaths, in sharp color and sharper blacks and whites. Creatures such as yourself traverse its solid terrain, create lives, build monuments and cities and societies and families in attempts to etch yourselves into the melody as it beats steadily on.

The world of dreams. So fleeting and malleable it must be reminded to exist by the creatures capable of traversing the depths of its emptiness, capable of forging something nonexistent, capable of shaking that nothingness to its core and sending ripples that reverberate so powerfully the realm of reality must shudder back in opposite wavelengths.

One rigid, one fluid.

ImageSomewhere, nestled on the very precipice of reality, teetering precariously on the wavy outlines of dreams, another realm’s heart beats in syncopated time between both worlds – the Periphery. At its center towers the Inn. Here, the creatures of dreams phase into corporeal existence. They recover their vast power that has been spent crafting the dreams and imaginations of men.Image

An impossible building, its brilliant pagodas shoot into the sky, concealing many more floors and rooms than even the massive structure appears to hold. Whether it has a life of its own or its simply mimicking the pulse of its workers and guests remains to be seen. Manifested in all their glory, beauty, hideousness, power, majesty… the creatures of the dream world recuperate under the care of the Inn staff and its enigmatic owners – with powers and fantastic forms all their own.

You, little human, with your imagination so wild, your dreams so big; you’ve slipped. You’ve pressed your little nose up against the glass, and now it has shattered and you’ve tumbled in, fallen right through into a ripple of magic with no way to return. You’ve bumbled your little way into a place you were never meant to be… or… were you?



Based in part on Hayao Miyazaki’s masterpiece Spirited Away, Periphery begins as your character falls into the world between dreams and reality and ultimately makes his or her way to the mysterious Inn. The main plot of Periphery is all about taking chances, exploring, and solving the mysteries of the Inn and the myriad characters that will appear there. What exactly your goal is will depend heavily on your characters and their actions. In this way, you all each have the potential to have a massive impact on the story with your character. Along the way, side plots will arise as your characters become more intertwined in the goings-on of the Inn, as well as more in tune with their own personal dreams and fears. In a world so crafted by imagination, it only feels right that the characters’ minds should have a strong impact on the flow of the plot.

In playing GM, I will take control of a large cast of NPC players and work with you to help your character navigate the complexities of the Inn and the surrounding areas. We will work together to craft the creatures and places of dreams; strong writing skills will be essential, as these characters obviously do not exist and images cannot be posted of them. They will come completely from our own minds and words. The design of the Inn and the surrounding areas, however, in keeping with Spirited Away, should be distinctly inspired by old Japanese architecture and style. An NPC roster thread will be created, and using the “Places” tab will be vital in keeping everything in order. The more you explore, the more we are able to create; your decisions will "unlock" different locations to visit and characters to interact with.

I don’t want to reveal too much, as a huge part of the fun of this RP will be in figuring out what exactly is going on and what exactly you’re supposed to be doing. If you have any questions you’d like answered, feel free to ask!


Upon reserving a character slot, the player has three days within which to submit the completed character sheet for approval. Players may reserve more than one character.

Characters in Periphery will be human children between the ages of 10 and 16; keep this in mind as you write for them. Below you will find all of the information required on your character sheet. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT, include a picture of your character. For your character’s 100x100 avatar, feel free to use a picture you feel accurately represents who they are (symbolically; please do not post any sort of picture of the character him/herself), but DO NOT use any sort of face claim. Characters must be described SOLELY in words. This will be the case for nearly all characters that appear in the RP. Please feel free to embellish your character sheet in any way you like (e.g. graphics, theme songs, quotes, etc.), but do remember quality of writing and characterization supersedes aesthetics. I’m looking for well thought-out, completely fleshed out characters. While length does not equate to quality, be wary of not adding enough detail. Remember that the RP revolves almost exclusively around character development to dictate the plot. Characters not up to my standards will not be accepted.

Code: Select all
Age (10-16)
Sexuality (if applicable)
Physical Appearance (hair, height, eyes, etc.)
Personality (think two to three paragraphs at least)
Dreams (what do they dream about most frequently? What are their aspirations? Think one to two paragraphs at least)
Important relationships (i.e. family, guardians, important friends)
Other Information (if applicable)

Toggle Rules


1) Players must be strong writers willing to devote time to this roleplay. Entry into the roleplay is at GM discretion; if your writing quality is not up to snuff, you may not be granted entry.

2) Please refrain from entering if you do not plan on staying for the long haul. Players that disappear shortly after the RP begins will likely be graphically written out. Please consider that when you submit a character and then abandon the RP that you are ruining it for many other people who have worked hard and are looking forward to writing. Have a heart!

3) You may reserve a spot, however, reservations last three days. If your character is not submitted by the deadline, your reservation will be revoked and you mat be barred from entry into the roleplay.

4) Posts should be at least 500 words long. Feel free to make them even longer, but care not to add “fluff”. A GM is always available to help you come up with more to write; reach out if you’re feeling stuck.

5) Be inclusive, be kind.

6) You must accept the ramifications of your characters actions. Exploration and taking chances are vital to your advancement in this roleplay, but they do not come without risks, some more significant than others. You may play more than one character or create a new one should your character be temporarily or permanently written out, but you simply must accept the consequences that come with immense amounts of freedom.

7) You must be willing to work with your fellow players and GM. Due to the nature of the story and the elements of mystery, there will be many times where we may have to engage in private discussion about your character’s next moves. Be open to talking through the best way to write what happens next.

8) This RP is based entirely around the characters that YOU create. I’ll only be able to give back as much as you give me, so be creative and take chances and ask questions! We can make this into an incredible experience.

9) To prove that you have read these rules and understand them, when you reserve your character, add this phrase into your post: “Two birds of a feather say that they’re always gonna stick together.”

10) Use the “Places” tab appropriately when posting as more areas are unlocked. There will be a huge variety of places, and we’ll need to keep track of who is where carefully.

11) Players exhibiting unacceptable behavior (e.g. low quality posts, harassment, god-modding, etc.) may be removed from the roleplay at GM discretion. Hopefully it will never come to that and we’ll all be able to enjoy this world we create.

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It is said there are times when the realms of dreams and reality overlap.

The carnival was intoxicating. The scent of candy, fun, and sweat. The taste of the air. The blaring sound of rides clanging, people laughing, screams of excitement and terror all mixed together like the cotton candy spinning in its machine. The lights: blinking, neon and bright in an unnatural way- colors that aren't supposed to exist. The world loses all order; in this twisted, beautiful fair chaos reigns supreme and the dreams begin to flutter out of the mind and manifest into something more. Neither dream nor reality, the thoughts and feelings swirl and gather...

It is said there are times when the realms of dreams and reality overlap.

In the excitement of the carnival, the portal to the Periphery, the world of secrets, the world of impossibilities, flickers open ever so briefly...



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The Periphery

The Periphery by Summer in the City

Mysterious plane home to the Inn.


Reality by Summer in the City

The plane of existence inhabited by man.

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Character Portrait: GM

Your fate is mine to control.


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Your fate is mine to control.

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Your fate is mine to control.

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The Periphery

The Periphery by Summer in the City

Mysterious plane home to the Inn.


Reality by Summer in the City

The plane of existence inhabited by man.

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