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Jessie Lauren

"Just survive and don't lose your mind."

0 · 245 views · located in Raddation City

a character in “Perpetual Chaos”, as played by fauxreality



Layer One
Jess, Jessie, Illusion, J.D.

I like Jessie best.


Not only are we the best gang, we have the best name.


Honestly, do you have to ask?


I know. I'm old.

Layer Two
Eye Color:
Blue green. ice cream. That's what I think anyway.

Hair Style/Color:
Before all this crazy stuff began to happen, Jessie's hair was her pride and joy. She would style it all the time, cut it, dye it, anything she could dream up. She had dreams of being a hair stylist and owning her own salon. Now she doesn't really have time for that and it's usually kept in a pony tail, with the occasional side braid. She still has layers in it and for the most part her hair is black, though there is a purple tint to it from the last time she was able to dye it.

I honestly never thought I'd be the type of girl to wear a pony tail.
5'5, 125 lbs.


Clothing Style:
Jessica has never been one to keep up with the latest trends or get really into clothing. Her favorite thing in the world to wear is an overly huge sweater with a pair of shorts and her old pair of heavily-doodled-on-vans. She rarely deviates from that style, though she'll wear a tank top on especially hot days or pants on a really cold day. Everyone once in a while, she likes to wear a sailor's hat or something equally ridiculous, like a beanie that's designed to have the face of a cow, maybe even a top hat. While she doesn't wear a lot of accessories, she does have two rings that she refuses to take off. One is shaped like a gold heart, with a smaller heart in the center, the other is a simple gold band with the engraving "To Our Loving Daughter."

Best Physical Feature:
Not to toot my own horn or anything...But I have really, really awesome skin. I've never been one to break out or dry out, but that's probably because I take really good care of it with lotion and face wash. I also tan really easily. I do have a few scars, obviously. The most noticeable being the one above my eyebrow, though its quite faded now. I got it when I was a little girl. Apparently no one ever told me not to run with scissors. Luckily, the damage was minimal and only gave me a small cut on my forehead. I quite like it, to be honest. I think it gives me character!

Layer Three
Going insane. This is a recent fear that comes hand in hand with her new 'ability.' She's constantly afraid of losing grip on reality.

Bees - she's allergic.


Guilty Pleasure:
She absolutely ADORES anything chocolate.

Biggest Pet Peeve:
Whining, she absolutely hates it when people start complaining. Especially when it's about their current situation.

Future Ambitions:
She dreamed of opening up her own salon, making people beautiful, and just having fun doing hair everyday. Now that that dream is gone, she just focuses on the present and very rarely thinks ahead.

Layer Four
Thoughts When Waking Up:
To be honest, I wasn't sure what was happening and I wasn't till I left my house. My mom was always going to work early, so I thought it was just another normal day. It wasn't until I went outside that I realized something was wrong - my mom's car was still in the driveway. Then I was scared.

What You Think About the Most:
I think about a lot of things, but mostly I just focus on keeping my ability in check and keeping myself sane.

Best Quality:
I would say it's my ability to say "No," and stand up for what I believe in.

Layer Five
- Hair Styling
- Art
- Rain
- Reading
- Thunderstorms
- Swimming (Though she prefers doing it at night, when the moon's reflection is on the water. She thinks it's more relaxing.)
- Chocolate

Cows fascinate me.

- Her "power"
- Energy drinks
- Math
- Limes
- Tan food

Fucking Wheat Thins. They're like mini slices of cardboard.

I'm a bit of a bitch. And by bitch, she means brutally honest. If you have a question and you're looking for someone to tell you a lie to make you feel better, do NOT go to Jess. She will tell the absolutely truth and won't sugar coat any part of it. This makes a lot of people dislike her, but on the flip side - they know that they can trust her.

Arrogant? Who me? Naaah. Jessie has always been a confident individual, and was never one to be self conscience. Of course, her confidence is often mistaken for arrogance. That is an extremely invalid misconception. She finds the members of Poison to be every bit as crucial to their survival as she is, and thinks that everyone is equal.

I'm sorry. What did you say? She spaces out a lot and at the most random of times. She could be in the middle of an important conversation and her mind would just begin to wonder off. Usually, she wonders if what she's seeing is real, or if it's just her ability going out of control and working against her. You could say she's slightly paranoid.

Forgive me. Jess doesn't have a problem taking the blame for the people she cares about, and will proudly throw herself under the bus for them. She's loyal and won't expect anything in return.

You could say she has the power of Illusion. The ability to make you see something that isn't there (or even hide something that IS there) or change your perception. Say there is a gun and a banana on a table, and you reach for the gun - she can make you pick up the banana, though you'll think that you've picked up the gun. That's a very easy trick for her to pull off. However, if she really wanted to, she can change what you're seeing entirely and make you think you're somewhere completely different. She can make it so you think you're in one of your own nightmares. Of course, to do all these things their is a price, and that price is energy. The stronger the illusion, the more it takes from her, and she can and will pass out if she pushes herself past her limits. There is also the fact that if she doesn't keep herself in check, she can lose herself in one of her own illusions, causing herself (and possibly others) to lose their minds. For this reason, she rarely, if EVER, uses her abilities.

Making your nightmares a reality...sort of.

Layer Six
Favorite Color:
Jessica loves all colors.

Except tan. It's so...boring.

Favorite Animal:
A cow. Don't bother asking her why, she doesn't even know.

Like I said, they're fascinating. MOO. But dogs are cool too.

Favorite Movie Genre:
Horror, all the way.


Layer Seven
Love Interest:
Currently? No one.

Who has time for love these days?


I likes me some boys.

Favorite Eye Color:
Blue or green, maybe even hazel.

Favorite Hair Color:
Every single color you can think of.

Again, except tan. But who has tan hair? Freaks.

Layer Eight
Name: Margaret Jane Lauren-Alvarez
Age: 42
Relationship: Mother
Occupation: NICU Nurse

Name: Klaus Harper
Age: Unknown
Relationship: Father
Occupation: Unknown

Name: John Alvarez
Age: 46
Relationship: Step-Father
Occupation: Chef

Name: Aiden Alvarez
Age: 21
Relationship: Step Brother
Occupation: Student

I'm the baby.


Jessica's biological father and her never met, her parents never married. He left before she was born and her mother very rarely talked about him, except to say that "He's a very busy man, with a very busy life." What that meant, Jessica had no idea, and she didn't care to know. She had a real dad, he just didn't share the same blood, and she had a brother too. Other than that, her life was fairly normal. Her parents had enough money to get by, she did okay in school (admittedly, not as good as she could have), and she was happy. Then everyone disappeared...that's when things started getting freaky.


Theme Song:
Click here!

So begins...

Jessie Lauren's Story