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Sera Mckenzie Davis

"You are beautiful on the inside. No really! I can tell."

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a character in “Perpetual Chaos”, as played by blondegamer


[color=hex code][Sera Mckenzie Davis][/color]

[color=hex code]Layer One[/color]
“You can just call me Sera.”

“You watch my back, I'll watch yours.”



[color=hex code]Layer Two[/color]
Eye Color:

Hair Style/Color:
Sera keeps her hair up in a loose pony tail most of the time. She tries to keep her crimson mane tamed but it does what ever it wants to most of the time.

5'8 165 lbs

Clothing Style:
She works with what she is given. She doesn't mind showing off that gorgeous body that she was born with. She likes corsets but only wears them when she is trying to impress. Her day to day dress style is jeans of shorts (weather permitting) and low cut tops.

Best Physical Feature:
“you tell me.”
She loves the curves of her body. She is proud of not being a skeleton.

[color=hex code]Layer Three[/color]
Being alone, guns, silence

Guilty Pleasure:
Boys, she loves to be loved.

Biggest Pet Peeve:
Girls with no confidence. She doesn't think she is the best. She just knows she isn't worthless. Girls who fish for compliments and cant walk around knowing what beauties they are infuriate her.

Future Ambitions:
Secretly Sera wanted to be a writer. She worked on her novels every day. On the surface she was trying to go to college to be a psychologist. She does have a healthy love for it after all. She considers this her “realistic” goal

[color=hex code]Layer Four[/color]
Thoughts When Waking Up:
“Am I going to be stuck here all alone?”

What You Think About the Most:
She is a people reader. Her brain is almost always whirring and watching people. She thinks about love a lot. And of course surviving.

Best Quality:
“I love myself. There is nothing better than that.”
Her confidence

[color=hex code]Layer Five[/color]
She loves leather, sweet tea, flirting, writing, and being around people.

Sera hate the color pink, it clashes with her hair. She dislikes compliment fishers, liars, and being stuck in a quiet place or being alone.

This girl is a beauty and she knows it. She is not overly confident, thinking that she is the best of anything of that nature. Sera just knows that she is a catch. Despite her attitude that makes people think that she is nothing but a tease, she wants to find love, true love. She also cares about almost every one she meets. She has a need to be needed. She will almost kill herself helping others. She is smart and resourceful, having lived on her own for the last year or so anyway. She is an emancipated minor.
Regardless of her somewhat tortured past she keeps light hearted. She is a walking mystery, despite her ability to read others emotions, she has the ultimate poker face. You can never tell what she is feeling unless she wants you to. And you would have to be something special for that.

“Don't lie to me”
Sera is an empathy. She knows what anyone is feeling at any given time. Taking this a step further she can also sense someones intentions, or tell if they are lying. She can't read minds, but she can tell you how true something is. Because of her deep love for others, she also can create shields and force-fields around those that are close to her. The height of her powers, which she hates doing is that she can manipulate others emotions and make them feel whatever she wants. A handy skill when trying to convince someone to not hurt her or those around her. This takes a lot out of her and can drain her to the point of exhaustion.

[color=hex code]Layer Six[/color]
Favorite Color:
“It's slimming”

Favorite Animal:
She is drawn to canines of all types. Wolves are majestic in her eyes.

Favorite Movie Genre:
On the surface it appears she likes action or fantasy movies. Secretly she is a sucker for romance movies.

[color=hex code]Layer Seven[/color]
Love Interest:
Open. She wants to find love, but until then she will flirt with every available boy.


Favorite Eye Color:
She likes blues and greens or greys.

Favorite Hair Color:
Dark hair colors

[color=hex code]Layer Eight[/color]
Her mother died when she was very little, causing her father to become a raging drunk. He was always such a kind and kindred spirit. It pained Sera to watch him turn into the overweight monster that he had become. Thankfully she was the only child of this unlikely couple. The years progressed and her father only worsened. She tried her best to hide it all with a smile, but finally she cracked. When she went to talk to her father about his problem, he grew angry and with his blood thick with alcohol he hit her.
She didn't play around. She was not going to be an abused child for the rest of her life and take it. She took the proper measures and emancipated herself when she was 16. She had a small apartment that she lived in alone. The silence bothered her so she almost constantly blares music to fill the void of being alone.

Sera was a student at the local high school. She spent her days going to class, working as a server at the local cafe and then going home to work on her novels or homework. She went on dates occasionally, but nothing serious. Life was pretty normal until she woke up to find everyone gone.

Theme Song:
“Stand in the Rain” by Superchick

So begins...

Sera Mckenzie Davis's Story


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Sera didn't want to wake up, the morning light drifted through her apartment window causing her to stir. She as tired and did not care to be woken. Finally, frustrated and warm from the sunlight she threw the covers off of her naked form. Her red hair was a tangled mess. She should probably be more modest, since she had opened her apartment for the use of the Thunders. Any number of them could be here at any given time.

She didn't care though, if anyone saw they would just be overcome at the sight of her probably. Or not. It didn't matter to her. She dressed lazily, jeans and black tank top. She pulled a plaid over shirt on over and ran a brush through her hair. Natural but beautiful.

Sera should have been more concerned, most of the town vanishing overnight. Unfortunately she was used to being alone, and now at least being part of the thunders she was part of a sort of dysfunctional family. Even if they didn't always get along, it was better than being alone.

She rummaged through her own secret stash of snacks and ate breakfast on her bed. She did her makeup while she ate. Just because the world had gone to shit, didn't mean she couldn't look pretty. When she was satisfied with how she looked she bounded down the stairs too look for other thunder's that might be in her apartment.

She was excited for what the day had in store for her.


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Matt Hale

"I have taken a blood sample from a friend of mine and a number of others who would allow me. So far the only thing they have in common are abilities, abilities no human should possess. My friend was able to melt objects with a touch of his fingers. Unfortunately, my friend's body was not able to maintain itself and soon his powers destroyed him like they would any object he would touch. After he passed on i took another look at his blood. Although poorly preserved, i could tell that the same has happened to the small sample i had, the cells in the blood were no longer intact. Not a day goes by where i wonder if anything could have been done to prevent his death, and the many that are to come."

"Two more fell victim to not being able to maintain their powers, ten more killed from the fighting. Thanks to the basic medicine i learned in the health academy and the books i have taken from there, i have been able to teach myself (Badly) how to administer shots filled with painkillers and other medicine i have been able to scavenge from pharmacies. With the knowledge i have, i was able to make one kids death painless."

Matt sat on the back patto of his house in the north side, reading random entries in the "Medical" journal he has kept since the emergence of powers. He made it as a way of possibly helping people understand what was going on. He didn't know why he kept the thing, there were no patterns to the powers or how they acted on the body, maybe he kept it as coping mechanism for what happened. In the cases where people got sick the end result was always the same, Death. The only reason Matt can think of keeping it, or even continuing it for that matter, is to perhaps leave a record of what happened, not that he thought the shield would come down anytime soon or that what happened would ever leave anyone's mind. He took some science equipment and some of the Health Academy's books from the school so that he could try to figure out what was happening. Although he hasn't figured anything out, he has been able to use what he read from the medical books numerous times in helping kids with sprains, broken bones, and a number of less serious complaints.

He closed the journal and looked down into the back yard where his two yellow labs, Chase and Maggie, who were racing around the yard. Chase had a rope toy in his mouth and he was playing keep away with Maggie. Chase was smaller than Maggie, and much quicker so he never let her get too close. Although since Maggie is much older than Chase she seems to be having trouble keeping up with the younger dog. After watching them for a few more minutes he stands up and whistles loudly, which causes both dogs to stop and look at him before trotting over. He squats down and hugs both of them before ushering them inside his house. For the most part his house was the same aside from the dirt stained carpets and boarded up windows. The pictures of his family were all intact, even if his father didn't deserve to be in any anymore.

He leads his dogs down into the basement which used to be a sort of "Man cave" for him and his father" but the dogs also ate down there, it's the easiest place to store their food. He fills their dishes with food and makes sure they have water before petting and hugging them again. After they are done eating, Maggie lays down on the couch with a loud grunt. "You tired little girl?" He says to his dog, who just looks at him out of the corner of her eyes. "You played hard, i don't blame you." He says to Maggie, who's eyes are closed. Chase barks at Matt and runs around in a circle. "How are you NOT tired?" Chase barks again and runs up the stairs. "Alright, i guess you can come with." He follows his dog up the stairs and finds him sitting by the front door. Matt unlocks the door and walks out with chase following at his heels. After locking his house he walks down the street towards the east side.

The east side was ruled by The Thunders, the gang he was apart of. If you ever asked him why he joined he'd tell you it was to survive, which was a true answer. He joined because it was the a way to increase his chances of making it through the day alive. Although he would not lay his life on the line for the good of the gang, he isn't that loyal to it. A girl in the gang named Sera made her apartment open to any Thunder gang members so Matt figures he would go there for lack of anything else to do. He walks up the steps to the front door, Chase panting behind him. He knocks a few times before /i] opening the door and walking inside just as the girl who owns the place comes down the stairs. "Hi Sera." Chase begins to move into the house but Matt makes a Tss noise, making him stop and sit. "I hope you don't mind me bringing Chase along."


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Sera was quite surprised to see her fellow gang member open the door. His dog almost bounded inside, overcome with the excitement that only dogs could muster. Matt quickly got him back under control.

Sera always thought that Mat was a cutie. Those eyes were enough to give her chills. She kept her distance though, knowing it was probably not a good idea to be looking for a boyfriend, you know with the whole town being turned upside down and what not.

"Hi Sera." He greeted. "I hope you don't mind me bringing Chase along."

"No not at all," She smiled sweetly at both of them. "Have you eaten yet?" It was a genuine question. "I think we have some stuff still in the kitchen." She bet over and sensed for the dog's intent. Sensing nothing malicious she petted him softly on the head.

"Heard from any of the Thunders today?"

As if on cue, Luke was at the doorway too along with his large cat. Luke was another cutie, but in a different way. His eyes were an exotic color, yellowish it would seem. Made sense, maybe it came with his ability to control the cat. His eyes were cat like themselves.

"Hello, Matt, Sera. Do you guys mind if Deshon and I enter as well?" He asked so nicely. Sera wondered if Deshon and Chase were going to tear her apartment up, but then decided to push her worries aside.

"No problem. Make yourselves at home."


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Muggy, stifling clouds hung low in the sky outside the window of sports center. They huddled together in a tightly knit group, refusing to let any pure sun light come down to the starved ground. Of course, it could be moonlight, too, that they were restricting, for there was no longer day or night but just one never-ending curtain of cloud. Every thing about the weather was always the same now. It never rained or snowed, it never was windy beyond a slight breeze, clouds forever covered the sky, and the stars never, ever came out.

So of course with all that was staying the same, something had to change. Why not the people? It was if indeed someone had said those very words. Mutations sprang up, deadlier and more unpredictable than a rattlesnake. Hidden natures were uncovered and true colors were displayed, some better than what was expected but others terribly worse. Gangs formed and people clashed to create the chaos that was now known as life.

Inside the sports complex rested a strange, two-bodied being known as Luke William Corriel. His human body, the one he referred to as Luke-body, was eating granola bars. He enjoyed the crunchy texture and the sweet taste, knowing that in the cat body's mouth it would be unpleasant. He called his cat body Deshon-body. Luke was still unused to possesing two bodies. His conciousness controlled each of them simotaneously, except for when one or both of them were asleep. On the inside he was still Luke, but on the outside he had split persons. He often worried that his mind would split. Maybe it already had.

Luke-body shook Deshon-body awake and the cat part of him yawned, showing enormous teeth. Deshon-body stretched and Luke's dual-bodied mind felt the delicious feeling of muscles and tendons being exercised. He shifted his concious mind to Deshon-body. It was often too confusing to try to control two bodies at once.

Luke located where he had stored the raw meat and started to eat. At the back of his mind he could sense his human body, a nearly deserted sentinel post. As he ate he enjoyed the flavor of the meat. It was a taste he had never seen himself liking before all of this had happened. When he finished eating he told his cat body to wash up and shifted to his human one. He could still feel what the other body was feeling, but it was muted, diminished, and all together less confusing.

He took off the soft, worn clothes he wore when he slept and donned a t-shirt that said Got Oxygen? on it and some sports shorts. He folded up the gym mat he slept on and wrapped his blanket around his hoard of books. Yes, most people probably weren't too interested in stealing science textbooks or any other kind of book, but one could never be too sure.

He called Deshon-body to his side and set out. He planned to visit Sera, for she had declared her quarters open. It would be better to be together than alone. There was safety in numbers.

His new tennis shoes (filched from a store- not that anyone really cared since since the owners were long gone) were comfortable and protected his human feet well. As far as Deshon-body went the cat had leathery pads thicker than the soles of his shoes.

In his pocket rested a package of dark chocolate for Sera. He knew she liked it, or at least that she ate candy. It was also to work as a bribe to get her to allow Deshon-body into her home if needed. As he approached the building Sera lived in he saw Matt and one of his dogs. Luke got along alright with Matt, but he was careful not to let the other boy take any blood from either of his bodies. Sera burst out of the door and the dog- Luke believed its name was Chase- tried to get in. Matt made a hissing noise that rang loud and clear in Deshon-body's ears and the dog sat. He sure has good control of his dogs, Luke thought.

"Hello, Matt, Sera. Do you guys mind if Deshon and I enter as well?" he asked. He took off his glasses and wiped the dirt off of them. Deshon-body's tail flicked about distractedly and a purring resonated from its throat. One of the strange thing about Deshon-body was that despite its big cat appearnce it still could do some things of big cat couldn't, such as purr. Hopefully the other people in the Thunders gang didn't know that big cats couldn't purr or else he was another step towards being uncovered.


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Matthew Hale

"Thanks Sera, but i'm not hungry and i fed Chase before we left home." He says as he watches her pet Chase, who just smiles dumbly at her and tries to lick her hand as she pulls away from him. Matt walks inside the Apartment with Chase following. After a few steps Chase's Head turns swiftly towards the door making Matt turn to look, expecting trouble when a voice spoke. "Hello, Matt, Sera. Do you guys mind if Deshon and I enter as well?" "Hello Luke." It was only Luke, a fellow Thunder, along with his Big Cat Deshon. Chase makes a noise somewhere between a growl and a whimper when he see's the big cat at Luke's side. "Easy boy." Matt scratches behind Chase's ear and he relaxes a little. "Oh, also you guys, please just call me by my nickname, Mateus. 'Matt' is so common it's boring." He says to them

Matt makes his way towards a couch in the apartment and sits down, Chase laying at his feet. "As for talking to other Thunders, you two are the only people i've seen so far today. And i haven't seen boss man in..... three days, i think." Matt says, he measures 'Days' In how many times he has slept.

"Also I was thinking of checking on the Children in the day care today, you know. Making sure none have any new cuts or bruises, and cleaning the ones they do have and i was wondering if you two would like to tag along. It would be safest to go if i had a group along for the trip, not to mention Luke can scare people away and Sera, you can tell me if anyone of the Young ones are not saying everything that's wrong with them." He says to the two, Sera would be very helpful given that she can sense others feelings and Deshon will stop people from trying anything funny. It's not that he couldn't defend himself, it's just people are less likely to attack when there is a group of people in the same faction, or when there is a giant freaking Snow Leopard with the group. "But you guys don't have too, i can make my way over there by myself if i need to" He says, Although he was really hoping they'd agree, just for the added security.

"Speaking of Cuts and Bruises, you two don't need anything looked at do you?" He asks, carefully eyeing the two, looking for anything that may be wrong with them. He even quickly checks Deshon's body for any visible problems.


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Sera smiled at Mateus' concern. He was looking her and Luke over with such vigor.

"No, I'm fine, I promise." She almost laughed as she said it. "I have nothing better to do. I would be happy to help you with the kids." It wasn't just her power that would come in handy. Despite being a human lie detector, Sera loved children. She had a sort of affinity with them. She had no problems getting down on her hands and knees and getting on their level. Kids respected her for that.

"What about you? She asked Luke with a flinty smile on her face. "Are you going to come a long for the ride?" She was always flirting without meaning to. It didn't help that she had these two very handsome guys around her all the time. It was nice, hanging out with these two. She felt like she had a family for the first time in a long time. She didn't even really miss the city the way it used to be.


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Matt announced that he wanted to go check up on the kids at the nursery. Always the one to care, aren't you, Matt? That's a good thing. The world could use more of that. What we don't need is a bleeding heart. Just don't go too extreme. Too much of a good thing can be bad. Luke fingered the chocolate in his pocket, thinking about how the kids at the day care would like the creamy sweetness. They probably didn't have much access to sweets because the grocery store was in the Thunders territory. It wasn't the only source of food, of course, but it was a main one.

"What about you? Are you going along for the ride?" Sera asked, smiling.

"Yeah, I'll go, too. There's safety in numbers. And big cats," he said, smiling. "I'm curious if any of the little ones are developing powers."

Luke wanted to shift his point of awareness to Deshon-body, but to do so would be risky. While he wanted to experience first hand (or paw?) the hightened senses of his cat body he didn't want to increase the risk of exposing his secret. He didn't want to let his friends know that he had been lying to them. It would probably be better to tell them. They would receive the news better if he told them himself. But if he did tell them it would reveal a big weakness of his. They could exploit him through the fact that he couldn't fully control two bodies at once. Not that he expected Sera and Matt- or Mateus, as he wished to be called- would do such a thing; instead, he was worried about what others would do if they leaked the secret.

"Let's go. It will be nice to see some kids, if they'll welcome us," he said, both of his bodies starting to walk in the direction of the nursery.


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Matthew Hale

"Excellent." Mateus says with a smile. He stands from the couch he was sitting on, patting his thigh making chase stand to his feet and follows closely behind Matt. "Well, if they don't want to get sick they'll have to welcome us." Mateus says dismissively. Mateus falls into step besides Luke and Chase runs ahead to sniff at an old garbage bag laying in the street. "Leave it." He says sternly and Chase quickly loses interest in it and runs for a tree to relieve himself. "So i left everything needed at the Daycare on my last visit, so we don't have to stop by my place." He says. "Hopefully the guy that looks over the kids won't give me difficulty in making sure they are okay in terms of physical injuries." Mateus says. The guy who looks over the little kids is very protective. Mateus has observed that much when he was there the last few times, he had to put pressure on a nasty cut on one of the children which caused him to scream and the guy had a look of pure fury.

"So, what do you guys think will be in store for us today? You think it will be like any other?" He asks when a kid comes running around the corner ahead of them, starling Chase and causing him to bark at the kid in a warning manner. "Easy boy." Mateus recognizes the younger kid, he was a fellow Thunder. "I'm glad i found you three" Says the boy, panting. "All the food at Wally world, it's gone." Mateus stops in his tracks. "Gone? What do you mean 'Gone'?" He asks the boy. The food? Gone? "It can't just have vanished!!" Mateus says losing his composure for a moment. He takes a deep breath and places his hand to his face. No food? Oh god, when people get hungry bad things happen. The gangs will be at each others throat, accusations will fly and blood will spill. Not only that but medical problems will ensue. Lack of Vitamin C will cause Scurvy, lack of calories and fat will cause peoples weight and energy levels to drop and so many others that Matt cannot name them all. He lowers his hand and looks at Sera and Luke. "A storm is coming, and who knows how it will end." Mateus turns to the boy that gave them the news. "I assume you are also going to tell the other members? I would get on that, fights are going to start soon, it's best everyone is prepared." The boy nods and runs off.

He turns back to his friends. "People are going to start turning on each other, and animals are going to become food...." He stops talking as the thought leaves his mouth, his mind turning to the two most important things in his life right now. Chase and Maggie. "Chase, come." He says and Chase slinks over, sensing that something was wrong. "I think my plans are changing, i have to get Chase home and i need to make sure Maggie is alright." Matt looks down at his furry companion. "What would i do if i lost you...." he says in a whisper. He shakes his head, refusing to think about having the last things in his life being taken from him. "I'm going home, i need to make sure they will be alright." After saying that he walks at a fast pace, Chase following closely behind. The children will have to wait.


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Mateus seems to be in good spirits, Luke thought. Mateus had his dogs and a purpose in life. Doing something always kept the mind away from more negative topics. Caring for others, especially little kids, was certainly a good thing. With all of this craziness going around it was relieving to seesomeone willing to help out. Luke didn't have the skills necessary to do as much, but he would try to help when he could.

A Thunders kid came running up. "I'm glad I found you three. All the food at Wally World, it's gone," he said breathlessly.

"Gone? What do you mean, 'gone?'" Mateus said. "It can't just have vanished!" Deshon-body growled at the ill news. "A storm is coming, and who knows how it will end." Mateus said. "I assume you are also going to tell the other members? I would get on that, fights are going to start soon, it's best everyone is prepared." The boy nodded and ran off. "People are going to start turning on each other, and animals are going to become food.... Chase, come. I think my plans are changing, I have to get Chase home and I need to make sure Maggie is alright. I'm going home, i need to make sure they will be alright." Mateus finished, walking away at a fast pace.

Luke watched his friend hurry to his home. Animals become food? Luke glanced at Deshon-body and the leopard's royal blue eyes met his human ones. He laughed a bitter laugh. Some people might want to kill Deshon-body to eat! What they really would be killing was a part of another human being. Would that be considered cannibalism? He would put up a fight to defend both his bodies, that was for sure.

What about Deshon-body's needs, though? The cat needed to eat a lot of meat. The dreadful thought of feeding his body human crossed his mind. He shook his head, trying to dispel the terrible thought. Luke was human. The fact that one of his bodies wasn't in human shape didn't change that. Mateus was sure to have dog food. Maybe he would be willing to share some with Luke to feed Deshon-body. Luke made a face; he didn't like the idea of eating dog food. If he had to he would, but it wasn't going to be pleasant.

He said to Sera, "I have to go, too. I need to gather up some things. Do you want to come? I could use some help." He had to go back to his house before all this insanity started happening to harvest the remains of the garden. The plants weren't doing so well but Luke tended to them daily anyways. They still produced vegetables and fruit but at a slower pace. Now there wasn't any choice. There was no longer a reason to wait just that little bit longer for the food to ripen. Any food would be snatched up as soon as possible.