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The Mori Twins

"We are of one mind." // "We are of one heart."

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a character in “Persona: A Secret Kept”, as played by Senpai



"Of course I love my sister."
"Yeah. So don't read too much into it."


⌈Full Name⌋
Akahana Anne Mori
Kohana Marie Mori

The Mori Twins



Bisexual (both)

⌈Face Claim⌋
Devola and Popola || NIER

Reflected Image

⌈Height & Weight⌋

⌈Hair Color⌋

⌈Eye Color⌋

⌈Distinguishable Facial Features⌋

Both have a small birthmark under the right side of their collarbone. Kohana has scarring on her left leg. It's slight, but definitely there. It's in the shape of a dog's bite.
⌈Physical Description⌋
Both girls are of average height at 5'3. Each has red hair, Akahana letting hers be styled in its natural curls and Kohana taking the time to straighten hers out every day as best she can. Each has a pair of brilliant aqua eyes and pale, fair skin. Their builds are both rather slim, Akahana's more trim than Kohana's being an athlete. Their clothing styles are surprisingly similar, sometimes making it hard to differentiate between them unless you look at their hair styling. They normally wear a pair of simple blue applebottom jeans and a blouse, the colors of each either being maroon, green or white. They've enough curves to be noticed, but nothing particularly drastic one way or another.


The Lovers

Persona(s) :
    Hama / Garu
    Mudo / Zio
    -Full Analysis
    -Enemy Radar
    -Healing Wave
    -(Weak) Magaru
|Combat Style|
    Orihime does not fight. Instead, the wielder of this Sensor-type Persona hangs back and acts as a scout, observing the area through their Persona's power to provide support. This Persona allows the user to try and identify enemy weaknesses, detect their location, provide a small group heal to the party and (after a bit of a delay) send a Magaru spell at all enemies in combat.

    Strike / Hama
    Mudo / Agi
    -Sonic Punch
    -Arm Chopper
    -Herculean Strike
|Combat Style|
    Hikoboshi fights aggressively and nimbly with high END and EVA stats. His hits hit hard, but not nearly as hard as they could. His goal is to endure and evade hits while using his HP given from his END to wittle enemies down for the real damage dealers. He will take hits for anyone Akahana has a strong bond with, and will always rush to the rescue for Orihime and Kohana.

Inner Soul

⌈Habits Quirks⌋
✦Speaking in Unison || They have a tendency to either finish each other's sentences or sometimes just say the same thing simultaneously.
✦Hand-Holding || When they're together, they usually hold hands. Akahana on the left, Kohana on the right.
✦Humming || When bored or in thought, the two of them will hum. It is always the same song and they will often harmonize together.

♥Music || Kohana performs, playing guitar, lute, accordion, and the piano. Akahana and Kohana both can sing, especially with each other, though Akahana mostly just listens.
♥Meat || Both very much enjoy meat. Any kind, really. Beef, pork, chicken, whatever. Though Akahana really shows excitement at the thought, being less... tactful when eating than her twin.
♥Adventures || Both love finding and doing new things. They love finding adventures where they can, and creating them where there are none to be found.

✖Being Crowded || Neither enjoy having more than five other people directly around them. It feels too crowded. It sometimes happens anyway, but it isn't something they enjoy.
✖Television || They used to watch it as kids, but as they got on, it bored them both to tears. Nothing felt new or interesting. They still enjoy movies, however.
✖Math || Neither of them are that great at it, especially when it comes to Algebra and beyond. Letters added to numbers just confuses Akahana, and while Kohana gets it, she hates the unnecessary work.

✖Dogs || Kohana doesn't like dogs after being bitten by one during her childhood. She's always afraid of being bitten again. As such, Akahana doesn't like them either. She's rather fond of her sister, so anything that upsets Kohana also upsets Akahana. She is not afraid, however.
✖Danger Befalling One or the Other || Both are very protective of each other and both are very concerned for one another when they're apart. They always fear that something bad might be happening that they could stop if they were there. Of course this is mostly a senseless fear, but the twins loathe the thought that it might be true.
✖The Dark || Another senseless fear. This fear isn't born of anything but unsure. It's natural, something they always fear. Both hate being away from the other while in the dark. Both will deviate from their normal personalities if they are not together in the dark and become more panicked and visibly scared.

✖Separation || If the two are separate under certain conditions, their thoughts will be clouded with concern for each other. Their focus will be split and scared. Their Personas will combo off of each other well and neither will be as well-off without the partner Persona.
✖Twins || They're identical twins. People can often mix them up if they don't know how to spot differences in personality and hair style.

⌛The two sisters were once lovers.
Both sisters are very kind girls. They get along perfectly and really seem to be most comfortable in each other's company. While both are rather mellow around each other, and almost seem to be like one mind, they are rather different when separated. Their differences seem to even out on an imaginary scale until they both just settle into a calm, collected state.

Akahana: Akahana is rather active and sporty. Not exactly brimming with energy, but she enjoys sports and socializing a lot. She's more prone to smiling and displaying emotion than her sister and is a bit more willing to share in the company of others.

Kohana: While alone, she often has a rather bored look on her face. She's quiet, reclusive, and tends to keep to herself if she can avoid it. She feels at a loss without her sister to guide her in most cases. She likes spending her alone time in libraries where she can be quietly left to her own devices.


⌈Romantic Interest⌋
◘Each other

To the public eye, they're just any pair of twins. They get along very well and almost seem to act in a hivemind while together. They're pleasant, friendly, and popular with other kids their age. One, Akahana, has taken a preference for sports and being active. She has plenty of friends in the sports department, taking a particular interest in fencing and basketball. Her sister, Kohana, has developed an interest in literature, both reading and writing. She mostly keeps to herself, but has a couple of bookwormy acquaintances. She's never felt that comfortable socializing without her sister.

The two sisters led a fairly normal life. Their parents were of moderate income, allowing them to live comfortably. To live normally.

For the most part. Everyone always knew that the sisters were close, but nobody really ever knew that they were as close as they were. Their deepest-kept secret is their closeness. The identical twins were at once a couple. Lovers. Ever since both of them began developing any romantic interests at all up until roughly a year ago, they were very intimate with one another. Their affection was real enough, but as they got further into high school, they began to understand the impact such a relationship would have on their social lives. Their special type of relationship simply would not be accepted in society, and both valued their social standings. And while nobody ever found out about it, they agreed to split up as an official couple and maybe see other people. It would be best that way, they convinced themselves. Their love never diminished and they treasured what time they had together, but since the "breakup" they had never been all lovey-dovey around one another.

So the two split off to do their own thing. They're still close and it seems their split has kept them reasonably popular in school. They seem normal. It does make home life slightly awkward, but they ignore it the best they can. After all, there's no way their passions could be. It was doomed to ruin everything...

[ Other ⌋
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So begins...

The Mori Twins's Story