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Yuki Kurosawa

"Will life ever change? Or is this that unchangeable thing called fate?"

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a character in “Persona: A Secret Kept”, as played by Keen


Yuki Kurosawa

Image|Full Name|
    Yuki Kurosawa
    She was called "Devil Girl" at her old school.
|Birth Date|
    September 19th, 1997
|Birth Tarot|
    The Moon / The Hermit

|Voice Type|
    Usually quiet and soft, Yuki's voice is a rather gentle one. An Example
|Blood Type|
    Type A
    Yuki is a small-framed girl who stands at a meager 5'2" and weighs in at a light 112 pounds. Her limbs are lithe and her build seems to generally be on the lighter side, it's quite clear that this girl doesn't get much exercise and perhaps even neglects to eat as much as she should. Similarly her skin is rather pale, further contributing to the image of a girl who prefers to spend her time inside away from the sun or any strenuous physical activity. Her face is framed by the thick and curly dark locks of her hair, the bangs of which are just long enough to slightly hide and obscure her face when she's looking down. Behind a set of rather typical looking glasses (which she can be found wearing at all times) are perhaps the only feature of Yuki's appearance that could be considered exceptional, the vivid emerald orbs of her eyes.

    In line with her rather average appearance, Yuki's choice in fashion and clothing is also rather plain. Though more often than not she'll just wear her school uniform even outside of school during the week, on the rare occasion she goes out on the weekends she can be seen in her more casual dress. Her wardrobe is rather conservative and reserved, devoid of any bright or loud colors or patterns and generally lacking anything that might be typically seen as 'cute'. She seems to prefer darker and less saturated colors and has a very modest selection of styles of clothing consisting mostly of dresses, long-sleeved shirts, and pants, you certainly won't ever see this girl wearing a short skirt or showing much skin at all really. In the end Yuki is a girl who tries to blend in and go unnoticed with her appearance, to be the type of girl who's hard to pick out of a crowd.

    Timid would easily be the first word that comes to mind when discussing Miss Yuki Kurosawa. She immediately comes across as a quiet and shy girl who seems to intentionally try to minimize her presence and go as unnoticed as possible, what's more is that this seems to be a sort of unconscious effort on her part. An instinct bred within her to avoid the bullying she was subject to for so long in her past. Despite the wariness she has of others Yuki is a naturally curious girl who, befittingly for her bookwormish appearance, can often be found with her nose in a book researching about her latest curiosity. Being the curious girl she is she has a very strange and eclectic set of interests and hobbies most of which only last for a few months before being dropped for something new.

    Even after transferring to her new school and being given a blank slate Yuki's found it difficult to shake her habits and has so far been simply content with going unnoticed and alone among her new peers, much preferring this to her experiences at her prior school. Even Yuki however couldn't manage to get by with no social interactions, her preferred method however is to do so online via various forums and games. She wants to make friends but finds the idea of approaching people in real life to be rather intimidating and is much more comfortable doing so anonymously and online. At this point however Yuki has all but given up, having stopped looking out for others and trying to improve her life on her own long ago she simply waits and hopes that someday, someone might find her and care for her and pull her out of her shell and show her a new world that's not so dark and scary.
    Born to an eccentric but world-class chef and his assistant, Yuki has always had a bit of a strange home life. As with many creative people, Yuki's father has always been a bit of an oddball, and a busy one at that. His work often has him travelling all over Japan to cook and in the rare time that he's off work he usually prefers to spend that time off exploring some corner of the Earth in a far away country. As his assistant Yuki's mother often travels with him, leaving Yuki to care for herself more often than not. She's always felt somewhere in the back of her mind that her parents never really wanted her in the first place and thus tries not to complain to much about their frequent travels, not wishing to tie them down or inconvenience them more than she already has. The only quality time she spends with her father is when he returns from his trips with the unusual souvenirs and antiques he just loves to collect, it was from these strange artifacts that Yuki's interest in the occult was birthed.

    If there was anything Yuki hated the most, it would certainly have to be school, or perhaps more accurately, the people -in- school. In her early years it wasn't so bad but once Jr. High had begun and of course in High School, Yuki had become quite the target for bullying. She had never been the type to stand up for herself in the first place, so once it started she had no idea what to do and, having no one to turn to, she simply began to accept it. As the sole member of the Occult Research club she was often ridiculed for her interests, rumors that she was some kind of Satanist and that she would cast curses on members of the student body earned her the title of "Devil Girl" at her school. The bullying she received only increased with each day until it finally reached the level of physical violence. It was only after she was pushed into a wall and cracked her head that any teachers finally took notice. Rather than further alienate Yuki and attempt to punish the large number of students guilty, they encouraged her (and her parents) to have her transfer schools. And so she did. Now, with a blank slate and a heart full of nothing but uncertainty Yuki takes a step into a new chapter of her life.
|Equipment/Weapon Type|
    An old crossbow from her father's collection of odd trinkets and antiques that he collects from his travels around the world. (Pierce)
    - Yuki has never found herself interested in or attracted to boys and has always found her thoughts drifting to girls instead. Having grown up only hearing this was 'weird' or 'wrong' she has kept it a close secret.
    - During her lowest points at her previous school Yuki began to cut and even experienced occasional audio and visual hallucinations when alone which served as yet another contributing factor her interest in spirits and the occult.

"I am thou... Thou art I... From the sea of thy soul, I come..."

    - Mudo
    - Zio
    - Agi
    - Bufu
    - Mudo Boost
    - Evil Touch
|Combat Style|
    Hecate is a back-line magic focused fighter who assaults enemies from a distance with powerful magics, in turn however her physical ability is limited. Similarly Yuki also fights from the back, preferring to stay away from the dangerous up-close fray and take shots from a distance. The two of them work under the goal of destroying their enemies before they have a chance to reach them.
    Hecate is a goddess in Greek mythology and is associated with crossroads, entrance-ways, dogs, light, the Moon, magic, witchcraft, knowledge of herbs and poisonous plants, necromancy, and sorcery.

So begins...

Yuki Kurosawa's Story