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Written Description (in case pic doesn't work): 17 years old, 5ft, 6in, slightly on the skinny side with a boyish figure, short black hair, with dark blue streaks and green eyes with gold flecks in them. Ears pierced, with numerous hoops around her right ear, and has her bottom lip pierced as well. small tatoo of a blue butterfly on the inside of her left wrist (as she is left handed), but this is often covered by a watch strap as high schools dont generally allow tattoos of any type. Usual clothes(outside of school) consist of: skinny jeans (black), tight crop top (whatever colour), black leather jacket and Doc Martens.


As she was in a gang before, Beka is always ready for a fight, and although it appears as tho she simply charges in without thinking, in reality her mind works so fast during a fight that by the time she charges into the fray she has already came up with a plan to defeat whatever gets in her way. does posses a concience however, and would not fight anyone who didn't deserve it. While she is usually the first one in a fight, she is willing to step back and let others take the glory if need be. knows her limits and always strives her hardest to surpass them and encourages others to do the same. Also very blunt with what she says, and can be impatient.
However, because she was with guys all the time as friends, she is ever so slightly clueless about relationships with them, and has slight self-esteem issues regarding this. Also stresses about things a lot, often when it comes to image and her own self importance.


Main weapon: herself. has studied a number of martial arts and has managed to incorporate them into a mix of formal styles and " good old fashioned street brawling"
Equipment: normal sreet clothes, but wears her brother's leather gloves during fights (for luck)

Main: Eurydice Image
(Preistess arcana. wife of Orpheus. Thin young woman, with black hair and amber eyes. wears a long white tunic with purple beading around the neck line. weaknesses: dark and lightning skills. Resists wind, absorbs ice)
Moves: Bufudyne(large ice)
Mabufudyne(large ice, all enemies)
Diarahn (heal full)
Akasha Arts( Large strike, multi-hit, all enemies)
Garudyne(Large wind)
Masukaja(ups crit/evasion rate for 3 turns party)
WendigoImage (Devil arcana. Malevolent spirit from native american legend. four armed clawed beast with red eyes and white fur. Weaknesses: light and ice, resists dark, absorbs fire)
Moves: Deathbound (large slash all enemies, high crit odds)
Agidyne (med fire)
Mudo(insta- kill)
Spirit Drain (drains SP)

GryphonImage(Emperor arcana. hybrid creature with the body of a lion and the head and wings of an eagle. Weaknesses: Lightning)
Moves: Mighty swing(med slash)
Magarudyne (large wind, all enemies)
Swift strike(small strike, multi-hit, all foes)
Garudyne(large wind)
Primal Force(massive pierce)

Summoning method: Evoker usually but can summon without it, later on.


Born in Brooklyn, New York, Beka has had to fight from an early age and has learn how to do this in many different ways. however since her brother, Liam, and her mother were stabbed to death , she avoids using knives whenever she can. Joined a gang when she was 14, and rose to the top, eventually landing as 2nd in command. However, during a police raid she was found in possesion of a large amount of heroin, which had been planted on her by the gang's leader, as was later discovered. Although she was aquitted, she decided that it would be a better idea to leave the US and move to Japan, where her father lived. Currently lives with said father 2 blocks away from Iwatodai Station.

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