Raito Namikawa

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a character in “Persona: Breaking of the Seal”, as played by BekaL101


Name: Raito Namikawa

Age/ Gender: 22 year old male

Description: Imagearound 6' 2", slim but well built. Has silvery blonde hair and amber eyes (these turn red when summoning)


Melchizedek Image(Justice: "An angel of Gnosticism, said to be born from Sophia. In the Bible, he is mentioned as a righteous king."
—Compendium Info)Inherit: Strike, Resists: Strike, Block: None, Absorbs:None, Reflects: Light, Weak: Dark
Vicious Strike 19% HP Inflicts heavy Strike damage to all enemies. Innate
Mediarahan 40 SP Recovers all HP. All allies.Can be used in the field. Innate
Auto-Mataru Passive Begin the battle with Matarukaja cast on the team. Takes precedence over Auto-Tarukaja. Innate
Sword Master Passive Inflict double damage with a sword equipped. 60
Akasha Arts 19% HP Hits 1-2 times for a large amount of Strike damage with each hit to all enemies. 64
Repel Dark Passive Able to repel Dark attacks. Takes precedence over Resist and Null Dark. 65
God's Hand 14% HP Deals severe Strike damage to 1 foe. 69

Sub: SuzakuImage ( Temperance"One of the Ssu-Ling, celestial creatures in Chinese myth. It represents the direction south, the season of summer and the element of fire."
—Compendium Info)
Maragion Inflicts a moderate amount of Fire damage on all enemies. 16 SP Innate
Energy Shower Recover from Exhaustion and Enervation. All allies. 18 SP Innate
Masukukaja Increases all allies' Agility for 3 turns. 24 SP 55
Agidyne Inflicts a large amount of Fire damage on one enemy. 16 SP 56
Fire Amp Increases fire damage output by 50%. Passive 59
Auto-Masuku Begin the battle with Masukukaja cast on all allies. Passive 60

Personality: Can be arrogant, but also a bit naive, due to his upbringing. Does care about the ones close to him, the few they may be.

Bio: Brought up in quite a rich family, and forced through private schooling, which he hated, he now attends Iwatodai College, studying Law and Psychology. He quickly became bored of this and, while continuing his studies, plans to leave home as soon as he can and work out his life for himself.

Personal Skills: A master of debate, can beat anyone down in an arguement in no time flat. Just don't ask him to do so against his parents....also posesses photographic memory.

Weapon of choice: Has a keen interest in obscure weapons, his favourite of which being Chakrams, and had his set custom made for him. Because they are easy to use and hide on his person, he also likes his guns, and is an amazing shot, due to intensive lessons.

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