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Takehiro Saitō

"Some decisions are hard. Some easy. Whatever you decide, own it completely."

0 · 356 views · located in Kinomoto, Japan

a character in “Persona: Halcyon Days”, as played by Homesick Angel





"The worst thing you can do is betray yourself, to let your choices own you instead of the other way around. You make your own decisions, they do not make you."
|| We Are Brave | Shawn McDonald ||

"Tell us a bit about yourself."

| Name |
"It's Takehiro, but if you want to shave off a few syllables, Tak or Hiro will do."
Takehiro Saitō, which when literally translated means "hero prince of the correct wisteria." Afterthought or not, that's awesome.

| Age |
"I'm the oldest. Therefore, I am in charge."

| Grade |
"Different school, same curriculum. Learn this, learn that, take tests, pass. It's a simple plan."
Second year, Class 2-C.

| Role |
"Role? What do you mean role? You think I fit into some sort of archetype?"
Transfer student

| Romantic interest |
"*Coughs* I'm a... I'm what they call a, uh... Leg man."

| Sexuality |
"Okay, now we are delving into some personal levels..."


"Now, for the physical examination."

| Hair Color/Length |
"It's like Hiki sucked all of the color out of mine and added it to hers..."
Takehiro's hair isn't completely black, but unlike his sister's it sits on the entirely opposite side of the color spectrum. His hair is a dark copper nearing into deep chestnut. He keeps it cropped enough to keep out of his eyes, but enough still remain to form cowlicks here and there atop his crown.

| Eye Color |
"What she has in hair, however, I make up for in eyes."
A pair of brilliant blue irises grace his face, and if enough light catches them just right they'll even sparkle.

| Height |
"You hang around my sister as long as I do, you start thinking you're tall. Then you run into real people and realize that, no, no you're not.
Takehiro is blessed with an average loft, reaching about five feet six inches-- seven if he wears boots. It's entirely average, maybe a smidge on the shorter side, but in the end it doesn't really matter. If you stand straight enough, you can seem far taller than that.

| Weight |
"What... What are you implying? Yeah, I know I could use a little more."
He hovers somewhere around one hundred twenty-five pounds, give or take. While maybe dropping below the lighter side of average, most of it skin, the rest bones save a few patches of errant body fat. He's not a thick kid, nor is he a powerhouse, but he looks like he could run the hell away if need be.

| Other notable features |
"These glasses aren't for fashion's sake alone."
Takehiro is pretty nearsighted, but he doesn't magically become useless if he's without his glasses. Just don't ask him to read that sign up ahead or recognize a person's face. He... Got off lucky, considering. Aside from that, a trio of moles take up residence on his face, two running linear under his left eye and one under the right side of his lips. His "beauty marks" as he affectionately refers to them.


"Now, let's get to know you a little better."

Image| Likes |
"I've been called a perfectionist and a neat freak, but the way I see it. If you're going to do something; do it right or not at all."
  • Internet
  • Music
  • Movies
  • Running
  • Tidiness
  • Perfection
  • Hikari
  • Colder Weather

| Dislikes |
"Hey, I like what I like, and don't what I don't. Easy concept."
  • Arrogance
  • Disorganized Messes
  • Hikari Getting Sick
  • Being Wrong
  • Hiki's noise music
  • Failure
  • Warm Weather

| Inventory |
"I have a rule. If it doesn't fit in my pocket, I don't need it."
  • Wallet
  • Cellphone
  • Earbuds
  • House keys

| Personality |
"You want me to describe myself? Well, I don't have the time to write a novel, but let me see..."

Oh Takehiro, where do you stand in the world? He stands upon his own two feet, his heels dug deep into the dirt beneath. His back upright, his shoulders broadened, head held straight and eyes peering ever forward. Takehiro is a sturdy young man and when his feet are set, is immovable. Despite the bravado however, his resolve is actually more subdued then the earlier spiel would have you believe. He does not burn so brightly, instead he emits a steady, yet warm glow; neither dim nor dazzling. He'll readily give concessions on matters of little import and actually has a little bend in him, though not as much as initial appearances would lead you to believe. He has a set of mental lines that will not allow himself to cross and to try and press him pass those lines are like trying to push him against a wall.

At his very core, Takehiro is the stubborn sort. When he makes a choice, he makes it. He'll own it totally and completely, even if that choice turned out to be wrong. He owns his mistakes and will admit when he was wrong when it's proven beyond a shadow of a doubt (though he doesn't have to like it), but he also owns his victories and celebrates them. He's the kind of guy when he says something, expect him to do it, and to do it right He's the decisive type, and sees things largely in black and white, right and wrong, though careful not to tell him what to believe. Trying to insert your own particular set of beliefs into his head will only result in a hard stare and dismissive comment. On matters he feels strongly about, he's unbudging and unbending and the fighting side of him comes out. While others might not share his thoughts, his thoughts are his and he's not going to betray himself. However, while he does have a temper, it's not an easy thing to rouse. He's more likely to stand straight and unmoving instead of throwing the first punch. He is a pillar, with stout shoulders ready to hold whatever weight is placed upon them.

Despite all of that, Takehiro's not a hard kid to get along with. He's not cold, he's not hard, and he's not too overly serious. He's personable, fun, and even thoughtful at times. He doesn't burn as bright as his sister, but then again, few people can. He's got an optimistic mindset and a never-give-up attitude, though he's even in his dealings with others. And even more unlike his sister, he's not a fighter. He's a steady individual, but he would prefer to avoid conflict than throw himself head first into the fray. He lacks a heated ferocity, instead taking up a cold hard stare. That's not to say that he won't fight, but he certainly won't start it. If someone throws the first punch, he'll throw the second and third. He'll not back down and if pushed, pushes forward and pushes hard.

He's a positive sort, easy to laugh, easy to smile. He's intelligent, just like his sister and it shows in his vernacular, utilizing a prim and proper vocabulary. Until he doesn't. Sophisticated as all hell, he'd say. In class, it's Hikari and him vying for top marks, though he doesn't mind. Healthy competition never hurts, only helps, though if he does lose, he'd rather lose to her than anyone else. Still, everything about the man lends itself to a thoughtful approach, and there's a refined edge there-- more refined than Hiki's, anyway. He doesn't let the opinions of others get in his way. People can say what they want to say, think what they want to think, he doesn't overly care because it doesn't directly affect him. Live and let live, he's fine with you as long as you refrain from shoving something down his throat. An easy confidence rests on his shoulders, and a subtle pride edges his words.

On occasion, Takehiro has been called a perfectionist. And make no mistake, that's definitely what he is. There are no half-measures, there is only done right or not done at all. Everything has to be just right or an itch pops up in the back of his mind that won't go away unless he fixes it right this instant, oh my God. It even shows up in the way he dresses and the way he keeps his room. Tidiness reigns supreme and neatness rules. His school uniform is eternally prim and proper, the tie tied perfectly, the jacket devoid of any wrinkles, slacks creased just so. He's a neat freak and will take cleaning duties away from someone who isn't doing it right, and he hates it when people walk around making a mess.

This stout young man is not as unbreakable as he'd like you to believe. He fears and what he fears is failure. Of trying his best just to have his best not be enough. He's worried that one day someone will lean on him and instead of holding their weight, he'll crumble beneath them and let them down. He hates that feeling of helplessness and is something that frustrates him. In especially egregious cases it can even depress him. He hates seeing something happen knowing that there's nothing he can do about it. To see his sister get sick and be unable to magically heal her kills him inside. So instead he focuses on the things he knows he can do, and pushes the thoughts of helplessness and failure far out of his mind.


| History |
"You want to know my story? There's not much to tell, unfortunately."

Hiro's birth is not exactly the most riveting tale ever told, but it does set the tone for the rest of his story. Fraternal twins, while a little unusual isn't exactly a rare, one of a kind occurrence. Still, it's something. The older sibling by a span of mere minutes, he dangles those couple hundred seconds over Hiki's head and teases her with them. All in good fun, of course. He doesn't truly believe those few minutes suddenly make him better and more special, it was all luck of the draw. Or maybe he had been strong enough to go first. Of the Saitō twins, Hiro's the healthier one, though he'd tell you without hesitation that Hiki's without a doubt the stronger one, and that she's his superstar-- damn her illnesses. Hiro was always the more physically active child, but Hiki always had the bigger heart of the two, he believes. He doesn't fault her for any of it, however, it's just the deck she's been dealt and she's playing her cards for all of their worth.

Even so, Hiro's always been protective of his little sister, not because she needed it but because he was there. He's not the type of person to allow another, especially not his sister, to fight their own battles alone while he just stands around and watches. It's not because of pity, but dammit, he's her brother and family does things like that. He'd still do it if their roles were swapped and he was the sickly one and Hiki the strong one. She's perhaps the only person who can bend him the most. In all things, there's still a bit of sibling rivalry to be found between them, but it's of the friendly type. The push each other and urge one another excel and overcome, and if he finds something that's difficult for him, there's not a doubt in his mind that Hiki's nearby to lend a helping hand. They are equal but also opposite. She's the white to his black, and the red to his blue, but instead of clashing they balance each other out, , a duality of sorts.

Hiro has yet to miss a day of school, and has always managed to excel scholastically. He's either at the top of his class or more like than not, near the top because Hiki managed to beat him to it. It's not that he particularly enjoys his school work, but he's not going to fail and tarnish his record just because he doesn't feel like trying. He has plans after school, however, and those plans would get derailed pretty quickly if he managed to start raking in the failures on his assignments. Ugh, failure, the mere thought of the word sours on his tongue. Still, he manages to make friends relatively easily, and had always displayed an interest in extracurricular activity. That being said, he only does what he likes. If he doesn't thoroughly enjoy whatever he's doing, then he doesn't see the reason in continuing to do it. It left him to join and then drop out of a number of clubs. However, he has found an enjoyment in simply running. He was a member of the track club and he's a pretty good cross-country runner.

He was always the stable sort, the you see what you get type. He seeks to avoid confrontation, but neither did he ever run from a fight, and if Hiki's ever in trouble, he'd run toward it. But personally, there had never been an instance of him getting into a fight in which he started. There'd been times when someone else got into his face because they didn't like the way he never bent, and he's taken his share of punches due to his own attitude and due to some of Hiki's shenanigans. He has an endurance to his body and can stretch himself with little adverse effects the next day. These days however, he finds himself perhaps a little bit too absorbed into the internet. A wealth of information, music, and even funny cat videos at his finger tips, and people around the world to converse and learn from, yes please. This aspect is a bit on the covert side, not that he intentionally hides it, but one would not usually associate Hiro as being the massive nerd and he'd never spout off random... Memes in public. He'd probably die from the embarrassment first. He's also an avid movie goer, and has actually seen many of the classics of both Japan and American. From the Seven Samurai to Citizen Kane, to silly action flicks to heart wrenching dramas, Hiro loves his films. He also has a glancing knowledge of comics through second-hand exposure from Hiki.

A recent change in their lives, Hiro and Hiki found themselves in the country instead of their initial home in the big city. Fresh air, less pressure, and less crowds were among the reason for the shift. Truthfully, the move was largely for Hiki's sake, but he was not without his choice. He chose to move out with his sister-- he wasn't going to let her go and have an adventure without him. They find themselves in the home of their grandfather on their father's side. Admittedly, Hiro knows little about the man other than what their father told them. Still, the house is decently sized and well-kept-- though with Hiro there, the safe bet is that the house is going to be immaculate. It's a nice change of scenery, he supposes, and he gets to experience something new, and that's not always a bad thing... Is it?


"Your Persona, tell us a bit about it."

| Name |
"Don't attempt to tell me what's right and what's wrong. I have eyes and ears, I'll decide for myself."
Týr | An old Norse God of law and heroic glory, one of Týr's arms is crippled beyond use. Pledged in an act of good faith, Týr placed the limb into the great wolf Fenrir's maw and sacrificed it in order to bind the beast in magical ribbon. The arm, now mangled beyond use signifies Týr's courage, bravery, and judgement in the matters of honor and battle. To look upon the situation at hand and decide what it is that must be done, to arrive at an honorable conclusion despite the risk to self. For this body may break, but the soul shall be judged righteous in the next life.

| Skills |
"Fighting is not in my nature, but that doesn't mean I don't know how."

  • Mighty Swing | Deals medium Physical damage to one foe.
  • Life Drain | Drains 30 HP from one foe.
  • Megido | Deals medium Almighty damage to all foes.
  • Mudoon | 60% chance of instant death from the power of Darkness to one foe.
  • Matarukaja | Increases party's Attack for 3 turns.
  • Marakunda | Decreases all foes' Defense for 3 turns.
  • Power Charge | The next normal attack, physical skill, or Almighty physical attack will be 2.5 times greater in power. Self.
  • Blade of Fury | Deals medium Physical damage to all foes up to two to four times.

| Meaning |
"Judgement has been passed and your fate decided. Face the sentence weighed upon your head with honor and courage, and earn your atonement in the next life! Týr!"
Týr, a crippled knight clad in broken armor reflects many qualities of Takehiro's inner self. His mangled arm represents Takehiro's fear of failure and uselessness. To be utterly broken and helpless in the face of strife. However, in contrast, the remaining arm wields a great sword and symbolizes Hiro's desire for strength to overcome and conquer adversity. He wishes to be the stalwart knight, a pillar to those who seek it, and a protector to those who need it. The knight's shadowed face displays Hiro's tendency to a more thoughtful approach, to think before acting, but a warrior's cause is to fight, and if pressed Hiro will not hesitate to raise arms. The armor is Hiro's ability to shrug off words intending to rouse his fury, but it's chipped and cracked appearance relates to the many battles he found himself embroiled in despite it.


"Thank you for your cooperation. This has been very... interesting."

| Favorite song |
|| Victory | The Silent Comedy ||
(Takehiro's fond of the indie folk rock scene... Nerd.)

| Battle theme(s) |
|| Superhero | Simon Curtis ||
|| It Has Begun | Starset ||
|| Headstrong | Trapt ||

| Other themes |
|| Back Home | Andy Grammar ||
|| I Won't Back Down | Milow ||
|| The Humbling River | Pusifer ||

So begins...

Takehiro Saitō's Story


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"Three... Two... One."

An acoustic guitar chord shattered whatever silence was to be found in the room, followed by a singer who's rough voice sounded like it gargled with whiskey and gravel. The song played for a few moments before the alarm was finally turned off by the man in bed. Takehiro didn't do much besides contently stare at the ceiling above his head and wish the seconds would slow down. Wishful thinking would do nothing beside make the time speed up in the end, and he knew it too. Instead of deciding to waste away in bed, he swung his feet out and stood, cracking what felt like every bone in his body. Hiro had woken up moments before the alarm would sound, and he spent those moments trying to guess when exactly it would blare. He'd managed to call it exactly so he took it as a good omen for the day.

He made up his bed first, tucking the covers in under the mattress and spreading out the bedspread until it was immaculate, and he crossed a likewise neat room and began to dress himself. Off went the sleepwear and on when the school's uniform, tie hanging haphazardly around his neck-- for the moment. It wouldn't stay like that for long, Hiro would see to it. Slipping out of his room and into the bathroom, he set about brushing his teeth, until he wandered out and went down the hall to a different room. "You've got two options Hiki," he said as he twisted the door knob and entered. "You can either keep on sleeping with your dreams, or you can get up and chase them. Rise and shine!" He said over the toothbrush jammed into his maw. Then he wisely slipped away from her door and tried to escape her inevitable retribution.

He returned to the bathroom and finished brushing his teeth, before spending an inordinate amount of time in front of the mirror tying his tie just right until it was perfect. He'd not be seen in public with a lopsided tie.

The sound of something heavy hitting the door behind Hiro’s exit was perhaps as much of an auditory confirmation as he was going to get that his sister had heard him. Hikari had never been a morning person, but she managed well enough. Usually by the time it hit nine o’clock, she was much more energetic and ready to attack the day, but prior to that, well… it was a bit of a struggle. Still, she wasn’t one to be lazy when she could be productive, even in the instances where her proactive attitude sucked. Like now, when her bare feet hit her wood floor and she shivered from the distinct lack of a warm blanket cocoon.

Taking a moment to collect her thoughts, she pressed her lips together momentarily as she remembered it, what she referred to mentally as The Incident, capital letters definitely included. It was the first thing she thought of every morning when she woke, and the last one before she went to sleep at night, and occasionally, thoughts of it would creep up on her during the day, too. That door, the cowering boy… and Hiro, by her side, their hands clutched together as they watched a broken knight and a mechanical angel destroy amorphous blobs of something that still gave her the creeps.

Pulling a breath in through her nose, she released it in a gust, pushing off the bed and striding to her closet. Rocking up onto her toes, she placed her hands on her hips and curled the short digits on her feet into the pile of the rug that lay there, surveying not her selection of clothing—the school uniform was pretty universal, after all—but rather the short, prismatically-arranged row of scarves that occupied the left side of the storage space. Selecting the indigo one, she threw it onto her as-yet-unmade bed and grabbed the rest of the necessary articles, hopping around a bit as she slid the thigh-high socks on. There was just no way to do that gracefully; or at least, she had yet to find it. Maybe the other girls all knew it by know, who could say?

“Jam toast?” The call had the tone of a request rather an actual question—it wasn’t like she could fail to know that her brother was in the kitchen even now, working on whatever he was pulling together for his own breakfast. Actually, she could probably even name it. But she also knew that by now, he could make hers and his and be ready in plenty of time, so she didn’t feel too bad about always asking. She, on the other hand, finished getting dressed and made her bed (more or less), before dashing into the bathroom to brush her teeth. The jam toast was going to taste weird, but whatever. She could deal. Wrestling her hair into some kind of submission was always the most challenging part of the morning, but fortunately it was mostly cooperating today, and lay nicely over her shoulders, at least until she wound the scarf on and yanked it out the back. Close enough—it wasn’t like she lived to impress people.

Though it would be nice, maybe.

Brushing aside the errant thought, she popped her head into the kitchen, carrying Hiro’s school bag as well as her own—compensation for the strawberry-flavored, crispy deliciousness that would be her breakfast if he were feeling magnanimous this morning (and for her, he always was). “Your tie's a little crooked,” she lied facetiously, the glimmer in her eye and the sly little half-smile on her lips giving away the joke. She still managed to get him to look down sometimes, just to make sure.

But not this time. Oh no, definitely not this time. He stared at her with a peanut butter plastered toast hanging from the side of his mouth, the edge of his lips upturned in a knowing grin. He'd just spent way too much in in front of a mirror only moments ago to ensure that his tie was anything but perfect. Perhaps she'd have better luck later on the day, when the possibility that time had made him inattentive, but not right not. "Nice try. And your scarf isn't," He said, taking a bite of his own toast. His own tease would probably have less of an impact than hers, seeing how she was far less meticulous about her clothing than him. It probably said something about him that he spent more time in the bathroom than her, but he wilfully ignored it.

Pushing a plate of jammed toast toward her, he traded it for his school bag. With it in his lap, he opened it and sifted through it, double checking to make positive that everything was exactly where it needed to be. And of course it was. Everything had a home, and he'd see to it that they reached it safe and sound every time. Satisfied, he sat the bag down beside the table and began to chew at his toast. "So what's on the itinerary for today?" He asked unconsciously adjusting his tie despite himself. Habits died hard.

Heh. He still couldn’t help himself. It was like the mere suggestion that anything about him was a hair out of place was enough to set him all a-twitch. “Other than class?” Hikari lifted her eyes to the ceiling. Her memory recall was usually excellent, but she’d been understandably a little distracted for the past few days. “Nothing I remember hearing about. Sports clubs start recruiting soon, and culture clubs a while after that, but not today, I don’t think.” Which meant that she’d probably be putting in some study hours at the library after school, unless something pressing came up.

She doubted anything would, though. They were still very new, and neither of them really had any friends besides the other yet, so the likelihood of anything coming along to interfere with their schedules was low. Except… well, there was that one thing hanging over their every conversation now, but she waited to broach the subject until they were clear of the house and their grandfather, who even at this hour was up tending the garden. She had this feeling she knew what Hiro would look like in fifty years.

“I mean…” she finished the last bite of her toast and swallowed. “Unless you think something weird’s gonna happen to us again, that is.” It was the kind of thing you would think should be detectable in coming, but the day it had happened had seemed perfectly ordinary up until the late evening, and then… well, then it was a little like falling down the rabbit hole. Only Wonderland was a place you really, really didn’t want to be.

Weird. That was the polite way to put it. Even days removed from The Incident with ample amounts of time to think about it, more questions arose than were answered. Why, what, where, and how, was only scratching the surface of the whole ordeal. As they walked, Hiro rubbed his chin and shrugged, "Let's hope not? I still don't know what happened." It was almost like a dream. The sudden appearance of a door that led into nothing but something at the same time. Hiro still remembered walking a lap around it. Then what happened on the inside. It was like a bad dream, and he'd honestly thought that was all it was. At first. Until Hiki revealed she remembered it too. They were twins, and they shared a lot of things, yes, but dreams? That was pushing it.

"You have any guesses as to what it was? Because I've still got nothing." He said interlocking both hands behind his head. Even trying to wrap his mind around it was tiring, but he could never stop those thoughts from slipping back into his mind. The gleam off the armor of a crippled knight, the whirring of the mechanical wings of an angel, the way they fought those... Things that sucked in all the light that hit them. And the kid that they found cowering, and the way he just...Forgot all about it the next day. It was frightening then, and still uncomfortable now. It was all he could do to think about it though, because there was a sneaking suspicion that if they talked to anyone about it, they'd just be labeled the crazy new kids-- not exactly the best first impression to make at a new school.

Shaking his head with the confusion of it all, he simply sighed and said, "Like I said. Let's hope not. Else I'd seriously have to start questioning our sanity." Soon, though a smile slowly worked it's way back into his face and began to talk again. "Doors, and monsters, and darkness-- Oh my." The end of his sentence was punctuated by a quick click of his heels.

Hikari thinned her lips into a straight line, tipping her head back and folding her hands together behind it, twining her fingers at the nape of her neck. “I just…” She sincerely hoped this wasn’t about to sound really stupid, because there was a pretty good chance of that, considering how absurd it already seemed in her own head. “That one monster, though… it felt… a little bit like I was looking at me.” She didn’t know how to explain it better than that—though it was obvious there was little physical resemblance between herself and the robotic angel-creature. It was still familiar in the same way her own face was—not something she always saw, but something she instinctively knew was of her. In a way, the knight had been even more familiar, because it felt like…

“And the other one was like looking at you.” She shook her head—the school building was approaching. Probably best that they didn’t talk about it too much more where other students could pick up on the conversation. She was used to being ostracized, but not for this reason.

"He was," Hiro agreed without hesitation. Even though it's face was obscured by a tattered hood, He knew that the knight was looking at him, like it was expecting something from him. What it was, he couldn't say, but... He felt a resonance, something about it spoke to him, but he couldn't tell what. Taking his glasses off he rubbed his eyes and simply gave up on trying to understand it all. "Come on. We have class," he said as they entered the school. He took the lead and went to their classroom, somehow already having memorized the path. "2-A, 2-B, and... 2-C. After you, little sister," He said, opening the door for Hiki to go first.

“Oh, no please, dear brother," Hikari smiled. “Age before beauty, I must insist."