Aika Yukimura

"Guys, it's only a murder."

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a character in “Persona III: Memento Mori”, as played by Tæfarós


"Pursuing my true self, baby."

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Name: Aika Yukimura, sometimes referred to as Ai-chan (an unfortunate moniker) or Aika-senpai out of respect by underclassmen

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Orientation: Mostly undecided, highly bi-curious.

Affiliation: S.E.E.S.

Appearance: Aika has been graced with the luck of a bastard child. While this is undoubtedly harsh, she will agree without hesitance, maybe even with a smile and a laugh on one of those days. Simply put, she isn't the most feminine girl around; a bit of mistaken identity, once the bane of her life, is now a source of amusement for her. Her dark auburn hair is cut is into short, choppy strands that shape her narrow face. Circular-rimmed glasses sit atop the thin bridge of her nose, partially shielding slanted green eyes filled with either mischief, smugness, or a sense of boredom. The latter is primarily the result of her chain-smoking habits, much to the dismay of her cohorts. She is slim, middling around 5’6’’, and flat-chested, and the curves of her hips are slight, often masked by her build. Aika has a penchant for Shibuya style, the fashion that worked and raved its way on the streets of Tokyo’s elite; however, due to the unremarkable budget of teenage woes, she sticks to her own motifs, mainly of which include loose-fitting clothes with a hippie aesthetic.

Extracurricular Activity: Kendo, Student Council

Personality: She’s got soul. To put it less vaguely, she has an undeniable swagger, a cool vibe about her that laces itself in her step, in her smile. More reputable than most men and livelier than most fiestas, she has a tendency to guise her true colors with easygoing strides, and her collected visage nearly borders on lethargic. But one mustn’t underestimate the benevolent Aika, for she is fiercely passionate in the right scenarios, and she seldom allows anything—or anyone—to stand in her way.

Hobbies: Sparring, lounging, smoking, conjuring conspiracy theories, and smoking while conjuring conspiracy theories. Smoking, in particular, has her on a leash. She also has a penchant for beatboxing, albeit not an open one.

Dorm Room Description: Aika’s room belongs in another era. Earthy tones clash with the gaudier ones on her walls, highlighting an array of pop art and retro décor.

Weapon: Although the logical standards of kendo would advise her to wield a sword, the naginata is held dear to her. This is a pole weapon of proud historical relevance; its curved blade and wooden shaft, once used by men on the battlefield, was prized by women who took it into their own hands to protect their loved ones. Aika utilizes this tool as a symbol of her attachment to her cohorts and the extent to which she will defend them.
Persona Name: Poonyah, the nature guardian. He is said to be the culmination of an ancient land beast and a wandering, enraged warrior spirit. Like samurai, he follows a strict code of living by the sword, and his polished armor is occasionally seen glinting in the sun at dusk. He is small. He is absurd. He will kick your ass if you so dare to laugh at his façade. Poonyah is a manifestation of Aika’s aggression, albeit a cutesy one, the vigorous side that reveals itself in the face of battle—the side that, in spite of itself, remains held back by its own implausibility.

Persona Appearance: This fiery, chivalrous red panda transcends logic and defies reason, but this doesn’t make him any less than a formidable fighter. He’s a haggard-looking beast, his beady orange eyes laced with battle lust, his tongue usually found protruding tauntingly from his maw. Thick armor leaves him unscathed by the majority of his foes. A tattered cape flows behind him sporadically as he draws his sword to strike. His tail is long and heavy, restless.

Persona Arcana: The Sun

Skills/Weakness: Bash and Agi/Garu

Theme song: Mer du Japon - AIR

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