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Ivory Steinbach

"Words have strength, don't throw them around lightly."

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a character in “Persona III: Memento Mori”, as played by Karri Khaos


Persuing My True Self

Name: Ivory Steinbach

Age: 18

Gender: female

Orientation: she doesn't discriminate by sex (bi)

Affiliation: S.E.E.S.

Appearance: (bluntly put, the one with legs) Image

Ivory has an elegant posture, she has slightly long limps which compliment her height of 5'8". She has a hourglass figure that gives her attractive but not overly exaggerated curves. She has pale skin, long light purple hair that falls to her lower back and is normally worn down, with its natural curl, with her bangs parted to the left. Her eyes are a deep dark red and she wears a subtle smokey red eye make up to compliment them. she wears a black choker with intricate swirling dull red lace designs lining it and golden lace on the bottom that looks slightly like a butterfly and a small upside down pyramid of white gems on the bottom. She wears an over coat that is black with similar designs of purple swirls lining it and a faux white fur on the cuffs. She wears a corset that is black cloth in the chest area with similar gold lace like that of her choker lining it. The corset then goes to a purple fabric under her chest in the center, but retains the black on the sides. The purple has a criss cross pattern in it and gems to hold it shut in the center. The corset ends at the top of her hips to reveal a black mid thigh skirt with triangle edges and a dim yellow line seemingly dividing the long triangles. A small area of skin is shown on her thighs, only covered by fishnet stockings, then black boots that come a little above the knee. The boots has a wing like emblem at the top and dim golden seals to close them in the front and add to her height slightly with one inch heels. Finally she wears chain earrings that start at the top of her ear and go down a ways to the bottom of the lobe.

(picture credit to Wen-m of deviantart.

Extracurricular Activity: visual arts (painting, drawing, etc.) & musical arts

Personality: She's normally found smiling outwardly but anyone who is good with reading emotions would be able to tell she's normally not showing how she feels. She's is a well mannered polite girl but when someone is disrespecting someone she knows she will at in kind towards them and give them a lashing of word until the drop it. She has a soothing aura about her that makes her easy to approach and trust. She can be shy around people at times depending on the person but if someone talks to her long enough she becomes talkative and seems like any other girl: sweet, and and fun. She's not a loner despite her mental state making her shut people out she still tries to surround herself with good company and enjoys it a lot, even if they themselves don't talk much. She's a quick thinker is usually tries to help and please people as much as she can. She has a lot of patience but somethings can set her off easily enough.

Hobbies: She likes to go out into a place with people and draw them in their environment, play piano, and one hobby most don't assume she has is baking, which she picked up from her love for sweets.

Dorm Room Description: The normal sized dorm room, her bed is in the far left corner from the door, normally it's made neatly with a dark purple bed cover and gray pillows. The floor is hardwood with a small gray rug in the middle. On door on the right leads to the small closet where her cloths and lance is kept. In the right corner of the room is a small desk with a lamp and a sketch book on it. The drawers are full of other art supplies except for the bottom most which holds her diary and a small music box her brother her given her on her seventh birthday. Finally, at the head of her bed is her window, which she finds herself looking up at the moon out of many nights.

Bio: Ivory lived a life in having mixed emotions and hiding them. Originally from Sweden, her family moved to the main island of Japan when she was about five for her parents' work. As a child she was always working to please her parents. Her father was a hard-ass, hard to please, strict man and her mother an overly caring person but was always busy. Her sister had the "Anything you can do I can do better" attitude towards her and her older brother was over protective of her. She lived her life smiling on the outside and always wanting to be selfish for herself on the inside. She never told anyone how she felt with anything, from being happy, to not wanting to do something, to things like if she liked a boy, etc. finally one day it happened, she had just turned fourteen, and her emotions finally got the best of her and she wanted to go out and just scream and cry, of course it was midnight almost so she, being the polite girl she is she sneaked out of the house. She started to run down the side walk and had gotten only about fifteen feet from her yard and stopped. She heard a voice, one saying "Are you going to let go?" and another saying "Go on, no one will stop you," she stood there for a moment. Then before she knew what had happened she was surrounded by her mother, father, brother, and sister. All of which were yelling at her for being outside at this time of night or asking her if she was okay. The words seemed to build up more and more and she felt like she was falling to her knees, everything slowed and the words blurred together, she begged for them to stop talking it was like a torture on her mind. The next thing she woke up in the hospital to a nurse saying her family had been murdered by thieves who broke into their house.

She joined the S.E.E.S. organization a year and a half later and it has been the only place she's ever felt at home at. She doesn't have many close friends because she rarely lets anyone in to see her real self, but she has a reputation for being kind and helpful and because she has many people who like her and think they are friends. Still to this day she isn't very true to her emotions.

Weapon: Lance

Persona Name: Ayoiya

Persona Appearance: (for those with bad imaginations refer to the character pic and look at the second being behind Ivory)

Ayoiya looks as though it's two different beings, which isn't surprising given the nature of it's Arcana, but in fact is one being. The left half appears to be a dark skinned male, with red eyes and white hair that fades to red. It appears to have an angel like wing forming out of its body that normally folds over part of his body slightly. The wing is white and fades to red tips as well. It has a thorn like horn and is adorned in gold colored armor and wields and identically decorated sword.

The other half appears to be a woman with light skin and purple eyes. Her hair is a brighter shade of purple and she appears to have demonic like spikes that emerge from her body and form over part of it as well. It has some similar spikes that form a black armor around it and wields and identical sword. The two beings appear bound at the waist, but as said before they are truly one and the consciousness of Ayoiya is hidden in the red gem in the top of their body, which is actually held above their heads. When gaze upon Ayoiya is said to look like a pendulum.

Persona Arcana: The Devil

Skills: Cleave, Tarunda / Agi

Theme song: Promise (repirse) - Akira Yamaoka

So begins...

Ivory Steinbach's Story