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Persona: The Mirror's Edge Pt.1

Persona: The Mirror's Edge Pt.1


While this is a Private Group RP, if you are interested in making a character then send me a PM asking for more details. My Co-GMs and I will look over your posting style/length and previous characters before getting back to you.

565 readers have visited Persona: The Mirror's Edge Pt.1 since ViviOrunitiaFF9 created it.

Copyright: The creator of this roleplay has attributed some or all of its content to the following sources:

shin megami tensei: persona (although, i did think of this idea months ago and have been discussing it with my friends long before persona 5 stated that it was to do with mirrors)



A small, backwater town of just under 600 people in Texas, sometimes described as the middle of the middle of nowhere by locals and tourists alike.


Little is known about these vile creatures as of yet save for a theory that they are brought into existence by the very ones that they appear to hate: humans. The human mind is capable of producing very powerful emotions, positive and negative. It is theorised that these dark forms, which have been named Shadows for centuries before the new team started fighting them, were born of the negative aspects of the human psyche such as hate, greed, anger, though the exact date is unknown. Quite possibly they could have been created at the same time that the human mind was capable of such terrible feats and thoughts.

What is a fact about the mysterious beings is that they are very old and very powerful, capable of living for many human lifetimes which no visible sign off again and easily damaging both worlds (see Mirror World). They also appear to have some low level telepathic abilities, in the form of hypnotic suggestion, as they have been known to whisper to humans from the darkness and mirrors, implanting suggestions within their mind and turning them into monsters, happily killing and destroying in the name of "the voices". Thankfully, it takes many years to turn someone - an average human at least - and it is always around mirrors or other reflective surfaces, the doors and windows to the reflected reality which is home to these foul beasts.

Arcana List

Jonathan Tobias Darkholme - Spirit

N/A (Beka)

High Priestess
Reserved for ViviOrunitiaFF9

Reserved for Nao-Chan

Plot important character


Reserved for eleera cain

Plot important character



Wheel of Fortune
Reserved for Shinigamiriku

Plot important character

Hanged Man

Reserved for BekaL101


Plot important character

Reserved for Sora112112

Reserved for NotyetdeaD

Plot important character

N/A (Sora

Plot important character


Character Sheet

Code: Select all
[center][color=#(You can find the font colours in the PM options)][size=300] (Insert name they use most here) [/size][/color]

[img] (Insert image here - Anime or Real, GIFs allowed and encouraged) [/img][/center]

[b]Name:[/b] (Full legal name)



[b]Age:[/b] (Between 18 and 27)

[b]Date of Birth:[/b] (RP is set in 2012)

[b]Star sign:[/b] (Leo, Virgo etc)

[b]Chinese Zodiac:[/b] (Rat, Dragon etc)

[b]Place of Birth:[/b] (I would like for some people not to be born in Mirror Valley)

[b]Blood Type:[/b]

[b]Appearance:[/b] Image - [img] (Insert image here - Anime or Rea, GIFs allowed) [/img]

Written Description - (Brief written description along with picture to reveal any unseen aspects of their body such as scars or tattoos)

Hair colour -
Eye Colour -
Skin Tone -
Height -
Weight -
Build -


[b]Personality:[/b] (At least a paragraph describing their good and bad traits - remember to relate back to their arcana to a degree)

[b]Sexual Orientation:[/b] (Straight, gay or bi)

[b]Likes:[/b] (At least three, at the most seven)


[b]Dislikes:[/b] (At least three, at the most seven)


[b]Hopes/Dreams (for the future):[/b] (At least two, at the most five)


[b]Fears:[/b] (At least three, at the most five)



[right][img] (Optional) [/img][/right]

[u]Origin[/u] - (Briefly explain how your character came to use this as their weapon)

[u]Upgrades[/u] - (Briefly explain how their weapon will advance - if it is a bat will it stay a strike weapon like a mace or change to a sword of some kind etc.)

[b]History:[/b]  (At least two paragraphs concisely describing their family and relationships to each member, important times which have shaped them as a person, how they have come to find themselves in Mirror Valley etc.)

[b]Occupation:[/b] (If student then say so, where you are a student (college, university etc) and what you are studying. If they have more than one job then write down both)

[b]Theme Song:[/b] [url=(Insert link here)] (Insert song name here) [/url]

(Must relate full to the character. You will need to think of how the lyrics work with their personality and history to a small degree, how the speed of the song relates to how they live through life etc. Please try to find something that truly works with your character.)

[b]Battle Theme Song:[/b]  [url=(Insert link here)] (Insert song name here) [/url]

(Same as above but in relation to how they fight)

[center][color=#(You can find the font colours in the PM options)][size=300] (Insert Persona name here) [/size][/color]

[img] (Insert image here) [/img][/center]


[b]Appearance:[/b] (Concise written description of the persona)

[b]History:[/b] (A brief description of the persona's history or lore)



Resists -
Blocks/Nulls -
Absorbs -
Reflects -
Weaknesses -

[b]Skills:[/b] [u]Innate Skills[/u] (the skills that they start the RP with upon awakening- just for an idea of where the skills lead. Three max.)


[u]Current Skills[/u] (These are the skills that have developed from fighting the shadows and gaining more experience as a fighter. Send me a PM with a list of the skills that your persona will gain and I will explain the distribution of skills via PM)


[b]Summoning Phrase:[/b] (A small description of the persona separated into three lines which will be written in runes or another form of writing on the larger summoning seals. Example below - from my own character, Jonathan)

[Example - Enduring soul, bound to the Earth,
trapped between life and death.
Destined to wander until a life-long dream has been fulfilled.]

[center][color=#(You can find the font colours in the PM options)] (Insert first line here)
(Insert second line here)
(Insert final line here)[/color][/center]

[b]Theme Song:[/b] [b]Theme Song:[/b] [url=(Insert link here)] (Insert song name here) [/url]

(Must relate fully to the persona. You will need to think of how the lyrics work with their history and personality to a small degree etc. Please try to find something that truly works with your persona.)

[b]Battle Theme Song:[/b]  [url=(Insert link here)] (Insert song name here) [/url]

(Same as above but in relation to how they fight)

Toggle Rules

Co-Gms: Sora112112 and BekaL101

1. I am the GM and what I say goes. I can say now that I will be fair and very lenient to a lot of ideas but when I do say no - which will probably not be often - it means no.

2. My Co-GMs have almost as much influence as I do. If there is something that has bothered them they have the right to bring it up with you. This will then be explained to me later by them. While they can bring up the topic, they cannot ultimately decide whether you must or must not have that idea. This stays with the GM (me).

3. No fighting in the OOC. This is one of my main rules.

4. Along with this: No godmodding/character control. Every character must have their own weaknesses including physical, emotional and psychological.

5. No Mary Sues/Gary Sues. This is something that I really do hate.

6. Along with this: No orphan stories. If you send in an orphan story (parents died when they were really young so they were raised on the streets or something to this effect) then you will not be getting into this RP. There is plenty of warning here so don't come moaning about it later.

7. I want this to have some realism to it. Don't just say that walls of ice appeared before you when you used a bufu spell. Go in-depth a little bit with it. Explain where it comes from (body, outside influences such as weather or electrical wires etc).

8. Please discuss any major character ideas that can affect the plot with me before doing them. I don't need to know everything but a little information about what that's going to do to the plot so that I can work some things around it would be good.

9. One of my personal hates is when someone goes out of character. Understandable if the character personality is being slowly altered as the RP progresses as I want this to happen. However, saying that your character shows no emotion for example in the character sheet and then having them bawling their eyes out within ten posts is not staying in character. Nor is saying your character is trusting and naive then having them catch someone out for lying within the first twenty posts. Please, oh god, stay in character!

10. Your characters will be fairly new to the whole shadow fighting thing with only Jonathan, Memory and Sora having any experience (as little as that may be) because they were fighting before the RP starts (though not for very long). This means that your character will no doubt have little fighting experiences when it comes to shadows. Their weapons must be somewhat improvised also. I don't want anyone's character to come in with a samurai sword from the get-go and be able to kill thousands of shadows without even trying. Even my own characters and Sora's character will be inexperienced with fighting these beings and they have been fighting for a lot longer. Another thing: please be a little bit more creative than just the usual samurai sword or something like that. It's just annoying when people go for the ordinary but at the same time use a weapon that fits with your character and could easily be obtained by them.

11. The most important rule of them all: Enjoy yourself. This is supposed to be fun and enjoyable so let it be. I hope this RP lasts until the end and that everyone involved enjoys their time in it.

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Character Portrait: Jonathan Tobias Darkholme
0 sightings Jonathan Tobias Darkholme played by ViviOrunitiaFF9

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Re: Persona: The Mirror's Edge Pt.1

Yes, characters are still being accepted. But I do need to warn everyone before they join,: there has been a number of changes in the usual way that persona plays out. The enemies, summoning method, world and abilities have all been altered slightly or greatly for the RP. Again, if you are still interested then tell me and I will send a PM (if I haven't updated intro yet) so that you can get more details.

Also, if you are joining, you have to create the personas yourself. I have a list of Personas that have been reserved, I just need my friends to make their characters so that I can write it beside their name.

Re: Persona: The Mirror's Edge Pt.1

Is this rp still accepting people? I LOVE Persona

Re: Persona: The Mirror's Edge Pt.1

@Arik223 This was completely my fault as I forgot to add in the reserved characters but emperor is a plot important character (long story that I'd prefer to keep with my GM's until the time comes to start introducing them). I have been planning this for a while, talking to people who will be joining outside of the RP and explaining things to them before hand so I already had quite a few people reserving and important characters created. Intro has been updated and there is some info on what arcanas are left. If there is one you would like then say here and send the character in. I will look over it with my Co-GMs and if we like it then we'll send you a PM explaining some of the finer details (if I don't have them up by then).

I'm really sorry about this.

Re: Persona: The Mirror's Edge Pt.1

Can i reserve the emperor?

Persona: The Mirror's Edge Pt.1

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