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Persona: Waking Nightmare

Persona: Waking Nightmare


As more and more people die in their sleep, those who prove they have the courage to face their faces are given the right to challenge those responsible. (Open: No)

996 readers have visited Persona: Waking Nightmare since Rarikou created it.

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‘”Thou art I, and I am Thou. From the sea of thy soul, I cometh….”
Kyoto, Japan has always been a popular and fruitful city for Japan. It has over 2,000 different temples, and boasts nearly Thirty million tourists a year. The beautiful gardens, the lovely rivers, the rich culture… all of these make it seem like an almost perfect city.

Then the Nightmare Syndrome began spreading through Japan, though it is more centralized in Kyoto than anywhere else. People with the Nightmare Syndrome simply fall asleep one night and don’t wake up the next morning. They spend every sleeping second tossing and turning as if plagued by some horrific nightmare, yet all methods known have been unable to wake these poor people. Then, after a certain period of time, those infected with this nightmare die, and all that do have a look of sheer terror on their faces. It started out as just a few cases, but it has been escalating more and more, and the city grows ever fearful. No logical way to wake these people up exists.

Nifelheim: The realm of waking nightmares. It is a plummeting abyss with no end in sight, only a staircase running downwards in a spiral show any hope of ever getting down…or back up. Every few flights of stairs lead to a door… and each one of these door’s leads to the innermost depths of a person’s horror. Those affected by the Syndrome live out their greatest fears here, and this fear gives energy to the shadows that dwell within. Once a person has had all of their fear, - and through fear, energy- sucked out, they no longer live. Those that prove they have the courage to face their fears and fight their way out are rewarded with a mask used to overcome further hardships: Personas.

These Persons take the shape of the true self that lies within you, often taking forms identical to deities from mythological stories, and they allow one to fight within the depths of Nifelheim. They are forced to fight- appearing within Nifelheim night after night until they can uncover the truth of this world, and wake up those within. If the Persona Users are unable to reach the bottom of Nifelheim, then they resign themselves to fate.

Hirasaka Academy:
Once a famed academy for the rich, they’ve since had to open their doors to the public. Most of the player’s will be attending classes here. The school is three stories long, and consists of a new school building, older building, and a gymnasium. There is a track in the center of the school, and a pool connected to the newer building. Along the pathway connecting the two buildings is an extensive garden, complete with its own miniature shrine.
The newer school is outfitted with the latest technology, including personal tablets for everybody. Most of the study material is on these tablets as well. Besides the normal classes, the Student Council and the culinary clubs meet in this building.

The older building is much more like a classical school building: Sturdy, wooden, and not too much to look at from the inside. Most of the cultural clubs meet up here for various activities
The gymnasium consists of five different sections. There is a classical dojo for kendo, fencing, and the like, a section for weight lifting and general workouts, a tournament legal sized Basketball court and a recession stand. As it’s used to host tournaments often, it’s kept up to date with the latest equipment and technology.

Oh, the school colors are red and white, if anyone was curious.

Nifelheim is a massive, seemingly bottomless pit with a massive spiral staircase going down it. Every so often is a ‘landing’ or a doorway leading into a Nightmare Realm. There is a small safe area at the beginning to the staircase where people can catch their breath, or simply remain here until they awaken. The walls are iced over, and there is often a chill wind blow.
Within each Nightmare real, the world shapes itself to be situations, or imaginations, that the dreamer fears the most. Each realm is governed by a Sovereign Shadow, or the shadow that’ sucking the life force out as the victim sleeps. If the victim can’t face their fears, they die. Those that manage to overcome the trial are granted a persona… but the struggle doesn’t end there. Every night, the user will be transported to the safe zone, and are forced to either stand there, or try to explore its depths.

Before the stairs continue downward, most have a ‘ landing’ of sorts, where the ground flattens out, and Shadows roam around, hunting for food…that is, escaped humans. Less often, but far stronger, there will be a Seeker on the floor. If you would compare a shadow to a snot nosed brat, then Seeker’s are the big brothers that weight lift five hundred pounds and love their little brothers very much. Akin to the Guardian’s in Persona 3, these will not allow you to pass a landing until you kill it. If you lose to a Seeker, they throw you back into the Nightmare realm until you manage to break out again…or get dragged out, either one. The longer people are infected with the Nightmare Syndrome, the deeper in Nifelheim they go, and the harder it becomes for them to escape their nightmares

Even stronger than the Seekers is the Weeper. The Weeper is akin to our good friend the Reaper, and will begin wandering a floor if it senses a human on a landing for too long. The Weeper is incredibly, insanely strong, and will most likely use you as a toothpick for the majority of the rp. If the Weeper catches you, you get thrown into an even worse version of the Nightmare Realm, where you lose your will to go on far faster than you would normally, and it’s harder to wake up. But, to those that manage to play a game of ‘Catch the Human’, certain rewards can be had. The Weeper leaves behind powerful items, rare gems, even a weapon now and then. You can tell Weeper is approaching by the sound of crying.

Character Creation and Memos
1. One Persona per person, until a certain point in the story. Try to balance out each persona’s attributes. If you give it strength, give it weakness, so on and so forth.
2. I reserve the right to refuse any character I deem unfit. I’m not a hardass, but if it’s clear you copied a profile or made it just plain bad, I’ll tell you to fix it.
3. As I just stated, I want quality work because I know you guys are more than capable. As the character slots are first come first served, quality is you’re friend. When I say ‘paragraph’ in the skeleton, I want at LEAST four well thought out sentences. Less is not more. More is more.
4. Almost forget this one. No canon ‘son of x from persona x’ As much as I love some pairings with a certain red haired empress, no one is allowed to play a son or daughter or sibling of one of the characters from the games.
5 Other than that, knock yourself out. Hair/eye colors/ tattoos/what have you are fine with me…. Unless it’s just plain disgusting. Hopefully I won’t have to elaborate on this
6 For Certain Reasons, the following Arcana are forbidden to select
Fool: No one is born under this. Minato was a freak of nature that arrived from Pluto or something, because it’s literally impossible for this to happen
7 On the subject of Arcana, I don’t care if there are multiple people with the same Arcana. I VERY HIGHLY DOUBT this will become an issue but… just saying it now.
8 On Secondary Personas: This game, in an attempt to have both more depth and something unique, will utilize Birth Tarots. Basically, these are the combination of cards that everybody is born under. A list of these birth tarots can be found here: these are all the possible combinations in the world. If you choose Hierophant as your starting Persona, your secondary Persona will be one of the Temperance Arcana. Sounds restrictive, but as far as Tarot goes, it makes more sense. (If you want to use your birth tarot, go ahead…you might be surprised on how accurate it is. Secondary Persona’s will come later, so there’s no need to add them in right away.)
Code: Select all
[b]Picture:[/b] (Either CG or anime preferred,)

[b]Description:[/b] (At the very minimum, one paragraph. Two preferred)
[b]Birth Date:[/b] (for use with your Birth Tarot. IF you need a cacluator to find what you went, here : )
[b]Birth Tarot:[/b]
[b]Voice Type:[/b] (Something more and more people have begun to use, and I rather like it myself. Post an example of your character’s voice.  )
[b]Blood Type:[/b]
[b]Personality:[/b] (Minimum of two paragraphs detailing what makes your character who they are and what it was that shaped their personality over time. Childhood living conditions, bullies, relationships, what have you.)
[b]Biography:[/b] (No fewer than thre paragraphs (or two really, really long ones) .  No holding back!)
[b] Equipment /Weapon Type : [/b]  If you like to carry a weapon into combat, describe your weapon, and it's natrual attack type. (Strike, slash, pierce)
[b[ Other[/b] (you don’t have to add anything if you don’t want to, but if you want to put things like quirks, music, or what have you, here’s the place to do it
---Persona Stats---
[b]Skills:[/b] (all skills start at their lowest stage, to be improved with permission. I will allow custom skills, as long as it's approbed before hand. I will allow up to fout to start)
[b]Combat Style[/b] (how you and your persona fight together)
[b]Lore:[/b] (this is optional, but I do rather like learning more mythology, and I’m sure other’s would too.

Rules (since everything i type in the rules section dissappears)

1._ Activeness is a must. 1 post every week, minimum. Even I am a college student, and i still find the time to work on a post. If you message me with reasons as to why, like a temp issue, that's fine. On that note, also chat in the ooc, or on the PRG write. Link:

2. There are no character limits. I'll close off recruitment when i deem it necessary I have the right to deny all characters if they aren't well thought out

3. Respect your other rpers. They're here to have fun too!


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The Story So Far... Write a Post » as written by 6 authors


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Feng smiled as she watched the girl, Yuki, act within her environment with ease. She really did love books and Feng smiled seeing that, looking at the book with a kind demeanor and smiling none the less at the girl whom was a shrinking violet act so lovingly to the books and especially the Occult, where Feng had some knowledge in, though she was picking up a few things, she had a very good perception with the Tarot cards, being able to read them and all, though she spoke, with kindness, "Oh is it? Thank you for helping me find the books, I usually have to run all over hell and creation to find what I want in here... Thanks, Yuki-kun" she said as she walked to the checkout. That's where things were combative again...

Feng Xiaolian watched as one of the bookcases shook and books fell, as she watched, soon a large blonde came out pushing someone, which Feng presumed was Yuki, aside as he stormed out in anger. This brought on some kind of anger in Feng as she now stepped in front of the man in a fighter's stance, to resist a push from most sides as she spoke with sharp, yet calm anger, as if she were his mother scolding the blonde,

"First. You go put the books you knocked off back, they're not your property, and thus you cannot damage them like they are. Next thing you are to do, to prevent me putting you in the hospital, is apologize to the girl whom you pushed down." she ordered, though keeping a grip on the bo staff under it's cloth, "What you are also to do; is go to whomever you were punching at, and apologizing to him or her too. You aren't a 'badass' if that's what you think, and I know that you can be nice. We all can."

She finished, with a angered look on her face, showing her heritage from China, though she spoke with a slight accent, her reputation was present with her defensively putting several ruffians in the hospital. Of all the times she expected a weapon to be drawn, other than her bo staff, now was it, and she was prepared, she spoke to him one last time, as if ordering the man again,

"Do I have to repeat myself? Get it done."


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Just as Shido started charging down the hallway, someone dared to step in his way. Shido's face painted in an annoyed grimace of this obviously Chinese girl trying to act like his mom. He had a mother. Nobody could take her place in his mind. The girl must be an upperclassman because Shido never recognized her in any of his classes before. His blood was already on fire and right now it felt like it was going to burst out of his skin.

"First. You go put the books you knocked off back, they're not your property, and thus you cannot damage them like they are," the Chinese girl said, gripping on some kind of giant kendo stick under a wrap. "Next thing you are to do, to prevent me putting you in the hospital, is apologize to the girl whom you pushed down," She ordered, with some bullshit 'I'm Calm but Tough' tone.

"What you are also to do; is go to whomever you were punching at, and apologizing to him or her too." Screw him. He isn't gettin' shit. "You aren't a 'badass' if that's what you think, and I know that you can be nice. We all can." That's garbage. Nobody is nice for no reason. That Kyosuke kid should have never stepped in acting like he was Shido's friend. In the twisted mind of Shido Omori was nothing but his own agenda. Wasting his time picking up books? No. Apologize to some dork girl in the library? Shouldn't have been in his way.

"Do I have to repeat myself? Get it done."

Shido clenched his fists and lowered his face to the same level as the girl, his pupils darting straight into hers.

"Send me to the hospital? I'll send you to the morgue, chankoro bitch," he said in the slimiest, most hateful tone to ever roll out of his mouth. He didn't care who it was. This chick was going to have her remains scooped into an urn if she dared to lift a finger in front of the punk's face.

"Try somethin', Shanghai..."


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#, as written by Keen
Yuki scanned the spines of the books that rested neatly upon the shelf before her, she was looking for a particular book on Norse mythology she had spotted the other day and she was fairly confident it would still be here, it seemed unlikely anyone else would've checked it out. Her eyes lit up as she finally found her target and reached up to free it from its place between two other books. With a small smile she pulled the book close and took a look over the cover, to her left though she could hear some rapidly approaching and heavy sounding footsteps and as she began to turn her head to glance in that direction it was too late.

Some large, blonde-haired boy had barreled down the aisle and right into Yuki, almost like he didn't even notice the girl's tiny presence. Though he didn't push her just the force of the bump was enough to send Yuki against the shelf with enough force that she dropped the book she was holding, all in all it stung a little but Yuki wasn't hurt at all. She frowned but said nothing as the boy walked passed. Yuki simply sighed and adjusted her glasses, that kind of treatment was something she was used to back at her old school so it didn't bother her too much, it was still disappointing nonetheless however. As she bent over to pick up the book that had been dislodged from her grasp she glanced up at the door to catch Feng storming at after the boy, looking angry.

She felt a pang of guilt in her chest, she knew Feng had gone after him in an effort to defend her. Yuki was happy for that but she didn't want to cause the girl any unnecessary trouble or harm and this wasn't something she thought was worth fighting over. And so, after taking a breath to bolster her courage she stepped quickly up to the library door. "Kinaseii-senpai, it's alright really... He... He probably just didn't see me because he was in a hurry. I appreciate what you're trying to do but... It's not worth getting in a fight over so, let's just finish up here and go eat, alright?" As she spoke she tried to put on a smile and avoid looking at Shido, she had a feeling that if she looked at his rage-filled expression she'd lose all the courage she'd worked up just to get this far.


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Feng kept her gaze at the man, she wasn't intimidated one bit by him, and she was ready for her to be in yet another fight, though we was threatening that he'd send her to the morgue, "Pah. I'd love to see you so much as try to send me to the morgue. It'd be amusing to watch you struggle against me" she snapped back, taking a step forward, which it was a small step, but had changed her stance, she was ready to take Shido's knee out which would lead into a throat strike as he fell. Feng had a wicked kick and punch, she knew that she was easily able to strike down people bigger than she was, and was ready to do so with the boy here.

"inaseii-senpai, it's alright really... He... He probably just didn't see me because he was in a hurry. I appreciate what you're trying to do but... It's not worth getting in a fight over so, let's just finish up here and go eat, alright?"

Yuki had brought Feng back from her combative state, Feng had prepared to adapt and destroy the much larger opponent that she had challenged, though Yuki had basically asked her to stop. Though her teeth gritted together, she looked aside and shook her head walking back to her friend as she sighed, "My apologies, Yuki-Kun, I figured you were hurt by the roughian. Thus I was ready to hurt him back." she said with a seeming casual tone, as if Feng had never been in a verbal fight that could have ended in a physical battle. Feng really did want to hurt Shido, at least, put him in his place that he's not the top dog anymore, but she wasn't going to brutalize him with Yuki there. She stretched her back as if reliving tension before looking at Yuki a little,

"Well... I apologize for that. Since I honestly was prepared to dish back the pain he gave you."


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Shido gritted his teeth at Feng and raised his arms, ready to start swinging, when the smaller girl entered the fray. Every muscle in his body was contorting from his bloodlust to the point that his skin would rip if he tensed up any further. Words became a low rumble in the back of his mind and his sights were turning red. Feng's nonchalant stance was infuriating. Did his skills not meet her standards? Does she think she's better because she's been around the world? As Feng motioned towards the underclassman, Shido saw it as his time. His arm reached back slowly but he’d send enough force to rip a whole into the side of a semi-truck.

Years on the streets made his endurance incredible and using his weight and size advantage, it was never hard for him to use pure brute strength to shatter his enemies like glass. His timing would be perfect; his bloodlust would be satiated.

But as soon as he started to lunge forward he felt a strong force on his arm, whipping his head to the side to see the face of the Vice-Principal holding his arm back. Shido’s will to fight was subsiding but the hate still remained in his eyes and face. “Mr. Omori. Should I remind the penalties of engaging against another student on school property merits a suspension? One that you've served and are on your third strike?”

Shido ripped his arm out of the Vice-Principal’s hand and placed his hands into his pockets. He knew he was already in deep shit and this would put him on the edge and Shido was in no mood to listen to teachers say he’s a bad student. Let the fight go, or get expelled and work for Grandad at his crap shrine. Screw this… I would’ve popped her skull open if he didn’t show up. Nobody is tougher than me. Nobody. So Shido groaned and started making his way down the hallway, away from all this unneeded attention. More time he spent with others, the more annoyed he was. Without so much as making eye contact to the two girls out of spite, Shido made his way towards his class. I’ll make a bowtie out of your spine, chankoro. Just wait…

“That goes for you too, Ms. Xiaolian. Your hobbies do not bother me but I will not allow you to fight in Hirasaka at any cost, even should someone like Omori bother you. I have enough problems with him starting fights. Now be on your way you two, lunch will be ending soon.” The Vice Principal nodded to the two girls and started heading to his office.


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#, as written by Keen
Yuki breathed a deep sigh of relief as the two separated at her request. The big blonde one didn't seem too happy with it, but thanks in part to the Vice-Principal the situation was resolved peacefully. She regarded Feng with a small smile before shaking her head, "I'm fine really, it didn't really hurt, I just sort of dropped my book." Yuki gave a quick glance back to the aisle where she had been pushed aside and dropped the aforementioned book. "Speaking of, I should go pick that up and check it out... We're gonna run out of time to eat at this rate." Her attention turned back to Feng as she began to take a few steps back, "Go ahead and check out your book, I'll catch up with you" With that and a small wave she spun on her heel and hustled over to the abandoned book.

A sigh passed through her lips as she bent over to pick the book up. Today had been an eventful one full of unpleasant blonde boys, up until now her experience at this new school had been pretty good, this was the first day she had felt like she was back at that old place again. That was of course with the exception of Feng, her presence was one she had never come across back then and it still came as a bit of a surprise to Yuki. As she hugged the book to her chest and turned to walk to the counter she shook her head. She wasn't sure why Feng had decided to be so friendly to her but it was something she certainly didn't want to let go to waste or pass her by, she wasn't sure she knew how but she wanted to try and be a good friend in return or at the very least try not to burden the girl too heavily.

After a short interaction at the front desk, Yuki's book was checked out and it was finally time to eat. She hadn't brought any food with her so she had to make a trip to the cafeteria to buy her food. She decided to keep it simple, just an apple and a small sandwich. After quickly eating with Feng the two parted ways at the bell that soon followed signaling the end of lunch. The day was almost over and Yuki was eager to be done and off to home, the day's events had finally started to wear on her energy and she was starting to feel a bit exhausted.


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Feng sighed hearing the vice principal snap at her, she honestly wasn't much of the person whom enjoys being lectured or snapped at by others. As she walked to the checkout she waved casually at the Vice-principal as she walked away. Soon she reached the book she was to read during the week and with one swift move, she checked it out and nodded. It was time for them to finally eat lunch, which she brought herself, it was leftovers from what she had made earlier that week. With the snapping of a pair of chopsticks, Feng began to slowly eat with Yuki, noting everything and speaking calmly, "I'm sorry, for all the trouble I have caused you... I can understand if you are no longer willing to be as kind to me..." Feng spoke with a almost harsh tone about herself, since, all the bad that has happened today, Feng brought with them in her hasty and rash decisions.

Though soon she recalled her previous school and Miyuki, it was the time of her deceased friend's birthday. Her mind soon traced off as she thought of how she was to return to Miyuki's grave, which was always a *fun* trip for her, since most of the time the pang of guilt had overcome the calm demeanor and Feng had quite literally broke down over top the grave of the friend.

Moving that aside, Feng sighed when the lunch bell went off, she had barely touched her food and skipped breakfast, she looked at Yuki and spoke again with a calmness, "Well. That's the lunch bell. Sorry I caused us to not eat as much."

((Sorry for the short post, Hospitals kill muse....

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