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Ryu Kazen

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a character in “Persona: Waking Nightmare”, as played by Oblivian


Name: Ryu Kazen
Picture: Image

Description: Standing at a decent height of 5'9, he has just a fairly toned body compared to others. Due to his mixed heritage, his has a naturally faint tanned skin color that makes him stand out quite easily among others. He hardly ever touches his pitch black hair, leaving it in a spiked, long mess the majority of the time he heads out. He has a rare brownish red eye color that gives others a dark look about him with the addition of his hair. At first look, you'd think we as a typical bad guy from some show or anime.
On normal weather, almost all of his clothing involve a light color undershirt with an unbuttoned shirt over it. In the case for school uniforms, he has earned a sort of rebel title due to the fact that he also keeps it's shirt unbuttoned as much as possible. The actual reason being that he just doesn't like to feel stuffy in his own clothes.
Age: 17
Sex: Male
Birth Date: November 21, 1997
Birth Tarot: Death / Emperor
Voice Type: (
Blood Type: A
Personality: From the first day he moved to his new school, Ryu has sort of earned the image of being a dangerous rebel due to his appearance and his manner of dressing. Already having moved to the area alone due to an incident that happened to him in his home town, it didn't help much when word that that he moved because he killed someone worsened his reputation. Unsure of what to do with it all, he decided to just leave everyone to their pathetic rumors and lies. If they want to know him through the words of someone else, then they weren't worth getting to know for him. Besides, maybe it's the perfect way for him to pay for taking another person's life.
But despite his inner grudge against other people, he can never seem to fight back his desire to help others that sadly started the chain of events that forced him to move. Cause of this, he tends to cut himself from school life and quietly observe observe others during his school days. Having an eye for detail and being able to spot the smallest signs when someone appears to have something on their mind. This has even pushed him to secretly aid others when he spots a classmate having trouble. Knowing that others would never accept his help with his current reputation in school, it's the only way he has to try and help the people around him.
Putting others before himself, he's a rough outer image with a caring core. Sadly, the position he managed to put himself has been eating him away from within. The sensation of being alone slowly growing in pain as his days go by.
Biography: Back in the day, Ryu was just like any other kid his age. He was a total fan of anime and action cartoons as he even played around as a "dark hero" due to his hair and eye color. It was at the young age of twelve that things took a sudden dark turn in his life. It was just something that could have happened to anyone in that small town. An escaped killed had wandered into town and found his way into his family's home. The image of his father shot dead at the door, his mother screaming in terror, and the sick expression of the armed man's face are still engraved in his memory to this very day. Paralyzed in complete fear, he couldn't do anything but sit at the table as the man barraged in and started beating his mother to try and shut her up.
He can barely recall what had happened between the few seconds he moved from the chair to the killer as a mixture of rage and desperation filled him. The next thing he knew, he had his hand tightly gripping a knife that was on the table and stabbed it into the man's stomach. He honestly had a hard time processing what he had done at that moment as he only focused on trying to save his mother. Sadly, she died not long after due to the grave condition her injuries had put her. Scared and alone, he was put under protection for a few years in a number of foster homes. But the word that he had been the one that murdered the killer traveled ahead of him as no household really wanted to keep him around.
At the age of sixteen, he was helped to move to a new location to try and start a new. But to his disappointment, his actions have already slowly made it's way along with him. At this point, he began to believe that it was all really just a punishment for taking another's life. Mentally setting up logical excuses as to why not to try and correct people and explain what had happened. Now, he tries his best to live on his own and finish his school years with his current situation. But as he starts to hear news of these "Nightmare Deaths", his deep desire to help people in need begins to force him along to try and stop whoever(or whatever) is behind the act of killing even more people.
Equipment /Weapon Type : Dual Swords(one in each hand) each dealing slashing damage.
Other In his free time, he tends to enjoy listening to a variety of music while training kendo to himself. The music to motivate him easier and the training to insure that he can better defend himself without taking another's life.
---Persona Stats---
Name Miyamoto Musashi
Strengths: Slash
Weaknesses: Pierce
Skills: (will upgrade in as progress)
Mazio - Deals lightning damage to all foes.
Mudo Slash - A dark slash on one foe with low death chance.
Counter - Chance to repel an enemy physical attack.
Skewer - Light physical damage on one foe
Combat Style Using accurately, fast slashes, they both team together on the offensive to strike enemies as much as they can before reaching the rest of the team.
Lore: A legendary Samurai from ancient japan. Stories are told of his many duels and a number of images of him show that he was also skilled in dual swords back in the day. Having had his first dual at a very young age, he's one of a few real life legends. (

So begins...

Ryu Kazen's Story


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It was the same morning "greeting" he got for the past few days. At the moment he would open his eyes Ryu began to feel a soar, tired sensation throughout his body. It reminded him of the long lack of sleep he had back when he was young. Only for some reason, it felt more like he just about didn't sleep at all. He turned onto his back, staring up at the ceiling as he contemplated on what was going on. Was he starting to suffer again from what he did years ago? Maybe he was just not getting comfortable at night? Either way, he had little to no time to just lay around and think about it. Letting out a deep sigh, he got up from his bed and worked on getting himself ready for school.

Dressed in the school outfit, he purposely left his shirt open as he passed through the kitchen and took a piece of toast with him as he headed for the door.

"I'm heading out..." He mutters as he stepped through the doorway. Listening to the empty silence behind him as the long traditional silence was all that replied to his words.

His home was a good ten minutes from his school, a "gift" from the men that helped him find a place to start over. Not like he even cared much if he arrived late or not. The most of the teachers didn't even try to do any discipline at him out of fear ever since word got out of what happened back where he grew up.

Holding his bag over his left shoulder, he walked through the school gates as a number of the students either glanced his way or tried to avert their eyes from him. Yup, just a typical day at school.

Once he stepped into his class room, he just took a look through the room before making his way to his seat. In one corner was the "mask" kid. Always apparently adjusting his additude to appeal to the other students around him. But he could always tell that he seemed to be faking it with the others. He had a knack for telling what someone was feeling.

In the other side was the "big sis" girl chatting with a few classmates. Something seemed a bit off about her as she didn't have her usual energy. Maybe something at home? Didn't really matter much to him right now as he took his seat by the window and silently looked outside in waiting for classes to finally start. He sure hoped today wasn't going to be a long one.


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Classes went on as usual as the lessons continued through the day. Ryu typically tried to not get to much unwanted attention during classes to get as much notes without needing to ask for help or information from classmates next to him. This did cause some issues when he did miss notes since he still wouldn't ask for help from others around him. After all, why would they even help a "killer" like him anyway?

The half way point to school was given with the ringing for lunch break. Silently getting up, he made his way out of the class while doing his best to keep a "safe" distance from the other classmates. But instead of making his way to the lunch room, he instead made a turn out the front doors to enter the school grounds in the front of the building. It was then that he passed by the library windows. Noticing the "tough guy" blond haired boy apparently trying to sneak his way into the building. Late? Most likely.

While keeping his distance, he silently watched as Kyosuke spoke to Shido at the window. Observing the situation for a bit before making a stop under a nearby tree. Sitting down under the shade of it's branches, he pulled out his small lunch that made up of nothing more then a sandwich that he had brought along with him. Glancing every now and then to the scene happening nearby out of curiosity as to what would soon happen.