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a character in “Phantasy World Online”, as played by Usui


Character's Real Life Information

Name: Koga Iyamato
Age: 21
Other features?: Anything else that your image doesn't show, that we should know?

Description Here

Description Here

In-game Info

Name: Koga
GM, Beta Tester, New Player? New Player
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Other Features?:

Guild: None

Class: Warrior
Weapon Type: Two Handed Sword
Level: 1
EXP: 0/5

HP: 120
SP: 40
ATK:6 (+3) DEF:8 SPD:2

Level 1 - Divine Strikes
Type: Passive
Description: Following his divine will, Koga deals unresistable divine magic per normal attack. When his weapon is released his sword shines from his divine will. (2xM.ATK + ATK per strike)

Level 3 - Lay On Hands
Type: Active
SP: 20%
Description: A classic spell that Koga remembered hearing about from your usual RPG. The spell makes his hands glow with divine magic conjuring. Once complete he is able to extend his hand, showing his palm to the target. This heals the target for 20% HP.

Level 6 - Aeon Strike
Type: Active
SP: 60%
Description: After slamming his sword either in the ground, while holding the hilt, Koga's hand goes into the air as he looks up. He then calls forth "Aeon Strike" and charge of heavenly thunder rages down from the heavens, shocking the target. It deals 10xM.ATK.

Level 12 - Aura Of The Crusader
Type: Passive
Description: Grants Koga and his party members 10% ATK for Warriors, Bandits, and Marksman. 10% M.ATK for Priest/Mage. 5% DEF/M.DEF for all classes. Must be near him.

Level 24 - Weapon Bash
Type: Active
SP: 10%
Description: Deals 2x ATK and stuns the target for 3 seconds. Must be close and this move as like any physical move can be parried or blocked.

Level 48 - Divine Wrath
Type: Active
SP: 40%
Description: Once activated his Koga's body will glow with a white radiant light for 3 seconds. During these 3 seconds Koga can not attack. Once complete Koga slams his sword into the ground causing a divine explosion mixed with his own power. (Deals 5x ATK + 5x M.ATK)


So begins...

Koga's Story


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Oshiva Character Portrait: Koga
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0.00 INK

#, as written by Usui
GM- Oshiva
"E'dellon Castle"
Class(Type): (50)Priest(Staff)
HP: 2305/2305
SP: 2815/2815
EXP: 5/5
Gold: XX

<Oshiva has logged into Phantasy World>

E'dellon a castle far in it's own region surrounded by a giant waterfall and a forest beyond and build with the most beautiful and strongest materials. This was the GM's castle, rarely anyone knew of the place - Even the NPCs of the game were oblivious or had very little information of it's location but none the less this is where GM's stood and where they begin. Oshiva now logged into the phantasy world looked down the halls of her castle before walking towards the meeting room. She knew it was the first day that the GMs were going to rally up all those they sent the email to but as usual it all came down to planning without capture or suspicion of rebellion from the tyrant's army.

Outside of the world once Ami navigated her character to E'dellon's armory. She removed her visor, took the glasses from the desk in front of her and slid them onto her face. Noticing it was only 10 AM, she decided to rush to make herself a cup of coffee. In addition, she grabbed her cigarettes, lighter and a slice of cheesecake from the fridge to get prepared. This was rather normal for Ami, at least for mornings but her life isn't always so simple. Especially seeing she is a single mother who leads quite a busy life during the day. That however, doesn't impair her on doing her job. Either way none-the-less, she would never break this routine and habit.

Upon sliding the visor back onto her head once settled with her cigarette lit between two fingers, a cup of coffee next to her and her cheesecake on the other side Ami began thinking of a way to contact the users without bringing suspicion.

"I wonder if the beta-testers are on…" She said beginning to type out the GM search commands on her screen.

Class(Type): (1)Warrior (Two Hander)
HP: 120/120
SP: 40/40
EXP: 1/5
Gold: 2

After a night of waiting for "Phantasy World" to install and update, It was finally ready. Koga had lifted himself from his bed exhausted but eager to try it out and how fortunate was the day for it to be complete. He didn't have work for the next couple of days and college classes were only on the weekends so he had time to go all out, given no one wants to chill with him today. He immediately raced to taking a quick shower before getting dressed in a punk like attire. He skipped over eating breakfast as usual and sat at his table with his laptop open. His eyes scanned his monitor and found the "Phantasy World" Icon. Double Click! Immediately a bright light filled his desktop with black words saying "Enter by your headset". He then slid the headset on and his suddenly before his eyes he entered the log in phase.

After typing out his information and immediately clicking enter, Koga's vision went a solid black and suddenly he appeared as though he was falling through a tube only to see at the end a light. His eyes widened as he watched in awe. As he reached the blinding light his eyes opened to an ancient arabic styled city with a variety of races around him. A tall beast man character knocked into him on accident apologizing shortly after. He, himself noticed his shining armor equipped to him. Koga seemed to walk the town exploring the districts of the city which was rather large. Eventually he decided to move back to the starting area because of this truth.

"I'll just explore it later…" He said looking the other way as he neared a "gate". As he began to select it, his character bowed righteously as he began to speak the area code yet suddenly he heard something. Near in fact, a NPC woman, getting ordered by a guard for tax and such. Koga wanted to do something but what could a lv.1 do? He examined more as the woman was thrown down by the guard. He sighed. "What the hell was with this game?" Koga said, finding that the game itself had quite a bit of mystery. Immediately the blonde haired knight teleported from the area to the level one zone.