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Ryan Reeno

Perhaps I take the virtual world a little too seriously.

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a character in “Phantasy World Online”, as played by TemplarWarden


Character's Real Life Information

Name: Ryan Reeno
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Height: 6'1"

Ryan is stubborn in a way but not unreasonably so. Once he has set his mind on something he will pursue it with very little willingness to alter his decision. However he will make allowances for others, temporarily as long as it doesn't require him going against his previous choice. He hates having to waste a choice or any effort at all so changing his mind will put him in a bad mood. Most failure in some way puts him in a bad mood. He doesn't enjoy being reminded of his faults and he is not very good at returning out of his bad mood and it has a very degenerative affect on things he does. When he isn't in a bad mood, he is a generally nice guy, trying to think of others first. He almost always tries to help others out, he views support as a success. His opinions can be very strong and he is willing to stand up for them, himself and others. He is particularly intelligent and in some ways arrogant, always offering his opinion even if others view it as incorrect.

Ryan has a rather uneventful life, at least in his terms. For others it might be a particular active. Born in the UK he has lived anywhere but England. Firstly spending five years of his life in New Zealand, then then next eight moving from place to place, the USA, Canada, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and finally to Oman where in order to get reliable schooling he remained until eighteen. Out of his family he was the last to leave home, two of his brothers going to the same university as himself. All of them involved in gaming in some way and more skilled then him in many ways. So he feels inadequate. He studies mechanical engineering, so really the course has no affect on his playing style or playing time, oddly enough.

In-game Info

Name: Arankis
New Player
Race: Human
Gender: Male
[Height: 5'11'

Class: Bandit
Weapon Type: Claws
Level: 1
EXP: 0/5

HP: 100
SP: 60
ATK - Claws: 6+2 DEF: 3 SPD: 7+1
M.ATK: 2 M.DEF: 4

Note: Per Level count includes levels after ability is aquired

Level 1 Predator
Type: Passive
Description: Whenever the assassin strikes a vulnerable or unaware target he gains +4 (+2 Per Level) ATK and automatically deals a successful magic attack which deals double damage.

Level 3 Chaos
Type: Active
SP: 20%
Description: A cloud of inky blackness bursts out around the assassin's foe for a 8 seconds, dealing damage as a magic attack. It is almost impossible to see in the cloud, however the target is also illuminated by magic fire that reveals its outline, this effectively reduces the target's defenses by 10%.

Level 6 Hunter
Type: Passive/Active
SP: 30%
Description: If nearby a target with less then half health the assassin passively gains +4 (+2 Per Level) SPD. The ability can be activated to give an additional +4 (+1 Per Level) SPD and +6 (+1 Per Level) ATK against the target for 4 seconds.

Level 12 Godless
Type: Passive
Description:The assassin's attacks also have an additional underlying magic attack (Does not stack with Predator). If the magic attack hits, the assassin gains HP equal to all damage done, if the magic attack is unsuccessful he gains only 50%.

Level 24 Vicious
Type: Active
SP: 30%
Description: The assassin quickly dashes towards the target, dealing three attacks in quick succession. The attacks cause the target to bleed, reducing all (non-HP/SP) stats by 12 (+3 Per Level) (+1 for each 10% health missing) for a number of seconds equal to 5% of the targets maximum HP.

Level 48 Inhuman
Type: Active
SP: 40%
Description: The assassin gains 30 (+5 per level) ATK and M.ATK for the next three attacks/abilities. For 5 sceonds after activation all his stats are increased by 25%.


So begins...

Ryan Reeno's Story


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A rather disheveled Ryan looked at himself in the mirror, his eyes were red from sleeping with his contacts on. His hair was iconic of someone just woken up. He sighed and drew a brush through it, sorting out the mess. He'd already had breakfast. The advantage of having a break from studying; he could take the time to cook up some bacon and eggs rather then the uninspiring cereal that was usual fare. Not to mention it was sometime around late morning, he'd had the chance to lie in. Despite the apparent freedom he still felt bad about lazing around so much. True he spent a reasonable time last night doing a large amount of study so he could have today free. He'd put off playing Phantasy World mostly because of all the talk about how addicting it could be. He didn't want to find out it was while still having work to do, possibly once he started it would be difficult to stop. Cleaned up as much as he could bothered, seeing as he wasn't going to leave his room in soon, he settled in front of his computer. It seemed his dual monitors weren't going to be much use here. He wondered how a visor game would actually feel to play as he set the device on his head.

<Arkanis has logged into Phantasy World>

Bandit: Level 1
HP: 100/100
SP: 60/60
EXP: 1/5

After a relatively long load, considering the speed of Ryan's PC, Arkanis stepped through the brilliantly rendered streets of the spawn zone. The avatar was just as impressive as the surroundings. Just as he was meant to appear, mysteriously white hair but with adorned pitch black attire and a head scarf to hide the hair if he wanted. That was the advantage of the virtual world, you could make a human as exotic as any other race. Although looking around Arkanis couldn't help but feel that perhaps another race could've been more interesting. It was too late now anyway, he would stick with his race and class. Most other players were probably all the fancy races. However he could certainly feel individual. Having unique skills was certainly something. At least he wouldn't have to compare with others, seeing as he was in essence a one off class construction. Enough about his character though. He turned his attention to all the other denizens of the beginner's city. It was a boiling pot for sure, everyone was so different and unique. Except for a few obvious figures he couldn't tell who was an NPC and who was a player.

Regardless, he wouldn't get anything done hanging around here. The bandit tried to orientate himself towards the walls of the city. Moving away from the center to find a route out. Supposing the Gardenia was where the low levels congregated the surrounding area would no doubt be reasonably safe. He could level up, get some gold and maybe find a quest or two. The world was an interesting place to explore, even just inside the city. There was a sense of realism around. Passing through back alleys and the slums of the city there was a sense of despair and poverty. It was odd seeing the NPC's begging and living in their own filth. He may have even fallen to donating to some if he had coinage to spare. He supposed there needed to be some disparity in the population, to simulate a real economy and such. Still, was this many poor and homeless reasonable?