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Phase - Volume 1

Phase - Volume 1


After a successful heist on a government museum, a group of robbers find the secret to stopping the passage of time. With a new tool in their arsenal, the team set out to rob every bank in the city, in the space of an hour.

864 readers have visited Phase - Volume 1 since affliction created it.



(40 hours prior to starting point.)

"Good morning, team," a warped voice, unnaturally low, rings through the laptop speakers. "Your target is the Leland Mansion, a state home for international ambassadors, turned museum in downtown Sacramento."
"A museum?" Whiskey asks.
"Yes. Our client either has a penchant for valuable Victorian era antiquities, or he's interested in the special collections. I'm sending you a list of the wanted items."
"What's the pay?"
The voice on speaker clears his throat before speaking.
"Fifty grand per item, plus the standard 'five hundred k' for your time. All the items are located in a vault under the building itself. The reports I've heard back suggest the security office is down there too, so make sure to avoid any cameras where possible. I've also managed to get you the blueprints too - I'm sending them now - it should make planning a little easier. 'Chase' will be on standby for exfil - just let him know a time and place." The voice pauses to let this information sink in. "The client has given a 72 hour deadline on his offer. I want those items ready to transport in 48, so you'd best get moving. Best of luck. Murphy out."
"Bloody hell... let's get to it then."


(5 minutes prior to starting point)

The cutter whirs away quietly, as it scrapes its way through the glass window. Its job done, Whiskey carefully plucks it from the glass, revealing a hole just large enough for a person to fit through without touching the sides. The window itself is located on the South side of the building, but approaching from the front, it would appear to be on the left. He leans out from the bushes, and gestures to the rest of the team, who are hiding in the dark, to meet up on him. "Syncronise your watches. 7.03pm, on my mark.... mark." On the word mark, everyone sets their watches to 7.03pm exactly. "The lights are off in here, so no cameras should see us. Avoid guards where possible, and if you can't... well, try to keep it quiet, eh?"

Pulling a black mask over his face, with a grey spike of paint running down through the left eye, he climbs through the window, and pulls out a silenced M9 pistol. Carefully crossing the floor to the only door he sees, he crouches down, and waits for his team to recon inside. He notices a small red light flashing in the corner directly right of the window - a camera, pointed at the door he is crouched by. Hoping that he hasn't been spotted, he moves quickly towards it, climbs up underneath it, using a chair, and tapes the lens...


==About (contains spoilers)==

This RP centres around a group of professional thieves for hire, as they attempt to retrieve a number of valuable items from a special collections vault in Sacramento, California. During the robbery, they obtain an artifact known only as the 'timekeeper'. It is only upon further examination at the hideout, that they realise that it is not something made by man. Although it appears as a large, silver fogwatch, adorned with engravings of symbols and illegible text, it contains a button capable of switching between time, and phase. Using this item, the team of robbers plan to target a string of banks throughout Sacramento, using phase to enter unnoticed and empty the banks. However, it comes as a surprise when they find out they aren't the only ones in the phase dimension.

==What is Phase?==

You're probably reading this thinking, "What the heck is 'phase', anyway?", and you'd be right to do so. In layman's terms, it is a 5th dimension, running perpendicular to time (the 4th dimension). As we progress through time, phase does not change at all, and so it technically would not seem to exist, but if we switch to phase, our progress through time stops, hence we can still move through space, but not in real'time'.

The 'phaseworld' is almost identical to the 'real world', aside from its lack of humans, and overgrown appearance - with no-one taking care of things, everything looks ruined and abandoned.

==Rules of Phaseshifting==

To begin a phaseshift, all members of the party must be in the direct vicinity of the 'timekeeper' which has a range of about 5 metres. All beings, possessions in physical contact with them, will be transported to the phase dimension.

Returning to the real world works in the same way. If you are outwith the range of the timekeeper when the phaseshift is initiated, you will be left in the phaseworld.

The timekeeper has a short cooldown delay between returning to the real world, and being usable again to phaseshift.

Time only progresses in the dimension where the timekeeper is located.



Murphy - He is the intelligence provider and business handler. New objectives and targets are given by him from an undisclosed location. Played by affliction
Whiskey - Team Leader. Electronics/hacking expert. Played by affliction
Forge - Demolitions Expert - adept at preparing/arming explosives, and improvising to get out of tight spots, literally. Played by Talisman
Sabre - Infiltrator. Sneaks around with ease, often able to get into restricted areas through quick thinking and quiet movements. Played by Solo Wing Pixy
Locust - Marksman. No matter what he/she is doing for the team, you can rest safe with them at your side - a deadshot with their chosen weapons, when they put their mind to it. Played by SylentStand
Bullseye - Played by dig17

Chase - the getaway driver.
Jules - chopper pilot.


[Character Image]


Nickname: (a simple one-word name used on jobs)







Mask appearance/pic:

**Characters are modern day professional thieves who are citizens of California state. They are not trained samurais, nor are they druid spellcasters - just average human beings with a love for action, stealth and getting paid their dues. Please try to reflect this in your character's appearance, skills, weapons, etc.
**You may have a sidearm and a 'primary' weapon. You won't necessarily carry both weapons at the same time, or even use them both, but let's face it - sometimes a pistol just won't cut it.

((That's it for now, really. Will post my characters once complete, and hopefully this will pick up some interest.

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Character Portrait: Locust
0 sightings Locust played by SylentStand
"I'm the shooter. I shoot. You want an exit plan? Ask Jules."
Character Portrait: Joshua Mercer
0 sightings Joshua Mercer played by Solo Wing Pixy
"Not a lock in the world that can keep me out."

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Character Portrait: Val York
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Character Portrait: Val York
Val York

A marksman out of self-exile and into the fire.


Character Portrait: Val York
Val York

A marksman out of self-exile and into the fire.

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Character Portrait: Val York
Val York

A marksman out of self-exile and into the fire.

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Re: [OOC] Phase - Volume 1

This looks really cool. :)

Re: [OOC] Phase - Volume 1

Are we gonna start this or not?

Re: [OOC] Phase - Volume 1

I had to work through a funk in order to make Forge, so I apologize if her Bio is scatterbrained. Give me a couple of days to stop feeling the funk and I'll edit her to perfection.

But yeah, A Latin woman demolition expert. Throwing two X chromosomes in this junk.

Re: [OOC] Phase - Volume 1

Oh Talisman I'm sorry! I'll make it up to you :D

Re: [OOC] Phase - Volume 1

I lol'd when I read this. Ok, so we've got our Marksman, played by SylentStand.
Our Infiltrator is reserved by Solo Wing Pixy, and our Demolitions Expert is reserved by Talisman.

We've also got another character played by dig17 - he intended to make his character the marksman, but he submitted it well after Sylent reserved it.
As such, Sylent has the marksman slot and skills. dig - it's up to you - you can edit your character a bit to adjust his role, or not.

Re: [OOC] Phase - Volume 1


I was about to make an infil character called Umbra. Stupid me forgot to call it. though.


Demo then. I'll do a demo character. I totally call dibs on demo.

Or else.

Re: [OOC] Phase - Volume 1

Heya, I'm looking into making the infiltrator character. Im gonna head to bed but I'll get cracking tomorrow. Cheers : )

Re: [OOC] Phase - Volume 1

Aw, gee... I'm sorry, Talisman!

Re: [OOC] Phase - Volume 1

I agree with Sylent on every point...

Even the want of making a Marksman character. I was going to call him Overwatch. But alas, I am not a character stealing dick so I'll find something else to do.

Re: [OOC] Phase - Volume 1

Really sharp looking, very original and an excellent premise! I'd love to submit the 'marksman' type character as I think I could do them justice, but I'm on my way to school at the moment, so profile creation is a bit beyond me. If you don't do reservations, then I'll just hold out for whoever is left. Maybe a former NPC? I don't know. I'd love to be a part of this.

[OOC] Phase - Volume 1

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