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a character in “Phase - Volume 1”, as played by affliction



Wade Smith



Whiskey is tall and thin, standing about 6'2". He has blue eyes, and chestnut coloured hair, which is fairly short, most often accompanied by matching goatee stubble. He isn't very muscular, but he is more than capable of restraining a security guard, and taking him hostage. Depending on the nature of the job, his attire will vary. Daylight jobs will often bring him to wear a formal suit, so as not to attract too much attention. His jacket contains a sensor array capable of creating a blind spot in a metal detector, by detecting the wavelength of the signal, and broadcasting the same on the other side. Night jobs will more often lean towards a more casual, comfortable attire - a black combat vest over a grey long sleeve top, slightly baggy, grey combat trousers, and black boots with padded soles to dampen sound. On all jobs, he wears thick, black latex gloves - keeps electrocution risks low, and forensic evidence minimal.

Calm and collected pretty much describes this guy. It's really hard to faze him - explosions and gunfights are all in a day's work. Emotions disappear when a job starts, as there is no room for emotional thinking when serious money is at stake. Yes, he still has morals, but he's not going to treat a young woman any differently from a subdued guard - they're both potential hostages.

Whiskey is the team leader and electronics expert. Up to speed with the latest in electronic security, it's only a matter of time until he can crack your system. His skills cover most electronic security systems and locks - more advanced systems will take longer to crack. He is also trained in basic manual lockpicking, which is useful when you need a 'manual override'.

Whiskey's been on the circuit for the best part of eight years, becoming a wanted man at age 19, when he hacked into an FBI mainframe. 'Wade Smith' is a fake name, probably his 6th or 7th alias in the last few years. This one seems to be here to last, as Murphy managed to forge immigration documents, and setting up a payroll record in Murphy's 'legitimate business'. The data he stole from the servers was priceless - encryption codes for national FBI documents. He sold the codes to Murphy for a small fortune, and was taken on by him as a business partner, his team being one of the only ones that gets their full share of the takings.

M9 pistol with removable silencer. AK47 with removable silencer, red dot sight and taped magazines. CRK Mark IV Combat Knife

Mask appearance/pic:

So begins...

Whiskey's Story