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His dedication is such that he will travel far indeed if he thinks he can strike a meaningful blow against the forces of evil. For he is a Witch Hunter that is suspicious of taint within all things, with no qualms about killing innocents in his purging.

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a character in “Phasma-Terra”, as played by Seloc




"These poor, simple folk - too fearful or too dull-witted to see the vulgarity and evil in their own midst. They wail and complain about my... uncompromising methods, but who among you can say that hanging half a village is a high price to pay for the assurance that corruption has been exposed and destroyed this day?" - Ernst Traugott, Templar Witch Hunter

Alias: Dread
Age: 38
Birth date: Unknown
Current Residence: Drifer
Birth Place: Middenheim
Hometown: Middenheim
Allegiance: None as of yet.
Belief/Religion: Agnostic
Profession: Witch-Hunter.

Gender: Male
Race: Human
Sub-Race: Witch Hunter

Height: 6'0"
Weight: 180lbs
Build: Slim
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green.
Skin: Human
Handedness: Ambidextrous.

Primary Outfit: Zagar's public attire is tall hat and dark coat that is considered the distinctive garb of the Witch Hunter. The coat is riddled with a countless number of hidden pockets and sleeves that contain a great deal of hidden weapons and traps.

Most Prized Possession (Material Value): His pistol.
Most Prized Possession (Emotional Value): Most likely his tall hat and coat, for many consider it be part of the unofficial uniform of the Witch-hunters.


Goals: To serve mankind by dispatching as many unholy beasts that his natural life would allow.
Least Outspoken About: His past
Most Outspoken About: His profession.
Vernacular: Southern
Mannerisms: Quiet, Rude.
Psychological Condition: Extremely hostile to any creature he deems a 'threat to humanity'.
Morals: He is considered be a surly and suspicious character with no qualms about killing innocents, so long as he also manage to slay the guilty, which means his appearance is often regarded with dread by the common folk.

Relationships: None.
Family: Unknown
Relatives: None
Friends: None
Acquaintances: None

Catchphrase: โ€œWel'p suppose the other thing to do know is kill ya. "

[size=120] Techniques:


Usage Cost: One less round.
Description: The Witch Hunter uses his blade to split his own bullet immediately after the round exits the barrel. This attack is rather difficult to master because of the skill needed to properly split the bullet towards the user's intended targets.

Blessed Shell.
Usage Cost: One less round.
Description: Zagar simply fires a hollow shell, created from pure sliver and inscribed with thousands of holy markings. Contained within the shell is a small amount of Blessed Acid, which slowly eats it way though the target's body upon impact.

Blood Shot.
Usage Cost: The Witch Hunter's blood.
Description: The pistol painfully harvests the Magic Dispelling blood running though the hand it is held in, and fires a single shot of Anti-Magical blood towards an enemy.
Usage Cost: None
Description: Using his extreme dexterity, the Witch-Hunter can match the swing of his blade with an incoming projectile, effectively splitting it in half. Because of the possibility of human fault, this defensive technique is only used as a last resort. (A skilled Witch-hunter could also use this ability in conjunction with the Split-Shot.)

Usage Cost: None
Description: A more advanced version of the Round-Split. The Witch-Hunter uses his extreme dexterity, to match the swing of his blade with an incoming projectile. Rather then slicing the projectile in half, the Witch-hunter would gently apply a small bit of pressure to the projectile's underside. Once contact has been made with the projectile, the Witch-Hunter would either bat the bullet away, or pivot his body with the blade still touching the bullet. Creating a Bullet-Roll.

Usage Cost: At least one hostile bullet.
Description: Following though with the pivot created by the Round-Deflect, the Witch-Hunter would continue to with roll the bullet's energy. The end result is the forced guiding of the rolling bullet's path.

Sword Breaker.
Usage Cost: Endurance, (The drain my vary, considering how large the attacking target is.)
Description: A perfect example of the With-Hunter's philosophy of "The best Defense is Offense" The Sword Breaker is a defensive technique that is effective against a sword wielding opponent. Rather then deflecting or dodging an incoming strike, the Witch Hunter would drive the tip of his blade towards the threat. Gathering his normally slim knowledge of the magic arts, the Witch Hunter would form an extremely dense magical barrier a few centimeters around both the tip and the upper part of the blade. The resulting strike between the Witch-Hunter and his Opponent usually ends with the Opponent's blade being pierced or shattered.

Mana Dispel
Usage Cost: The Witch-Hunter's Blood.
Description: There is always a time when a Witch hunter is faced with a powerful practitioner of the Arcane arts. Therefor each and every Witch Hunter grows though a set of grueling hazing challenges and magical infusion that
transforms a Witch Hunter's own blood into an Anti-Magic weapon.

This technique is a simple one, starting with the Witch Hunter gathering blood from either a self inflicted or already open wound. The blood would either be coated over his weapon or inscribed into the ground to create an Anti-Magic barrier.

So begins...

Zagar's Story