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Serenade Keals.

"Cold hands means a cold heart. Deamons of the underworld who are eternaly damned by God and turned by darkness, I shall be your light; but I will not be you heart."

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a character in “Pheonix Academy for the Supernatural”, as played by Straight Jacket


Serenade Keal.

About 15.

Serenade is the tom-boyish looking girl with a medium/average bust and a slim but muscular body. She has girlie mussels settle all over her body; stomach, arms, back, legs, etc. Her hair stops right below her ears; having a light auburn tint to the leaf-colored brown. Her eyes are a shiny milky blue and she has naturally long eyelashes. Her ears are pierced and normally doesn't ever wear earrings. Her lips are full and pretty healthy pink; yet they are cutely small, like her nose. She stands to be about 5"5 ft high and weighs in at a shocking 125 pounds. Her skin is a light ivory color with tan tints to it and her complexion is flawless.


Serenade's mother died when she was born, but that didn't stop her and her father from living. They lived out on a farm in the Arrowheads in Montana. Living out in the country, driving two hours to go to school; this was her life. It was content. Though, what her father never really told her was that her mother was half vampire. Though, her father wasn't. Infact, for some odd reason, Serenade does not have one single drop of a vampire in her, though, vampires and werewolves can smell the scent of one on her. She lived her life as always and was soon accepted into this highschool; traveling a great distance and learning Japanese wasn't difficult for her since she is actually 1/2 Japanese.

Girls dorm #1.

Surprisingly, Serenade is very shy. Since she has been around a farm with only her father and the animals around her, she doesn't know how to interact that well. She is innocent, sometimes for her own good.(I.E. Not knowing much about love and what not.) She is headstrong and stubborn, even though she doesn't seem like the type. She isn't the type to talk first and she can be easily read like a book by anyone. She tends to stay quiet and fidgety and loves to sing and listen to music. Her voice is beautiful and pure, though, once again, she is shy and it very rare to hear this. She doesn't care much about her looks; not wearing much make-up or doing her hair. She loves running and is even on the highschool's track team. She is pretty fast. Once you get to know her, she has a caring and motherly side of her but has also a foul mouth and an overactive imagination. Though, like any-other girl, she can be emotional, but tends to lock most of that up inside of her. She also knows NOTHING of the other races.

~Additional Powers:~
"What are you talking about?"

`She is into dark romance poems.
`Her favorite animal is the horse but she really admires the butterfly.
`She tends to wear band shirts and cargo jeans. (Like the ones in the picture, though, only the jeans.)
`She hates hats.
`She HATES spiders. <-fear.-<
`She HATES blood. <-fear.-<
`She LOVES the sky.
`She love to sing.

So begins...

Serenade Keals.'s Story