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Oriana Keely

Strolling through life, no particular direction.

0 · 85 views · located in Irisbank Collegiate Institute of Philosophy

a character in “Picture, If You Will...”, as played by Adantas



ImageGender: Female

Nickname(s)/Alias(es): Ori

Age: 22

Love Interest: N/A

Appearance: Often has bandages around her fingers from paper cuts. General expressions will nearly always include a raised eyebrow, whether quizzical, sceptical or amused. She has an indent in her left shoulder from an injection that was required to travel. It was when she was very young and her parents took her along on a trip to the Middle East. Even though she's not really one for full on smiles, her closed lip smile gives off a relaxed and comforting reassurance to the recipient. Her rounder face is also that of trusted person and someone that people feel free conversing to, despite her non-conventional hair.

Preferred Clothing: A light blue head band that she uses to keep her locks out of her face. She is never without her gold tear drop earrings with emerald green polished stones and matching gold chain necklace with the same stone inserted. She varies from wearing floral dresses and her worn dark tan combat boots to v-neck tee shirts with skinny light grey jeans and flats. Generally, on sunny days she prefers to wear sky blue colours, in which she has several dresses. They all reach knee length and either are simply straps or cuffed shoulders. Even though you wouldn't see with the boots on she will never have matching socks and they'll always be unusual with multicolours. She's got about 3 pairs of varying shades of grey jeans, the lightest with a few threading patches around the knees, a darker pair with a lot of unnecessary loops and patterns in the stitchings which she subconsciously picks at, and then finally her more blueish grey pair which are high waisted that button up with three gold buttons to her belly button. Majority of her v-neck shirts are either plain or have an unknown band name on them, giving none of them any sentimental value and so, she doesn't really care which she's wearing.

Height: 5ft6
Weight: 68kg
Hair Color: Aubrun/brown
Eye Color: Brown

Notable Features: Dread locks.

Personality: Ori could be seen as a natural leader, the stoic and strong type. She can come across very rational and quick minded when needed, able to present her idea's as calm and logical. Not perceiving herself as charismatic but somehow when she does speak with her level and soothing voice, people are often willing to listen. To her there doesn't seem to be a point in not shooting for the stars, what does it matter if you miss? You land somewhere new and exciting filled with opportunity. With her strong but not imposing will there doesn't seem to be anything she can't achieve. But, she's happy to take her steps to success in silence, simply not interested in making a commotion to get people to look at her and notice her accomplishments. There's the chance that people could see her as reserved as she doesn't feel the need to constantly hear her own voice, but she's not afraid to introduce her idea's and speak up when she feels it necessary. It does mean, however, that she can be quite stubborn and resistant to conflicting pathways, especially when she can only see one way to reaching her goal.

Ori is energetic but not in the excitable puppy kind of way, she's able to keep her passion and dedication going for the long run. Giving up is just never an option for her. With that, she does get frustrated with laziness and inefficiency. It infuriates her when people waste potential and can't be bothered. In these circumstances she can be quick to anger and yet she will never harshly raise her voice against them. She's learnt that mindless yelling will get nowhere. Sometimes her stoic behaviour can come across as cold and insensitive, because she's unafraid of giving the ugly truth. With all honesty, she couldn't give a shit if people think badly of her, as long as she's being honest to herself. This can, of course, lead her to attempting to do everything independently, which is not possible for everything. She should probably try paying more attention to other people's feelings, but, she's had so many years of taking on other peoples shit that it's difficult for her to find that balance of understanding other people and then not taking everything on board. With a confidence like hers, it's very rare to see Ori show emotion or what she understands to be weakness. While anger can give her strength, to portray sadness or over elation is to defy her well balanced persona. When trying to open up to people about emotions it mostly leaves her feeling powerless, which means she's out of control and that's something she cannot stand.

Oddities: Fidgety~ taps toes, clicks her fingernails, fiddles with objects.
Can go refuse to answer without explanation even when being directly spoken to.
Spends time staring into space.

Charm Points: The ability to reassure people with her easy smile and soothing voice.

Likes: Organic, vegan, cooking, learning, day dreaming.
Dislikes: Cleaning, racism, sexism, ignorance.
Hobbies: Origami, reading, listening to podcasts, languages.

Fears/Phobia(s): She prides herself on being a strong person, one that can be composed in any situation. However, while not conciously thinking of this fear she is terrified of losing control of her emotions. If she were to have a break down where she was unable to stop her tears or anger then it'd push her stress levels higher than whatever caused the break down. Alongside the fear of losing self control, she fears that she will end up alone. It is a sort of resigned fear however, that doesn't stop her heart from twinging and stomach sinking when she sees couples being particularly couple-y.

Personal History: Ori didn't think she had a very special childhood, in fact she thought it was pretty ordinary. On the contrast, when she got older she realised that constantly moving around wasn't what other families did. She particularly enjoyed it actually, it meant getting to meet new people every few months and then exploring a whole new place. With a diplomat as a father it was guaranteed that they'd be living well. It also meant that while her education could be considered disjointed from all the moving around she was expanding her mind with different cultures and people. With living in so many different countries she found it easy to pick up languages, and since her father was also a man of intelligence and lover of different cultures he promoted speaking languages other than English at home. At 16 she was fluent in French, German, Spanish and Italian. And still trying to learn more, such as Arabic and Japanese.

Despite growing in an open minded household that should have been filled with a nurturing environment, there had been an undertone of tension. Ori's mother while loving the luxurious life that her husband provided she hated the constant moving and really wasn't the matronly sort. While, she did dote on her only child, she had trouble actually caring for her. Most of the time it was Ori's father playing with her or telling her that there were no monsters under the bed when she was younger. Other times it would be many different nannies. The young girl didn't mind, she made friends with each of them and they taught her different view points of the world. Despite the child being okay with a flighty mother, the father wasn't. It caused fights and arguments between them. So, when Ori was around 14 her parents divorced and her mother left. It was confusing and a difficult time. Yet, through the ordeal she found herself unable to really get worked up about it, it was in all reality just like leaving all the other people whenever they moved. Even though it was her mother, it felt no different. Besides, she had her father and she loved him so dearly, that it was okay. It was just odd not having that somewhat distant presence of the woman who gave birth to her. But, really, the woman's only contribution to Ori's life was to give her fashion advice, which the girl would usually ignore anyway.

With only 2 years left in high school Ori's father decided that he would try to get a more stable position so she could complete school without disturbances. Through those two years many things happened. She found that she in fact hated conventional learning and struggled with not a lot of change, however, she proved well in her humanities classes and excelled at English. Friends were easy, she was well known and liked with a few closer friends. She'd never really had a best friend before, and when a girl named Lindsey came along and they instantly clicked in a way that was more than just the shallow friends, she felt over joyed by this experience. The closeness that these girls shared was unknown and exciting, and soon Ori found herself feeling more than just friendship for the blonde, blue eyed girl. Being the straightforward person she was, she drew up the courage to tell her best friend. For her candor, her best friend turned slightly shy lover. They experimented, only to find that for the other that this was not what she wanted, it was not who she was. Thankfully, by the time she had come to this conclusion it was nearly the end of their final year, the unfortunate part was that it was heart breaking to Ori. Never had she had the displeasure of been on the receiving end of a loss. She didn't know how to deal with the overwhelming sadness. The break up wasn't too clean either. The other girl then gave her the cold shoulder, not wishing to deal with Ori any more and isolated her.

Out of high school and over her heart break Ori went straight into her studies. She chose a language major but found that actually studying the languages more in depth than just learning them wasn't quite what she wanted. Finding herself bored she dropped out, to then pick up an arts and humanities degree. From there she had no idea what she wanted to get out of the degree but it was just interesting taking the classes. So, now at 22 she is still no closer to graduating with a degree, but she has dozens of classes under her belt. She's only had one other relationship since her high school fling, however, that ended because she couldn't feel connected to her partner. Now, she is content living by herself in a small studio and a part time job as a translator over the phone. School was on break but she decided she'd pick up an extra philosophy class because she had really been enjoying the class last semester. Despite her fooling herself into thinking she's alright, deep down she's feeling like she's lost and needs to find her strength again.

I miss the days my mind would just rest quiet
My imagination hadn't turned on me yet
I used to let my words wax poetic
But it melted a puddle at my feet now
It is a calcifying crime, it's tragic
I've turned to petrified past life baggage
I want to disappear and just start over
So here we are

And I'll breathe again...

Cause I have sent for a warrior
From on my knees, make me a Hercules
I was meant to be a warrior please
Make me a Hercules

I've lost a grip on where I started from
I wish I'd thought ahead and left a few crumbs
I'm on the hunt for who I've not yet become
But I'd settle for a little equilibrium
There is a war inside my heart gone silent
Both sides dissatisfied and somewhat violent
The issue I have now begun to see
I am the only lonely casualty

This is not the end though...

Cause I have sent for a warrior
From on my knees, make me a Hercules
I was meant to be a warrior please
Make me a Hercules
Cause I have sent for a warrior
From on my knees, make me a Hercules
I was meant to be a warrior please
Make me a Hercules

This is my darkest hour
A long road has lead me out here
But I only need turn around to face the light
And decide flight or fight

Cause I have sent for a warrior
From on my knees, make me a Hercules
I was meant to be...
Cause I have sent for a warrior
From on my knees, make me a Hercules
I was meant to be a warrior please
Make me a Hercules

So begins...

Oriana Keely's Story