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Jackal Ayres


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a character in “Piercing the Stars”, as played by Fetch




⌠"Expectations are resentments under construction." ⌡

||Twenty One Pilots ; Polarize ||

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FC: Kaneki Ken


Jackal Ayres

Jack People tend to shorten his name to Jack quite a bit. He's constantly correcting them for this.


Aromantic Asexual


Z Jackal was basically born into the radicals who call themselves Z due to his parents.



Personally, Jackal doesn't care much for how he appears but he won't deny that his hair color is one of the most positive things he finds in his appearance. That, and his complexion is usually free of acne and blemishes.

Jackal suffers from a rare form of heterochromia iridum, causing his left eye's iris to resemble that of an albino rat's coloration. Usually, he wears a contact that resembles his right eye's color, or even an eyepatch at times. Though he has been seen without both from time to time.

Jackal isn't easily noticed. He hardly has a presence and usually has to announce he's with someone for them to realize he's there. Pretty bland in his opinion, Jackal stands at an average height of 5'8" and is of a decent build. Naturally, his eyes are two different colors, the one on the left a red instead of gray. When not in uniform, Jackal tends to wear dark, neutral colors like gray or black. Rather pale, Jackal has the complexion of a porcelain doll and the lifelessness of it. He's normally seen as composed and calm and it's hard to get a reaction out of him.

Due to his odd form of Heterochromia Iridum Jackal tends to wear an eyepatch from time to time. Never really explaining it due to finding it embarrassing, most think it's odd. His nationality is also unknown.



Jackal is a pretty reserved young man. Very honest and direct to the point of bluntness, many find Jackal a bit insensitive of others emotions. He may take emotions into consideration, but really only so far as to determine the most effective way to say what needs to be said. He's extremely strong willed and it's hard to sway him from his decisions. He appreciates order and a sound system of things and finds the war a bit unethical but will fight it nonetheless. While he has a calm exterior, Jackal is a rather intense individual and a bit of a perfectionist.

He's tenacious and is known to hold a grudge for quite some time. While not really pessimistic, he does see things for what they are and tends to hold onto the negative effects, wanting to strive for a better result. Jackal wishes to learn and to understand, to know the details of every little thing, because to be ignorant is to stray from perfection. He is not content to just accept things the way that they are. While a bit rigid around strangers, Jackal is more relaxed around those he considers friends. He tends to make jokes, though usually has a straight face so it's hard to determine when he's being 'playful'. When making a promise he keeps it to the bloody end.

While he's not quick to anger, he does get aggressive when pissed off. He's known to shove, push and throw something similar to a tantrum when genuinely angered. It takes a while to piss him off though, a slow brew of continual mistakes on another's part and maybe one final slip up before he snaps at them. Since he tends to keep things to himself, it's hard to determine when something has upset him, as he normally keeps a calm facade.

┍━━━X LOVE X ━━━┑

Tea While not something he has often, drinking tea usually is a way to calm him down and put him in a more serene state than his typical rigid stature.
Order Jackal likes order, he likes things to be where they need to be. He hates when plans go awry and despises disorganization.
Books While not on the job or speaking to his friend, he will usually be found cornered in some nook with a large novel.
Star-Gazing Despite living in space, Jackal still enjoys taking in the stars that surround him.
Music Nothing too loud or hard, Jackal will mostly listen to some form of music while by himself.

▶▶ Eνєяутнιηg уσυ ωαηт, вυт αт α ρяιcє ◀◀


Loud Noises Loud noises like crashes or thunder terrify him.
Liars Being honest to a fault, Jackal doesn't appreciate being lied to.
Conflict Arguments he can handle but physical conflicts are not something he wants to toy with.
Crowded Places Too many people in one spot causes him quite the amount of distress.
Belittlement He's constantly being looked down upon and he'd much rather be seen as an equal.


Cracks Knuckles Some form of idle entertainment, he's constantly cracking his knuckles. Especially if the place is quiet.
Collects While not a specific thing, Jackal will collect and keep anything he finds interesting. Maybe a stone he picked up or some stickers that he found amusing.
Spoonerisms While spoonerisms are commonly heard as slips of the tongue resulting from unintentionally getting his words in a tangle, they can also be used intentionally as a play on words.

Level-Headed It's very hard for Jackal to do anything by an emotional standpoint, so he tends to keep a level head even in stressful situations
Hand to Hand While he's a bit frail against those who are larger than him, he's quick on his feet and doesn't tire as fast as others.

Insensitive He has a hard time reading others and tends to dismiss the feelings of those around him, especially if it'll slow him down.
Spiteful While he's usually calm around others, he is very spiteful and holds grudges for a long time. If he doesn't like you he tends to make little comments that aren't blatantly rude, but could be demeaning.

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Nato Ayres // Father
Unknown // Mother

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Modified by Fetch
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So begins...

Jackal Ayres's Story