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Abercrombie Melbourne

"I'm sorry, does it look like I care?"

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a character in “Pines Academy for the Naturally Gifted”, as played by ShaShaBoomStar




Abercrombie Gretchen Melbourne|| Abe, "Bitch"|| 17 || January 2nd || Heterosexual
Abe's smooth blonde hair is always the first thing people notice about her. The gray color of her eyes are captivating as well. Though a bit tall, standing at 5'8, her weight is noticeably below the healthy zone.


-Abercrombie & Fitch

-The Lower Class
-Helping Others
-"Annoying" People

-Becoming Poor
-Losing Her Socialite Status
-Wearing "Ugly" Outfits


Born into a rather well known family of wealthy socialites known as the Melbournes, Abercrombie was named by her grandmother after the clothing brand Abercrombie & Fitch, despite objections from her parents. It was obvious that Abercrombie's grandmother was obsessed with spoiling her granddaughter to death and she was showered with toys and gifts from the day she was born.

Abercrombie earned the nickname "Abe" pretty quickly, as her parents thought it was ridiculous calling their daughter by her real name. As a toddler, Abe never did much except be fed and play with her toys. She was told that playing outside would ruin her clothes and that it would damage her in the long run, and it was at that moment when Abe received the mindset that appearance mattered much more importantly than other aspects of a person.

Her temper tantrums became Abe's trademark, throwing them whenever her parents mustered enough courage to decline a demand from their daughter. Usually, it was her grandmother that always gave Abe was she wanted, and therefore she become much closer to her than her mother and father. She never spent much time at her house and usually stayed over at her grandmother's, basking in the leisure lifestyle that her grandmother lived. Parties were usually thrown there and that's how Abe truly started to become a social person.

Abe continued to be spoiled through her adolescent years and once again by her grandmother. She was given two cars on her sixteenth birthday: a pink Mercedes and a sky blue Porsche. Using the money her grandmother offered her every week, Abe went out frequently and squandered all of her cash on any designer clothes that caught her eye. At school, she teased all of those who didn't possess any designer clothing and ruthlessly gossiped about a lot of people. A feeling of superiority came across Abe when she bullied and she absolutely loved it.

Her grandmother discovered Pines Academy for the Naturally Gifted and immediately wanted to enroll Abe. However, she couldn't find any outstanding talents that Abe owned and instead paid her way into the school. Abe didn't mind, quite joyful that she could leave her old public school.


Abe is simply a spoiled grandmother's girl. Nothing else. She didn't go through anything rough in her childhood that could be used as excuses for her constant negative attitude towards other people. She didn't have any traumatic experiences that could be used as some sort of "Get Out of Jail Free" card for her constant teasing at others who have been through hard times in their life. Nope, she's just a spoiled grandmother's girl.

It's quite obvious that Abe is wealthy. She loves to show everybody her very expensive clothing and belittles anybody without numerous amounts of savings in their bank account. Work is not for her and she absolutely will not do anything that requires any type of physical activity. Since her grandmother told her not to care about what other people think, Abe speaks her mind and has no form of mental filter. Due to this, people usually think of her as a total bitch and to be honest, she is. And Abe knows it. She knows how rude she could be to people, but she couldn't care less. As long as she has money in her pocket, she'll do whatever she wants, whenever she wants.

There's absolutely no consideration of others for Abe. It's all about her at all times. If somebody objects to that, Abe pounces on them, wanting to cause as much havoc as she can to that person for the few minutes they're near each other. Her love of money usually gets the best of her and she will do anything to get hands on cash, whether it be sleeping with someone or stealing test answers.


Abe sometimes wishes that she weren't spoiled so much so that people would like her more.


So begins...

Abercrombie Melbourne's Story

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Abercrombie Melbourne

"No need to pity yourself, Hope."

Abercrombie Melbourne, nicknamed Abe by everyone who thought that her real name was just too lengthy and ridiculous to say, entered the room, where Hope and Erin were socializing. She had overheard the two talking, and at the mention of her own name, Abe couldn't resist but barge into the conversation.

"I promise you, I'm gonna be really nice this year," stated Abe as she sauntered around the room, taking in the view of it. The rooms of Pines Academy didn't impress the rich girl much, actually thinking that it's sensible to compare it to a pig's cage. Abe stopped observing the room and stepped towards the two girls, the most fake smile ever resting on her face.

"Let's start off with me apologizing. Hope, I'm so sorry for calling you stupid last year. I didn't realize that your parents just don't have the ability to produce a normal child who's not obsessed with dance. And Erin, my friend, I have to be honest, I have never ever insulted you, ever. All those times I called you fat and annoying, I was simply just describing you, not insulting."

Abe gave a friendly wave to the girls and took out a tube of lipstick out of her designer purse. She began to apply the lipstick onto her lips and waved once again to Hope and Erin before brushing past the both of them and making her way out of the room, not wanting to be in the same presence as them.

After a short moment of walking wherever she wanted to as she obsessed with the tube of lipstick in her hands, Abe noticed someone who surprisingly didn't annoy her. Carter Bennett.

"Oh, Carter! Hey!" Abe giggled and jumped towards Carter, throwing her arms around him. The two haven't talked much in the previous year, though they have been together long enough to know that they were on good terms with each other.

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"Sounds great! Next time you don't have to try to do ballet," Hope said with a teasing lit to her voice, and Erin smiled lightly. "Oh, I'll be sure to never do ballet again," she giggled as she put away the recorder again, smiling as Hope mentioned seeing the moves in her head. "I'd never be able to dance like you. My coordination in that subject is lacking at best," Erin said truthfully as she watched Hope do a few dance moves. Then, of course, Hope mentioned her roommate being the less-than-honest Abe, and pitying herself.

Of course, the bitch herself made herself known just then, walking in and commenting on Erin's weight and Hope's 'Stupidity'. Erin growled, quite literally, and looked at her right in the eyes. "At least I'm not pixy-bitch thin because my blood was turned to acid by the devil incarnate and then thrown out of the hell-hole you ass!" she yelled, but Abe was already gone to speak with one of the people who actually liked her, as if their should be any.

"The world must have some really bad agenda with you" she fumed, turning to Hope, just as Alexandra walked in and mentioned them doing a ballet. "Oh, well, I just composed some music that I thought she could use for practice. It's no where near what it needs to be for a true ballet," Erin rambled, pausing when the girl mentioned something about needing a director. "You look like you would be perfect for the job, what with the cameras and such" she pointed at the video camera in her hands.

"So which one of you lovely ladies is my roommate?" The girl said while she stood up. Realization dawned across her face and she jumped up and down for a second before calming herself. "You must be Alexandra! Is it okay if I call you Alex? Alexandra is an really long name and because we will be spending a lot of time together, I would rather call you something shorter. I'm Erin. I write and play music on the piano. You must be a director, then?" she said as she walked over to where the cameras placed on the dresser. "And that's Hope. She'll more than likely be spending a lot of time in here. I know if I had a best friend the room over and I had to bunk with the Queen Bitch, then I would spend lots of time away from the room. Is that okay?" she asked, right before she realized she was rambling.

Erin walked back to her bed and plopped back down before studying Alexandra carefully. "Are you new here? I can't seem to place you..." she mumbled before looking at her hair and chuckling. "Your hair matches my pants!" she smiled and looked down at the fabric. "But I do love the color. Of course, I would have to, or else I wouldn't be wearing it. I've always wanted to dye my hair, personally, but my mother wouldn't let me. Your hair is pretty"

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Carter wasn't against hugs, but the ones that made him drop any sort of food were just complete tragedies.
"Oh, Carter! Hey!" The legendary Abercrombie Melbourne said as she threw her arms around him. The sudden surprise had caused Carter to let go of the muffin in his hand and he watched helplessly as it hit the floor.
"I was going to eat that..." He mumbled, still eyeing the ruined muffin. "But it's good to see you too." Carter was unsure of what else he could say to the girl who was hated by many and loved by less. Surprisingly enough, he had never felt any resentment towards her and thankfully Abercrombie hadn't felt the need to target him in her bullying, the two weren't enemies nor friends. Carter saw their relationship was a I don't annoy you, you don't make me the laughing stock of the school. kind of thing. It worked out pretty well, actually.
"So hows the new year going for you? Got a fun roommate?" Carter asked, a knowing grin stretched across his face. He had glanced at the rooming list when he first arrived at the school a few hours ago, and if he remembered correctly, Abe had been buddied up with the one and only Hope Candall. "The person who set it all up must really get a kick out of watching the world burn, huh?" Carter laughed, already picturing how things would play out.

Meanwhile, Jennifer was strolling through the hallways and wandering around like she had nothing better to do. She didn't, actually. Classes didn't start until tomorrow and the orientation wouldn't be on until awhile. In short, Jennifer was bored out of her mind.
That is, until she saw another girl strolling through the hallways.
Once she noticed that the girl ahead was carrying a map of the school, Jennifer decided she'd be neighborly. She ran up to the girl and started walking beside her, "Jenn's my name, art is my game!" Jennifer said, her best Hey! I'm trying to be your friend here but don't want to come off as creepy! smile on her face and was hoping that she wasn't leaving a terrible first impression on the girl who was clearly new. That would suck. She'd forever be known to the new girl as the one that ran up to her and started smiling like a madman.
"I can show you around the school if you'd like." Jennifer offered, "Those maps aren't exactly the most helpful way to find your way around."

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Abercrombie Melbourne

"The person who set it all up must really get a kick out of watching the world burn, huh?"

Abe smirked at Carter's sentence. She thought he was rather funny, despite questioning herself if he was trying to be humorous or simply just being himself. Looking down at the crumbled muffin on the ground, Abe reached into her purse and dug through her wallet, taking out a few dollars and handing them to Carter. If it were anybody else's muffin that she caused to fall from their hands, Abe would absolutely not care and probably tease them about it, just to show them that she was richer and much more superior.

"Buy yourself something nice. Maybe another muffin," Abe turned on her smartphone and called a friend of hers that didn't attend Pines. She marched off after waving goodbye to Carter and began to wander aimlessly through the school as her phone conversation carried on and on.

"Oh yeah, totally. I was like, excuse me, you look like an elephant, please go back to your table..."

As Abe continued to blabber to her friend on the phone, she noticed that her battery was about to hit zero, causing her mobile device to shut itself down. Sighing and retrieving her phone charge from her purse, she continued to walk and talk, turning around and heading back to her room. "I'm headed back to my room. I seriously hope my roommate isn't there. She's such a loser."


Her smartphone played the dreaded shutting off tune. It had died. Abe grunted with frustration, angry at her phone. Yes, she was spoiled so rotten that she would get irritated at inanimate objects for not doing what she wished them to do. Storming to the nearest room with an open door, Abe pushed through the door, eyeing the two guys with eyes filled with fire. One of the boys had just got done asking the other if he were Hope's friend. Abe rolled her eyes.

"Evan. I need to use your phone. Now." walking up to him, Abe shoved her phone into her purse and reached her arm out, signaling for Evan to give up his phone to her. Not noticing the other guy (Felix, was it?) all that well, Abe sat down on the foot of Evan's bed, her arm still stretched.

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Evan sorted through his clothes, not having anything else to do. He was bored.
"Evan. I need to use your phone. Now." Evan looked up to see Abe standing in the doorway.
"Yes Ma'am," He handed her his phone. It was a few years old, but it was still a phone. He sat back down on his bed and waited for her to be done with his phone.

Hope walked through the hallway to the dance room. She figured that she would check to see if Felix was in his room. She noticed that Evan and Abe were in there.
"So much for pitying myself, I pity you Felix. Sharing a room with Evan is terrible, and now Abe's in here! I feel so bad for you!" Hope smirked. She grinned at Felix.
"Either way, nice to see you again Felix," She added.
"Don't be so rude Ariel!"
"Shut up, or I will put scorpions in your bed!" Hope growled as she walked off. She reached the music room and put the CD in the stereo. She hit the start button and started to dance.

She started to spin on her toes, then she leaped into the air, spun around and landed on the very tips of her toes, still spinning. Hope then leaped again and gave a small pose before landed on her feet. She stretched her arms out and got on her very tip-toes. She then spun around again. Hope continued to practice ballet before she looked at the time. It had been about thirty minutes. She sat down and pulled a skirt over her leotard. She then walked to where the coffee shop was to see if Erin had found it yet. She peeked inside and searched for them.

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"Yeah. Hope's friend, right?" Evan replied. Felix nodded, unsure if his roommate had seen the gesture. In hall honesty, he didn't particularly careβ€” though for that, he felt kind of bad. He didn't have much time for self-pity, however, before his peace of mind was interrupted by none other than the illustrious Abercrombie. Felix was about to extend a friendly greeting to her when she voiced her demands.

"Evan. I need to use your phone. Now." Evan complied and handed the girl his phone. Felix couldn't help a smile. He'd been worried Evan would be a more caustic personality, but so far, he was an absolute joy. And, as far as Felix knew, he was heterosexual. Which was always a plus, considering the fact that he came off 'gay' to guys he wasn't even attracted to. Last year had been a living Hell.

Another familiar voice sounded from the hallway. "So much for pitying myself," Hope said, popping in through the door Abercrombie had left open to the hallway. Felix waved at her, something between a warm and a humored smile stretching itself across his face. "I pity you Felix. Sharing a room with Evan is terrible, and now Abe's in here! I feel so bad for you!" Hope smirked and grinned to him, and his tight-lipped smile split to mirror hers. "Either way, nice to see you again Felix."

Out of nowhere, Evan added, "Don't be so rude, Ariel," At which Felix was lost. He could practically smell the animosity emanating from Hope out toward Evan, and it unnerved him. He didn't like seeing Hope so angry. It didn't suit her like dance did. Once again, he was about to interject something of his own if only to try to lower the sudden flare in the room, but Hope was off with some threat about scorpions. Felix really hoped she wouldn't make good on that threat. It didn't sound particularly comfortable, sleeping in a room containing a bed full of arachnids. He'd pester Hope about that later. Though he could respect her disliking his roommate, he'd have to do everything in his power to keep theirβ€” or was it just her?β€” emotions from stinging him in the back when he least expected it.

With the sudden increase in activity inside the small room, Felix had grown antsy. He hopped off the bed, landing lightly on the floor, and snatched his ballet bag from the dresser. Tossing his wallet and a change of clothes inside, he slipped out of the room on tiptoe, already warming his feet up on the way down the stairs.

Felix, before long, found himself in the music room. As the dance program at Pines Academy was hardly expansive, tailored more for the pair of seasoned dancers than for the masses, there wasn't an actual building for it like those for the musicians or the artists or the actors; rather, small studios were available both in the basements of the music building and the theatre as well as in a converted display room in the art building that additionally served to showcase student art shows. The theatre and art studios were often occupied by their respective artists, but few musicians also used the dance room, so it was the one most often available to practice in. He slid past the choir stands and made for the stairs but stopped just short on catching sight of the upright piano stashed in the corner. He paused to finger out a few single notes before heading for the dance studio.

Today, he would take a break from the rigorous training. An idea had struck him: he'd start choreographing his ballet. First up? A waltz.

"It's not nice. I don't know you," said the man who'd quietly introduced himself as Derek. Arden almost scoffed but caught herself just shy of doing soβ€” why even bother mentioning that not knowing someone somehow made his experience somehow more miserable when the person stood just feet away from him, perfectly willing to get to know him a little better? Before she could come up with anything reasonably polite to say, he'd already turned and walked away.

And he didn't even take a cookie, Arden thought to herself with a huff. Hmph.
If she could find the stairs, she would have loved to returned to her room and fume at her complete and utter failure to introduce herself, but she was still wandering around, hopelessly lost. There were classrooms, now, on either side of the hallway. Obviously, this wasn't the right direction. She turned around and continued to wander for a good fifteen minutes before finally coming to a pair of concrete steps.

"Well, this is a start," she said to herself in an attempt to fill the silence that seemed to permeate the entirety of the empty building. The dormitories were probably upstairs. She had no idea how she'd reached it, but it was a start nonetheless. Maybe then she could meet her roommate and get a look at a map. The school had one on its website, but she had no idea where she was in the first place, so there was no way she could use it without first getting situated.

At last, Arden came upon the hallway of rooms. She caught the last of a conversation and a blonde heading downstairs, who she moved to introduce herself to but stopped shy of calling out to him. The way the last one, Derek, had reacted, was off-putting. Did he know she wasn't here on 'talent' scholarship, somehow? Arden's stomach clenched. She'd heard the stories of the 'Talents' and the despised 'Fakes,' and here, she knew she fell into the latter category. She just wanted to go in her room and hide for the rest of the day. She'd already made a fool of herself in front of one person, after all. She dug her key out and began trying locks. She didn't care if she had no idea which room she was in. She'd just see which one took her key.

Arden had made it through half the doors in the hall when she heard footsteps. Though she probably should have looked up to pay attention to the blue-haired girl storming towards her, she didn'tβ€” a critical mistake, seeing as she was currently attempting to jam her key into the lock to the girl's room.