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Jack Alexander Baxton

A poor man turned rich, then turned poor again.

0 · 268 views · located in German

a character in “Pirate Times : Rebels of Revenge 2”, as played by TheXenomorph1


Name: Jack Alexander Baxton

Age: 19

Height: 6'' 7

Personality: Hilarious until there's business to be done. When there's something to be completed, he wastes no time until it's done with.

Skills: Determined, named "Bad@$$" by his crew, Optimist when it comes to himself and his crew, the power to over-estimates everything.

Rebel or Patriot: Rebel

Looks: Always wears the same long-sleeved red shirt with a black jacket over it. He always wears the same pair of brown-ish boots and black pants, seldom washing them. Jack can be seen with either a dark Brown buzz-cut most of the time, (But it looks more of a gray color when it's a buzz-cut) or medium hair that's stuck up in every direction (Look up the Sum 41 Still waiting Music video, that's the style of hair I mean).

Ship: The Baxton Ship

Weapons: Two small daggers that he always holds upside down and pressed against his skin, hidden under his long-sleeved shirt, for protection purposes.
Two pistols and one spare hidden in various places in his clothing.

Works: Used to be a protester... that's it.

Other: He was recently very poor until he inherited his family's everything. After tasting the good life and seeing the corruption, he turned his back on it all and started protesting and pirating.

So begins...

Jack Alexander Baxton's Story