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Captain Colten Grey

"I will neither claim it nor it claim me, and so I've no idea why they call me by the sea's maiden name."

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a character in “Pirates: Battle for the Seven Seas”, as played by CussingChild



Colten is modestly handsome, with a strong jawline and charming crooked smile. His wild gray eyes reflect a gleaming blue-green like the sea and his tall 6'2" build is covered in lean muscle. His hair is usually unkempt and hectic, ashen black and shaggy, often hangs over his face. His angular features and yet nonchalance adds to the beauty of the man with an underlying wicked nature about him.


He is a man of boyish charm, and quite witty. Despite his wild eyes he usually maintains a calm disposition, mannerly to women and articulate in combat. Despite everything there is mysticism in all that he does, and a keen eye for knowledge and learning. Keeping an open mind and a merciful heart. His men seem to admire him and revel in his ability to bring those they stop to their tongues discontent, dancing around them in speech and often enough talking them into fear. Silver tongued and fearless, he has weaved a reputation that does his high strung morals injustice. His principles are clear, valor, determination, confidence, focus, and devotion to contemplation.

His faults are clear though as his intuition often leads him to dead ends. He is half mad if silently so. And he is haunted by his own history. The one thing that seems to be able to bring him to his knees. His fears manifest themselves in all that he's already lived through.


He is never without his trusty sword, modeled after that of the British Royal Navy, it's sturdy and is carried with him so long as he carries the freedom to make the choice. Though a flintlock is always at his belt along with a small knife. His clothing is often black pants and a simple white shirt, the strings meant to pull it together at the top always undone to reveal a strong chest, always with a more torn than useful dark gray frock coat. His boots always buckled and strapped, their brown leather as worn as that of his brown leather gloves. His bandanna is always tied around his forehead, and is black.

His ship goes by the name of the, "Lady Spite," She is painted a beautiful light grayish-blue with dark trimmings. With her hull bearing a shark twisted and mangled to seem as though it's in state of peace rather than looking to harm anything before it. The sails white and marked only with broad and elegant, "C"s. Though however beautiful it is, it's a sight of fear to many. And a sign of hopelessness to most.


Will Be Revealed Later.

So begins...

Captain Colten Grey's Story

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Captain Colten Grey would walk the ship, silently, his head held high with dignity. The boards, would creak quietly beneath him as he paced. His coat would furl and bend around him, deep gray in color the frock coat was torn and mangled, not befitting the elegant if not wicked ship the Captain called his own, the ship that went by the Lady Spite, feared among British, French, and Spanish sailors. It didn't even seem to fit the attitude of the man wearing it, who seemed keen and regal in his mannerisms, while the nonchalance spoke of someone free of royalty.

He would stop and look back at a briskly approaching man, "Captain, there is a ship off the starboard bow." Unlike many other pirates, Colten had been careful, always careful, to recruit the most capable men, not those subject to rum and barbarian-like ways. His thinking in the matter, being. How could someone without the mind to listen, be expected to run and maintain a ship. Be it as it may, these men were loyal, a collection of personalities and poised skills. He felt the utmost camaraderie for them all.

He would change his pace, pulling a telescope from a hidden pocket within the coat, with practiced grace pulling it to it's extent and raising it to his eye. "Hmm." Was all he managed to say, viewing the average and stale ship. It was insignificant, and brandished a privateering ship by the sails it wore. Though it was extremely large, and it would seem the cannons were being prepared.

"Let us have them sinking, then." He would give a charming smile to the man who would nod in understanding leaving his side to issue the orders.

In mere moments cannon fire was thick in the air, the privateering ship receiving the worst of it, the Lady Spite true to it's reputation closed distance quickly. Colten would swing from the nets along with his men, securing a plank. His men would flood the ship, overwhelming the enemy. He would swat away a wild stab of a rapier with a slight swing of his own, as he repelled it away he would extend his own stab into the man's chest. "Gragh.." He would pull himself away, falling back into the pole of the mast.

The Captain would pull his flintlock from his belt turning, and with one second's aim, smoke would erupt as flint was struck, an iron ball burying itself in the neck of an unfortunate sailor.

The battle took less than an hour, the large ship surprised. Be it short as it was, they had taken casualties in the fighting. Only recovering weapons, and personal goods, and treasure.