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Tahlia Commeranda

"There is no good or bad... it's only being good at being bad"

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a character in “Pirates: By Blood or By Gold”, as played by LiLyAnna_14


Name: Tahlia Commeranda


Age: 27

Appearance: Long, straight red hair and dark eyes, with smooth skin and a deadly aura.

Build: Deceptively slim, and often underestimated, but more than able to handle herself in a fight.

Personality: She has a sweet smile and a gentle face, but this is just the bait.
Underneath the soft exterior is a hardened, fiery woman who will not hesitate to remove some body parts in the name of negotiation.

Where they live: Nassau, near the docks in an apartment above a noisy inn. It's the best place to hear the gossip.

What/ who they are: Tahlia is the captain of The Flaming Sail, a ship known through the town, its story spread through hushed whispers and wide eyes. She owns an apartment above the Crying Angel, a busy inn near Nassau docks, and spends most of her time sitting in the inn listening to the stories coming in off the sea.

History: Her father was a wealthy, greedy man, a man of the law. Her mother was an extraordinarily powerful witch. Her father used the witch to procure a child, and then ran away with the baby. When the child turned 5, the father began to use her for sexual favours, and eventually let his friends at her too, for a price. When the girl was 10 her mother found and rescued her, and took her to Nassau, a pirate town where her "law abiding" father would not look for her. Her mother told her of the witch blood in her veins, that would give her strength and beauty, and she taught Tahlia to use these skills to her advantage. When her mother died, Tahlia was 18, and remained in her mothers apartment, working in the inn, until she was able to buy her own ship, and put her deadly abilities to work.

Skills: Disarmingly beautiful, she uses a mask of innocence and naivety which results in her talent being underestimated. However she has two very sharp daggers up her sleeve... literally... and is more than capable of holding her own when someone tries to take advantage of her "harmless" personality.


So begins...

Tahlia Commeranda's Story


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Characters present: Mara "Red Water" Vana, Tahlia Commeranda (Can't tag people for some reason)

Tahlia woke, stretched and swung her small build out of bed. She downed the drink next to her bed and ate her way through the meagre meal that she'd bought last night and taken up to her apartment with her. Living above the Crying Angel had it's perks, despite the late nights due to noisy, rowdy pirates. Pulling on her pants and long sleeve shirt she inspected her image in the mirror. She was covered in skin tight black, save for her hands and feet, her flaming red hair standing out against the darkness of the clothing and the smooth tan of her skin. Perching on the edge of the bed she pulled on her lace up boots and tied them tightly. Throwing on her knee-length tan jacket that helped her to blend into the crowd, and pulling the hood over her bright hair, she descended into the main room of the inn.
She settled into her usual chair in the furthest corner of the room from the door, with her head down to cover her face and hide her hair as much as possible. She had a reputation in Nassau, as did her mother, and in order to catch the gossip off the ocean she needed people not to be afraid to speak around her. The bartender approached and Tahlia grinned at him, her shining smile disarming him. Abraham was an old friend of her mothers, and he'd known Tahlia since she was a little child, but she still managed to disarm him and it always made her feel better to exercise her abilities.

"Abraham..." She flipped a coin up to him and winked "The usual, good sir?"
She didn't entirely know what was in "the usual" but it was dark red and usually smoking, and it warmed her insides when she drank it.

"Of course young Miss Commeranda" Abraham replied, stuttering a little over her last name.

"Abe... how many times? Please call me Tahlia." She smiled again.

"Yes Miss." He replied before turning to leave.

Tahlia settled into her chair and closed her eyes, expanding her senses and listening in to the various conversations going on around her. She heard the clink of glass as Abraham set her drink down, she heard the boys at the bar bragging about the previous nights 'conquests', she heard the door open... the door opened! Tahlia snapped opened her eyes and saw a woman with long dark hair enter and sit at a table. She had a man with her which judging from his stance was either a brother or an old friend, but Tahlia wasn't interested in him. This woman had attracted her attention something fierce.

Abraham walked up to them and spoke in a friendly manner "Miss Vana. Long time no see."

"Ah, Abraham. I'll take a glass of red wine." The woman spoke, her voice light and fairly relaxed for being in a pub full of pirates... Tahlia concluded she was a captain, there was no way a whelp would be this relaxed. Therefore... the man was a first mate? or a trusted crew member? Tahlia's brain was ticking over quickly, watching the exchange of words with interest.

"As usual," Abraham chuckled before looking at the gentleman.

Waving his hand, he replied smoothly "Some beer will do fine."

Abraham nodded before walking away and returning soon enough with the drinks. The woman dropped the coins into Abe's outstretched hand. "Miss Vana" had intrigued Tahlia, and that was no easy feat. Today may actually be an interesting day. Tahlia smiled to herself and sipped her drink, feeling the gentle burn travel down her throat.


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#, as written by Felilla

"Yeah I can see something. Where did you get the dragon produce?" a new feminine voice said.

Normally, Mara would simply ignore the person. If she could find the island, so could anyone else (with a bit of luck), but she could feel a magical essence practically radiating off of this woman. She was obviously a Witch. Mara did not look away from Lady Harlington, "I do not believe my question was addressed to you, miss. If you must know, an island, unmarked, uncharted. You have to be fairly lucky to find it."

Now that she thought about it, there were several magical presences nearby, including one very familiar one. Mara felt her heart stop, but her face displayed no more emotion than it did the moment before. She smiled at Lady Harlington, "Hopefully we can negotiate without interruption?"

Still her thoughts remained trained on the woman and she made a gesture to Kane, who nodded. He took Mara's empty wineglass to refill it. Mara tapped her fingers against the table thoughtfully as she waited for Lady Harlington to come to a decision. Her eyes flickered over to a man discussing something with a woman; he was one of the presences. Kane set down a new glass of wine on Mara's table before walking over to the man and setting another mug of beer in front of him, "You's looking a crew, mate?"

Mara turned her attention away from Kane and the man and to Lady Harlington, "I apologize. Where were we?"


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"There seem to be a lot of authentic magic-users appearing in Nassau lately," Theo commented. Just now, he had sensed yet another magic-user, a red-haired woman who had interrupted the magic-user he sensed earlier and what looked like a noblewoman in a mask and now the same magic-user who had been interrupted now interrupted his conversation. He smiled slightly at the irony.

"My friend here just told me that real magic is rare in her experience," he chuckled. He gestured for Alexandrine to follow him as he took the offered mug of beer and sat beside his new companion. He bowed slightly to the noblewoman. He had heard of her and the last thing he needed was another powerful woman wanting him to suffer.

"Milady. Forgive my interruption," he told her before nodding at the woman who addressed him. Judging by her magical prescence and what he heard of the different pirate captains over the years, this had to be Captain Mara "Red Water" Vana.

"My old one passed away through fire, water, and a vengeful goddess' wrath."