The Great White

Freak ya say? Heh, heh, heh....aye.

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a character in “Pirates: By Blood or By Gold”, as played by Sonata


Máko Ödüs Galodon

Aliases: Máko Ödüs Galodon; “Great White”; Shark Man

Age: 29

Appearance: The demi-human is quite enormous in more ways than one. Having the traits of one of the largest fish in the sea has not only made him a threat to many, but has caught the attention of thieves and freak shows trying to make easy money. To some, his appearance is fascinating, exotic, and strangely attractive but to most, he is seen as a freak of nature. His eyes are pitch-black and his irises gold, reflecting light to fool some Animalia to believe that they glow. His teeth are large, triangular and serrated, making his smiles wide and frightening. Behind his primary rows of teeth is a second set that have made him an infamous biter. His victims are often found with a portion of their throat ripped out. Those lucky usually escape him with either a missing limb or a piece of themselves. His teeth can crush, shatter, and sever most non-metals and weak metals.

His senses are more acute than normal. Like a Great White, he can detect electromagnetic fields emitted by the movement of living animals and can detect a heartbeat due to its faint electrical pulses. He regulates his body temperature to remain hotter or cooler than the climate of his surrounding environment. Finally, he can detect a drop of blood on the air and in the water up to 3 miles.

His rogue background is imprinted on his skin in the form of ocean-like tattoos. He has thick, wavy lines on his left deltoid, reaching down to his bicep, symbolizing the ocean, and a ring of triangular thorns circling his shoulders just below his jugular that could symbolize teeth. The shells of his ears are lined with jewel studded-earrings. On the back of his forearm are two fins that can protrude like knife blades and are just as sharp. They are sheathed behind a clear, film of flesh, and if he flexes his forearms, they protrude like a curved knife up to three inches in height, but two feet in length.

His gills are within the pits of his arms, often guarded for they are quite a vulnerable spot. Being mostly human, if ever his gills are assaulted, it's not the equivalent of being punched in the throat. He can still breathe just fine. However, if attacked underwater, then it would only amount to induce his drowning. If his gills take damage in a fight, he will be unable to breathe underwater until they recover. As with most sharks but not all, Mako can only breathe in salt water and not fresh. When submerged in water, his body undergoes a transformation adapting to its surroundings and turning Mako into a massive megalodon. He can often be confused for a tiger shark for his tattoos are still present on his body in wavy stripes going down his left side.

The shark's bulk is built from his diet of proteins and from naturally being a large predator. His muscles are smooth, thick, and texture described as rubbery. They are defined and act as a defense mechanism from most physical blows. His body can take an extraordinary amount of punishment to the point that gross afflictions or strong binds are a must.

Build: Mako is very bulky and heavy set. He is 7’ 2” (86 in) and 748 lbs of muscle.


Personality: Mako is quite the intimidating character due mostly to his appearance and the sea tales that follow his name. He is a legend in Nassau, and mostly known only to sailors, traders, and thieves as a deadly killer. If you're not by the sea, then you will seldom hear about "The Great White." His exposure to the ugly side of society has shaped him into a man of dark humor, pleasures, and sometimes violence. He can be prone to extreme violence if provoked, and the provocation can be as petty as an insult to his name. He loves to fight and will accept any excuse.

There exist some awkward tendencies with him. He can regard someone for several minutes in a stare so scrutinizing one might suspect he had x-ray vision. He often tends to smile and not just for the emotions of happiness and amusement. Au contraire, he has been known to also smile when he's pissed off. Having immense rows of teeth in your face isn't always a pleasant experience.

Mako fights dirty. He doesn't fight with honor; instead, he fights to overcome, live, and win. He used to live how he chose to until he found himself in a bind in Nassau. The fish cannot remain out of the water for longer than two hours. His skin tends to lose its supple texture and will harden, crack, and peel. He gets feverish and it becomes difficult for him to breathe, which then leads to an instinctual rise in panic. The fish will become wild and dangerous in his desperation to find fresh sea water.

With his size, there is much to compensate for in food intake. Mako can eat his weight if not exceed it in food, preferably fish or seafood, and in seldom cases livestock. When he doesn’t consume enough calories to feed his cells with energy, he grows very weak and autophagy eventually develops. The shark loves fish, and if there is plenty, his appetite doesn’t seem to have an off switch. It can become a problem.

The shark is slightly racist when it comes to humans, having been tortured by them since his captivity in Nassau. He has yet to like one and isn’t against causing them harm. He has yet to find one human that could change his mind, but don’t let his cruel reputation fool you. He can become a very loyal ally.

Where they live: Since his exile, the fish was captured and held in captivity in The City of Thieves. He lives in a very small and deep cylindrical tank where his slavers weave tales to draw in those curious to see him. A rare few have ever really seen him. One man being his captor, Eduard Barnabus. Over the months, Mr. Barnabus has had to hire new staff to watch his pet due to accidents during feeding time. Some of the rumors have grown stale due to no one having ever seen the creature and customers began demanding proof. The only proof that they have is the fishing game they’re required to play when they pay to see the creature.

The fishing game is where a player takes a fish and attaches it to a large, nasty-looking hook. The game is simple. The winner will have caught the Great White on the hook and will be able to reel him in to see him, while the loser loses either his rod or his bait. Because no one has ever been able to catch the Great White, Mr. Barnabus’s fishing game has become quite popular in the city. Many flock to the tent to try their luck, and each time, the shark knows how to carefully remove the bait from the hooks. With a little more money, the players can upgrade to even larger, smaller, or fancier hooks to better increase their chance of catching him. The more complex the hook, the better chance for a catch—so they are led to believe.

With only the few fish offered during his feeding time, Mako’s only chance to really eat depends on the amount of people who play the game each day. This has left him weak, crazed and starved unable to escape his predicament and the tiny swimming space.

What/ who they are: He was once apart of a race of sea people known as the Mercos. They were a fish people that lived about the coral reefs in a city under the sea. He was the son of an Imperial guard and his siren wife. Born mutated and different from the pure blood of the clan, he was destined to be banished when he matured.

History: Mercuria is a city of fish people in the tropics. Fields of coral make the poisonous barrier divers would have to swim through to reach the city, and there are many predators that live within it so that if the coral doesn’t get you, they will. Mercuria is neutral in relations to other kingdoms in the world, offering hospitality and resources in exchange for continued peace. Mako’s father was a well-known and respected Imperial guard, and his wife was one of the most beautiful fish in the kingdom whose voice could charm sea demons. It was expected that such a beautiful and renowned pair would have an equally beautiful child, but the pup that emerged from the egg hadn’t been so. Mako was different as a baby with black and gold eyes unlike the black and sea-blue/green colorations of the other fish folk. He resembled a shark and they feared that he wouldn’t ever have a humanoid form.

When Mako was thirteen, his curiosity led him to the surface and when he accidently beached himself, he discovered his body’s ability to adapt. Excited to have a humanoid form, he swam back to his parents to tell them, but instead of excitement, they showed only fear. Their monstrous son was capable of doing what none of them could: walk the surface. Rumor soon reached the Mercurian king, and he had the boy arrested and brought before him. Mako’s ability to walk the surface threatened the kingdom’s relations with the landlubbers. If the humans knew that such a monster represented their people, then surely they would break relations with them. In order to protect the kingdom, the teen was banished from his home and was never to reveal his relation to the Mercurian kingdom.

The surface world had been a rough and unkind experience. The teenager found it difficult to fit in even though he walked upright like them and studied their language. He wore clothes like them and even tried to mimic their mannerisms, but he was still only a freak to them. One day, a gang of punks chased him down, strung him high like a fish, and harassed him with a harpoon. It had been a sea captain by the name of Jorn M. Gatling that had rescued him and with a loaded flintlock, scared the group away. The captain didn’t see Mako as a freak or a comrade. He was to be a weapon, whether he liked it or not, he would mold him into one.

Mako was forced into slavery on Gatling’s ship Widow’s Scorn. There he was broken and learned to kill the captain’s enemies. He patrolled the sea around the ship while the pirates slept, killing enemies that plotted underwater hijacking. He was known to bite holes into the hulls of ships, forcing them to slowly submit to the waves. He had even participated in a few raids, climbing aboard the enemy ship and scattering its crew across the deck. The captain had made a monster, and it had drawn the attention of a royal ship.

The captain of the royal ship was a naval genius and having learned much about Gatling’s tactics, had an impenetrable hull added to his ship. The metal bottom kept Mako from sinking it, and the bombardment he faced from the gunners kept the fish at bay. The royal captain then ended the pirate captain’s reign in a blaze of cannon fire that smashed the Widow and reduced it to driftwood. Mako had also been targeted in the attack and was thought dead when a cannonball struck him.

He washed ashore the beach of the city Nassau and was found by a man named Eduard Barnabus. Frightened at first, the man near fled from the sight, but instead an epiphany of greed had entered his mind. He abducted the unconscious fish and started his lucrative business, where Mako resides today.

xInhuman Strength
xNaval Hijacker
xUnderwater Stealth
xSlayer of Sea Monsters

Other: Any character is welcome to try their hand at The Fishing Game in the Nassau marketplace. Feel free to send me a PM so that we can plot it out if you think that your character would be interested.

So begins...

The Great White's Story


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Dorian made is way through the market while chewing on some bread. Nassau was crawling with filth of all sorts. Pirates, thieves, murderers, and worse of all, slavers. Since he got there a few days ago he's killed over a dozen slavers. One even got away, no doubt spreading rumors about him. Ahead he heard a man shouting. “Come on over; don’t be shy. Within this tent behind me, we have a spectacle; we have a legend; we have a living sea monster—living proof that they are real and not just sea tales. The creature, however, is quite clever. Only the best fisherman can catch him,” He stepped into the tent only to be pounded with foul stenches.

The bandaged man made his way to the keeper and paid him before taking the food. "I'll pass." He told the keeper when offered a fishing pole. Instead he uncovered his bandages on his right arm, revealing his burns which were immensely grotesque. Dorian dipped his hand into the feed and, to the surprise of the others around him, stuck his arm into the tank. Even if this "monster" did bite his arm he could still heal it again. He just wanted to see if it was as intelligent as other mythical creatures that he had encountered before.


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#, as written by Sonata
The monster keeper stood from his stooped position when a strange man wrapped in bandages entered the tent. For a second, he eyed the man, wondering silently if he was a leper before he realized leper or not, he was clearly a customer.

“Welcome friend, come to try your luck?” he greeted.

He accepted his gold and in exchange offered him a pole, and his brows rose in surprise when he heard him refuse.

“Come again? Heh, I’m not sure I heard you right.”

He watched Dorian unravel his bandage to reveal his marred flesh, and rudely, his face scrunched up in disgust for he was too uneducated to see that they were burns. He was still stuck on his leper stereotype. From disgust to horror, the man had managed to fill him with two emotions almost instantaneously. The fish and the hand holding it were both dipped into the tank, and with a frightened gasp, the keeper rushed him, attempting to snag his hand by the wrist and draw it out of the pool. The keeper in the Crow’s Nest sat up in his chair with a suspicious frown when he watched the bandaged man dip his hand into the bait bucket and draw out a large fish.

“What are you doing down there? You must have a fishing pole to play this game!” the man in the Crow’s Nest yelled.

“Are you crazy?” he exclaimed. “It’ll take your hand off!”

“Why’d you let that mummy in here? He’s gonna get us fired!”

Glancing down, he noticed the water had mysteriously darkened. Dividing the water, a dorsal fin rose out of the tank like a giant knife and the creature’s pointed nose was inches from touching Dorian’s hand and the fish he held. The keeper in the Crow’s Nest nearly collapsed out of his chair as he held onto it, quivering in terror. The sight of the dorsal fin made the keeper below him dart away from Dorian into the bait bucket as it dumped over, sending the remaining fishing sliding under his feet as he comically went falling to the ground.

Two rows of serrated teeth hung open as the shark’s gills flared with its breaths. Black eyes gazed up at the man whose hand and arm belonged, unnatural golden rings taking in his bandaged face. Never had he seen such a human, and he didn’t know what to think of him.

I ‘ad t’see fo’ me self the fool dumb enough t’stick ‘is ‘and into me water…

The voice seemed to echo around the tent and the keeper in the Crow’s Nest wailed as though a ghost had been about.

“It talks. The damn thing talks!” he cried.


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Dorian gazed at the creature with interest. Indeed he seemed to be fae though he hadn't enough knowledge on fae to tell of what it all encumbered. What he was sure of was that the creature was not human. Another thing he also knew was that there was know way this creature was here under free will. If it was intelligent it couldn't possibly be happy living in a small dirty tank all day.

"So it does, though I have a feeling that the it is in fact a he." He said in a calm tone in response to the keeper's words, all while looking at the creature. "I bet that you're not here because you feel that tank is homey, now do you? How about you come with me? I promise that there's a much bigger world out there. I know because I have seen more than most men see in their entire lives. What do you say?" He asked the creature, extending his hand out.


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#, as written by Sonata
The human was offering him an escape. The shark said nothing as it slowly sank back down into the tank. The keeper in the Crow’s Nest felt his nerves slowly calm once he saw the fish vanish. Grasping the rail, he sat up and glared at Dorian.

“You’re not taking our monster! If Mr. Barnabus found he’d-”

The tank surface exploded with gallons of water upheaving into the air alongside the gaping mouth of a gargantuan shark. Its gaping mouth and double rows of teeth clamped about the crow’s nest before gravity pulled the giant back under. Water swelled and gushed over the sides of the tank in waves that washed against the gaping monster keeper’s ankles.

Thieves and scoundrels strolling the market halted in their tracks when they saw the water dumping out of the tent. With a hysterical cry, the monster keeper ran out of the tent, flailing his arms as he ran for the little shack built next to it.

“Mr. Barnabus! Mr. Barnabus!” he cried.

Meanwhile, a stark-white hand grasped the edge of the tank, hauling the shoulders of a rather large man. His hair was a pale blonde and teeth bared like a vicious bear trap. About his hips were brown, ripped-up pants that he managed to steal off the fat man. The humanoid dumped weakly onto the ground and hissed softly as the gills at his pits dumped the foul water he had been living in from his lungs.

“Get me to the sea,” he demanded desperately.

From the shack, a man emerged dressed in a noble grey coat with a brown waistcoat and vanilla cravat at his throat. An oiled and “C” curled moustache adorned his upper lip, and his hair was greased neatly back. The money his business had been making him had been treating him well, and he wasn’t too pleased to learn that a man was trying to steal his business. As he strode toward the tent entrance, he removed his rapier from the sheath at his hip, drawing quite the attention as several onlookers began to crowd around it.


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The shark bursting from his cage was not what Dorian expected. The expectation was to simply take his hand to pull himself up, but extravagance was fine too. “Get me to the sea,” He could imagine the man...or shark, could use a breath of fresh water. "We'll get on with it, but firstly we must deal with your former master." He told the newly freed man then turning to who was obviously the one in charge. The Mr. Barnabus.

"I understand that you might not want me to take your prisoner, but alas I must. For you see none of us hold the right to own any creature on this fair earth. Normally I would just kill you, however, these are unique circumstances since he is obviously not human and thus not subject to the laws that many nations have made. Fifty silver pieces and four jewels in exchange for this specimen. If you take the offer then we shall not fight. However, should you refuse...." He took out his kukri and a flintlock.

The kukri began to glow and electricity started to surge through it. The sparks burned with red and purple. Dorian was using a bit of his magic, which would hopefully intimidate Barnabus. "We shall duke it out right here, right now. I've killed many people and I assure you that I have become quite efficient at it. Take that massacre at that store house near the docks the other day. Only one man got away and that was because I only nicked his privates. Rest assured I won't give that mercy a second time. So what's it going to be Mister? Are you going to take the gold or die?"


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#, as written by Sonata
The Mercos was in no condition to fight. His body felt weak and muscles heavy. His limbs even shook with the simple task of holding his weight upon his hands and knees. He glared at the ground, which would have been for his hero for he would have rather high-tailed it to the sea than to stick around for justice. Justice could have come later. It was too late, however, for the polished and pressed man came before the tent with his rapier in hand. It was almost humiliating to imagine that such a weak human could easily dispatch him in his current state if allowed to.

The wrapped man tried to negotiate. Buy him? He didn’t think the man’s offer would work, and he was right as he gazed at the frown gradually hardening on the businessman’s face. Mr. Barnabus’s face flushed a little in his anger as he thought that this man had some nerve. Like he was going to let him take his prized catch. The freak had made him more money than what fifty silver pieces and petty jewels could cover. He couldn’t even buy a decent ship with such change. However, when the man drew his weapon, his expression became a little nervous. He noticed the magic dancing about the weapon’s edge and the flintlock that could take him out in a single shot.

“You’ve killed many people you say…” Mr. Barnabus began. “Then you shall kill many more.”

Mr. Barnabus turned to the crowd and announced, “200 gold pieces for the man who kills this leper and takes back my freak.”

The announcement had passed through the ear of every thief, scoundrel, pirate, and dog in the vicinity. There were many weapons drawn from flintlocks to various types of swords and throwing knives.

Mako’s lips twisted in an ugly scowl as he narrowed his eyes. “I should ‘ave jus’ crawled back into me tank, but this chance is too good to pass up. I ‘ope ye got some tricks up yer sleeve. Save yer ‘eroism and get me to the bloody ocean!”


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The situation was growing more dire by each passing moment. The tent was now filled with a horde of enemies and their current position would make it rather hard to make it out alive when done. Dorian could think of only two ways to get out of the situation. Using a few spells for the short term problem of escape and outbidding the man in the bounty. However, it would consume most of the gold he had brought to the island.

"I know more than evocation..." He whispered to the dragon. He holstered his pistol only to cast a new spell. That of darkness. A supernatural darkness began to fill the tent. I did no harm, only blind those who were not equipped to see through it. Normal light could not shine through it, but it would fade within minutes. Then he cast a spell of silence on the two of them. Before leaving he sent a spell that acted as his voice from across the tent. "A brick of gold and five diamonds for anyone who brings me the head of Mr. Barnabus." It said. With that he took the creatures arm and ran out of the tent.

The streets were crowded and the ocean far. Running to an ally with a fortune teller near he stopped. "I hope you have no problem riding? By the way did I ever catch your name?" He smirked at the creature when he began casting his last spell. After about six seconds a horse formed. Dorian got on and reached for the creature's hand to help him up.


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#, as written by Sonata
The tables were turned. Mr. Barnabus didn’t have to see the man’s face to know that he was nervous. The man was cornered and he was certain that he would be getting his pet back. Pinching the curled corner of his moustache between his index finger and thumb, he rubbed it as a victorious smirk quirked upon his lips.

“Why would you want to runaway? I gave you a nice tank to swim in and you have fresh fish to eat every day. Now you’ve gone and wasted this man’s life thinking that you could escape me. How far did you plan on getting with those legs? You haven’t used them in years.” Mr. Barnabus dropped his hand and breathed a sympathetic sigh. “I forgive you, my pet. After I put this leper out of his misery, you can tell me all about how I can improve your living.”

The shark posted his hands out before him and his fingers curled into the dusty earth as his body trembled with exertion. Baring his teeth in his effort, his back arched and arms extended as the pops and crack of loosening tendons and shifting bones were heard from under him as he curled his left leg. He planted his foot flat upon the ground and raising his chin, began to shakily stand. A few of the thieves, even with their weapons drawn, stepped fearfully back once the monster found his feet. The way he seemed to tower over most of the killers there and with how his devilish-black eyes settled on them made them wonder if Mr. Barnabus’s pet had actually been a demon.

Mako stood with his broad shoulders back and stature rigid with defiance as his amber eyes settled on the businessman’s bothered face. His lips rolled back, parting about large rows of triangular teeth that filled the man with dread. He could have probably eaten him alive with those teeth or left him with half a face—and that wasn’t all…a second row of teeth converged over top of the other pair, coming together into a wicked and eerie smile.

“Ima’ come back for ye,” the shark threatened on a deep chuckle. “Ima’ be gettin’ mine.”

I know more than evocation…

Thank God. The shark didn’t know how long he could keep up his intimidating front. His legs were so numb and weak that standing might have been all they were good for at that moment.

The wrapped man conjured a spell of darkness that blackened the area about the tent. It had become so dark that not even Mako with his nocturnal vision could see anything. He could hear people shouting in startle and confusion until they suddenly fell silent. For a moment, the shark felt alone until Dorian’s voice rang through the silence:

A brick of gold and five diamonds for anyone who brings me the head of Mr. Barnabus.

The businessman felt his heart skip in terror for a second before he tried to shout in his defense, but no sound left his throat. Magic. The leper had been a wizard!

The shark hissed when he felt a hand grasp his wrist, and defensively both of his rows of teeth parted as he near attempted to bite the stranger’s hand right off. It had been a split second decision to resist, his body tensing as he restrained himself and felt the harmless pull, leading him wobbly through the darkness and out of the tent into daylight.

The sun stung his retinas, his eyes unused to its exposure. It had been a long time since he had seen it, and he knew what evil it could do to a fish. Keeping up with the human proved difficult as he walked a little stiff legged and tried not to let him get too far ahead or he’d surely cause him to fall. As they fled through the market and down the back alleys, Mako couldn’t help but regard the human and how passionate he had been about freeing him. He was willing to risk his own life for him. But why? They hadn’t known each other but he wasn’t about to ask the man why he had freed him. Freedom was freedom.

They stopped nearby a fortune teller’s shop and the large man bent over with his hands upon his knees as he panted in exhaustion. He was so out of shape. His body had leaned out and was slightly slim, his muscles smaller than what they had been before. If he had spent a few more years in that tank, he surely would have gone belly up from atrophy. Sweat rolled from his pale-blonde brow and dripped from his chin as the gills at his pits huffed another breath of stale vapor.

I hope you have no problem riding? By the way, did I ever catch your name?

“I never ‘ad a problem. It be the ‘orse that ‘ave the problem wit’me,” the shark explained with a smirk. “I be Mako…s’all ye need t’know ‘bout me ‘uman. I don’t know why ye gone risk yer life trynna’ save me, but I owe ye. Ye get me to the sea, an’ I’ll repay ye somehow—in blood or favors.”

He glanced up to suddenly see a horse. His brows came together in brief confusion before he remembered that his new unsaid friend was a sorcerer. He gazed at the hand held out to him and grasped it within his large, clammy one, while his other grasped the back of his saddle. With a grunt, Mako climbed onto the back of the saddle mostly on the horse’s backside than in the seat, and already he could tell that the horse was magic for no normal equine could bare his weight without buckling. Even while malnourished, the fish was still pretty heavy.

“I jus’ need t’fill me gills wit’ fresh sea water again and me belly with fish.” The Mercos had ropes of drool descending from his lower jaw just thinking about it. “I miss ‘ow they used t’wiggle all the way down. I can’t wait t’get me strength back.”


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#, as written by Sonata
He had forgotten how turbulent the four-legged creature was. Mako uncomfortably clutched the saddle as the horse banged its hairy back against his crotch. The ride had to have been more comfortable for the human as he sat upon his leather seat, while Mako grimaced in discomfort the rest of the way. It had to pay off soon.

The two were silent the whole trip too focused on their getaway and watching out for those who could have been following them in secret. The smell of the sea became potent, the salt filling his nostrils and its roars in the distance causing his heart to race. The human was actually taking him to the sea. Mako had actually been suspicious of his hero for the last man that had saved him had him enslaved, but this human was very unusual. He could easily leave him—dive into the ocean and never return to Nassau, leaving the man with the drama that had been started, but what kind of a Mercurian male would he be? Even after being banished, there were still some ethics that stuck imbued in him by his Imperial father.

The horse stopped on the beach and while Dorian calmly dismounted, Mako seemed to slowly slide off. Once his feet landed in the soft sand, his hands grasped his loot, holding it soothingly as a low groan rolled from his throat.

Mako sounds like a fine name.

“Does it now?” Mako asked facetiously. Normally, humans didn’t give two @#$% about his name.

Straightening, the shark cast his sights to the churning sea and Dorian would see the creature’s stern expression brighten. His brows lifted and his eyes widened as though he were witnessing a miracle; having a religious experience.

You know I could have used a Banshee Wail, but then again, you might have died too. I’ll make sure Barnabus pays in one way or another. Maybe we could sell him to a Khalidoran slaver? Those ones are cruel and it would be fiting.

“’E be mine,” Mako reminded Dorian. “’E be a smart man. Too smart fo’ ‘is own good. I want mine…”

Despite standing before his old home, he hadn’t taken a single step toward the welcoming waves. Dorian went to go rest himself upon a log of driftwood and almost shyly the fish cast his dark eyes his way as though to silently ask for permission. Seeing the magi’s hand motion, Mako looked back toward the water and started toward it.

“I’ll be back, ‘uman. ‘Don’chu die jus’ yet,” Mako told him.

He waded into the rolling water until the waves crested over him. As they came crashing down and the water went flat, the fish was gone. The brown, ripped breaches of the fat keeper he had killed were all that washed up on the sandy shore.

Feeding Time…one hour later…

Mako erupted from the water with a burst of salt and foam. The wave he had rode up to the beach crashed behind him, rolling past his hips as it lapped at the sandy shore. Clenched between the fish’s teeth was a large, silver-bellied mackerel, flailing about as it tried to tear itself free of the shark’s vicious grip. The fish man leisurely walked over to the trousers that he had left on the beach and stooped to retrieve them, putting them on one leg at a time. Once they were strung up on his hips, he started over to the human if he was still there and alive, his teeth biting down on the fish as its blood began to roll in red rivulets down his argent flesh.

The mackerel continued to flop until Mako stopped just before Dorian to toss back his head, which flipped the fish around so that it was angled down his throat. His two sets of teeth and neck muscles worked like a grinder, his throat swelling to accommodate the creature as it fought to the very end. It wiggled its way all the way down into Mako’s protruding full belly, its delicious end announced with an explosive belch that left the shark’s mouth on a long, gassy breath. Patting his belly, the Mercos laughed joyful. It had been such a long time since he had felt so full—probably more than full, but at least he wasn’t starving anymore. There was definitely a strong, revitalized energy about him that brightened his complexion, making his skin gleam like the first snow.

“Aah, I didn’t think I’d eva’ taste fish like that again,” Mako said with a large grin.

He then dropped to his knee and took Dorian’s hand if he’d let him. Extending the human’s bandaged finger, he pressed the tip to the pointy crown of his teeth, and even with the lightest pressure, the man would see the bubble of blood that soaked into his rags and began to drip through the hole that was made. Mako extended his black tongue and licked his fingertip, gathering the human’s blood to be stored within his memory. Releasing his hand, Mako smirked and told him:

“There. I know the taste and smell of yer blood, so if it spills on the air or in the water, I will come. I will come and whoever spilled yer blood will wish they ‘ad never summoned the likes of me. It woz all I could think ov’ to give ya mate. A life fo’a life.”


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Dorian understood that Maco had been away from the sea for along time, but he found the gift to be a bit on the odd side. Not so much the part of the blood, just how he did so. In all honesty he probably would have preferred to cut his hand and give blood that way. After all he could always heal the cut afterwards. Not wanting to be rude he didn't say anything against it.

"So how about a drink? I could really go for some rum right now and I know of a good tavern that we could go to. I'd like to get a drink before we go back to kill Barnabus...that is if the crowd hasn't torn him apart for my offer." He said. There was a great many things he needed to know. Firstly was whether or not Hu was in the city and taverns were usually the place to hear rumors from.


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#, as written by Sonata
A deep chuckle rolled from between Mako’s teeth as he sensed the awkwardness the man felt. His custom probably had bothered him, but he didn’t seem to care. He was a human. What did they know? They were always peculiar about things that never bothered the fish people.

So how about a drink?

Mako arched a brow at the man’s suggestion. What were they friends now? He thought that he was going to bestow that gift on him and go on his merry way. The fish man was slow to respond. He didn’t have many friends and if they had wanted to exchange emotions, now he was the one feeling odd.

before we-

“ME!” the shark roared. “I will kill him. He is mine! Ye saved me, thank ye, good fuckin’ job, but the meatbag that enslaved me is me vengeance not yers. We aren’t friends, ‘uman. I don’t give a shit ‘bout yer rum wantin’. Go ‘ave yer drink. I got t’settle me business and I don’t need ye to do it.”

The Mercos stood and glared down at the man, baring his teeth as he did so. “Befo’ I was a fish trapped ina’ bowl, I was a monster. I served under Captain Jorn Gatling, and I destroyed ships at ‘is every whim. I turned the sea around ‘is ship into a death trap. Anyone and anythin’ that entered me feeding circle was dead! If I couldn’t take their ship, I’d board it and bring it in for me captain and his crew of cutthroats to infiltrate. Besides ‘umans, I’ve faced monsters in the deep, creatures none of ye ignorant apes know ‘bout because they mean to take ye by surprise!”

“So do ye think I need ye? I don’t. Yer deed is done, mate.”

The shark turned from the wrapped man and started for the city. His mind was already plotting with how he was going to find Barnabus, but first was first, he had to clothe himself.


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Dorian chuckled at Mako's words. The shark probably didn't know that there were dangerous things on land as well. Although there weren't very many creatures the size of Leviathans on land, they more than made up for their lack in size with sheer power. He himself had seen his fair share of fae and undead to know this. Then again when he was Mako's age, he also thought himself more powerful then all else until he was afflicted. He watched the ex-slave walk away before making his own way into town.

The streets were still busy and the bandaged man stopped at a local silk vendor. He unwrapped his thumb to feel the cloth only to find that it was in fact real silk. He bought some silk bandages and some new shoes since his were getting old. He asked the woman selling the silk if she had any Anansi silk, to which she told him of a vendor that did. Dorian thanked the woman and decided to cut across an alley way to get there.

On his way through the alley he spotted something unusual. There was a young girl in a blue dress just sleeping on the ground. The only young people he saw in Nassau were either inexperienced pirates or slaves. However he didn't see any weapons on her person or any owner around. He stood over her and nudged her shoulder with his foot to see if she would wake up.


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#, as written by Sonata
Every pulse of the human heartbeat outlined their forms in a white electrical field. There were many pulses crowding the streets around The Fishing Game. They were the usual scum walking through the market, however, within the tent and upon the roofs surrounding it were different patterns. The pulses were quick with anxiety. For there to have been so many nervous heartbeats in the area meant that Barnabus must have managed to weasel some sort of deal with the thieves to get out of Dorian’s ploy. Really, what mattered was who actually had the gold, and it was obvious with the businessman and his appeal. From what he could see, they had already been paid and were obediently following his orders. For him to have set up a guarded perimeter about his business meant that he knew Mako would come back for him. The only difference was that Barnabus wasn’t going to be there.

Mako was seated in the alley two buildings down from the game. Next to him was the trembling man whose long coat and hat he had taken. The sleeves of the jacket had split about the shark’s large arms that were crossed before his barrel chest. It was clothes like that that reminded him of the struggle he would have to go through again just to find garments that fit him. The hat he wore tilted low on his head. The lip veiled his face above his nose while he continued to study the building.

Barnabus would be hiding somewhere, hoping that his hired men would be able to catch him. Arching a lip in disgust at the man’s wit, Barnabus was definitely one of the types of humans he hated. There was no point in fighting all of those crooks. He knew that he was falling right into Barnabus’s trap. If he hungered for revenge so heavily, then this was the difficulty he would face. He had no reason to go after this man anymore now that he was free. He could have easily returned to his life, but his pride had been sullied by him—by a human. Even the wrapped man had been looking down upon him as a mere slave. He was no slave. He had been a prisoner.

Rising to his feet, Mako’s ghostly eyes peered down at the trembling man before his grin swelled on his face. The shark turned without word and walked out of the alley, sheathing his teeth behind sealed lips so as not to draw negative attention. He wanted to blend in with the crowd just until he got close enough to the game tent. There was no other way around it. He had to fall into the businessman’s trap.

When the crowd he had been following neared the tent, he broke away and raised his hands in surrender as he cautiously approached it. The archers on the adjacent building above him regarded him suspiciously. They squinted their eyes and exchanged confused looks. Finally, one of them pointed a crossbow at the giant and shouted: “Stop right there! You step any closer to that tent and we’ll shoot you dead. The Fishing Game’s closed!”

From within the tent, a bandit with a rapier and the monster keeper from before walked out to inspect the stranger. Already, the monster keeper was shaking nervously after seeing how the man was barefoot and the torn trousers looked familiar. He already had many suspicions, but he had to confirm it by seeing the man’s face beneath that hat.

The bandit smirked as he walked up to the stranger, waving the tip of his sword in a circle. “You’re an awfully large bloke to be wantin’ to cause trouble around here.”

Tilting his head to peer under the lip of the giant’s hat, he met the dark eyes of the shark and immediately jerked backwards, and even ran a few feet away from him.

“It’s him! The monster!” the monster keeper exclaimed.

The bandit’s smirk faltered as he raised his sword to Mako’s chin. He observed him for a moment before he flicked his blade upwards to knock off the fish’s hat. The bandits took in the pale blonde hair and black and gold eyes.

“Holy…I didn’t get a good look at’im the first time but…holy shit, he is a freak isn’t he?” the bandit marveled. “Aw, you came back because you missed your old fish bowl didn’t you?”

“He-he can talk,” the monster keeper informed. “He killed the other guy that was working with me. He could kill us all.”

The bandit laughed, “No. I don’t think he’s gonna try somethin’ as stupid as that. There’s too many of us here and only one of him. You knew that right?”

Mako nodded slowly. The bandit smiled. “Man, do I love makin’ me some easy gold. Come on in here. Somebody get some rope so we can tie this fella’ up.”

As Mako stepped further into the tent, he walked with his captors back over to his old tank, the stench of the water burning his nostrils. He hadn’t been able to notice it before because he had been accustomed to it, but once he had gotten some fresh air and sea water into his lungs, it surely had been putrid.

The shark cooperatively lowered his arms so that the bandits could tie him up.

The bandit keeper faced the monster keeper. “We got your boss’s fish. Now where’s he at? We want our gold.”

“He said that he would meet us here once the job was done,” the monster keeper recited.

The bandit rolled his eyes. Facing the shark, he had to ask, “What brings you back here, Freak? You find the world tough to live in? It’s not all blue water outside your tank, especially here in Nassau.”

Mako had been surveying the tent and looking expectantly towards the tent entrance to see if Barnabus would show. There was a faint hissing noise that made his scales raise. His golden eyes nervously shrank.

“Ye ‘ear that?” he asked.

Every bandit in the tent instantly raised their swords as though the sound of the shark’s voice had been a threat itself.

“Shit, he talks,” the bandit gasped.

“I told you!” the monster keeper yelled.

Now that the freak revealed some form of intelligence, he didn’t feel too comfortable around him anymore. The sound was growing louder, and if Mako remembered right…without further delay, the fish whirled and dove right for his tank. Within the few seconds of his movements, he saw bandits lunge to apprehend him. The shark’s body broke the surface of the tank and following his plunge was a thunderous explosion. The sound reverberated throughout the steel cylinder, flames stroked the water’s surface, and the blast pressure shoved him down deeper.

People had fled the area around the burning and smoking remains of The Fishing Game. The bloodied corpses of bandits and citizens were scattered about the game and in the middle of the street. Two archers were all that remained on the nearby roofs, their associates having fallen to their deaths.

From one of the numerous black coaches lining the sidewalk in the city stepped a gentleman. With a proud smile, he walked through the now empty streets, stepping carelessly over the bodies that laid in his path. He drew a handkerchief from his inner coat pocket to cover his nose as he stepped over tattered tent cloth and began inspecting the remains for the corpse of his enemy. He had actually been hoping to find the creature alive again so that he could gloat in his face for thinking that he could ever threaten him, or win for that matter.

“Agh!” the bandit from before cried. He was covered in blood, his legs had been shredded by the blast and patches of burnt, black flesh marred his face and arms.

Barnabus walked over to the man. “Oh, you survived.”

“Barnabus? Was…was that you with the gunpowder?” the bandit rasped.

“Why, yes. You’re quite clever.”

“Bastard! You killed my men!”

“But you’re still alive, and I’m a man of my word.”

The businessman reached into his pocket to draw out a sack of two hundred coins that he tossed at the bandit’s face. “You can use it to get yourself cleaned up.”

“You gotta help me. You can’t just leave me here with gold. Someone will kill me and steal it from me.”

Having made his way over to the tank, Barnabus turned toward the bandit and smiled insensitively: “That’s your problem. Not mine.”

Mako erupted from the tank behind the rich man, stretching out his arms as a toothy grin expanded on his face. He flexed his forearm muscles as his fins sprang outwards like sickles. Barnabus was turning around to lay his large, stunned eyes on the fish just as gravity was pulling him down. In one swift and clean movement, Mako had crossed and uncrossed his arms in a blur before he dipped under water and resurfaced. The shark watched, his grin having yet to shrink. It only expanded until his second rows of teeth came together. The vengeance felt so good.

The bandit stared at the businessman as he seemed to stand there in shock. Perhaps they were both wondering what had just happened?

Barnabus parted his lips to speak and a scroll of blood dumped out to roll down his chin and piddle upon his chest. His fingers went to his lips, his brows raising in shock before a red seam walked along his throat. His head tipped back, threatening to roll off his shoulders and he grasped at his hair to keep it on before he outright died. The businessman collapsed upon the ground with his hand clutching his detached head by the hair.

Ooh… the sight had been as fulfilling as a succulent fish. Climbing out of the tank, Mako crouched next to Barnabus’s body and began feeling about his clothes for money, deeds, anything he could use. He found a small sack of gold, a gold pocket watch, a key to his shack, and a few rings and a necklace. Standing, the shark had turned his sights to the bandit who desperately tried to hold onto his reward bag with his teeth.

“You got what you wanted! Let me have mine!” the bandit growled.

Mako snagged the two hundred coins from the bandit’s teeth and dumped the jewelry and extra coin in it.

“I’ll let ye ‘ave it,” Mako replied.

He stomped his foot on the bandit’s neck, instantly breaking it and putting the bloke out of his misery. The guy had been a goner any way—not like it mattered to the Mercos. His wounds were severe and would have probably been infected before he saw a doctor or healer. By then, other bandits would have killed him and taken whatever they could from him. He was dog food now. Strays were already crowding the bodies that were strewn in the street, crunching on fingers and ears. Even the birds were desperate for a meal.

Mako strolled away from the smoking scene and happened to find his hat laying haphazardly on the ground as he made his way next door. With the key to the shack, he opened the door and stepped inside to search the man’s belongings. He found more gold to add to his fattening wallet and a few bottles of whiskey. He popped the cork on one bottle to steal a swig. The burn of the liquor sent chills down his spine. It had been such a long time. He gathered the spirits, gold, the pocket watch and jewelry into a pillow case and turned around in the bedroom to see a large map on the wall. There were markings on it. Perhaps vacation spots, treasure, he didn’t know, but maps were valuable and equaled more gold. Taking it down, he rolled it up neatly and added it to his collection.

With a full sack of loot, now it was time to go spend and pawn his spoils. There was a brothel that had his name written all over it.


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#, as written by Sonata
The soft, playful melody of an accordion and flute filled the brothel along with the intermingling sounds of laughter and drunken blares. Pirates, scoundrels, and even the wealthy were lounged about couches with voluptuous women in their laps and beer and wine on their tables. They smoked hookah and munched on grapes, cheese, and other edibles that kept hunger at bay, but nothing sated the hunger of their loins like a fine woman.

As a red-faced smiling gentleman staggered toward the door, he wrapped his fingers about the bronze knob and drew it open to walk right into what felt to be a wall. The man staggered backwards before he fell upon his bum and from the pair of legs he saw in front of him, he craned his head up the doorframe to where the stranger’s head was not visible. The visitor’s frame blocked the door, and silence fell over the guests. Eyes were upon the stranger as he lowered his head to get through the entrance. His steps were felt through the floor, and the boards groaned beneath the weight of Mercurian bone and muscle. With the hat veiling his face, the man was shrouded in mystery. His torn pants, lack of footwear, and the sack he carried in his hand made him look shipwrecked, having perhaps just washed up upon the beach. It was clear that the jacket he wore didn’t fit him, having been split at the sleeves to reveal stark-white arms with the brands of a pirate all over them.

The inebriated man curled his legs, drawing them closer to his chest fearful that the giant would step upon them. When his shadow collapsed over him like a blanket, with his head tipped as far back as it could naturally go, he saw the two eyes that peered down at him from spheres of darkness. They looked like rings of gold, glinting softly and stealing his breath on asphyxiated whimpers. With a sudden wail, the drunk jumped to his feet and nearly stumbled on his way out the door as he screamed:

“Monster! Muh-muh-monster!”

The guests silently watched the man leave before their attention apprehensively returned to the stranger.

One of the unoccupied girls waiting the tables approached him, a little nervously, but she was good at hiding it. To the guests, she was bold and probably a fool. She was a young thing. Shame to see such a girl with a whole life ahead of her at a brothel. She had rich, dark spiraling hair, pink lips and cheeks. She stopped just out of the visitor’s reach with her serving tray against her lap and through hazel eyes peered up at the mysterious gentleman. She couldn’t see his face beneath the lip of his hat, but the presence he bore was thick and foreign.

“Welcome. The mistress is busy, but I will do my best to tend to your needs,” said the serving girl.

She watched the smile curl at his lips as he shook his bag and from it came the chime of coin. “I got me a bag ‘ere wit’ some things ye might find nice. Ah’m jus’ wonderin’ who t’give it to.”

The girl bowed her head, her tresses tumbling forward to veil her intrigued smile and the brief redness that came to her cheeks. She had heard the weight of the gold and couldn’t deny her urges to acquire it. If a man had gold, monster or not, she’d happily take it off his hands.

Raising her head, the girl sighed a breath of refreshment and extended her arm over to an empty lounge with pink, silk curtains, pillows, and a hookah pipe.

“This way. You’ll be with me,” she told him.

The teeth he flashed at her as he started for the lounge made her jump a little. What kind of man had teeth like that? What had she gotten herself into? She followed behind him, inspecting small distinct features such as the strange seams that extended down his forearms. She even thought that she saw his skin move beneath his armpits. Had she really been about to entertain a beast?

As they passed the stairwell, the serving girl slowed, staring up at the second floor with concern glinting in her eyes. Mako peered over his shoulder and stopped, eyes flicking up to the second floor briefly before they returned to her.

“Whot is it?” he asked.

The girl’s attentioned snapped back to her guest, her eyes widening a little. “N-nothing. It’s just…the mistress; Madame Aja left some time before you arrived to check on one of the girls. She just hasn’t come back down. I guess I’m a little concerned.”

Mako made a face, his nose wrinkling and lips drooping in a frown. He normally wouldn’t have cared, but the girl had hinted that this Madame Aja was her boss. If something happened to her employer, then the brothel wouldn’t last for as long as he had hoped to spend in it. The fish hissed and turned toward the girl, walking past her as he silently started up the stairs.

“Wait! You can’t go up there unescorted!” she called as she grabbed her pink dress by the skirts and raised them to quickly follow after him.

“Then escort me!” the shark growled though he still continued to lead the way.

Down the hall were a group of men crowding a bedroom. Their bioelectric signatures flickered before his eyes along with the two that were in the bedroom, and as he strode closer, he watched a woman step out and she didn’t look too thrilled to see the men there.

Yelling followed, and when one of the scumbags raised his hand against the fae, the serving girl squeaked, “Madame Aja!”

Mako took note of the woman’s description and threw his weight forward as he advanced like a shark pursuing prey.

No, I think we’ll rather enjoy this,

One of the men happened to look away from the fae to see the massive man lunge upon his buddies. With a startled cry, he tried to alert them: “Look out!”

Mako’s left and right forearms swung out against the necks of the two ruffians' bodies, slamming them against opposite walls before his fins slid free of their filmy sheath to stretch like blades across the dazed men’s throats. They felt the hairline cut of a knife stinging their flesh and their eyes bulged at the strange protrusions coming from the creature’s arms. They danced upon the toes of their feet, trembling fearfully for one slip could have their throats slit.

The third one had wailed and drew his sword to stab it up at the beast’s face. From beneath the man’s hat, he heard a clang of metal and felt the vibrations reverberate throughout his hands. He grasped the hilt with both hands and tried to force the sword onward only to watch the cheap blade bend as Mako bent at the waist, lowering his gait so that his black, ghostly eyes could stare into the man’s face.

The ruffian paled, seeing his blade clenched between teeth that were large and jagged like a shark. His weapon had bent like a spoon and with the jerk of Mako’s head was stripped right from his grip and thrown against the wall.

“Ye know the last bloke who putta’ sword in me face I bit ‘is face clean off,” Mako shared as the corners of his mouth twisted into a malicious grin.

The man slowly stepped back in silent terror and looked to his pinned buddies before he turned tail and ran.

“Madame Aja!” the serving girl called as she moved around Mako’s hip to check on her employer. She reached a hand for her cheek not liking the harm she had faced.


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#, as written by Sonata
As much as he had rather slit the humans’ throats, the shark retracted his fins and the two ruffians slumped exhaustedly to the floor. Their legs had for a moment given up on them but as soon as they were able, the men were on their feet and turning tail. The girl’s employer was safe, and somewhat unharmed. As she recovered to her feet, she thanked him and rewarded him by opening her doors and her legs as well as those of any of her girls’ to him. The emotion that he had felt was unusual but not foreign. It had pleased him—made him feel accepted. The madame didn’t seem at all intimidated by his appearance, which was unusual for a human—if she was human. She asked for his name.

The Mercos turned to head back toward the steps without a smile to convey the emotions that he had felt. He wasn’t good with such sentimental situations. He wasn’t normally a do-gooder, and though he would never admit it, it did feel nice. Before the madame could suspect that he was ignoring her, the pirated answered, “If ye wanna know me name, ye’d join me below.”

It had been his invitation. The sun-kissed beauty had his curiosity. Why had she felt so comfortable around him when others felt only fear?

Eyes were on the fish as he descended the staircase back down to the ground floor and walked over to the small lounge Dedria had originally offered him. He set down his sack before he sank into the couch, spreading his legs comfortably. The canopy offered a dim and almost sensual cover, and had spared his eyes from much light. Crossing his arms before his chest, he waited patiently for the woman to join him; however, if she had preferred it, he would join her wherever she desired.


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#, as written by Sonata
The madame appeared before the lounge curtains and sashayed inside. She moved smoothly, adding to the mystery she carried like a shawl. The shark’s glimmering eyes watched her as she stepped around him, but hadn’t followed her over to the seat she had taken next to him. His eyes had been on the nosy couples that had been watching them, perhaps wondering what the owner of the brothel would do with such a creature, or vice versa. Her small hand settled upon his knee, and he regarded it for a moment, hearing her question and smirking all the same. He reached over to the soft rope that had held the curtains apart and undid it. The pink fabric came together like water, granting them some privacy against the prying eyes and ears of the other patrons.

Mako sat forward to light the small table candle with the charcoal in the water pipe, and answered the mysterious lady, “I wanna know whot ye are. Yer not ‘uman. I know ‘cuz ‘umans don’t accept whot scares’em. If I be wrong, then ye’ve might ‘ave gone and changed me opinion ov’em.”

Setting the red candle upon the table, the mood was gilded in warm, golden light. Mako turned to the madame to gently trace his forefinger and thumb along the soft line of her jaw to her chin where they came together. His face was inches from her own, his eyes scrutinizing her plump lips and dark eyes. He was a big guy. He knew that he was and wasn’t going to overwhelm her. They weren’t in the proper chamber for anything…dirty. But there were more subtle ways of giving and receiving pleasure.

Since being exposed to land and the many creatures that thrived on it, he still preferred the exotic beauty of Mercurian women, but there have been other creatures that had proven equally as pleasing in their own unique way.

“I be Mako, Madame,” he answered her. “I be from a city in the sea in the tropics; I be a pirate and a slayer of sea monsters; an’ I ‘ad once been a prisoner an’ a game to the ‘umans ‘ere…”

His eyes continued to rove over her body before his hand lowered from her chin to slip beneath her robes.


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#, as written by Sonata
They had eventually went to a private chamber, and the thank you had been paid in full. The shark laid on his side beneath the sheets, her finger tracing circles against his pecs. His lips parted about a large grin as light laughter leaked between his teeth. Wasn’t she funny? He was mostly curious if she had enjoyed herself. He was far different from her usual clients. The Mercurian anatomy and reproductive system, he was certain, had to have been quite the new experience for her. But he wouldn’t lie.

“This whole time an’ ye only be speakin’ in riddles. I ‘aven’t gotten anywhere wit’ you, have I?” he questioned teasingly. Oh well.

Cupping her cheek, his thumb brushed some dark strands from her face before he leaned closer and left a soft, lingering kiss against her lips. The shark tossed back the sheet and slid his legs over the side of the bed. Before he adorned his clothes, she could see the dry patch of skin that had flaked down his back. He was drying up, and it was time he returned to the sea to rehydrate. Mako reached down to pick up his clothes and adorn his jacket.

“I must go,” Mako told her. “I ‘ave tasted yer blood. I know its smell and taste, an’ I know that if it’s ever shed that yer in trouble. I will come for ye.”

Standing, he drew his pants up his hips and fastened them. “Twas’ a pleasure, Madame.”

The Mercos seemed to be in a little bit of a hurry to leave. His limits were close and he had to get to water as soon as he could.


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#, as written by Sonata
Aja, please, call me Aja.

The shark had been just about to leave when he felt the fae’s hands upon his shoulders. The heat from her palms were feeling warmer than normal. He wasn’t adapting to their temperature due to the dehydration he was experiencing.

Will I see you again?... He felt her pillowy lips against his shoulder. Perhaps, near d’e water, so you won’t ‘ave to leave so ‘astily?

Resting his fingers over her own, Mako turned to face her, letting her hands slide from his shoulders. The shark’s dark eyes roved over the woman. Had the woman been stricken by him? The situation was odd only because he wasn’t used to this kind of attention. Aja still looked like a human to him, and his mind was registering her as one, but her blood had told him the truth. There were only a few women he had been with and they were mostly one-night stands. They had intended to be pity favors from his old captain. His captain had always called him ugly, and when the ship was merry with the spoils of a successful raid, he had forced the unyielding women to lay with him as punishment. It hadn’t been a very good one.

“I kin return t’ye ‘ere. An’ if ye find ye’self by the water, ye know ‘ow t’get a ‘old ov’ me. The world outside this house is unsafe as I’m sure ye know. If ye’d want t’meet, I’d rather meetcha’ far from here. On a beautiful island, aye? I kin take ye anywhere ye like an’ we don’t need a ship either,” he told her and kissed the pads of her fingers before he stepped back away from her. “I’ll return later for a drink, ‘ows that?”

It had been a question over his shoulder as he left her chamber. He had a feeling that she would have said yes, and hadn’t the time to get caught up in such a conversation. It was dangerous; and he would forget his urgency until the drought would drive him mad.


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#, as written by Sonata
The Mercos emerged from the sea for the second time that day, stooping to pick up the clothes that he had left on the beach and rinsing the excess sand from them. When they were mostly clean, he adorned them; and just as he set his hat upon his head, his black tongue became excessively wet with the taste of blood. It hadn’t just been any blood for in Nassau blood wasn’t an uncommon thing to sense; but amongst the scents and flavors that he picked up, this one had been freshly familiar. It had been the blood of his savior.

Lifting his lip in an irritable expression, the shark growled a little. “Really? Already? Ye better not be beggin’ for attention.”

Mako started for the city, keeping his head bowed as he navigated its treacherous streets. If it hadn’t been for the blood trail, he would have not only never found Dorian, but he would have been lost. Being lost in a city of thieves was the best way to find one’s self in great peril. Mako was certain that he would survive regardless for he had survived far more dangerous situations, but it would have given him unwanted attention and that attention was already difficult to shake when you were considered a giant by small humans. Yes, small. He thought that his size was rather normal for a Mercurian male and that the humans were just short. Any who…

The trail had led him to an alley where the bodies of several men lay. Mako inspected each corpse for the bandaged man. That would have been rather unfortunate if the man had been murdered before he had gotten a chance to repay him. Dorian wasn’t there and he should have known for the trail had continued and not stopped there. However, it was much weaker. Could the wound had clotted or been treated so soon? Dorian had been a magician after all.

It wasn’t safe to stick around. Mako followed what little remained of the trail out of the alley and toward an inn. Without hesitation, the shark barged through the door, bowing his head as he stepped through and alarmed the innkeeper.

“By the seven!” the innkeeper exclaimed in startled fright.

He watched the large, ominous man head for the stairs and began to ascend them without requesting a key or even a room!

“HE-ey…” his voice fell quiet as his fingers went to his mouth. Was he really going to try and throw that big guy out? It seemed like he had business, and whoever had attracted the interest of a freak like that he felt sorry for.

Mako noisily made it to the second floor without even trying to mute his thunderous steps. He strode for the room where he suspected the blood had been coming from and swinging his foot up, he slammed it against the face of the door to knock it off its hinges flat upon the floor. From the doorway, Mako first glanced to Dorian before he noticed the young female on the bed. He exchanged a few silent glances between them before his lips drooped in a frown.

“No fire?” he queried facetiously. “Ye spill yer blood, sendin’ me searchin’ the whole city to find ya, and I see you wit’ this girl? No offense mate…”

Mako glanced at the girl again and frowned, “Doncha’ think she’s a little young? She’s but an’ egg.”


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Dorian looked up at Mako, too tired to be surprised. He had actually completely forgotten about that blood deal. Perhaps it was the fact that the events just a bit ago were all that more exciting than those of earlier. That or he just didn't care enough to remember.

"She is young. Younger than any of my own children. But she isn't year for pleasure. She has valuable information that I need. Information that I have scoured the globe for. I just killed four men and took a bullet for her so I'm not going to leave this room until I get my dues." He told the mer.

He couldn't pin his finger on it, but she looked awfully familiar. Maybe she was related to a royal that he had done business with in the past and he had done many jobs for royalty. Dorian passed a glass across the table he was sitting at towards Mako. "How about some wine?"


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#, as written by Sonata
The shark wouldn’t have made the man leave. His business was none of his, although he wished that he had arrived sooner to have spared him his conflict. He glanced to the wine glass that Dorian had pushed in his direction and had every desire to take it until he remembered his little promise to the mysterious Aja at the brothel. Frowning a little in disappointment since he wasn’t one to refuse a good drink, Mako answered, “I’ll pass.”

The teenage girl then awoke in a start and the Mercos stared at her as though she had a tentacle growing from her face. She was a weird one.

They are going to come again…

Mako followed Kalila’s eyes to the door, and it was then that he noticed the electrical signature on the other side of the wall. Someone was spying on them, and he didn’t like it.

But the ones at the door aren’t the enemy.

They were about to find out at least. The shark quietly turned to the door, studying the young man’s electrical pulse to see if he’d notice movement. He then swiftly stepped forward, swinging his shoulder toward the door and snapped out his arm as he reached around the doorframe to have his fingers snag the spy by his shirt. If Mako had managed to grab him, he’d drag the pirate captain into the room and hold him high before the eyes of Dorian and Kalila.


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Damien watched the girl, his eyes hardening as she mentioned joining the crew. He stopped smiling and moved past the two, motioning for them to follow as he took a seat, waving at Kato to order for him. Kato knew what to get so he'd be fine.

"I don't really care if you join my crew or not, but there are some rules and you have to be willing to listen to two seventeen year olds. One thing you need to realize in Nassau... Everyone, is looking for new crew members. The only thing is, some have bad reasons for wanting crew members. Now I don't care if you and your friend hate me, because it looks like you do, but so long as you respect my brother and my words and decisions, we'd be glad to have you both," Damien says, being serious. His crew had each seen him serious, all when they joined, but every other time, he was probably the most lenient out of the brothers.

"Tell me, I'm curious, what do you want in a crew and what can you do?" Damien asks, sitting back to lean against the wall behind him. His crew sat at a separate table to allow the three some privacy in business.


Sebastian was surprised to hear Kalila talk of the guys before again were coming. He was just mulling over her comment about those by the door, how she knew he was there, when he was grabbed.

How had he been grabbed? He was off his game and was pretty tired, and he was really freaked out by Kalila knowing he was there. When he was held off the ground by what appeared to be a freaky man. He struggled as he held the guys hand. He wasn't going to draw any of his guns or weapons when he was definitely not in a good place what with Kalila also there, possibly hurt, or unable to do anything.

"Kalila, you okay?" Sebastian asks as he looked over at her. He was having such a weird day. "And put me down you big idiot," Sebastian says, about to say something much worse when he though it might be a bad idea since this guy was taller, stronger, and possibly faster than him. Sure he was a pirate captain as a teenager and could beat most men, but when they were ridiculous and not necessarily human, he was in a rough spot.

"I'm going to rephrase that. Please put me down now. You heard Kalila, I'm not the freaking enemy. I just came to get her before her guardian kills me in my sleep in his anger," Sebastian says as he kicks his feet, unaccustomed to being off the ground because of someone else.


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#, as written by Sonata
Kalila, you okay?

So the boy knew who the girl was. It seemed that everyone knew that girl but him.

And put me down you big idiot…

Mako’s lips rolled back over triangular teeth and his left arm flexed, swelling as his lengthy fin flipped out like a blade.

I’m going to rephrase that. Please put me down now. You heard Kalila, I’m not the freaking enemy. I just came to get her before her guardian kills me in my sleep in his anger.

Mako frowned deeply before he released the kid. He hadn’t neatly put him down as he might have liked, but humans always fell on their feet, right? Wait, was that cats? Eh. The shark hissed irritably and grumbled to Dorian, “I’m outta ‘ere befo’ me fin slips.”

He definitely needed a drink after that. Annoying kids, Dorian getting into trouble and making him almost get lost in the city. The Mercos turned to the door as his fin snapped back into his forearm and walked out. He had a promise to keep. He owed a fine lady a drink.


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Dorian just sipped his wine as he watched the comedy unfold. It was as if he was in the North Atlantic seeing a poorly performed play in a poorly maintained stage. He did not grin, however, because he did not find the circumstance entirely laughable. She said that more would come. From what he knew about Hu that would mean that she was either a high price item or she had an importance about her.

"So you need to tell me who you are. I already know about your status and judging by your speak you must be from the...southeast? I'd guess Jedah. Amundsen is a choice as well, but I don't hear any Drake mix in there. Also your not dressed like anything from the north." He told her. His mind wondered a bit to where she was from.

"Anyway, Hu wants you and there's only a select few places on this world that could harbor you safely. I know of three. So if you know of a better place to talk then this inn then go ahead and lead the way." He told the girl since she seemed so eager to move.


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Sebastian landed on his feet, but only barely. Grumbling something about him being too small. He went to take a seat by the fireplace, just sitting next to it on the floor by Kalila's bed. When the fish guy disappeared, Kalila went after him much to Sebastian's dismay. This girl would turn him grey within a matter of hours.

He watched, about to get up when she came back in. The guy with the bandages, another odd scene, spoke to Kalila. Sebastian wasn't at all surprised to find her not speaking. "So you need to tell me who you are. I already know about your status and judging by your speak you must be from the....southeast? I'd guess Jeddah. Amundsen is a choice as well, but I don't hear any Drake mix in there. Also your not dressed like anything from the north." The guy spoke. Sebastian rolled his eyes. It was as if he was now her guardian.

"Anyway, Hu wants you a d there's only a select few places on this world that could harbor you safely. I know of three. So if you know of a better place to talk then this inn the go ahead, and lead the way." The guy spoke. Sebastian scowled at this. There were a few places safe that he knew of. Why were these people after Kalila anyway? Sure she harbored a goddess and... oh wait, there's that cursed reason.

When Kalila pointed at Sebastian, Sebastian shook his head. He didn't want to be involved in this. When she pointed again, he groaned. "Fine. Hey so, she is from Jeddah, and her name is Kalila si Ishka Misantri and she is kind of high up in Jeddah culture and stuff. And if we did go to a safe place, the safest place right now for her, would probably be my ship where my brother would probably take care of her excessively so..." Sebastian says with a smile. Damien wouldn't be bad to her or rude or anything, but probably shy and sweet since he isn't used to actually liking a girl.

Sebastian stood. "Captain Sebastian of Lucifer's Angel. You are?" Sebastian asked as he looked at the guy with the bandages. Sure he had had a weird life, but today was too weird. A goddess, a sharkman thing, a guy wrapped in bandages, and Lady Harlington not wanting, or trying, to kill him on sight. Such a weird day indeed for the seventeen year old pirate. "And do you know why these guys are after Kalila specifically other than maybe her status?" Sebastian asks, checking to see if there could potentially be anther reason.