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Xandra Ravenswood

"I will be as feared as the Crimson Lady herself!"

0 · 198 views · located in Nassau

a character in “Pirates: By Blood or By Gold”, as played by MaliceInWonderland


Xandra Ravenswood; The Raven Haired Woman.

"I will sail the Crimson Lady's seas, and make them run red again..."


[i]Name: Xandra Ravenswood.
The Raven Haired Woman
Age: 22
Build/Appearance: Xandra is a average heighted woman about 5'6-5'7, witg wide blue/green eyes, that have a darkness within that most people avoid. She has an ample bust but otherwise slender. She can be seen wearing a modified breast plate of an unknown origin, with noticable spikes down the spine, She keeps her signature raven hair parted down the middle and in waves as it was said that is the way the mythically Crimson Lady wore hers.
Xandra is a vicious woman, she is no patience and very little mercy. She cares little about those around her so long and is never far from shoving a dagger into anyone, should they stand in her way. She can be seductive and silver-tongued, but that usually never ends well. She is only mildly trustworthy, so long as she can further her goal of becoming a Captain, and a person's hasn't outgrown their usefullness, they are rather safe. Loyalty, is not a word she had familiarized herself with. Her reputation is all she has and she has made sure that is is one of the most feared woman pirates since the legendary Crimson Lady, to whom most aren't even sure existed. She is quick tempered and violent, but she does have the odd tendency for playfulness in the form of sardonic sarcasm.
Who/What they are: A Pirate of Nassau, currently looking for a crew to join.

Where they are from: The North

History: Xandra was only a small child when the Great War happened, she was a fisherman's daughter who used to dream of sailing the seas. When the war struck and the North was taken, Xandra and her family was taken, her father and brothers, killed and her mother were taken and sold as slaves. Somehow, they ended up in an old pirate port called Flea Bottom, where she and her mother were sent and worked as whores in an old brothel, where she was raped constantly for a profit. Her mother would try to keep the men's attention away from her daughter but to no avial, all she could do was cradle her during the night and allow Xandra to cry.

It was there, she heard stories of the Crimson Lady, the piratess, who walked down the streets of Flea Bottom, drenched in the blood of man, some said she bathed in it, some said she drank it, but all said she killed all who stood in her way. The tale went on to say that her rage was so great that the blood she spilled would, everyday as the sun set over the horizon, bleed into the oceans, turning the waters red.

Xandra heard this tale and found she wanted to be that woman, real or not, she wanted to be the Crimson Lady, who took on the world, and left her mark.

She decided she would not be a slave, nor a whore, any longer, she would be free, and take revenge on the world. At the age of 16, She started with her slaver.

He'd been in a room with her mother, she could hear her mother's weak whimpers and the cracks of his hand against her face. Xandra only listened, letting the hate and rage build up inside her, until finally it tinted her vision red.

She opened the door, saw him have her mother down on her stomach, her arms bound behind her back as he had his way with her. He didn't hear the door open, so he just continued on. Xandra walked up behind him, a large knife in and and sent into his back slowly. He went completely stiff and crumbled to the floor before realizing what had happened. She climbed atop him, sent the knife into his stomach, and sliced him across. She then sat on his chest, and watched him, his eyes wide, hers calm as she watched the life slowly drain from him. She went to her mother after he died. She was weak and malnourished prior and was now barely alive, wrething in pain.

Xandra just cradled her in her arms, and hummed a sweet tune, like her mother would so often to her, she closed her eyes and held her hand over her mother's mouth and nose, so she could drift of safely into nothingness.

Xandra knew she died along with her mother that day, so she decided, she'd follow the Crimson Lady footsteps, make a name for herself, and take on the world.

Xandra is skilled in knife throwing, daggers and swords.
She hates guns, finds them loud and impersonal but is rather skilled with a bow and arrow. She is a skilled sailor, and fisherman

So begins...

Xandra Ravenswood's Story


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#, as written by Shazam
Before Draed could actually get any information from the pretty young lady, the ring of the entrance bell interrupted the deal that was proceeding. Expecting a fancy woman looking for useless artifacts that cost a pretty penny or a low-level criminal looking for information, he was surprised to see a woman with intense written all over her standing in the doorway.

"You there...” The woman announced with a less than womanly voice

She couldn’t be talking to Draed, he just got back from a twenty year hiatus and no one but the woman he was dealing with knew of his return.

"I was told you could be of some assistance to me....or vice versa...I don't suppose you are in the market for a crew?"

Well it was indeed clear that she was approaching Draed, with the information that he was in search of a crew. This was beyond strange… Knowing his whereabouts and the fact that he was looking to gather up a crew was nowhere near coincidence.

Drawing his sword once again, the point of the blade aiming towards the other woman this time around, a ruthless but calm expression creeped upon his face.

“I don’t take kind to spying my dear.” Blade steadily pointed at her.


Salia was on the verge of making some easy coin, but of course some ridiculousness had to interrupt the transfer of information. A Woman, a fairly pretty woman… crashed the party.

As the two argued, Salia had once again found herself in a stick situation… one she had no part in. As Draeds blade peered its ugly head once again, she was afraid that this time it was going to be put into use.

“Now now you two, this is a peaceful establishment.” Salia chimed in trying to prevent the conflict that might occur, most likely breaking some of her merchandise in the process.

Slowly step by step making her way to the back of her store, Salia tried to remain neutral as possible while getting the hell out of the way.


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Character Portrait: Xandra Ravenswood Character Portrait: Draed Brooks
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#, as written by Shazam
Impressed at her unshaken attitude, it was clear that she was a hardy person.

"Good, because I'm not a spy."

Draed all but ignored Salia’s plea for peace in the store, He was more concerned with the explanation the girl was bound to give him.

"Peace...Captian, I assume. A Little Faery told me, What I seek would be here, Fae, they are an annoying little bunch but they never lie. I seek a ship so I assume that you are the one to assist then that endeavor."

Fae… useful and annoying all the same. Draed hadn’t seen the likes of one… well he couldn’t really remember the last time he had cross paths with such a creature.

"Do you mind removing your blade?"

“Well, what a spectacle this is!” Draed smiled, letting his blade fall into the wood floor, standing on its own as the point dug into the old creaky lumber. The sword stood in-between the two incase Draed was put into any situations.

“Names Brooks, Draed Brooks… Looks like fate has intertwined our paths young lady.” Draed said, reaching out his rough hand for a hand shake. Seemed to be his luck running into two pretty young women in his first outing.

Maybe this entire recruiting thing would be easier than Draed first thought, seeing as his first candidate had came to him within a few short moments of being in the port town.


Salia watched as the two settled their differences in what seemed like a few short moments. She flinched as the cutlass stabbed the wooden boards of the stores floor. All she was concerned with at the moment was if she was still getting her pay. The coins still sat on the counter, but she dared not reach for them with two pirates in the midst of her store.

Huffing, Salia sat in chair, waiting to see what was going to happen next…

“ If this woman has the information he needs, I’m out of a decent pay.”


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Character Portrait: Xandra Ravenswood Character Portrait: Draed Brooks
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#, as written by Shazam
“Firm grip this one has.” Draed thought, it was apparent Xandra knew what she wanted.

As she sat, he grabbed a chair scrapping it across the floor. Raising his boot Draed put it on the chair leaning on his leg; still considering the possibility that she was of no good he kept the sword between them. As the woman commanded Salia to retrieve them some rum, he merely watched the woman’s mannerisms, secretly assessing her character based on what he was looking for.

“Why yes, I am in the market for a crew… and you think you could keep up with a crew that I command?” Draed stated implying that he ruled with an iron fist, he was strict but fair.

“What services could you offer me, girl?” Draed asked intrigued to see what the hot head would respond with.

Salia had brought the retched intruders a dusty, corked jug which was about half way full of dark liquor. It was actually left by her mother so it was quite aged and potent. Salia herself didn’t drink at all; too her it was a drug that clouded the mind… not to mention it all tasted like piss.

“Here you are.” Salia said with attitude as she pounded the jug on the ground near the woman. Salia wasn’t fond of being told what to do, but deep down she sort of liked it in a way. It was probably due to her physical attraction to the woman and nothing more.

“There aren’t any glasses in the shop… well unless you want to purchase some antique china.” Salia suggested gesturing towards a nice display of fancy dishware.

In the middle of Salia talking, Draed had already uncorked the jug and taken a swig. He now offered it to Xandra.

“C’mon now… convince me why I should take you along with me.”