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Alvisio Grimani

"What jewel from the ocean's bounty will be pulled up in the nets today?"

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a character in “Pirates ll Hearts Of Oak ll”, as played by Nima


Alvisio Grimani

Age: 26

Appearance: Alvisio’s countenance resembles that of cold white marble; despite not donning a wig or wearing elegant fabrics, some sense of nobility exudes from the pale purity of his complexion; sharp, angular features skillfully etched on his visage. His dark brown eyes, framed by locks of lush brown hair, are deft yet wild; the virility of Venice roils within them. His svelte physique attests to his resilient nature on the seas, his growth nurtured by a diverse diet.
Although his skin is radiant and well taken care of, it is marred with small scars from various incidents, all with a much more fascinating explanation than their actual origins. A peppering of facial hair his mask of masculinity and a stark contrast to the elegant nobility, clings near to his lips, which are often curled shyly. Despite being a noble, Alvisio is sparsely decorated; keeping most of his valuables locked in a chest from greedy eyes. Nevertheless, Venetian rings may dress his fingers, or Venetian lace his clothing; he brings at least one tasteful item with him to sea.
Title: Cook

Nationality: Venetian (Serenìsima Repùblica Vèneta)

Languages: Venetian, Tuscan Italian, Latin, Greek, English

Literate: Yes


Personality: Alvisio presents himself with a calm and collected demeanor and a coy smile, which may be paradoxical to his sometimes sporadic and spontaneous nature. Always going about his business with a spring in his step, Alvisio is mostly obedient (these things need time to get used to), and increasingly so to those he trusts. His effervescent personality and overall optimism radiates from an innocent smile; one that is appears virgin of much hardship, at least on the façade.
However, below the façade, Alvisio is persistently premeditating his actions and keeping a close eye on others. Perhaps for his own safety onboard, and to satisfy his curiosity of how the general public live their lives daily, Alvisio likes to observe people before he interacts with them. Therefore, interactions can be efficiently fruitful to his needs, and good relations can be established. He can become very charismatic when desire fuels him, but normally, likes to keep to himself and to his duties.


Bio: Coming from a very wealthy trading family in Venice, Alvisio is of the proud and extravagant Venetian nobility, used to a life of privilege and luxury. Conditioned with a good education in several languages and in writing and matters of business, Alvisio was raised in order that when he succeeds his father, he will be able to handle the international diversity of his family’s trade network. Forever a lover of epicurean delights, Alvisio found himself peaking in the kitchen more often than the armory as a boy.
Often neglected by his financially-enthralled parents, Alvisio sought refuge in the kitchens with the servants, learning to prepare dishes fit for royalty. Finally reprimanded for sharing the company of lowly servants, Alvisio was given a private fencing instructor to keep him away from the kitchen. Still to this day, Alvisio is more often than not brandishing not a sword, but a butcher’s cleaver.
Unfortunately, with the Ottoman wars for Venetian territories in the Grecian isles, the trade, and consequently, the wealth of the Pearl of the Adriatic tilted steeply in decline. Worried about his family’s trading opportunities in a sinking economy, Alvisio was sent as the able-bodied man on the family to establish alternative trade routes, while his family invested in theatre entertainment as an auxiliary form of wealth.
Utilizing his family’s seemingly boundless influence and affluence, Alvisio was able to coax his way around the lands, in search of some economical opportunity for his now uncomfortably crippled family. Captain Arturo was such an opportunity for Alvisio. Proclaiming to Captain Arturo his birth and life on water, from his childhood on the waters of the floating city of Venice learning the art of cooking and his days serving as cook on deck of several Venetian excursions, Alvisio promised that he would bring his abundant knowledge of the bounty of the ocean, gastronomy and a showering of gold, to the ship.

“Would you like to hear a story as to why I am the best cook in my house?” Alvisio’s thin lips curl into a knowing smirk. “There came a time when our outpost in Greece became sieged by Ottoman forces…they planned to drive us out of our castel,” Alvisio chuckled quietly, placing a palm firmly on the wooden table in front of him, his eyes widening with vigor.
“If we were to die, we would die Venetians: in lavish celebration! Truth be told, we were no soliders; I had trained in fencing…but I had no real experience. I was a nobleman. I say, let them soil their hands in their efforts. I will work with what I know: luxury,” Alvisio grinned. “With a bird flown for aid, all that was left for us to do was to sit around and await what fate is given to us,” Alvisio clasped his jewel-strewn hands together. “We celebrate! I say to the men; a celebration of our fine lives in the face of death, or a celebration of our deliverance from this evil!” his eyes darken in moroseness “We were running out of food. I needed to inspire the soliders; show them everything will be okay,” Alvisio smiled nostalgically as his eyes wandered, reveling in the past.
“I prepared for them a luscious roast from almost nothing. A lemon to soften the steaks,…a few wild onions, which were overtaking the gardens anyway, and of course, the…meat. That drove morale up,” Alvisio began to chuckle again, which careened into a hearty chortle. Alvisio wiped a small tear from his eye, eyes shifting side to side with paranoia.
He lowered his voice, making his words crisper to the ear: “Do you know what carne di caval is? Well, let me say that… three stallions mysteriously disappeared. Oh, I assure you it is a popular dish in Veneta; however…I am afraid not so much in other regions! No need for hooves in a city of water unless they are garnishing my silver plate,” Alvisio gave an innocent-looking simper. "Luckily we had horses, or I might have had to dress stray cats for dinner!"

So begins...

Alvisio Grimani's Story