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Jacqueline "Jack" Dezantro

"If you want something done right, don't do it yourself. Let me do it."

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a character in “Pirates ll Hearts Of Oak ll”, as played by Kenzi


Jacqueline “Jack” Dezantro


Age: 22

Appearance: Jacqueline is taller than average for a woman, standing at 5’9”, with a slim build and long thin limbs. Despite her slim frame, she is surprisingly strong from all her work aboard ships with lean muscles in her arms and legs and strong rounded shoulders. Fortunately enough, though many women would think otherwise, she is happy to have minimal curves because it allows her to be disguised as a man much easier while aboard ships. Her narrow waist only gives the hint of a curve as it hits her hips and her perky bottom is small, allowing it to be hidden easily under loose pants. Jacqueline’s breasts are modest and, when bound tightly and combined with a loose shirt, can be hidden as well.

Her skin has been tanned to a healthy gold over her many years at sea and she has multiple tattoos. A jagged three inch scar can be seen just under her left breast from when she was slashed deeply in a fight and forced to deal with it herself for fear that the surgeon would discover she wasn’t a man.

Jacqueline’s face is mixture of masculinity and femininity with a strong jaw line, pointed chin, high cheek bones, and a small nose. Her lips are full and round, parting in a cool grin to show straight teeth. Her most interesting feature, however, is her eyes. They are almond shaped, framed with thick dark lashes, and are dark hazel-green in color. Almost always they carry a cool sarcastic gaze, lids lowered slightly.

Jacqueline’s hair used to be a very dark brown when she was young, but it has changed to nearly black over the years with streaks of deep brown still apparent in the bright sun. It falls in waves to her shoulders, but she always keeps it pulled back like the other men to avoid looking feminine.

Jacqueline wears clothing similar to the rest of the crew, but binds her chest daily in order to minimize her small curves. It is extremely uncommon to find her without some sort of gun powder or grime smeared on her face and she is never seen without her leather hat pulled tightly down onto her head. Jacqueline is very conscious of doing what she can to look like all the men on the ship and to minimize her femininity.

Her voice is naturally raspy (think Scarlet Johansson) with the hint of a French accent, but she does her best to talk at a lower pitch with more edge to her voice.

Title: Gunner

Nationality: French

Languages: French, English, and just enough Spanish to get by.

Literate?: Can read and write

Personality: Jacqueline is everything a proper woman shouldn’t be. She is bold, stubborn, sarcastic, blunt, fiercely independent, outspoken, and (most importantly) a pirate. She is quick to act on her feet and able to give directions as well as take them (granted they are from the Captain and not someone else who thinks they can order her around). Not one for being pushed around, Jacqueline moves with a confidence that cannot be taught. Once her mind is focused on something, she will not give up until it is achieved. She is brave and fearless in battle and lives for life on the sea. Her loyalty cannot be bought and she is not against manipulating people to get what she wants. Jacqueline does whatever she can to get ahead in life and can’t wait until the day when she will be able to be Jacqueline on the ship… and not Jack. Though she hates to admit it, she has a bit of a soft heart and can be compassionate but tries her best to hide it.

Bio: Jacqueline’s mother (Josephine) was a nineteen year old poor, though intelligent, French woman when she met and fell desperately in love with a young pirate named Diago. He had recently left a crew for a reason he would not share and was looking to join another crew when the pair met in a dingy bar. After being on the sea for so long he did not think twice when Josephine asked if he would like to share her bed for she was young, beautiful, and French (what could be better?). It was a surprise to him, however, that over the short week he stayed with her that he fell in love. Josephine pleaded with him to stay, for she had fallen for him too, but Diago explained that he could not because he still had unfinished business to attend to. He formed his own crew and he and Josephine parted ways, though he promised to return to her once he had done what he needed to do. He unknowingly left Josephine pregnant and she never heard from him again.

Heart broken, Josephine raised Jacqueline to be strong and taught her everything she knew (which included English, reading, and writing). When Jacqueline was thirteen her mother died from scarlet fever, leaving her completely alone in the world. Desperate to find her father, the only family she may have left, and to make something of her life she disguised herself as a boy and joined a crew. Over the next nine years Jacqueline went as “Jack” and became more and more skilled at living life as a pirate. She worked hard to become an exceptional gunner, hoping the word may get to her father and that he would be interested to have this “Jack” join his crew. Her skills as a sword fighter are nothing to write home about, though she can hold her own with most, but it is her aim with cannons and pistols that make her stand out from the crowd.

When Jacqueline heard that Captain Arturo was gathering a crew to go to El Dorado, she leaped at the opportunity to sign up with the hope that her father would be headed in the same direction as well (or at least that she would find out more about him). Fortunately for her, her skills as a gunner preceded her and she was quickly accepted as part of the crew.

Opinion: A warm salty breeze raised the spray of the ocean waves, casting a cool mist of water onto Jacqueline's face as she walked along the shore. The droplets of water connected with the grime that smudged across her cheeks and jaw, causing some of it to streak into more of a mess. Her worn leather hat was tugged tightly down on her head, dark hair pulled back into a low pony tail at the nape of her tanned neck, and her eyes peered out from beneath it with confidence and determination. It was high noon, the blinding fiery orb of the sun hanging directly above her, and the bandages she used to bind her chest were soaked with sweat from her long walk across the dirty sand. Directly ahead she could see a large ship, magnificently maintained with billowing white sails, and she could hear the shouting of the pirates as they quickly loaded the crew and supplies.

"I swear I will unload my pistol in the face of the Captain if he refuses me." Jacqueline muttered irritatedly, not bothering to hide the feminine raspiness of her voice. She was convinced that this time, unlike all the others, she would find her father. Word about El Dorado had traveled far and wide in a short period of time and it was unlikely that any pirate worth his name did not know about it. Jacqueline had spent years trying to find Diago, gaining only vague descriptions of his appearance and that he was a talented gunner like herself... It wasn't enough.

She reached the old docks and walked towards the ship, eying the crew as she went. Up ahead she could see a tall handsome made who, based on his appearance and confidence, she could only assume was the captain. Squaring her shoulders she strode towards him and stopped only a few feet a away before lifting her chin up confidently.

"The name's Jack and I'm the best gunner you could ever hope to get."

So begins...

Jacqueline "Jack" Dezantro's Story