Javier Roderigo

Charmer, sweet talker, pirate.

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a character in “Pirates ll Hearts Of Oak ll”, as played by Kenzi


Javier Roderigo


Age: 25

Appearance: Javier stands at 6’1” with darkly tanned skin, broad shoulders, strong arms, and a lean frame. He has a number of tattoos, self-pierced ears, and a self-pierced bottom lip (though he doesn’t always have a ring in it do to it being prone to infections). He has large hands that are often dirty and covered in calluses from work on the ship and a deep scar on his right palm. He has a handsome face with a strong jaw line, square chin, high cheek bones, and a medium sized nose. Javier always has facial hair in one form or another, but the photo shows his usual cut. His bottom lip is larger than the top and he is often seen with a grin on his face. Javier’s eyes are almond shaped and surrounded by dark lashes and what appears to be black liner though no one ever sees him apply it. His eyes are a very dark brown that sometimes can appear black and often have a glint of mischief and flirtation to them. Javier’s hair is thick, wavy, and jet black in color. His hair falls to his chin, though he usually pulls it back messily and puts it in a short pony tail.

Title: Bootswain

Nationality: Spanish

Languages: Spanish and English

Literate?: No.

Personality: Javier is a charmer. He is outgoing, flirtatious, confident, and a complete sweet talker with a sexy Spanish accent. He likes to joke around and be the center of attention and never seems to take things very seriously, often to the annoyance of others. Javier has worked on ships his entire life and knows no other life other than on the sea. He is an excellent swords man and a great person to have as part of the crew because, not only can he fight, he helps keep the crew entertained and happy. Javier is not the most intelligent person, but he is very street smart and survives well. He is kind, good natured, understanding, and loyal. Unlike a lot of the pirates he has met, he has morals and there are some things he would never and could never do (though he does not announce that to others). If there was one person on a pirate ship that you would want to be friends with, it would be Javier; He would keep you laughing and wouldn’t ever throw you over board for your share of the treasure.


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