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Johnathan Walter Graves

"Often we get the chance to tempt life, but rarely with such risks; and rewards!"

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a character in “Pirates ll Hearts Of Oak ll”, as played by Blizzard


Johnathan Graves


Age: 38
Appearance: Short but still intimidating, John stands at a meager 1.67 meters(or 5'6") and weighs in at just over 70 kilograms(155lbs). He is in great physical shape for his age, since he has to work harder and harder to stay in shape. He has reddish-brown hair, which he keeps cut short in contrast with the style, claiming practicality over looks. His skin is light, attributed along with his hair to his Irish mother, and he has light freckles over his nose and upper cheeks. His chin is usually covered with a light stubble, except on the days when he shaves. He never lets it grow into a beard, again for practicality issues. Under his left eye, he has a scar from a fight he got in when he was younger. Though he sports no tattoos, he wears the scars on his torso with pride, not bothering to get the to fade. He treats them as memento's from memorable opponents.

His face is often stern; but his smiles, rare as they are, give off a certain warmth. As for dental, John likes to keep his teeth in similar condition to his body. He's smart enough to know how to avoid diseases like scurvy, making sure not to be deficient in any area of nutrition. His eyes, like his mothers, are a dark grey, with hints of blue throughout. He has a well defined jaw, and though it's not very bold or chiseled, it has a subtly strong presence, which adds to his intimidating presence.

Title: Quartermaster

Nationality: English
Languages: Two; English, and a little French
Literacy: Able to read and write. Received a full education.

Personality: John's personality has been hardened over the years and chiseled down to the well toned core. He gives off a strong presence of command and knowledge. Though he's ruthless in combat, he is not devoid of proper judgement and caring for the rest of the crew. In times of crises, he can keep his cool well, able to issue orders without hesitation. He's decisive and swift of action, and doesn't like to show his fear, or most of his emotions in general. Usually keeping to himself, spending time in his cabin or with the Captain, he is never without a task or a purpose. He's loyal to the captain, and is the only person he considers a friend, viewing such relationships as weaknesses. Despite being much older than the captain, he respects him very much and admires his leadership. As part of his strive towards perfection, he's been trying to give up drinking, and for the most part has been successful. Rarely, though, he'll indulge in drinking with the crew, or by himself. His favorite pastime is taking walks along the upper decks at night, finding the ocean and the night sky the most beautiful things on earth. When it boils down to it, he's business before pleasure.

Bio: Born into a semi-wealthy merchant family, his parents afforded him the luxury of a proper education, but they always wanted him to be another merchant. Despite getting expert level marks in school; he was often labeled a problem child, many times getting into fights, breaking into stores, and running away. His father's main hobby was building ships in a bottle and, along with his shrewd business skills, the love of ships was one of the few things he got from him. When he was twelve, he stowed away on a ship bound for France, and was gone for weeks. Only when the ship arrived was young John found and returned to England.

No more than minutes after he turned 15, John enlisted on a recruiting merchant ship as a cabin boy, where he learned his way around a ship, gleaning knowledge from anyone who would speak with him. At 17, he lied about his age and enlisted in the British Royal Navy. That wasn't long lived. 2 years and many citations later, he "dropped out" in the Americas, and within a year was a part of a pirate crew. Working many different positions thanks to his previous experience, he lived life as a pirate for 3 years, before he was arrested along with his whole crew. The only reason he wasn't hanged was his past position in the Navy. After 4 months he escaped and found his way to Tortuga, where he looked to exploit his experience to find a new crew. 12 years of ship hopping, staying out of jail and on the ocean, serving all types of positions on a ship, often lying about experience to actually gain some. At age 35, he met aspiring Captain Arturo, who after a few drinks and a bar fight, hired him on as his quartermaster. John's been with Arturo for 3 years now, and would die for him if it was necessary.

Opinion: Journal of Johnathan Walter Graves, May 27th, 1775.
Today marks the 3rd year, to the date, of when I joined Arturo on his "grand adventure". Can't say it's been all he's promised, but 3 years in, I'm still here. Must mean something. I've often doubted myself in contemporary times, not like I doubt my actions as a youth, and far from how I didn't back then. I feel as if my life, my legacy, is little more than a ship in a bottle. So grand, so bold yet captive. Forever sailing in one direction, and held prisoner by my own choices. It's not that I don't enjoy the life. The smell of the ocean, the breeze and the sun. The sound of musket balls roaring past my head and the unforgettable clank of my sword. Those things I love. It's just, what if I had made one choice differently, how would it have affected my life? Where would I be now if I had never stowed on that ship? If I had stayed in the Navy? If I had eaten 2 eggs for breakfast this morning, and not 3? It's these questions that keep me up at night, wondering how stuck up I could have been.

My how careless I am. I like to say I don't believe in fate, but it's not as if I planned this. If anything, I half expected to die within a year after the navy, and it would be very reasonable to assume I did. It's as if, no matter how much I do or don't plan things out, they'd always turn out the same, and luckily for me, it's been favorable, at least I think. It's thoughts like these that contradict my earlier ones. If things are predetermined, then it doesn't matter what choices we make on the way, the end is always the same. It sure seems that way sometimes, but I don't see my childhood self as fated to become as I am now. Just not born for it. But enough philosophical babble.

Heard Arturo mention El Dorado recently, the city of gold. A bunch of bullocks, if you ask me, but he has his mind set on it. Couldn't care less for the place myself, be it real or not. Heard men die trying to reach it. I guess it's not really my choice now. Whether it's fate or chance, I'm going to be counting on it in the coming months. At least life is less boring when you tempt it.
-Johnathan Graves, Quartermaster.

So begins...

Johnathan Walter Graves's Story