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"Hurt my kin, and my lips will be at your throat human."

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a character in “Pirates ll Hearts Of Oak ll”, as played by Sarcasm




Age: Sixteen
Appearance: The tales of the beautiful sirens of the sea are often considered myths. Their beauty is said to be extraordinary, enough so that sailors would become enchanted by them. This is no myth of course, and this mermaid who has taken the name Moon for she has cast away her own long ago, is proof of it.How long and beautiful her tawny colored hair is, both gold and chocolate spun into gorgeous locks that remain untethered to the mermaids head. It drifts behind her in a peaceful motion as she swims through the vast waves . Her eyes, oh her eyes are the color of a raging storm. A cold gray that some might consider ordinary, but the spark behind them making them quite rare. Similar to the cold marble that sets the castle halls and creates living statues of heroes and villains. Her eyes will surely capture any man or women that they set their sight on. Her lips, so innocent and pink. As if aching and craving to be kissed, and remaining innocent for surely no man would live if he moved so much as an inch towards those lips of hers. Brilliantly white teeth are hidden beneath them, much like sparkling pearls hidden beneath tight shells as if guarding them from treasure seekers.
Her body is lean and toned, unlike most mortal women. Swimming daily creates much exercise, so it's only natural that the mermaid have an athletic body. When she is without tail, and is standing on land in her human form she would reach the height of five feet seven inches.However, when she is in her most natural form she is just barely six foot tall. Her tail is simply...magnificent even for most mermaid standards. Her tail would be called in the tongue of man, a lunate caudal fin. But she of course merely refers to it as her "treasure". She is made for swimming, and delights in racing her kin in the water day and night. Her body is perhaps more toned and made for swimming even before she became a mermaid. Fate is indeed a interesting thing.
Title: Mermaid

Nationality: When she was a human, she was French and English, in that distinct order of course. Her Father was a Frenchman and her mother was an Englishwoman.Now she is just...Mermaid and carries no title or nationality.
Languages: She can remember some parts of both languages from before the time she had changed, but both English and French are still difficult to understand at times. Spanish she doesn't understand at all.
Literate?: There was once a time when she was able to both read and write, and perhaps she could if she wanted too but there was never any reason for her too after becoming one with the sea.

Personality: Demons.Vixens.Sirens. They are all nicknames of her people and herself. There is truth of course to what the mistress's of the sea are called, for after all they are sirens, singing their songs of death to unsuspecting sailors. Much like the sea, she is unpredictable. Her personality is not one that can described easily. She is a rather cocky girl as well. She enjoys showing off her abilities and being able to call herself "one of the best". She is the type to only speak when spoken too, but when she is she will speak her mind regardless of the consequences that could come with it.
She is intelligent. Riddles are a favorite past time of hers, as is solving any puzzles. Because she is not strong like many of her other brethren, she knew she must do something else to make up for it. Learning the ways, and discovering new things to add to her knowledge was what she decided to do.Moon is also quite handy, making other trinkets for her sisters from leftovers of the sea and seashells. She once took an old boot buckle that one of their sailors had and created a ring out of it that she presented to their leader-mother. Sometimes she can be a bit stubborn, and often not wish to hear anyone's view on things other then her own, but over the years she's come to learn a bit more about accepting others opinions.
Last but not least she is caring. Most mermaids are after all. Perhaps not towards humans, but that might be due to the fact they are food, not friends. She has a deep motherly instinct inside her that craves to take care of every wounded creature that she sees.

All in all she's reckless, fast, caring, kind, protective,cocky, and smart. A good combination in her opinion but if you remembering the cocky trait, what else would she think?

There was of course a time in the girls life when she was as bright as the sun itself. She was born to two loving parents, whose names the sea itself have corroded from her memory year after year. She knew she came from a decently wealthy family, because she barely remembered her parents. Nannies and nursemaids are the only things she could remember now after years of the endless sea. She did remember that warm night that she changed into the being she is now. She was seven, playing with a boy her own age near the docks. She laughing quite merrily and enjoying herself when she slipped on a wet spot and fell into the oceans pit. She remembered hearing the boy call out, and no one would answer. Her eyes would slowly close, and the last thing she would see before fading into the darkness was a mass of golden hair shimmering above her, and the touch of scales against her smooth flesh. When the girl woke up, her clothing was gone and she was laying on a rock at the beach. There were women in the water, swimming around the rock that she was laying on. Women with tails.

It didn't take long for the girl to realize she herself had a tail. Surprise, fear, excitement, and pure wonder are what passed through the new mermaid's heart and mind as she realized what had happened to her. The other women would explain how they saved her, and how she was now a sister to them. As she listened, an almost warm feeling was beginning to grow inside of the child's heart. She had loved her parents of course, but how could anyone really love and care for people who were never really present in their lives? Weeks grew into months, and months into years. The girl grew strong,fast, and beautiful. Her heart and spirit managed to grow as well, and she opened up to her new family. This was what she had always been meant to be, not a human, but this glorious being of the sea.

Bio:She was forced into helping the Captain find El Dorado after one of her sisters were captured. It was matter of life or death, so of course the mermaid would be forced to cooperate with the Captain. She's also the fastest in her clan, so being able to swim along with the large ship should be easy.

A silent prayer between a Mermaid and the Lady of the Sea.
Goddess protect me. For I fear for my own life and the life of my kin~sister. She, who is one of the hundred parts of my soul, has been taken from the clan and has been forced into human hands. I don't what they do or what they say to her, and my heart weeps at this feeling of not knowing that's tearing at my insides. I am not strong Lady, nor am I as useful as the others, but I hope that I will be enough to save her. To grant her the sea once more. Alas, I still have fears of inadequacy. Leading them to El Dorado? Does human selfishness have no bounds my Beautiful Lady? They take and hold hostage of one I call sister, all for A metal? Preposterous. Life should not be equal to an inanimate object.

Worry not my Lady. I will help these humans, and I will save our sister. After that.....the men better pray that their boat is faster then we are. For if it is not, my song will reach their ears and my flesh their eyes, and my teeth their hearts.

So begins...

Moon's Story