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The Captured Mermaid

"We Mermaids Aren't As Tame As You May Think."

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a character in “Pirates ll Hearts Of Oak ll”, originally authored by >Marionette<, as played by RolePlayGateway


"There is nothing can console me"


Age: 23
Appearance: An oval shaped face glowing skin to cover it, she makes quite the sight for sore eyes to see. Instead of porcelain or tan, her skin has taken a glowing look to it, that radiates whenever she smiles with her supple, almost purple lips. Her eyes are her own personal oceans of alarmingly light shades of green and blue, that spark up and twinkle with the light. Her blond locks go down to her hips, where her body transforms into the tail of a bait mermaid. Her caudal fin is long and wispy, like that of a beta fish or koi, mixed colors of pink and purple. Along both sides of her tail is a line, also a ghostly wisp that entrances onlookers while she swims. Her scales are a pastel color, light shades of pink, purple and white run over it. While out of water she might stand at five feet and six inches of willowy and elegant limbs, while in it the tip of her whispy tail and reach the length of eleven feet, making it easy for her to get caught in a fishing net if she strays to close to a fisherman's boat. Thankfully she has never been so foolish.
Title: The Captured Mermaid

Nationality: Was English, she is now Mermaid, and her nationality doesn't matter
Languages: She can speak to all manner of sea creatures, and speaks English fluently, and used to be able to speak French and Italian, but she might have forgotten how. Of course the languages of other Mermaids may vary, since little girls from all over the world speak a different language, but for her so far she has only had to learn a bit of Indian.
Literate?: She used to, but she's not quite sure if she can anymore.

Personality: When not feasting on the flesh of man, she is quite the spunky and playful girl. Playing tricks on the fish about her, chasing them for fun, and swimming with dolphins or sea lions, how can that not be fun? Her world is magical and precious, where she sees no one she cares for go hungry, no dirt and sewage anywhere, no hurt, no violence (directed at her at least). She would probably do anything to stay in the sea forever, her body and smile glows with pure joy, and almost luminescant eyes wonder every which way. Surpirsingly enough, you can never be entirely sure what you will find in the ocean, the wild life is so diverse, mysteries unravel in the blue, and even trinkets from land fall to the sea floor, where she spends most of her time. Playing games all day and laughing is what she does, she sings when she wants to, and dances with the waves, never does she restrain herself from what she wants or feels. Strength has grown in her heart, and it holds the capacity to care for her sisters about her to the fullest extent, if one of her sisters is upset, her heart and soul goes out to them, something not uncommon for a Mermaid.

What is uncommon for a Mermaid, is how much she just absolutely enjoys teasing and sassy behavior. She is the tribe's bait girl, and her job is done a little too well. She has men tip toeing on the tips of her fingers before they know it, and she gets recklessly close to her targets, preferring to grip their hearts completely before her and her sisters attack. Most of the time the ending is so quick for them that they barely feel a thing. Secretly she wishes she could keep one, you know, to flirt with and dance. But a live man would be a silly thing to try to keep, as they are monsterous and greedy, they would look at her world and try to concor it. So instead, at the bottom of her tribe's resting grounds, is a skeleton tied down with kelp. She speaks to him sometimes and pretends, she doesn't care if her sisters think it's silly, they just want one of their own in her opinion.

As full of life and vigor as she is, she is also dasterdly restless, and being bored is something she won't stand for. She is often the one to pull her fellow sisters into games and tricks, and even though she is the slowest sister, she still gives it her all whenever they race.
Bio: She can vaguely remember when she wasn't a Mermaid, but in truth she doesn't even care to remember. Unfortunately she isn't as good at forgetting as her other sisters are. A little dancer girl is what she was, an orphan nobody picked up and raised to be given to a boarding school for girls who were to grow up to entertain guests at lavish parties. She remembers she liked her dresses, and she liked to dance quite a bit, but everyone around her was so...mean. She was told to dance and dance again, until her feet were bruised and blistering, all of the girls's feet were that way, only a monster could take something that was meant to be fun and turn it ugly. Her demanding life ended at age eleven, when they went on a trip to entertain some people in another land, she was looking off into the night sky at night. She knew she was supposed to be in bed, but she was upset for some reason or other.

A Man caught her while she was looking at all of those twinkling stars, as innocent as could be. He did things to her that took that innocense, and in her final attempt to get away, she found herself over-board. Drowning, that is all she can remember, after that she woke up. Truly, for her real life, she woke up, surrounded by laughter and infinate blue. Sometimes girls are taken purposefully to be made into maids of the sea, but for her, it was saving her life. And she's been laughing right along with the rest of them ever since.

"Oh dearest, do I look pretty today? Everyday you say?" A melodious laughter especaped supple lips easily, and a flowing fin whisked behind a beautiful woman as she cupped a skeleton's head between her hands, giving it a light kiss where the mouth should be..

"Sister, are you with that horrible skull again?" A giggling mess of a mermaid swam over the blonde one as she looked up between the forest kelp's stalks.

"Oh, you just wish you had thought of this idea before me!" Both giggled as the blonde mermaid quickly floated up towards her sisters swimming above her, barely moving her hips and gliding with the current within the water. They were off to hunt today, hopefully to find a tasty fisherman native to the land they swam by.

So begins...

The Captured Mermaid's Story