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a part of Pirates ll Hearts Of Oak ll, by That One Guy.


That One Guy holds sovereignty over the world, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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the world



the world is a part of Pirates ll Hearts Of Oak ll.

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Jacqueline "Jack" Dezantro [0] "If you want something done right, don't do it yourself. Let me do it."
Javier Roderigo [0] Charmer, sweet talker, pirate.
Richard Jacobus Merrywether [0] "I can't judge a book by its cover... Mainly because I can't read a book by its cover."
Alvisio Grimani [0] "What jewel from the ocean's bounty will be pulled up in the nets today?"
Moon [0] "Hurt my kin, and my lips will be at your throat human."
The Captured Mermaid [0] "We Mermaids Aren't As Tame As You May Think."
Sofia Catarina DelGato [0] "Hush now and hold still. This will only hurt for a moment."
Johnathan Walter Graves [0] "Often we get the chance to tempt life, but rarely with such risks; and rewards!"
Captain Arturo [0] "If you aren't useful to me, get out of my way."

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