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Alexander "Saint" Tawell

"May god have mercy on our enemies....For i shall not."

0 · 769 views · located in The Seven seas

a character in “Pirates of the Caribbean: The next Generation”, as played by nltniko


Name: Alexander Tawell
Nick Name: Saint, Alex, Axel
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Hair color: Gray
Eye color: Blue
Skin color: White
Tattoos/markings: He got a tatoo covering most of his body. Image
Clothes: A black trench coat, white shirt, black pants, Black Gloves, a gray belt where he keeps his weapons in
Weapons: An Rapier, two flintlock pistols and a Rifle
Ship worked on: The Heavenly Angel, Jane's Plea, Pandora's Box, Darkness, Shadow's Veil, The Black Pearl
Rank: Surgeon and Gunner
Other: He have worked on The Black Pearl for some years now. He reminds most of all of an French Musketeer, yet his personality doesn't remind of it.
Image:Image (Place a black trench coat instead of the black coat and make his hair loose hanging instead)

So begins...

Alexander "Saint" Tawell's Story


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#, as written by nltniko
"Pleasure to meet you Gangplank. So you're the co-pilot at the moment. How interesting. Personally i'm one of the ship's gunners, and the Surgeon."
He looked out over the blue ocean.
"Ah, the beautiful sea. So alluring, but also so deadly to man. How many years have you been sailing ?"

"We've gotten quite a couple of strangers on board... I really do hope miss Sparrow can handle it." he thought.


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#, as written by nltniko
Alexander laughed as he took a bottle.
"ah hello Barth. There went infection in the wound before i got to him. I had to amputate his leg. Gangrene, you know."
He looked at Bartholomew.
"Well. What do you say ? Shall we find a nearby Inn and steer up some trouble ? I feel like having a little fight"
Then he started walking towards land, while humming the melody for Drunken Sailor.