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racker mcfurry

aye let the kraken take care of them

0 · 268 views · located in The Seven seas

a character in “Pirates of the Caribbean: The next Generation”, as played by marksmanoftruth


Name: racker ace mcfurry
Hair color:brown
Eye color:grey
Skin color:tan
Clothes: black bandana with eyepatch, silver necklace, white open shirt under a brown vest, black striped pants and shin high buckle boots
Weapons:sword revolver pistol 2 flash bangs (bomb that explodes shooting out light blinding enemies).
Ship worked on: cannonmusket
Rank: gunner
Other: over confident and stubborn

So begins...

racker mcfurry's Story


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"this should do it" muttered racker as he put the finishing touches on his flash bang cannon balls. he had made a bunch of these being the black pearls gunner. he found that when he wasn't blasting ships to pieces he loved to invent new cannonballs. he walked out of his inventor area and smelled the fresh air, he had been in his small quarters inventing his flash bang cannonballs for a several hours and it was good to strech. "is serna her? i need to show here my new cannon ball." he asked the crew.


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"aye thank ye mate." said racker just as serna was walking out of the captains cabin "serna, serna!" shouted racker "i have something i want to show you." he said catching up to her