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Momo O'Reily

"If you steal from my food storage again, I'm going to shoot you in an unpleasant spot."

0 · 328 views · located in Earth, 18th century

a character in “Pirate's Play: The Journey to El Dorado!”, as played by Karri Khaos


(picture by Mibou on

Role: Cook

Name: Momo O'Reily

Nickname: Momo

Age: 18

Written appearance: Momo's hair is medium in length and an odd light shade of orange that can appear pink in the right lighting and it's odd color is accentuated by the paleness of her skin. Her eyes are like that of her whole family, a pink with a purple hue haloed round the pupil. Momo has a very petite body build, being only 5 feet 3 inches tall with a small frame she portrays a sort of innocence that can be used to her advantage in more than one way and because of her small stature she can appear weak and meek. While she's never divulged her weight most wouldn't guess her to way anymore than 105 lbs. It's quite obvious she isn't made for physical fighting as she has almost no muscle build up what so ever. She's a bit of an odd ball when it comes to her clothes, her eccentric fashion sense includes checker patterns, shorts and short easy to move in dresses and corsets, on a side note she dislikes wearing shoes.

Personality: As with he sense of style Momo is a bit odd herself. She often comes of as a simpleton girl who is naive and passionate, and she loves that about herself. She's a bit mischievous and very cunning, and doesn't have trust issues like most people but she does believes in different levels of trust, once you make it into her inner circle she will do anything for you and be the most loyal person ever. Despite her denying it she's still young and innocent when compare to the rest of the crew and her kiddy side shows through when she gets overly excited. When talking with people she will often seem very sweet or hyper, however, get in her way on something she's aiming to do and she will mow you down.

Motive/Goal; If asked she would smile and say to have fun in life and spend time with her new found friends of the crew, but she's running from her past and has a love for adventure.

History: Momo has only recently joined the crew and while she hasn't revealed much of her past to anyone besides the captain yet:

Momo was born into a life of debt to simply state it. Her father was bad at investing and her mother to senseless to do anything about it. She grew up helping her mother with the house chores and found at a young age that she loved cooking. At the young age of ten she took up an apprenticeship at the baker in her town and helped her family try to work off their debts, for a few years everything was looking up until her father made a tragic investment error they couldn't bounce back from. So, at the age of fourteen she was sold into servitude to the Blanc Family, a noble family in France, to help pay off her families debts. It was at this point that she realized how much she truly loved her freedom. Day after day she worked from dawn to dusk taking verbal and physical abuse from not only the family but the higher up servants. In her time there she formed only one close relationship and that was with a paid maid of the house hold named Sylvia. Sylvia was the only reason Momo survived and came out as well as she did, she often gave Momo extra food that she had made on purpose so that she could grow, but it wasn't enough to help her body mature at a normal rate. Sylvia also often tended to Momo's bruises and cuts, from work and abuse, whenever she could.
Over the next year or so Momo found that by using her charms she could bend people to do things for her. At first she didn't aim big, a cute smile at the new chef for some food, a ditzy trip on purpose into the cabin boy to get new linens, things of that sort. After a while she aimed higher, when the family sent her on an errand in town she stopped at a book store and charmed her way into buying a book on apothecary with the little money she had been able to save up or find over the last year. That was when start started to plan her freedom. Over the next year she used her charms to get free herbs and proper dishes to make a poison. Finally, just before her seventeenth birthday she made the poison, and it wasn't long before she got her chance to use it. Over the last few months she hadn't been oblivious to the families son's passes at her. She grabbed the book she had, as it was her only belonging, and then a needle and prepared for what she was about to do. Later that night she approached the sun and asked him to take her on a walk in to woods so they could have a "private talk" as she put it. Once they were far enough from the house she bashed him in the back of the head with her book and jump on top of him while he was on the ground. Within moments she had the needle out and injected him with the poison right in a vein in his neck.
She stole his money bag he had on him and then ran off as he slowly died. Over the next few months she traveled from France to a pirate port hidden in England. There she started to make a name as a crew cook and kept her poisoning talents hidden and it wasn't before long before the captain of The Ratgrins found her and hired here. For the last two months she has been with the crew and just turned eighteen. While she's started to form a few weak bonds with the crew she still is fairly new and hasn't told anyone that she's never been in a pirate crew before, or that she has a talent for poisons. While she intends to tell the captain once she feels he's earned her trust and vice versa, she doesn't want them to think she's going to poison them and get abandoned by the crew. Over all she hasn't really talked much to the crew yet but she has form somewhat of a girl crush on Kei for her fashion sense and resemblance to a snake.

So begins...

Momo O'Reily's Story