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Caleb Foul

For now, he is stuck in a pickle... barrel. Literally.

0 · 180 views · located in Earth

a character in “Pirate's Play: To El Dorado!”, as played by Averagebear



    Nickname: Caleb
    Nationality: English
    Age: 31
    Gender: Male
    Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

    Hair: Dirty blond
    Facial Hair: He'll typically shave his scruff off after about a week or so of growth.
    Eyes: A deep sea blue
    Build: Scrawny
    Skin Tone: A soft tan
    Height: 5'11"
    Weight: 138 lbs
    Description: Caleb has always looked upsettingly young for his age. It drives him up the walls when he's still mistaken for a teenage boy despite him being in his thirties now. Who could blame one for assuming such a thing, though, with his unimpressively thin stature, relatively feminine facial structure, average height, and casual attire? He certainly doesn't look like a respectable, well-to-do man. He owns no white wig and doesn't have the money or dignity to garb in coat tails and golden cuffs. In truth, he appears to be all the shameful scoundrel he really is, scraggly and unkempt. His clothes are usually stained or dirtied (hustling in the streets doesn't exactly add up to cleanliness) and his medium length hair is very rarely combed, let alone greased back. He's got the physical potential to look like an astute man, he simply wastes it. Some find him ruggedly handsome, others find him a dirty disgrace. It all depends on your cup of tea, really.

    Personality: Caleb is a cheap-skate and a con artist. Not once in his life has he felt a sense of dignity, his shamelessness knowing no bounds. It's all about unrestrained indulgences and temporarily happiness, doing whatever he has to in order to obtain a quick fix. While some would debate whether or not he's intelligent, he sure seems to be able to squirm his way out of bad situations rather miraculously. Perhaps that's just it: perhaps he's been charmed with good luck. Caleb practically exudes comic relief, coming up to irrational decisions and pulling ridiculous stunts nearly all the time. Every thing that slips out of his mouth is either insulting, lewd, a lie, or a plea and he's very talented in any of the above categories. He's not so gifted with honest smalltalk or confessions about woes but, ah, who is? (What? Normal people? That's absurd!) There is never a day complete in Caleb's life without there being flamboyance, lying, money seeking, and some sort of avoidance of persecution. He is a very romantic man, to many's surprise, a big believer in "love at first sight". He lies, cheats, barters, swindles, and most of all runs away. He doesn't take responsibility for any of his actions, tossing the blame to others with ease. Never ever trust this man for anything, whether it's to do with money or not. He's a renowned traitor, turning on his comrades for profit in the blink of an eye. Indeed, Mr. Foul seems to be a walking contradiction and, while sometimes entertaining, a very despicable lad indeed.

    Bio: Caleb's father was a merchant and his father's father was a merchant and his father's father's father was a merchant, a long line of lowlife scumbags. Some ask him why he never tried to achieve more, and Caleb's not so sure himself. One part of him wishes he could lead an adventurous life filled with exciting tales and even more exciting scars, but the other part of him reminds him that this is what he does and this is what he'll continue to do in order to stay safe. Don't get him wrong, a con artist's life isn't completely boring. He travels from place to place, avoiding the good and luring out the bad in ways only a good people reader can. He's sold all sorts of good, all of them illegal in some way shape or form, and met all sorts of people. He's been in relationships (to be replaced by other relationships) and felt love and shed tears and lost loved ones but it just isn't enough for him. He feels like there's a big chunk missing in his heart despite this. Maybe he should be happy with what he's got but he just can't bring himself to do it- at least not completely.

    His world got turned upside down just recently. You see, it all started when he'd been selling jars of dog turds as secret remedies... He's such a lovely little man, isn't he? Someone had naturally reported his fraud pretty quickly and he found himself run down by the rather strict British police. Well, that's what he thought had happened, anyway. The truth was, the soldiers could care less about Caleb and his stupid poop scam, as the princess of England was currently being abducted. Caleb mistook their frantic hustling as a pursuit (the world revolves around Caleb, you see) and ran about, trying to find a good hiding place until all the commotion settled down. He unwisely scurried up to a large ship and hid inside a keg full of pickles and then waited until he heard quietness and peace once more. Unfortunately, this was replaced by the sound of the ship taking off from shore and you can only guess the high levels of Caleb's anxiousness by now.

    For now, he is still stuck in a pickle- literally- and is unable to get out as they must have sealed the lid on it. A part of him wants to scream for help so someone can get him out of this blasted thing before he dies of pickle poisoning, but the other part of him wants to wait in this keg for the entirety of the ride. Who knows what will become of him if the crew knows there's a stowaway? How does he manage to get himself in these dilemmas?!

So begins...

Caleb Foul's Story