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Captain Aniruddha Tok

"For right now, I simply need you to gather an open mind, a pocket full of patience, and a bit of trust in your adoring Captain."

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a character in “Pirate's Play: To El Dorado!”, as played by Averagebear



Role; Captain
Name; Aniruddha Tok
Nickname; Ruddha to friends, Captain to others
Age; 29
Written appearance; Ruddha's skin is a dark caramel color, deeply tanned from all the time in the sun. Dreaded charcoal hair lays as a mop atop his head, and amber eyes constantly gleam with a mischievous twinkle. He is tall and muscular, not nearly as bulky as other members on board, but still considerably beefy. He shaves mostly everyday day, though it seems he always has a layer of stubble coating his chin. Ruddha carries himself with grace, his movements fluid as water and his posture casually upright. Where he might lack in elegance in his appearance- tattoos, piercings, and hair making him look all too much like a teenager in a rebellious stage- he makes up for it in his presence. He garbs in classy attire, long coats, expensive pants, perhaps a Captain's cap when he feels it fits. It is in the way he carries and garbs himself that give him his distinct hint of sophistication. He never seems to be without some form of tobacco, typically a pipe, and its stench has made its mark on nearly everything he owns.

Personality;Aniruddha is a sly, eloquent soul, using sophisticated language and nonchalant hand gestures. He revels in the finer things in life, his study coated in stolen fine art and precious artifacts. He is known for his clever nature, strategic ability, charisma, and quick tongue. As far as captains go, he has an extremely laxed system. Rarely does he punish his crew members (and rarely does he have the need to). He has his crew respect and obey him through more of admiration than fear, He is a controlled person who never shows his inner passion and fury, though still considerably frisky. Ruddha's chill, witty aura tends to keep his comrades calm and his enemies flustered. It is well known that Captain is a big fan of irony and subtle sarcasm, and he's often insulting others without their knowing. While he doesn't blatantly show it, the young Captain does have a good amount of vindictive tendencies pumping through his veins and perhaps more mischievousness than healthy. Of course, such childish behavior is neatly hidden behind fanciful words and shuttered eyes, but it doesn't mean they are there.

He will dodge any question asked about his past and is known to be quite shady, even for a pirate. It’s rare that you’ll see him with exaggerated facial expressions, and his most common look is a small, arrogant smirk. He is very sure of himself and more than a little cocky, but hardly enthusiastic. It’s as if he’s always playing a game of chess. Ruddha is known to be considerably long winded, going off on introspective tangents and pondering on seemingly minuscule things. Those forced to interact with Ruddha on a daily basis have had to become accustomed to his frequent speeches. Being such an unfazed character, many believe him to be sneaky and suspicious- all of which he is. No one really knows the Captain's real motives, and while he has many allies, even his closest friends don't know much about him.

Even in the grimmest of situations, Ruddha keeps a cool facade and an intelligible mind. Another noticeable attribute Captain Tok possesses is an insatiable curiousness and unquenchable desire for adventure. His ambition truly knows no bounds, tackling missions others would consider impossible without an ounce of hesitation, his faith completely unwavering even in the face of potential defeat. Take his goal to reach El Dorado, for example. Some call it extreme optimism, others a sever case of foolishness. In some ways, he has a very one track mind, pursuing something with fever while ignoring other aspects of life- like family or romance- with absolutely nothing getting in the way of his, as he'd call it, "destiny". These goals he sets for himself border on obsessions and it wouldn't be a stretch to call the very charming and intelligent man a tad bit delusional. Furthermore, he's stubborn as a bull; if he's come to a conclusion there's not much that can convince him otherwise.

Motive/Goal; Ruddha plans to keep the princess hostage so they may cross the barriers to El Dorado, as they need royal blood.

History; "I was born in England as the first son of a successful cellist, Charles Tok. He married another musician (a pianist) and the two coupled a child together. The two of them prided on their creativity and skill, with time learning how to judge others who didn't compare. I was named Aniruddha in an attempt to be cultured and I was my mother's favorite toy for a good year or so. As soon as she'd grown tired of being a mother, she left the rest to the many slaves they owned. My wealthy parents were always away at the orchestra, truly devoted musicians. I've heard they're both really quite good at what they do, though I wouldn't know. The lack of attention they gave me soon became a serious attachment issue and a compelling urge to rebel. My cries for attention in my teenage years only lead to more distance between us, as they began to treat me as if I were an unpredictable animal, which I soon grew to be. I became hostile and savage towards any one related to me by blood and took up the street life. My parents dropped all connection with me after I was caught stealing from a shop downtown and I was kicked out of my home at the age of 15. Not long after, I found out (weeks after his birth, mind you) that I had a baby brother, my replacement. This sent me spiraling even farther into my fit of rage. Soon, my behavior towards my family leaked into the way I acted to others, including my closest friends. After successfully shooing away every caring person in my life, I got involved in street fights, drugs, and numerous other illegal things. I became known as the beast among men, the toughest creature in my town. Still, I had two comrades who I never dreamed of turning. The first was a slave girl I'd met when I was 13 and she 10. Her name was Raziah and she'd been purchased by my family as a slave. We met through me stomping through the flowers in a tantrum and her calling me a baby. To this, I only laughed and assigned her to become my personal servant. She went everywhere with me from that day forward. The second was my boyish best friend from as long as I could remember. Benjamin Blackthorne was a wealthy young chap, one of the many sons of a prestigious family, who had for some reason remained my companion for the longest of times. We both had a ache for adventure despite our well-to-do parents and that was enough for us... that is, at first. As we got older and politics became something young men our age should focus on, I felt our relationship grow strained. The differences between us grew and grew and grew and grew. I ignored it for as long as I could before that incident.

I had stolen from a soldier, a simple crime. At the age of seventeen, I had enough nerve to pull it off, but I'd been caught and in the heat of the moment, ended up stabbing him. The man died. The only person who knew about the incident was my good friend. I expected Benjamin to stand by my side as he'd done my whole life, but this time, he did something far worse. He had sided with the all exclusive man, decided that perhaps I was no more than a street rat after all. I was a shame to the Tok's lovely name, really. I overheard the young man speaking to his father when I came to visit his home and vent about my troubles, only to find the very person I'd been searching for was coercing with his father in the garden, ratting me out. He blatantly confessed to his father that the person who'd killed the soldier had been me and I found myself horrified to the core. The one bloke I'd always trusted would be the reason for my persecution. I'd be locked in prison! I ran from my life as a thief, ran from imprisonment, and ran from the betrayal that pounded deep in my heart. I took Raziah with me and traveled to another country immediately, the two of us starting a new life. At seventeen, I swore revenge on my ex best friend... and revenge is precisely what I got. He's been engaged to the Princess of England- precisely one of the reasons I chose specifically the young maiden. I remember my exfriend telling me about the young girl, of how pure and precious and lovely she was. I couldn't be more pleased with how things turned out. Now the traitor will pay his price at the expense of his former bride.

I started my life a new with mistrust running in my veins, traveling the world with my dearest friend and getting lucky when we found a meal. One night, I passed out on the street due to being famished and under-clothed in such intense, extreme coldness. I woke up in a soft bed and a plate of foreign food sitting next to me, Raziah staring at me by my side. Apparently she'd run and found an old, thin man who agreed to take me in for a little bit. We lived with him for a year and it was unquestionably the best year of my life. In our time with him, he tamed me into a proper young man with much persistence, ridded me of my vulgar ways. He trained me to contain my anger and I soon had my cool facade down. I was able to remain stoic and appear unnerved even when on the inside I was burning with passion. He taught me a good amount of things a regular scholar couldn’t even dream of and I ate it all up eagerly. Gorluth had told me once that I was the brightest young lad he'd ever met and , after that day, I spent every minute I could absorbing more facts. Gorluth was fascinated with the fantastical city of gold, an interest turning quickly into an obsession. He spent the last years of his life studying the subject worth all he had. Unfortunately, Gorluth eventually died of old age, like many old man have before. That was possibly the worst day of my sorrowful life. Raziah and I threw a funeral and, after a long conversation, decided that each of us would pursue different lives for a little bit. Raziah would go off to deal with her own affairs and I would continue researching El Dorado in Gorluth's footsteps, though this time with a good deal of knowledge and a new love for learning. I associated myself with as many scholars as I could, though only black listed ones would associate with me, considering my criminal background.

It wasn't long before I was quickly recruited onto the Ratgrins which, at that time, had only been around for about a year. The captain at the time picked me out of the streets due to my fantastic ability to fight like a lion with my bare hands and the extent of my wisdom for being only 18. I got along well with my fellow pirates and obtained many friends. One fateful day, seven years after I had joined the Ratgrins and eight years after they'd been formed, we were attacked by a rogue gang of pirates, much more powerful than ourselves. The whole crew, spare me and just a handful of others survived their pillaging before they sailed off to sell our gold (and get hung in the gallows, I hear). We were left for dead, without a captain or food supply or anything else necessary for survival. I became the Captain, mostly by process of elimination and based on how much everyone still left on ship fancied me, and we just barely made it to land without starving to death. I was officially 24 and Captain to a huge ship without any crew members. So what did I do? I recruited, male and female, soft and strong. I sought out Raziah and persuaded her to join me again as the navigator and then found replacements for all those who'd died. I'd never been a ruthless soul, and I still am not, even as a Captain. I run my crew in an odd way, very laxed and relying heavily on my crew members to do their job without me berating them. I've been told that my values get in the way of being able to run my ship efficiently. I say to hell with them. My crew and my ship are one of a kind and the way things are run on my ship are precisely the way we should. I like to think we're a classy bunch of pirates. Thanks to Gorluth’s many tests, I was able to make rational decisions quickly and remained calm no matter what. I befriended a scholar named Kong Long-Kai who has worked alongside with me in tracing the clues of the lost city of gold. I was thrilled when we found a substantial lead that paid off all our research. I will travel to El Dorado for Gorluth. For him and to prove my worth to myself. The moment we cross those gates will be the moment I have made history.

In the past four years, I've slowly lead my crew into being the most infamous pirates in the Eastern World. Though I'm young for a captain, I'm equally as clever and powerful. I fight with stealth, speed, and precision- strength and force not being my strong suits. I carry a pistol we stole from a black market and a shining scimitar, neither of which are particularly heavy. I have strikingly accurate aim for long ranged instances. When in close contact battle, I evade until an opening appears, in which case I strike for a fatal blow."

Likes/Dislikes; He likes fruits, music, art, literature, and human emotion. He dislikes ignorance, sass, brash reactions, being disrespected, losing, and getting shot.

So begins...

Captain Aniruddha Tok's Story