Nimbi Williams

"well this is a hunk of junk aint it? Sure I couldn't have that pretty ship over there instead for my price or is it really too low? hmmmm"

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a character in “Pirates: The Promised Treasure”, as played by HiddenNymph


Name: Nimbi Williams (read NIM-BI)
Age: 20
Sex: Female
Race: Merfolk –
Height & Weight: 5ft 4inches
Runes: Would she have runes being a merfolk? if so i'll add some :)
Pirate Affiliation: Doesn’t have a crew yet, she tends to roam on her own making a living her own way even if that does include stealing then moving onto the next town. She wants to explore the seas as shipwright and she is also an excellent cook.

Right Hand Rune-
Left Hand Rune-
Forehead Rune-
Bounty: 100,000 for being captured as a slave – 45,000 for the crimes she has committed.
Your Treasure: Being accepted and free to do what she pleases.
Home Country: Remo – small village near the coast.
Weapons: She tried using a katana once but isn’t very good at it, she knows just enough to block an attack though and maybe deal some of own. Her main skills lie in her direct hand to hand combat, Nimbi has building up her control of fishman karate and the navy are starting to notice it.

Nimbi has a passion for ships, if she sees one she’ll mock it or adore it after a quick too minute inspection and evaluation of the repairs or upgrades needed. She can’t help but adore older models since they last the longest and have the finest craftsmanship.
As for her quirks she tends to get a tad bossy in a motherly way due to looking after the old man that raised her in his late years. She smiles when she can as she was told it brings others calamity around her however half the time she doesn’t mean it and it shows in a sarcastic manner.
She likes to act tough on the outside, as though she can handle anything, but the truth is, Nimbi is afraid of the world around her. She doesn’t want to go to the island of her people since she won’t see as many ships and it is too boring there, she wants to travel, yet every second on land is a terrifying death trap to possible slavery. This shows in her voice her true fragility hard to miss if you look for it, she’s not a good fighter compared to most and is best at evading hence why she often gets away stealing navy equipment.

Nimbi was born under the deep seas like all merfolk, she was loved by her parents however as a baby one day she was left alone for a moment as her mother talked to a friend. It happened so fast then, it was so unexpected nothing could have stopped it, the sea’s current picked up with incredible power so strong it picked Nimbi up into its wrath and swept her away in the vast ocean.
Days later crying, cold and scared Nimbi washed up onto Remo’s shore, it was there that an old human man with a crooked leg found her. He saw her as nothing but a child not as a slave to be sold for 100,000. Raising her with kindness and acceptance Nimbi love the old man very much, he was a shipwright and taught her everything she knew as she grew up with the feel of ships around her their woods calling to be fixed. Looking after him she learned how to cook and clean and was a tad motherly of him, however her time in Remo was not always happy.
The other villagers did not accept Remo as the old man did, they put up with her because of the importance he held being the only shipwright around but they all hated her and wanted to sell her for their own greed. So when the old man passed away peacefully in his sleep the town didn’t waste a chance to try and seize Nimbi.
She knew what was coming however, the old man had worried for her gravely and had already told her to leave before he passed. Scared and heartbroken to loosing her parent Nimbi ran with all her might to the sea, however some towns folk managed to throw daggers into her skin and scarring her before she could hide on the sea floor.
From then Nimbi has travelled the sea’s, when she comes to a town she tries to hide her appearance but having webbed hands and feet makes it difficult. Stealing became second nature to survive along with fighting, she pissed off quite a few of the navy taking their stock supplies before sailing off earning herself a small bounty. However she has travelled alone for three years now and feels the pain of loneliness that brings. All she wants is to be around the ships she loves earning a respectable life, piracy it would seem was something she was forced into rather than chose.

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