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Cadrian Drew Nickles

"I don't care if you hate me i don't live to fucking please you."

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a character in “Pismo Beach High : School of Drama and Lies”, as played by BelieveInDreams


Cadrian Drew Nickels
Cade is 16
Sexual Orientation:
He's openly Pansexual- He chooses to judge on personality rather than gender
That emo kid, Cade, Drew, Teddy (by his friends), Fag, Pretty boy, etc.
Cade is an overall nice guy, he could be friends with literally anyone. He doesn't like to judge people based off of appearances like most people do to him. He believes in living life to it's full potential and loves having fun. He thinks that if you live with fears then your really just setting limitations on life. He's friends with all the lower class kids at school (the goth/emo kids, the nerds, the manga nerds, the gamers, etc.) He's also not afraid to be who he is and dress the way he dresses even though he gets made fun of literally everyday. He tries to be strong about it even though its extremely hard. He's best known for his witty comments and loves to make people. Even though he seems like he's confident and flaunts his differences with pride to encourage people to also be themselves, he is currently suffering from depression. He pretends to not be fazed by the comments people make and tries to bottle up his feelings. Even though he's supposed to be taking medicine to help with his depression he chooses not to. He doesn't think he needs it. It wasn't even his idea to go see a therapist, his aunt insisted on doing it because she was worried about him. To make her happy he does take it most of the time. His father abandoned his mother and him when he was about 8 years old. His mother fell into a deep depression and began drinking and doing drugs. He tried to help her out but as every day went by she started talking less and less. Cade thought that it was his fault. He knew that the only reason his father left is because he didn't want a kid. Cade even still has memories of his father never playing with him or even calling him by his name. One day when Cade was about to go to sleep his mother came out of her room (which in those times was extremely rare) and she told Cade she loved him. When he woke up the next morning to check on his mom he saw that she had hung herself. He panicked and called his aunt. His mother's funeral was held when he was 14 in his first year of highschool. He currently lives with his aunt and her husband.
My name is Cadrian Drew Nickles. Not "that emo kid". Not "faggot". Not "pretty boy". Just Cadrian. So why am i constantly called these horrid names day after day? Why do they hate me? Why am I treated like some freak? This is what I wonder every single day when I walk down the halls of my school. I know I shouldn't dwell on it, but....I can't help it. I wish I could just shrink back into a corner and hide. Hide from the humiliation and hatred. These are all the thoughts that go on inside my head, but instead of trying to be unseen I do the exact opposite. I put on a fake smile.You can't give them the satisfaction of knowing that it actually hurts me. One thing You've learned from this high school is that the people are absolutely ruthless. They'll do anything to hurt you and make you feel inferior and then laugh about it.It's sad how insecure they are. They see someone living their own lives the way they want to and they get jealous because they can't do that themselves. Yeah, but that still doesn't change the fact that it hurts when they say those things about me. Why can't I just be me? Even though I act like everything is fine, and like I could care less about what they say to me. It's not true at all. Every harsh word is like a slash on the wrist. The slashes are always there and they won't heal. They're a haunting deep crimson red that remind me of all the people that hate me and who I am. Why am I so weak? I sigh silently to myself.You can't let them get to you. Remember? Be who you are no matter what. Don't be ashamed of who you are. I wish it were that easy. Every day is like a battle. I'm fighting to stay alive and not get hurt by what people say and do,'s almost impossible.Don't say that stay strong. There are people that love you for who you are. Don't focus on the people who aren't smart enough to realize how amazing you are. Amazing? I wish. It's all just an act. If I were to let out my true feelings I'd had no friends. No one wants to be friends with someone whose weak and can't even stand up for themselves.You're friends are the ones that accept you for you and if they're truly you're friends they'd understand. No one understands...All i want to be is me and I can't even do that...
Theme Songs:
Black Veil Brides- Fallen Angels
Black Veil Brides-Knives and Pens


So begins...

Cadrian Drew Nickles's Story