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Jesse Morning

"My dad isn't going to be able to sign this, sir."

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a character in “Pismo Beach High : School of Drama and Lies”, as played by Saint Bella


Jesse Alexander Morning

"Jesse, call 911!" Jesse didn't want to, but he did it anyway. "Jesse, now! your father deserves it!" Jesse didn't think he did, but he did it anyway.

Jesse's parents made him do a lot of things he didn't want to do. When he was in Little League, he didn't want to go home after losing games, but he did it anyway. When he started school, he didn't want to lie about the bruises, but he did it anyway. And now, seated as his father's bedside in the Pismo Beach Hospital, he wanted to leave so desperately, but he didn't. For the love of God, he couldn't explain why he just couldn't move from the spot.

No one had asked him to stay; in fact, his mother asked him if he wanted to leave. Maybe it was the sick pleasure of seeing his father as the weak one in their relationship, maybe it was the shock that his father wasn't moving, but was somehow alive. Either way, Jesse stayed seated at his father's side.

There were no words exchanged, not even a simple squeeze of his father's hand. It could have been a hallucination, but Jesse swore he saw his father's hand move towards his. Jesse didn't believe his eyes until it happened again. The doctor said that people that become vegetative lose their motor skills slowly, so Jesse's father could have been holding on to the last means of communication he had. While Jesse sat with his father, his mother stood outside with the doctor. He knew she was hearing the news that would keep his father in a bed for the rest of his life. Tears formed at his mother's eyes, and Jesse moved from his chair to get his mother.

She saw him coming out into the hallway, and she just clung to him as tears puddled on his old black t-shirt. The sobs rocked her frail body, and Jesse let some of his own tears fall. The doctors worked to get Jesse's father ready to go home with them, in which Jesse took his mother down to the cafeteria to get some food in her and to talk about plans for money. Jesse agreed to get himself a job at the local icecream shop, where a lot of kids from his school went afterschool.

His mother got an extra job at the local supermarket, which would leave Jesse's younger sister Sam at their neighbor Mrs. Sallie's house with a babysitting job and another freshman to talk to.

Sam was at their aunt's house, awaiting news on thier father's condition. Jesse never let his father hurt a hair on Sam, he would always protect his little sister. Even at school, no boy would dare to get frisky with her if they wanted to continue walking on two feet. He did get her into drama, though not as dedicated as he was. He loved her, more than anyone else in his family. His mother came second, though he would take a bullet for her. For his father, well, there are no words.

So begins...

Jesse Morning's Story


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Image This ain't a love song, this is goodbyee... Sung the alarm clock as the set time flashed across the LCD screen. A pale hand came out of the duvet to stroke the fluffy head of the small puppy that lay next to her on her bed, and she smiled ever so slightly. "Morning, Jackson." She mumbled, before then popping her out into the bright sunlight. Mornings were never something that Piper Winchester had been very good at, and she was usually pretty groggy in the mornings. Although today, she was feeling a little better than usual. She wasn't feeling like going back to sleep again and staying in bed all day. She didn't feel like shouting at someone if they came in to annoy her. She just felt good. Something about today... mhm, it just felt as if something was going to be different, and it was going to be good. Which spurred her on a little to be happy.

After jumping out of bed, having a shower, and getting dressed into this, Piper felt even better than she had done when she woke up, and as she came down the stairs with a smile on her face. However, that smile instantly faltered when she saw the letter on the large, ornate dining table. She picked it up with a sigh, her father's fancy handwriting flowing across the folded piece of paper. "Dear Piper, I'm sorry I can't be with you for breakfast, but have a good day and I'll see you for dinner. Love, Dad." That's all it said. The messages that her father left on the table had dwindled in size over the years, and instead of getting a couple of paragraphs, she now only gets a sentence or two. She threw the letter into the nearest waste paper basket, and dashed to the kitchen to pop a slice of toast into the toaster. She tried not to let the whole thing with her father bother her, and kept that happy smile on her face as she nibbled on her buttery toast. Suddenly, there was a a honking outside, and Piper dumped the remainders of her toast in the bin, picked up her bag from the corner of the kitchen, and then made her way out to her boyfriend's car.

She hadn't been with Robbie for very long, five months and two weeks to be exact, but he had grown very attached to her. In all honesty, she had liked him in the beginning of their relationship, but now? He was getting too clingy and she didn't like it. It wasn't what Piper wanted out of a relationship, but she didn't have the guts to end it. He wasn't the person that she had started going out with five months ago, and she was getting a little scared of him.

"Hey Piper!" Robbie smiled as she jumped into the car and he gave her a peck on the cheek (she had turned her head away from his lips) and they drove to school in silence. Robbie kept trying to talk to her, but after that note on the table, she wasn't really in the mood for talking. She just gave the occasional nod when it was needed and smiled when she felt like she could. In the end, Robbie gave up, and they went back to the quietness. Soon, they were at school, and Robbie pulled into his parking space near the head of the school, and they sat in the car for a moment whilst he pressed a button, and the roof came back up over them. "Hey, Pip? I was wondering... have you got a jacket, to wear over that?"
Piper looked at her boyfriend with a confused face. "Yes, but it's warm out. Why?"
Robbie reached over and took his girlfriend's hand. "Well, it's just... it's quite a revealing top. Maybe it's because I've seen what's under there, but it doesn't leave much to the imagination." Piper sighed and got out of the car, and shut the door, Robbie following suit.
"Don't worry, it's fine." She said, before making her way towards the door of the school. Suddenly, Robbie grabbed her arm.
"Well? Aren't you going to put your jacket on?"
"Why? I said it's too revealing."
"Oh Robbie, don't even worry about it okay? You know I'd never do anything like that!"
The jock looked at her with raised eye brows. "You sure about that? Just tell me if anyone looks at you funnily, okay?"
Piper knew that a boyfriend shouldn't act like that to his girlfriend, but she didn't want to say anything. Like she had thought before, she was slightly scared of him. He glared at a friend of her's who had passed them, a boy obviously, and she took her hand out of his. "Look, if you're going to act like this, I'll put the bloody jacket on."
"Thank you." And he placed another one of those condescending kisses on her cheek.

As they walked down the coridor, she watched the kids rushing to their lessons already, and even watched a couple shove Song into the lockers, btu Robbie wouldn't allow her to stop and help him up. She had to keep up pretences when she was with him, and that meant not helping out the losers. She felt terrible, but something else had caught Piper's eye, or should it be - someone else. "I'll see you later Rob, okay?" She said, turning around and kissing him softly on the lips - something that she didn't want to do, but felt obliged to. He watched her walk towards the two boys who were getting ready to leave for class, and he glared for a moment. Who was she going to talk to? He was going to have to talk to her about this later. The boy that she had noticed had been sitting on the floor, helping the drama teacher, Mrs Hunt, paint the set for the new school play. It was a boy that she hadn't seen in years, and was shocked to see sitting on the floor painting. The bell sounded throughout the school, but she didn't care, and she walked towards him, taking off that bloody jacket that she had been forced to wear by Robbie, and stuffing it in her bag.



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"Jesse?" A female voice caught his attention, who happened to be none other than Piper Winchester, his old best friend. When he was ten, he had to move to South Carolina because of an abuse report written by his teacher. Last year, when his father got into the car accident that changed his life, they moved back for jobs and better medicine for his father. All the good memories came flooding back as he looked at Piper. The nights spent in the woods, where Piper would give Sam a makeover to keep her quiet. The days they would spend in his pool trying to out-best each other's flips. The days he would spend alone, bruised and broken, waiting for the moment he could sneak out and see Piper.

She never knew anything about his father, but that sad story was for later times. "Piper!" He jumped from his spot, making his way off the large stage and enveloped her in a warm hug. The hugs that plagued their childhood. "I missed you." He murmured into her shoulder, hot tears forming at his eyes. He sniffled, rubbing his eyes. "I thought you'd be with Alex and Sandy, singing Broadway musicals or planning the road trip to New York, something like that." Jesse chuckled, looking at her. She definitely grew from the little blonde girl he used to know. She had her same eyes and her same nose, but her hair was pink and her clothes lost the modesty of childhood innocence. She was still the beautiful girl he knew from kindegarten, the one he fell in love with. There was a small problem; there was a guy sending glares so bad it brings up the cliche "if looks could kill".

He didn't look like someone their friends would hang out with; if anything, he would be someone that would harass their friends. What happened while he was gone? "Pip? What happened to you while I was gone? Not in a bad way, I'm just… how do I put this? Confused." Jesse asked, Sing looking towards him from the stage. He must have known what happened. That left Jesse unknowing.

Mrs. Hunt looked up, and saw the Jesse kid talking to one of her Drama 4 kids, Piper. She was attractive, Mrs. Hunt couldn't lie, but it didn't seem like Jesse would "fit in" with her crowd. She was suprised by the fact that they knew each other. She allowed Sing to get his books for his other classes. She then went on hallway duty to be a Dress Code Nazi and insult the seniors trying to hit on her. She saw the blonde girl everyone called Angel, who always broke the dress code. She gave the girl slack, mostly because she knew the girl's little sister from her adopted daughter, a classmate, and she knew her situation. Then there was Avery, the brunette popular girl that was a bitch to a lot of people. Mrs. Hunt guessed she would be the one to pick on freshman girls in her Drama 1 class just for fun. Most of the people in the hallway were either to oblivious to her or knew that the pranking drama teacher would do something if they tried to harass her.

"Hey Mrs. Hunt." She rolled her eyes, turning her attention to a senior that would not lay off the flirtacious comments. "Yes, Ethan?" She asked, trying to hide her obvious need to punch the little twit. "I was just wondering if you're a thief? You know why?" He asked, grinning his shining white teeth at her. "Because I'm giving you detention and stole your free time after school? Scram." She answered, shooing the senior off. He commented he would see her in Drama 1, and she groaned. Seniors.

"Mrs. Hunt!"

"Yes Jennette?"

"Did you know our play was reviewed by a publisher?"

Damn you, Sing! The Asian boy was trying to get Mrs. Hunt to publish a play they performed last year, and she was too hesitant in making it a true published masterpiece. And now Sing had ruined it for her. "Nevermind that, I have a class to teach, and a boy to beat." She returned to her sanctuary, and made her big enterance. "Welcome to Drama 4, your life is offically under my control."


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#, as written by Mela
It hadn't taken long for Ave and Trish to find Becca and Brooke... big surprise, they were at their lockers, gossiping about nailpolish. Then she and her possy had moved on towards calculus. They all had it first thing in the morning. Avery despised mathematics as a whole, but she didn't have much of a choice in the matter (daddy-o had been persistent), and where Avery went, Becca, Trish and Brooke went too. It was that simple. Or rather... Avery was that much of a queen bee. She was very aware that everyone called her a bitch behind her back, but guess what? she didn't care. As long as no one dared say it to her face, she was good. She liked being a bitch, and she could afford to be. Money was power, and Ave was the richest girl in school, so who was going to give her a rant? She'd gotten several teachers fired for getting on her bad side, she'd made countless student practically flee the school, because they were either annoying, too ugly, too nerdy... there were so many things they could do wrong, Avery hardly knew where to begin.

"What the hell is Piper doing with a new kid?" Brooke then said, clearly outraged, and Avery, who'd been in her own world, stopped imediately. She would not have a cheerleader degrading herself. Perfectly plucked brows furrowed, she looked in the direction Brooke was. Yes, Piper was indeed talking to a new kid... but not just any new kid. She was talking to Jesse. Trish stepped up next to Avery, "I don't think we have to worry too much about that. At least the guy's not ugly." she commented, watching the pair. It wasn't that Jesse had been a big love of hers, but she had really liked being around him, even if he hadn't been upper class... more than she'd admit to, so he'd dumped her. Because she was unable to say that she cared about him.

No one knew about that. It'd been over the summer, not a long fling, but a fling nonetheless, one that had inspired softer feelings in Avery. It'd been weird, but sort of nice. She'd missed him. What was he doing here, on her turf? Avery shook her head, shaking off the thoughts along with it. She would have to talk to him, "doesn't matter. He's not upper-class. She is. Royalty doesn't mix with commoners, my darlings." She said, ignoring the fact that she was being absolutely morally ambivalent, already walking towards Piper - class wouldn't start for a little while, so Ave had time to set things straight. The girls started trailing after her, eagerly agreeing.

"So, Piper," Avery said, when she stopped about a feet behind the girl, "please explain what you're doing here. Or rather... why you're talking to him." Avery simply said, staring Jesse down, with a look saying 'what the hell are you doing here?', but only he would recognize it that way, since no one else knew they'd ever met. Trish stepped up next to her, Brooke and Becca staying behind them, and smiled wryly, "yeah, I was wondering about that too, newbie." She said, giving Piper a look that said she didn't think her worthy of the upper class. Brooke, blonde, dressed in sinfully sexy, yet classy attire, presented Piper with a devilish smile, flirtatious gaze roaming Jesse. She didn't say anything. Becca looked like the whole thing bored her, gracefully brushing her red hair, that was all on one shoulder, with her hands.

Avery really just wanted to get Jesse alone right now... tell him to get out of her life, not just suddenly show up... well, it wasn't that sudden. She'd known for a while, since she always kept tabs on everything around the school - it was one of the many pillars supporting her absolute reign of the school -, but she didn't have to like it. He didn't fit her image. If any one ever found out, it would be humiliating... it wouldn't hurt her rep much, since she'd merely turn things until it fit right in with who she was here, but Jesse... well, Jesse had gotten just slightly under her skin, even if she'd never admit it out loud. But he was talking to Piper, and in truth, Avery hadn't liked the girl from the start. She was a poser. Sure, she had money, but she didn't really belong in the upper classes. She didn't match, but she made an effort, the wannabe.


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(Not sure where everyone is o__o I'm just gonna assume we're all in the same class, at least the people who I'm about to address)

"And since when did you become her mother Avery?"

Circe was on her feet now, she had been ready to get up and skip calculus for now and head to Mrs. Hunt's or Mr. Martin's class, secretly she enjoyed Mr. Martin's company more but it's not like anyone else had to know. They usually let her chill out backstage or mess around with the props when they saw her, but of course, her trip was being delayed because of these bitches. She stared at Avery chillingly, the two had been friends once, emphasis on the word ONCE. "Bitch." She greeted with a nod of her head before turning to the mini posse Avery had behind her. "Bitchettes." She greeted again, a tiny smirk gracing her face as she shifted her messenger back on her shoulder before sending a tiny glance down at their victim, another familiar face to Circe before she eyed the new kid next to her. She offered a nod of her head, a greeting to him though she felt she might've seen him somewhere before. Circe concluded that she probably just saw him as she walked in and returned her gaze to Piper for a long moment.

For a moment, it seemed like Circe was going to say something to Piper, and the truth was Circe had a lot to say to her, but deciding she wanted to be mean instead, she didn't. She kept a cool gaze on Piper as she spoke, mostly addressing to Avery. "Besides, I thought you guys were supposed to stick together? Isn't that in your little whore handbook or something?" She grinned, turning to face Avery once more, ignoring Piper for the time being. "God forbid that you cheerleaders would get into a fight." She said with her tone matching Avery's earlier one as she grinned, "Well, looking on the bright side, I wouldn't have to watch you shake your flat asses at the pep rally."

Yikes. Am I always this bitchy? Maybe I need to check my calender.. She thought before turning on that final thought, just about to leave out of the class room before she paused. She wasn't going to say anything at first but she couldn't resist. If she was going to be a bitch, why not bring it home? "Liking the pink Piper? Surprised daddy dearest didn't make you change it, God forbid he'd have a daughter with pink hair. Or has he not noticed?" She commented coolly, glancing back with a wicked smirk before turning and waltzing out of the class room without another word. Circe sighed and stretched her hands high above her head before letting them rest on top, "Hmm I'm feeling for chipotle right now.." she mused out loud, ignoring the calls of her teacher to return back to class as she pulled out her keys. She was going to take an early lunch.


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Alex, Sandy, and Piper were the closest in their little posse, excluding theirs. She didn't understand why he was confused, maybe she should if he came in a Northface jacket and Sparries and blonde hair. That's how much she'd changed. He nibbled on the snake bites he'd gotten a week before school started,  but his eyes widened as he saw a special someone walk through the door. His summer fling, Avery Pierce. The woman he gave his heart and sexual innocence to in a matter of two months. Somebody special for the person that would be missing in his life. Avery had shown him the true wonders of love and sex, but could never look at him and say that she cared for him. Many people think only men use women for sex, but women do it too. Jesse suspected the same, and broke up with Avery. A piece of his heart was still out of his body, taking place in Avery's heart where he left it. If she could tell him she truly cared for him, then maybe a fire could rekindle. 

She asked Piper what she was doing with Jesse, and gave him a look he knew all too well. It was the look when she was grounded, and he climbed through her trees to free her to go to a party. It was the look when Jesse arrived with movie tickets, and had to sit through a dinner with Daddy Pierce. The look she gave him before a midnight make out session in her bedroom. Another girl looked over him, her gaze uncomfortably seductive. She'd called Piper a newbie, but to what? He could only bring back memories of Summer Avery. So different from School Avery. 

It was a few days after his Southeastern high school let out. Mr. Pierce, the head of the factory Jesse's mother worked at, offered the supervisor two invites to a summer party for his daughter. Jesse was all too willing to come, and met Avery at the party. Of course, she was the most stunning girl at the party. Through the months, he grew to enjoy holding her shopping bags and getting a kiss when every new bag appeared; he suffered through dinners with her father and being a trophy boyfriend at her parties because he cared for her. When she couldn't say it back was when he decided he couldn't continue to excite his passion and broke up with her. And now he's there, face to face with a girl who could ruin his reputation as a sweet new kid in a matter of a few flicks of her thumbs. "Look, Avery, I was just lea-" He was interrupted by a girl with a bright blue Mohawk and the nerve to call Avery a bitch; the nerve not many people have. She insulted everyone but him, to which she gave a nod. He wouldn't return it, especially after she insulted Piper. He understood now, this act was all to please her father. Jesse had much experience with pleasing rich men with power.

"Shouldn't you all be in class?" Mrs. Hunt asked, leading Piper away from the group and allowing Jesse to mention that it would be best if he could talk to Avery alone; a bold move for the middle-class new kid. He had a secret that could change his status forever; he'd become a millionaire when he moved back. His father had left a couple million in Jesse's saving for the day when he couldn't be available to take it out himself. He had the money to win Avery back. He just wasn't sure he wanted to. "Avery, what's going to happen to us?"


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#, as written by Mela
Jesse started to say he was about to leave, but he didn't get to finish as Circe walked in. Oh, great... just who this little party needed, she thought, rolling her eyes. She didn't say anything to the punk girl, neither did her 'friends', she merely looked at her with a degrading, arrogant gaze, clearly showing that she didn't give a shit about the girl's insults. Everyone was rather used to Circe's little outbreaks; she was the only one who dared call Avery a bitch. The only one who really stood up to her, and Avery wasn't sure whether she liked the challenge of it, or the girl for her guts, but she didn't truly mind all that much. Didn't mean she'd ever let anyone know that, though. Information like that would spread like fire, that was certain. At Pismo, you either protected your secrets fiercely, or let them all out. That simple, and why she really needed to talk to Jesse... alone. Then Circe left, with a little comment at Piper over her shoulder... about the girl's father and their relationship. It was a low blow, one Avery had to admire. Hey, the art of insulting someone just right, just low enough to hurt bad, was not something everyone had the ability to.

Then Mrs. Hunt took Piper to class, and Ave was alone with Jesse... except for the three girls at her side. She was just about to send them off, when he asked if he could talk to her alone. So... he wanted to talk to her, too? why? what did he have to gain, really? he'd made it clear that he didn't want her, because she couldn't put her feelings into words. She still couldn't, that was that. So why? To keep up pretenses though, she crossed her arms over her chest and glanced at her posse, "tell the teacher I'll be right there. I'm... dealing with some stuff." She said. The girls made a few comments about how the new kid was gonna get it, but Avery said nothing, until they were out the door. Then she looked at Jesse and sighed.

"Avery, what's going to happen to us?" The guy in front of her said, and Avery shook her head a little, looking around the room before once again laying eyes on him. "I don't know... what are you even doing here? You're not supposed to be here, Jesse." She said, frustrated and brushed a strand of dark hair behind her ear, sighing. She looked down at her jimmy choo-clad feet, "you can't just... show up like this. Not here..." she then added, more quietly and looked up at him again, looking vulnerable. Something he was the only person on the entire school that had seen before. She let herself be the girl he'd been with over the summer, because no one was around... but she knew, that as soon as someone came by, she would change back. She wasn't sure what he thought of Avery at school. She wasn't untrue to herself, per say, but she wasn't showing feelings or anything else really... she was just a shell of herself at school. Only part of her was shown. Jesse had seen another part, and now he'd seen this one too. Hell, she had no idea what to think anymore.


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The little butterflies in Piper's stomach slowed down when Jesse broke their hug, but she brushed them off and put them down to nerves. She had no idea how Jesse was going to react when he found out everything - when he realised that she wasn't the girl that he had left behind six years ago, even though that girl was still alive on the inside. Now, she was a fraud, playing some game where she had to tag along with a group of girls, wave around stupid balls of string and chant. He'd absolutely kill her for loosing her personality like this, and she really didn't want to disappoint him. It was so good that he was back, but was her new change going to ruin their friendship?

Before Piper had any more time to question... well, everything, she heard high heels clicking on the linoleum floor of the drama stage, and a voice ring through her ears. Oh crap. This isn't what we need right now. She groaned inside her head, turning around to see her "captain," (more like slave worker), Avery. "He's my friend Avery. Is that not allowed now? Can we not speak to childhood friends?" Piper didn't usually talk back to the brunette girl. She let everyone push her around, for example Robbie. But right now, she just wanted to speak to Jesse, and Avery had reared her ugly head and ruined that, like she ruins mostly everything. Hell, it was Avery in the first place who had directed her over to going out with Robbie, the controlling, handsy footballer player. Piper didn't like Avery one bit, and she definitely hated the way that there seemed to be a silent conversation going on between her and Jesse. She could see it in their eyes, something that they weren't saying out loud, but were communicating to each other. It made her uneasy, uncomfortable, and she didn't like it.

However, before anything else could be said once more, another person entered, again someone she really wasn't in the mood to talk to. Circe had once been Piper's friend. Almost close to a best friend, she had clung to her for support after Jesse left. They had been friends for quite some time, until Piper got the idea into her head that her father would like her more if she was higher up in the social ladder. She tried to talk her out of it, but Piper went ahead with her plan, and in doing so, she lost Circe as a friend. She actually had been the one to prank her recently and dye her hair pink - a punishment for her social crimes. She tried to ignore the snipes that the blue haired girl was flinging around at everyone in the room, it was her usual. The whore handbook joke made her internally laugh however - they had come up with that one when they were still friends. Maybe Circe was nice and was beginning to forgive her for her sins, if she was going back down memory lane and finding insults that they created together.

Oh, no, maybe not.

There came the snipe about her father. The comment actually made her wince slightly, and tears pricked at her eyes again, but she was determined not to let them spill over now, not in front of Avery, and especially not in front of Jesse. Piper was obviously extremely sensitive about her father, and in that moment, she saw in Jesse's eyes that he understood why she was masquerading as a cheerleader, and a popular child. But, she didn't get the chance to ask him about it, because she was soon ushered off by Mrs Hunt, who obviously wanted to give the other two some privacy. That uncomfortable feeling came back into her stomach as the door closed behind her, sealing Avery and Jesse alone in the room.

Avery had taken everything from her - her personality, her freewill, her time, and her dignity, and now she was moving on to Jesse too. She felt a tear eventually push itself over the edge and spill down her cheek as she leant against the wall of the drama studio, her bag dropping to the floor with a soft thud.

She had just gotten Jesse back. And she didn't want to loose him now. Especially with the strange butterflies flying around her stomach. Suddenly, her phone beeped, ripping her out of her reverie and she pulled it out of her pocket, wanting to see who was trying to upset her now. It had already come from her father, her ex-best friend, the captain of the cheer-squad, and then her ex-friend. What else could happen now?

I saw you hugging him, Piper. Did you think I wouldn't find out anyone if I hadn't? We need to talk about this. @ 1. Got it?

Piper tapped back a quick response that she would be there, and went back to daydreaming against the wall. Maybe he'd kill her and end it quickly? He wasn't going to be happy, so she wouldn't put it past him.