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Caelum Daniels

"Wait...what was that?"

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a character in “Pitch Perfect”, as played by InakoUchiha




Caelum Alexander Daniels

Cael (by Friends)
Lex (by Close Friends & Teammates)


August 20th (Leo/Virgo Cusp)

|Sexual Orientation|
Closeted Homosexual

|Relationship Status|

New York City, New York


|A Capella Team|


| Funny | Goofy | Confused | Indecisive | Awkward | Kind | Sarcastic | Musical | Determined | Insecure |

To describe Caelum, would be like describing a child. He's always laughing, making jokes, and being sarcastic. He loves being the center of attention for crowds, and is commonly made fun of by most of his teammates. Being one of the youngest members, Caelum is normally a somewhat easily confused character who has trouble noticing a lot of things. Due to his hidden sexuality, and being on a team of rather attractive men, it has been noted that he is incredibly awkward. Especially around FC: Justin Bieber, and tries to downplay it but it's frankly quite obvious. Caelum when nervous, is extremely sarcastic and cracks jokes about his own self rather than others. He thinks it's because of his elder brothers always making jokes about his lazy eye. When not around people, Caelum is the exact opposite of what people think. He's extremely insecure, in his sexuality and his lazy eye. He seems to find himself, horribly unattractive and unable to find his soul mate. He's also sort of reserved, and hidden about his interests. When he brings up people he "likes" he won't mention specific gender nouns, he'll just say they. He feels awkward saying her, but he's too afraid to say him. Caelum's a nice kid, and tries to do his best to help others. But that doesn't mean he's a quick thinker or can make up his mind quickly. But, when Caelum puts his mind to something, and wants it. He will stop at nothing to get it.

+ Dancing
+ Singing
+ Playing Guitar
+ Making Jokes
+ Acceptance
- Ignorance
- Homophobia
- Brussels Sprouts
- Olives
- Milk

+ Playing Music
+ Writing Songs
+ Planting Flowers
+ Playing D&D
+ Dancing
- Being exlcuded.
- Being forcefully outed.
- His father
- Homophobes
- Being kicked from Cleftomaniacs.


Caelum Alexander Daniels was born the youngest son of Dean and Michelle Daniels. His elder siblings Lucifer, Michael, and Anael loved him from the day he was born. His parents however, were barely around. His father owned a chain of hotels, extremely popular among the rich. His mother was a model, and fashion designer. So they were barely home, but they instilled strict Christian values in their children, and made sure they were put in the best Christian preparatory schools. Caelum never questioned it, he just became rather kind and followed his parents orders. His siblings were more like his parents, especially his favored one Lucifer. Who was always getting in trouble for pranks, as a coping method for their parents not being around. While Michael and Anael both made Caelum do his schoolwork, Lucifer encouraged him to not. So he was easily influenced as a child by his family.

At twelve he was told that he had a wandering eye from an optometrist. He had to wear special glasses to make sure the eye stayed concentrated. Caelum in even the preparatory school, would be bullied by numerous kids. This started his inability to feel secure about his appearance, so he just stopped wearing the glasses. A few months later, their parents returned home and stated they were getting a divorce. His mother found more love in another woman, rather than stay with her husband. His father stated he would never be married to a woman of homosexuality and they immediately got divorced. Lucifer and Caelum were chosen to stay with their father, and Michael and Anael went with their mother. After Caelum turned thirteen, his father turned abusive whenever he was home. He'd make sure that Lucifer was out, and beat Caelum. Because he was what caused his mother to decide on homosexuality, in his mind really. This would cause an enormous amount of trouble when he would turn sixteen.

When Caelum turned sixteen, he was assigned to be a tour guide for one of the newer student. The kid had transferred from a juvenile detention hall, to be "reborn". His name was Lukas, and Caelum fell hard. Well, he fell for him. Lukas somehow convinced Caelum to skip the tour, and hide in the gym and basically make out. Caelum felt conflicted, he loved it. He had a feeling he liked the same-sex. But his father would kill him if he found out. So he hid these feelings and had multiple boyfriends hidden from all. Through that, his brother Lucifer developed a drug addiction.

When he came to UCLA, his brother Lucifer passed away from a drug overdose. FC: Justin Bieber helped him with the process, and somewhere in that Caelum found himself falling for him.

|Face Claim|
Shawn Mendes

|Dialogue Color Code|

Can't Help Falling in Love With You (Cover) || Haley Reinhart

So begins...

Caelum Daniels's Story