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a character in “Pixel Wars”, as played by Phil_J


Name: N.E.X.T.
Age:21 Years.
Appearance: he stands far above the average human at 8ft. and he has enough muscle to make it look like he could wrestle with a Block Virus and he probably very well could. N.E.X.T.'s eyes are a deep brown with green specs and his hair is black as night unless hit by the sun, then it will shine a dark brown. His face is always changing due to his code problem but the scars he was given by the viruses that he has destroyed always remain. He has a uniform under that armor and its probably gray dress pants that have been worn and battered and a white t-shirt with a black X on it.
Gender:programmed to be male.
Rank: Though he doesn't know he even has a rank if the military looked him up he would be a private

unusual about character: N.E.X.T was a failed program that had proven impossible to delete from the outside without destroying the motherboard itself. N.E.X.T. is also a civilian edited version of the S.A.R.H.A module, there is no telling if this choice was made for better or worse but he hasn't turned on the system yet so... Perhapse N.E.X.T. will work better than her?

Armor: some sort of old armor that has proven itself time and time again in the hardest of battles with the viruses.
Weaponry: Whatever he has around him. Usually his old SWS Motorized Pulse rifle that some video game designer threw into his code for some odd reason. It works though and is armor piercing with a secondary fire of shotgun shells... Because his code doesn't allow it he never has to reload and has an infinite amount of ammo. Due to his code's condition though, things may change for better or worse...

Back story: He was suposed to fight the viruses and destroy them and he did with brutal efficiency, however, he was unable to be controlled and was more of a free spirit... A "ghost in the machine". After a few years of fighting he eventually gave up and decided it was impossible. He went to go talk to some programs and slowly "died" but as they had seen, N.E.X.T. was harder to "kill" than anyone knew. N.E.X.T. Had been "reborn" and was ready for action. Possibly squishing more viruses? But something was different... Something had changed in his code. No... It was changing! N.E.X.T. is practically alive with code! He was constantly changing and learning now, no longer confined to his old code. Does this mean that programs can develop personalities too?

So begins...

N.E.X.T.'s Story