Farah Lockett

A young banished mage, trying to stay alive in a cruel demented world.

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a character in “Plague”, as played by I'm a Radical Dame!


Name: Farah Lockett

Age: 22

Status: A banished Mage.

Background: Farahs parents were both schemers, who would use their powers to poke fun of others, and so she naturally grew up to be just like them........using her appearance to garner mens eyes quickly, just to screw them over with some juvenile spell, or moronic potion. However, that personality trait of hers made her, and the rest of her family, first in line to be scapegoated/banished from the town, when the infection took hold.

Her family stayed together for a few days, before all but her were killed as they tried to sleep during the night in the woods...........a traumatic event that has changed Farah from the childish schemer, to a women with a mission.
While still a bit bitter at the priest who cast her family out into the woods, she prays daily for the strength to overcome the need for vengeance.......and no longer uses her powers for immature pranks, and instead uses them to protect herself and those she can.

Personality: Farah is still a joker who tries to find any bit of humor in the dark world she now lives in, but she has matured quite a bit.
She's blunt only when she thinks she has an important point that needs to be made, otherwise she's the type that lets the headstrong idiots clam their skulls together until both fall out, or shut up. She has kept quite a bit of her flirtatiousness and might say things that others find a bit......inappropriate, about both men AND women's appearance. But she refuses to flaunt herself about like she use to, even for supplies or shelter..........and instead, has been stealing random supplies here and there, and staying in random abandoned houses and buildings.
Also, when it comes to children, Farah can be quite chivalrous.

Weapons: Her knowledge of numerous spells, some dark, some good.........along with a collection of 3 four inch daggers, 2 eight inch daggers, and 1 fifteen inch daggers, which are all kept on the sides of a belt that she wears around her waist.


Height = 5'10
Weight = 145lbs
Eyes = Light Green. [so light that they often appear sky-blue]
Hair = Brown & Thick......reaches to the end of her back when out.
Typical Outfit= A black and white medieval dress, that Farah has torn to hit her an inch or two below mid-thigh. She also wears the cross necklace showcased in the picture, a pair of brown leather boots, that come half-way up her calf, and match the brown leather belt worn around her waist.

So begins...

Farah Lockett's Story

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Farah had spent another day on the outskirts of Fallenwood, still uneasy about making her way back in the main part of town..........seeing as how she was still banished. But as the night engulfed the sky, and darkened the small abandoned shed of a home she was in, the woman suddenly realized what a horrid place she had decided to stay at.......as growls and footsteps could be continuously heard in the wooded area only several yards behind her.

"How could you be such a fool Farah!" she whispered to herself, as she sat underneath a window. "Of course those beast would hide in the trees during the day, so why in gods name would you take up stay only several yards away from the entrance to the forest..........

The woman slowly poked her head up and peered out the window after the sounds of movement stopped..........at first she saw nothing under the bright starlight...........but as soon as she stood, thinking the coast was clear, a group of three infected beings began to make their way past the window. Farah tried to back up into the darkness of the house, but they spotted her with ease....and began to ferociously bang on the window.
"Damn!" she spat, before falling to her knees.
She'd spend only a few seconds gathering up her belt and the half eaten loaf of bread off the floor, before crawling towards the door.

Only after shoving the piece of bread in-between her teeth, and latching the mens belt around her waist, did she bolt out the door..........with the beast following quickly behind her.

"Focus......." she thought to herself, before stopping in her tracks, turning around, and holding out her arm - only ten or twelve yards from the three monsters running towards her.
Within seconds a dense foliage of vines shot up from the ground..........and after the three beast ran into them, they were quickly found themselves wrapped-up like a cigar. But Farah knew the simple spell would only last for a minute, so standing in the middle of a wide field she began to run........

Five minutes later, the piece of bread in her mouth had long since been eaten, and she was nearly half a mile away from the edge of the forest - completely out of breath. But she knew the three beast from before were likely on her tail still, so she didn't stop running....and instead used a spell of endurance on herself, so that within an additional five minutes she'd be more than two miles away...........and only a half a mile from the main part of town.


As Farah slowly approached the back of a town church, she bit down on her lip..........knowing that if anyone recognized her here, she'd again have to run....a tiring thought.

Luckily though, she made it into the dirty alley beside the holy building without anyone coming out of the back door, and thought herself home free........until a sound of heavy footsteps came from in front of her, sending her back out the way she came. But as she turned around to face what she thought was another group of the infected, she instead was pushed to the ground by a fleeing white stallion.

Cursing under her breath, Farah hopped back to her feet, turned around, and placed her arm out in front of her. She then whispered a spell that caused a white rope to suddenly shoot forward from her hand - stopping only until it wrapped itself around the horses neck - who was nearly 300 yards away from her now.

The Stallion of course struggled at first, but it didn't take long for the animal to relax....and eventually allow itself to be lead back towards the smiling young woman. "Well, you're obviously a trained one, aren't you? Lets hope your not infected......"

She'd thoroughly inspect the outside of the horse, and then its eyes, before the white rope disappeared, and she instead gripped the horses dangling rein.
"Lets go.....Snow." she said, randomly naming the horse after it's beautiful coloring....

The two would walk into town slowly, until Farah spotted a horde of beast up the road, and decided it wise to take shelter in a nearby bar.......however after tying up the horse, and walking towards the bar door, she suddenly felt a bit bad for the animal.
"They'll infect you for sure if i leave you out in the open like such..........." she said solemnly.......unsure of what to do, until she spotted a pile of wood in front of the horse, that had obviously fallen from the roof the one story building the bar resided in.
Farah quickly bent down beside it, and placed her hand just above the highest piece of wood..........after closing her eyes for only a few brief seconds, she opened them.....to find herself now standing inside of a plain wooden stall - that was JUST large enough to house the horse and her.

"There you go" she said as she stood. "Much safer, hmm?".

She'd step outside of the stall and close the door tight........leaving on a tiny slot for the horse to see out of, as she lit a torch that was built into the middle of the door.
Farah then picked up another piece of wood nearby, cast a spell to shape it into a foot long torch, and then lit it with a spark of fire that spit out of her finger, before cautiously opening the bar door.


The floor was made of cheap wood, with patches of hay to cover the missing planks............Farah thought the one torch would be enough to make the small area inside the bar bright, but she was wrong...........so after shutting the door, she quickly held out her hand and snapped her fingers..........causing all the torches on the walls to suddenly be bright with fire.
Such magic however, caused the two beast inside to suddenly shriek with pain - covering their eyes desperately with there hands..........which gave Farah plenty of time & opportunity to pull out her fifteen inch dagger, and stab them both in the heart........causing the two to fall lifelessly to the ground - one at the end of the bar, and one a few yards away beside the front door.

"God, why would you visit such a terrible curse upon us........and then have my kind blamed for it!" she whispered to herself, as she made her way atop the bar, and laid down on her side......her head facing away from the door so that she could keep an eye on it as her chin rested in the hand, which was propped up by her arm.

Even though her legs were rather cold, it didn't take long for the exhausted Farah to close her eyes............but they'd shoot open every five minutes or so, at what she thought was the wound of footsteps..........until she finally forced herself to go into a light sleep atop the bar, nearly a half hour later..........a sleep, that since light, she would easily awaken from if feet began to make their way towards her hurriedly - like one who's infected would.

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Moving down the lowly lit areas of the catacombs, William saw that many of the coffins had been desecrated and torn open. The skeletons of the dead had been removed. William was starting to think that there was evil lingering in the depths below as well, something that might keep the abominations out. He at least felt safe knowing he wasn’t going to be forced to change into one of those beasts.

Find the hidden entrance he was looking for, he pushed a sliding rock out of the way which revealed a doorway. He opened the doorway and walked into the dark room. He grabbed a candle from the wall outside for light and then used it to see around the room. He heard a light creaking from behind and slowly began to turn himself around.

To his back he saw a mummified body staring back at him. It was standing eye to him and showed all the signs of an anciently decayed corpse. The mummy unsheathed an ancient looking sword and pointed it in William’s direction. Jumping back a step, William unsheathed his sword in defense.

The mummy growls and charged William fiercely, but it was no match for William’s advanced military training and tactics. He managed to break through the mummies guard and stabbed it in the chest. The ancient dead’s eye sockets glared back at him as the beast pulled him close and the mummy’s sword stabbed into Williams left side, cutting him open. Filled with adrenaline now, William pushed the beast away and hacked through its neck and chopped its head off.

He walked over to the coffin, whilst keeping pressure on his side, and grabbed an ancient book from out of it. He tucked the book away into his other belongings and made his way back to the surface with haste. He knew he didn’t want to come into contact with other creatures that might have been raised from the dead. Finally, he saw the crypt door and pushed his way back out through it.

With blood covering his hands and soaking his clothes, he moved toward the church as quickly as he could. He saw that it was still very early in the day and didn’t know if anyone would be awake yet. He began feeling incredibly weak as he opened up the heavy doors to the church. He walked down the aisles slowly and suddenly collapsed on the floor. He looked under the pews and saw a young women staring back at him.

William weakly said, “Help me, my wound is pretty bad. Please, I need assistance ma’am. If there is anything you can do. Just help me…” William began drifting off between each sentenced he uttered, until he passed out from the immense pain.