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Leeanna Bretter

A gun-loving cowgirl whom is fed up with her dull life. She wants something to happen in the dull town of Jakal Flats

0 · 511 views · located in The Wild West

a character in “Plains of Red Dust”, as played by Vio-Lance


Character's Full Name: Leeanna Aeris Bretter

Nicknames or Titles: Lee, Leeanne

Age: 15

Race: White/Caucasian

Description: Leeanne stands close to 5'5, and weighs maybe 110 pounds. She has orange hair that reaches her mid-back, and she has bright green eyes. her skin is actually quite dark, as she spends a lot of time out in the sun, and freckles dust her face and shoulders. She is often seen in leather outfits, ones that originally made for a cowboy, but have been...."Customized" to her body.

(Do remove the gaudy cross...thing.)


Personality: Leeanne is outspoken well, and usually is bold in her conversations, sticking out from other women whom are quiet. She's not afraid of getting hurt or dirty if it gets the job done and done right. She's cocky and headstrong, but not foolish or stuborn. She likes to play around and joke, enjoying the easy life, but she wishes that she had more to do.

Occupation: No real occupation, but often helps her mother and father by hunting small game for meals. Sometimes helps father with sherriff duties.

Hobbies- Practicing her marksmanship.
Skills- Pistol Expert, Skilled Marksman, Gunplay (Or revolver tricks)
Professions: None

Goals: Become a well known sharpshooter and protect the law like her father. High up on the list also is be part of a great adventure, a once in a lifetime trip.


Equipment: 20 feet of rope, used to as a lasso (Very minor skill), change of clothing, small money pouch, containing about 30 dollars, small bedroll. 60 .45 bullets for revolvers.

Silver Six-Shooters- A pair of beautifully engraved Colt Single Action Army pistols. She aquired them from a distant family reletive from back east, whom sent them to her father. Her father, in turn, passed them down to her, not only because of her love of guns, but because they didn't exactly fit his "Style". They are both kept on Leeanne's hips, as a gunslinger would keep them.

1860 Henry Rifle- Lever action rifle that fired the .44 rimfire. It was an older rifle that became one of Leeanne's favorites. The lever action gave it the speed to contend with multiple targets from up to 200 yards. It has a 16 round tube magazine, and can fire almost 30 rounds a minute without any gun complications. It also has the nice steel finish.


Short Character Background:
Leeanna was the youngest of 3 children. She had two older brothers, which always seemed to be able to go out and do the things she wanted to do, but they acted as if it were some kind of responsibilty. She wanted to do them. It seemed so fun from an outside view; hunting, wrangling runaway steer, dealing with drunks and thugs.... She envied them. So one day, when she was ten years old she told her father(whom was the town's sherriff) that she wanted to learn all the things that the boys were doing. Naturally, he objected at first, but after the fifth or six time around begging, he finally agreed. He found that she was a quick natural to near any firearm, with the exception of shotguns (which near knocked her on her ass every time she shot). She even became a better shot than both of her brothers, whom had three and five more years experience than her.

Time passed, and Lee was able to become a quite skilled marksman, perhaps the best out of the sherriff's deputies. She took pride in her marksmanship and made it her hobby. Though she used the rifle more often, she loved the revolver. It was her calling. The Colt Single Action Army pistols she had been given only encouraged her to become a great pistol marksman. She even got into gunplay, becoming a great showsman, being able to twirl, toss, catch, and juggle her pistols.

Currently, she helps her family out by hunting small game for meals, and even helps her father around town as one of his deputies. Although, the peaceful town of Jackal Flats isn't exactly the most exciting place to be a sherriff's aid. The occasional drunk, but nothing like she dreams of...

So begins...

Leeanna Bretter's Story